A Two-State Solution For Europe?

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Authored by Judith Bergmann via The Gatestone Institute,

  • A poll conducted this summer found that 29% of French Muslims found Sharia to be more important to them than French laws. It also found that 67% of Muslims want their children to study Arabic, and 56% think it should be taught in public schools.
  • A 2016 UK poll showed that 43% of British Muslims "believed that parts of the Islamic legal system should replace British law while only 22 per cent opposed the idea". Another poll from 2016 found that 23% of all Muslims supported the introduction of sharia law in some areas of Britain, 39% agreed that "wives should always obey their husbands," and 52% of all British Muslims believe that homosexuality should be illegal.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron blamed France, not Islam, for the increased radicalization, which he said should lead France to "question itself." According to Macron, then, the parallel Islamic societies of France, have nothing to do with Islam. They are the fault of the French republic. Did the French republic impose sharia and the subjugation of women in the suburbs, described by one female survivor as "hell"? Was the French republic behind the recent distribution of leaflets stipulating "if you meet a Jew, kill him"?

A French intellectual, Christian Moliner, recently suggested that France should establish a Muslim state-within-a-state that adheres to sharia law, inside the borders of France, to avoid a civil war. Warning against refusing to deal with the problems of Islamism in Europe because of political correctness, he stated:

"Out of the fear of appearing Islamophobic, to satisfy this bustling fringe of Muslims, governments are ready to accept the spread of radical practices throughout the country.... [some] territories are outside the control of the Republic. The police can come only in force and for limited durations... We can never convert the 30% of Muslims who demand the introduction of sharia law to the merits of our democracy and secularism. We are now allowing segregation to take place that does not say its name."

Moliner's solution?

"... Establish a dual system of law in France... one territory, one government, but two peoples: the French with the usual laws and Muslims with Qur'anic status (but only for those who choose it)... The latter will have the right to vote... but they will apply Sharia in everyday life, to regulate matrimonial laws (which will legalize polygamy) and inheritance... They will no longer apply to French judges for disputes between Muslims... conflicts between Christians and believers will remain the responsibility of ordinary courts..."

Moliner's proposal represents a total surrender to political Islam and is of course outrageous, especially considering that Muslims only comprise a little more than five percent of the French population. What he suggests, however, merely formalizes the status quo that already exists -- and not only in France -- even if it abandons reform-minded Muslims and eventually, with their collapsing demography, the non-Muslims there.

In France, the no-go zones with their Islamization and Islamic law, sharia, and most noticeably the subjugation of women, has already spread from the suburbs (banlieues) to the cities themselves. As Gatestone's Yves Mamou described:

"... no-go zones are no longer relegated to the suburbs, where migrants and Muslims have usually been concentrated. No-go zones, through mass migration, have been emerging in the heart of Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Grenoble, Avignon -- districts 'privatized' here and there by a mix of drug traffickers, Salafist zealots and Islamic youth gangs. The main victims are women. They are -- both Muslim and non-Muslim -- sexually harassed; some are sexually assaulted".

Last year, French TV aired a documentary about women disappearing from public view in certain areas, where parallel Islamic societies had taken hold. The program named Sevran in the district of Seine-Saint Denis -- a suburb of Paris described by French political scientist Gilles Kepel as "the capital of French Islam". There are 1.4 million people living in the district of Seine-Saint-Denis. More than 600,000 of them are Muslims. The French postal service recently said that it will no longer supply its Chronopost delivery service to Seine-Saint-Denis -- the danger to their delivery drivers is too high. Last year, 51 of its delivery drivers were reportedly attacked while doing their rounds.

Riot police muster in the northern Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

In France, a poll conducted by Institut Montaigne this summer found that 29% of French Muslims found sharia to be more important to them than French laws. It also found that 67% of Muslims want their children to study Arabic and 56% think it should be taught in public schools.

A 2016 UK poll, apparently the largest poll ever done on the subject in the UK, showed that 43% of British Muslims "believed that parts of the Islamic legal system should replace British law while only 22 per cent opposed the idea". A different poll, also from 2016, found that nearly a quarter (23%) of all Muslims supported the introduction of sharia law in some areas of Britain, and 39% agreed that "wives should always obey their husbands", compared with 5% of the country as a whole. Nearly a third (31%) thought it was acceptable for a British Muslim man to have more than one wife, compared with 8% of the wider population. According to the same poll, 52% of all British Muslims believe that homosexuality should be illegal.

According to a 2014 study of Moroccan and Turkish Muslims in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Sweden, an average of almost 60% of the Muslims polled agreed that Muslims should return to the roots of Islam; 75% thought there is only one interpretation of the Koran possible and 65 % said that Sharia is more important to them than the laws of the country in which they lived. The specific numbers for Germany were that 47% of Muslims believe Sharia is more important than German law. In Sweden, 52% of Muslims believe that Sharia is more important than Swedish law.

As the polls show, there already are "two peoples" in France and large parts of Europe, who wish to live according to completely different standards, as Moliner suggests. Politicians persist in ignoring these facts or downplaying them. So why be shocked at the suggestion of a "two-state solution" for France? How do these politicians, who do not even acknowledge the problems, propose to tackle the fact that large percentages of their population would rather live under sharia law? They do not propose anything. They pretend that this information does not exist.

French President Emmanuel Macron, is an example of such immunity to facts: "Radicalization has taken hold because the French Republic has resigned," Macron said recently about the Islamization of the French suburbs. Macron blamed France, not Islam, for the increased radicalization, which he said should lead France to "question itself". Macron noted that, "We allowed, in too many cities, too many districts, representatives of a distortion of a religion, which are full of hate and disenfranchisement to provide solutions that the Republic no longer gives."

According to Macron, then, the parallel Islamic societies of France, have nothing to do with Islam. They are the fault of the French republic. Did the French republic impose Sharia and the subjugation of women in the suburbs, described by one female survivor as "hell"? Was the French republic behind the recent distribution of leaflets stipulating "if you meet a Jew, kill him"? Did the French republic force the mother of Mohammed Merah, the man who killed a little Jewish girl at school by shooting her in the head, while screaming "Allahu Akbar", to say that "the prophet permits the killing of Jewish children"?

France, as well as the rest of Europe, is -- wittingly or unwittingly -- heading towards the "two-state solution" outlined by Moliner, whether it wants it or not. That fact, however, does not appear particularly to bother the political establishment.

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DrData02's picture

Send them back.

shitshitshit's picture

let them go back to their roots by no longer paying them social wellfare which accounts for more than 50% of discretionary budget in the socialist banana republic of former france, thanks to rothschild et al.

They will flee like rats.

ConfederateH's picture

(((Judith Bergmann))) projects like a typical kike.  Now (((they))) are telling us that aparthied is okay as they near their genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine and get stupid goyim to allow the US embassy to be moved to Jerusalem.

Lets face it, before this gang of ashkenazi thugs landed in Palestine, Jews, Christians and Moslem all lived relative peace.  It should have been a show case of how diversity can be made to work.

Instead, the truth is slowly coming out:  Yids love to holocaust goyim and then blame it on their victims.  It is an entire race of psychopaths.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I had a dream last night -- never had one like this before. Adolf Hitler was in it and he was the good goy. 

What a strange world we live in. It's a shame That looking out for your own kind is now considered bad if you're white. If you're anything else it's completely okay. 

HopefulCynical's picture

A two-state solution for France?

How about shipping all the French rapefugees to Israel?

RTP's picture

Jerusalem is now everywhere and probably it will not help to move an us embassy's into the no go areas. The modern desert bandits and their artificial god are now in a battle with another artificial god like almighty entity....ALPHABET (Google).

The best thing Donald Trump could do is to move the Us embassy into the headquarter of Alphabeth.

HenryKissingerZuckerberg's picture

ALL acording to plan...nothing to see here, it is just a plan to turn europe into a future race of mongrel (((bolshevik)))-worshippers...

check also:
-KALERGI plan (miscegenation into low IQ brown mongrels) / also Hooton plan
-George Soros leaks on the Merkel plan  http://soros.dcleaks.com
-ESI Merkel Plan Compassion and Control http://journal-neo.org/2016/04/27/how-nato-linked-think-tanks-control-eu...
-Kalergi/ Charlemagne Prize BEARERS list http://www.karlspreis.de/en/laureates
-Soros professional rapefugee smuggler operation http://gefira.org/en/2017/07/13/soros-sponsored-immigration-network-in-i...

-Barbara divörsity™ Lerner Spectre
"I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive." ~ Barbara Lerner Spectre


"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit...
The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian–Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."Practical Idealism - by Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi

Germany Must Perish: A Plan For Permanent Peace Among Civilized Nations
"I believe that the Jews have a mission in life. They must see to it that the nations of the world get together in one vast federation. "Union Now" is the beginning of this. Slowly but surely the world will develop into a paradise. We will have perpetual peace. And the Jews will do the most to bring about this confederation, because they have the most to gain" Theodore Newman Kaufman


"it does not get any better than this" ...

Merkel Lego: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/11/26/mutti-merkels-diversity-barri...

virgule's picture

29% of 5% is...aprox 1.5% of France's population?

Azannoth's picture

France would still capitulate if it was only 0.1% -  that's what they do they are Frensch!

Analyse2's picture


BTW, happily for the US the French didn’t surrender at Chesapeake and Yorktown! The USA wouldn’t exist then …

Trash-talking the French is a bad habit Americans picked up from old British propaganda. In fact, these kind of old English racist jokes have been revivified since 2003 by the hate of American warmongers against France, and the hate still persists even in ZH, but the History has proved the French were right.

This amusing jape will seem especially risible to those who remember the 1.4 million French soldiers who died defending their nation in World War I.


It's amazing, that is if the articles in ZH are correct, that this 5% are causing so much mayhem and crime.

Sun Rabbit's picture

No, he should move the US Embassy to Israel to the US.

Boubou's picture

" All men seek happiness and freedom from suffering ".

But it takes different things for different folks.

Some need to invade Poland -,some to remove the heads of others, some to rule the world by force.

Others just need a joint or a few fingers of Jack.

We must celebrate them all as vibrant manifestations of the life force.

I Write Code's picture

There hasn't been much peace in the middle east since before there were any Muslims, or Christians, or Jews.

ConfederateH's picture

I think the Turk Sultans gave them all somebody to hate, so there were less problems.  But I am not an expert by any means.

We do know that now they have pretty much cleansed the Orthodox Armeans from greater Israel.  Jews hate Christians far more than Moslems.

Sandmann's picture

Well the history in the part of the world goes back around 6000 years rather than to 1783 and Treaty of Paris. Just how much violence has the US wallowed in since 1783 ?

EddieLomax's picture

   "Jews, Christians and Muslims lived in relative peace"?

What are you smoking?

Palestine was only peaceful because a strong empire controlled it, recently the Ottoman and then the British.  All around it there has been endless warfare for centuries which has impoverished the region so badly that they ended up being dominated by a small island off the coast of continental Europe.

Throughout Islam's 1400 year history every other religion in the region is controls withers, due to special non-Muslim taxes, taking children to raise as Muslim soldiers and brutal pogroms.  Greece would have been ethnically cleansed of the Greeks if it were not for a combine British-French-Russian naval force to rout the Egyptian's and tip the balance towards the Greeks themselves.

The Koran commands Muslims to attack and make non-Muslims submit to their god.

LightBulb18's picture

Nobody can criticize muslims, nobody can tell them they are lying when they rewrite history, nobody can tell them they are obviously violent, and everybody else is way less crazy than they are excluding the blacks who have the exact same behaviors and endless conflict as muslims do. You can’t tell them they aren’t pulling their weight, because they are paying less in taxes than non muslims do and receive more in benefits either. In G-d I trust.

Ghordius's picture

DrData02: "Send Them Back"

let me guess: you are not French nor you live in France

sovereignty. in this case, it means it's a French issue.... not yours

as a reminder, French Secularism... works. other versions... less so

see article: "29% of French Muslims found Sharia to be more important to them than French laws"

emphasis: "to them". they mostly think about family law, when they think about Sharia

another way to write the same "71% of French Muslims found Sharia to be less important to them than French laws"

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I dont care. Mass deportations or Leichenberge. At this point these are the only two long-term options. 

Sandmann's picture

Do be careful in Germany. Your children could be taken into care if the authorities found your views chimed with NSU

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Wise advice. Sad at the same time. 

Ghordius's picture

now you are asking for mass deportations (while not helping for them).
fine. but... the moment you do get them... they won't be enough. you will ask for Purity... or ask for something new. after all, your worldview starts with "Leichenberge, Must Have Them Soon", or WW3, or Armageddon, or whatever, as long as it's epic, heroic and a huge disaster

just my prejudice from our conversations here, mind. turning on things like us having to experience great penury, bloodshed and whatever so that we fit better in your darkest of futures

you want the moon on a stick, basically

Haus-Targaryen's picture


Chaos is already baked into the cake. 

Ghordius's picture

that's either Your Theory or Your Article of Faith

Haus-Targaryen's picture

It's a statement of inevitability. 

All of the freshly imported muzzies and Africans are dependent on the state for survival. The state's survival is dependent on the current financial system continuing unimpeded. We both know that isn't going to happen. 


Ghordius's picture

theories are falsifiable. and can be challenged. best by those who offer them, themselves. faith... starts with things like "It's written that..."

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Yes Gordo, for the first time in Europe's 3000 years of recorded history it's finally found lasting peace and financial stability. 

Do you actually believe this?

ConfederateH's picture

"turning on things like us having to experience great penury, bloodshed and whatever so that we fit better in your darkest of futures"

That dark future is already here, thanks to you and your ilk.   Since you already sold the rest of us out, you think that as a philo-jew you will remain on top if we just let them be our masters.  But the truth is the Jews want cyborg slaves, not goyim.  Thier biggest dilemma is how to get all the goyim to kill each other so the yid can once again blame it on their victims.

fleur de lis's picture

The EU wants all its native inhabitants to think like Ghordius.

That accomplished, do they anticipate the Islamics to think the same?

Or have the EU uppities realized down deep that they have bitten off more than they can chew and are getting ready for mass nausea?

Because when differences eventually become completely incompatible and nasty divorce looms, who will get what and who will fight for the spoils?

Very weird.

The Islamics will burn and destroy everything because they are inherently maladjusted and yet are confident that their benefits are safe.

The Europeans will respond like Ghordius for a while by placating them, being assiduously non-judgmental, and seeking out the normal ones until they reluctantly understand that they are in mortal danger because there are no groups of really normal ones -- only ones that know how to bide their time better.

When enough of the feeders and caregivers are attacked, injured, and eventually killed by the Islamic savages, things will have to change as a matter of brute survival.

The decisions on both sides will take another currently unknown path because the savages are non functional but have gotten too used to eating, and the Infidels have been unnaturally conditioned to accomodate violent behavior, so expect for things to get worse.

If the Islamics win they will destroy everything that is left and since they cannot govern they will move on to greener pastures where more infidel idiots will feed and care for them.

If the idiot European infidels win they will be unable to recover because they will no longer be able to agree on the most basic priotities as a result of a non existant culture, nor social mores to bind them.

In other words, they will be unable to recognise one another and will be ripe for another invasion, probably by NWO central bankers. 

Only one group will claim victory, and it really won't last after all the destruction.

This is the same reason that wild animals are prohibited as potentially domesticated pets, even when they are very young.

For the wild instincts will surface eventually no matter how doting the owner, and somebody will get bit, clawed, stung, or worse.




EddieLomax's picture

23% of the UK electorate voted in Tony Blair to a landslide victory.

33% of the German electorate voted in Hitler.

The minority often controls the majority, if 29% are so fervent that they believe in Sharia law then many of the less fervent will go along rather than be attacked by them, political violence works as Italy and Germany showed in the 1930's.

RedBaron616's picture

When you have No-Go Zones that essentially are left alone by the state because of religious violence, French secularism fails.

BrownCoat's picture

"That dark future is already here" 

@ Ghordius,

Have you noticed the number of terrorist attacks in France? Do you not correlate these murders with the imported culture of Islam?

Please explain Ghordius. And no cop out like 'this is the new normal.' We know Europe is already experiencing death and destruction from the cultural enrichment of Islam.

HRClinton's picture

Turn them into fertilizer or pig feed.

Offthebeach's picture

Soy boys, cucks don't have the stones.  

They should drop trouw, bend over and take the conversion.  

amadeus39's picture

Exactly! We know the solution. We just lack the WILL. Where is Willy when you need one?  Germany had Hitler. Is Donald a Willy? I don't think so. Iif his ME maneuvers are any indication, he is more likely part of the problem than the solution.


BGO's picture

The entire Western world is a powder keg waiting to be ignited. AS if it were preordained every major country suffering the exact same dilemma at the exact same time. The lizard kings think they can do anything. It's up to everyone else to prove them wrong.

amadeus39's picture

Here we go again. Armaggedon dejavu, all over again. The entire western world? So sad. I'm sick...and tired of all the end of the world proclamations. Haven't we learned that predicting is difficult. Especially about the future.



css1971's picture

I dont know. Individual women can be very smart but women  as a voting group, appear dumb as bricks.

Pooper Popper's picture

Finish The Fucking Crusades!!!

HRClinton's picture

We got more nukes than they do.

EddieLomax's picture

Yep, the only solution to all of this would be to Christianize the whole of the Middle east.  

With one exception, happy to leave the Jews to be Jewish, as apart from media and economic pressure coming from their culture I don't see them running people over and stabbing people to death on the streets of London or any other city.

Joe A's picture

That opens up a new potential can of worms. Because, which flavor of Christianity? Christians in the ME adhere to some form of Orthodox Christianity. Is everybody going to follow that particular flavour? Or should they be Catholics? Or Protestants and which flavour of Protestantism? Questions, questions...

RedBaron616's picture


Roman Catholicism brings the Pope's meddling with it. Not to mention that majority Roman Catholic nations don't do as well economically.

The Orthodox faith is very close to Roman Catholicism in that they are into lighting lots of candles, venerating pictures of saints, etc., but not so much into integrating Christian belief into every part of one's life.

Joe A's picture

But which flavour then because there are many.

amadeus39's picture

Might I suggest "secularize?"  Except hollywood and banker jews. Their methods are less obvious but even more deadly. Ask the not so silents on the jewish TIME cover. Propaganda is their favorite weapon. Backed by money.



Ghordius's picture

rubbish Warmonger propaganda brought to you by the "Gatestone Institute"

folks, it's really easy: they want You to support Their wars

simple recipy: Hate Moslems, scorn the French, support War

Joe A's picture

Yes Gatestone, Gatestone. I am sure they are rejoicing over Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as capitol of Israel which I think is a pretty dangerous thing to do and shows the influence of the evangelical right in the US.

But you never address the statistics they come up with. Research over and over again shows that Muslims think that the law of the land is not compatible with their Islamic law and that they want to replace the law of the land or change it. Or statistics about no go areas, crime statistics, about oppression of women, etc. Countries can decide to ignore this but they can't ignore the consequences of them ignoring it. To solve these issues is to name them and address them but little is done to indeed address these issues. So it will only get worse in many different aspects such as having parallel societies and a resurgence of the right.