2018: Europe At War

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By Dominic Sandbrook of Mail Online

Europe at war 2018

German troops storm Greece. Putin's tanks crush Latvia. France humbles the British Army. Unlikely, yes, but as Angela Merkel says euro meltdown could endanger peace, a historian's imagination runs riot...

The date is October 29, 2018, and Britain faces its darkest hour. On the battlefields of Europe, our Armed Forces have been humiliated.

In makeshift prison camps on the continent, thousands of our young men and women sit forlornly, testament to the collapse of our ambitions.

From the killing grounds of Belgium to the scarred streets of Athens, a continent continues to bleed. And, in the east, the Russian bear inexorably tightens its grip, an old empire rising from the wreckage of the European dream.

Yesterday, after a run of military defeats unequalled in our history, the Prime Minister offered his resignation. There is talk of a National Government, but no one has any illusions of another Churchill waiting in the wings.

In suburban streets across Britain, old men and callow teenagers are digging defensive positions in the cold autumn air. But with equipment scarce and ammunition non-existent, the Home Guard would barely last a week.

And all the time, across the Channel, enemy forces make their final preparations for the inevitable invasion. Some talk of surrender;  no one speaks of victory. Less than ten years ago, millions still believed in a peaceful, united Europe. How did it come to this?

When future historians look back on our humiliation, they will surely judge that the turning point was the last week in October 2011.

Largely forgotten today, the main event was yet another interminable European summit in Brussels — the 14th attempt to ‘save the euro’ in just 20 months.

Hoping to secure German support for a massive one trillion euro rescue package, Chancellor Angela Merkel gave her parliamentarians a chillingly prescient warning.

‘No one should believe that another half century of peace in Europe is a given — it’s not,’ she said.

‘So I say again: if the euro collapses, Europe collapses. That can’t happen.’

At the time, many observers scoffed that she was being absurdly melodramatic. But, seven years on, no one is laughing.

What Mrs Merkel had grasped — and what many European leaders refused to recognise — was that the Continent was threatened by a toxic combination of spiralling debt, economic recession, surging anarchism and a pervasive collapse of confidence in capitalism itself.


In the summer of 2012, massive anti-capitalist demonstrations in major Italian cities turned into outright rebellion. And when Berlusconi sent in the army to maintain order, the first bombs began exploding in the banks of Rome, Milan and Turin.

Anti-capitalism had caught the imagination of a generation. And the bomb alert at the Bank of England —when the entire City had to be evacuated after warnings from the so-called ‘Guy Fawkes Anti-Cuts Collective’ — was merely the first of many.

In July 2012, three people were killed by a bank bomb in Frankfurt. A month later, 15 people were killed in Dublin. And in September, in tragic events that will never be forgotten, 36 people were killed by explosions across the City of London.

By now demonstrations and riots were fixtures on the evening news. And as Germany and France struggled to keep the eurozone alive, there were the first signs of a disturbing new authoritarianism.

In Italy, where the Berlusconi government had declared a permanent state of emergency, some cities had degenerated into virtual civil war.


At another time, the terrible Spanish riots in the spring of 2014, when 63 people were killed in a shocking outbreak of arson and looting, would have dominated the headlines.

But most people’s attention was focused further east. No country had been hit harder by the financial crisis than little Latvia, which by 2014 had an unemployment rate of more than 35  per cent. And with almost one in three of its citizens being ethnic Russians, economic frustration soon turned into nationalist confrontation.

On August 12, 2015, after days of fighting on the streets of Riga, the Russian army rumbled across the border. The Russians had come to ‘restore order’, Vladimir Putin assured the world.

But his statement to the Russian people told a different story.

‘Europe’s crisis is Russia’s opportunity,’ Putin announced. ‘The days of humiliation are over; our empire will be restored.’

Once, the West would have come to Latvia’s aid. It was, after all, a member of both the European Union and of Nato — though the new American isolationism meant that Nato membership was effectively worthless.

But since French troops were already committed to Greece and Italy, Paris refused to intervene.

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nope-1004's picture

The EURO is done.  Writing is on the wall.

It was doomed from the start because of cultural divisions and social expectations.  Why should Germany subsidize Greek early retriement?

So the EURO is "done", and by Merkels' analogy, so is Europe.


Oh regional Indian's picture

I think you can expand that geography a tad.

The WORLD is done. Literally, metaphorically.

I'd love to hear what people say after watchign this.


Boys Town...

agent default's picture

Considering that human population has been in a parabolic move for the last 40-50 years, I would say correction is long overdue. All bubbles eventually burst.

French Frog's picture

now, while this is of course pure speculation, there is a two-fold worrying aspect to this mainstream story:

1) the realisation of how fucked up things really are underneath (and mostly unbeknown to the general public) and how tantalisingly close to the edge the whole precarious edifice stands 2) why are they now starting to convey those thoughts to the wider public in general (although not being my political cup of tea, the daily mail audience/readership can hardly be classified as 'loony fringe' or small); is it in preparation, just in case, to lay the ground in advance?
ratso's picture

Tyler - Why are you printing stupid inflamatory ridiculous articles like this that do not have one redeeming virtue??

Fukushima Sam's picture

Perhaps because in the context of history war seems inevitable.

CrazyCooter's picture

More plausible than most realize. Ask yourself ....

"Who in Europe could join forces, as things collapse, and establish an economic powerhouse capable of raising a modern military and extending influence globally?"

The answer is really pretty easy; Germany + Russia. With the industrial base and raw resources, its probably the scarriest thing since ... well ... yeah, you know.

When Germany bails from the Euro, which they will, they will have to partner up with someone in the area to secure inputs to their economy ... which is when the ball starts rolling ... give it a few years for folks to starve and really hate/blame people just over the borders ...

Oh, and the huge base of non-integrated muslims in Europe is the X factor. God only knows how that turns out.

Call me crazy, but I am in Alaska for a reason ... best of luck ya'll, we got a rough ten years ahead of us.



Hedge Fund of One's picture

Too much historical enmity between Germans and Russians for that partnership to last, I think. Does not negate the possibility of some groups getting together for the same purpose, though.

redcorona's picture

They're going to have to grow up and put that old enmity aside real quick.  No more brother wars.  Let the Jews meet in an open field and flog each other with atonement chickens if they want to settle their debts.

disabledvet's picture

"Red Army in Berlin for peaceful purposes." I agree i'm struggling with that one. "Red Army joins NATO forces for peaceful military conference in Berlin." Ahhh. Much better.

SeanJKerrigan's picture

I'm inclined to agree.  The Russian / German alliance is one that has been predicted for a few years now.  George Friedman of STRATFOR in particular has warned against their alliance and suggested that we aught to be building up our natural allies, the Polish. They are the only regional power capable of providing both a bulwark to Russian aggression into the former soviet satilite nations and strategically positioned to manipulate Germany's fuel supplies.

It is also worth noting that no instance of the 4th turning has ended without a massive war!

sun tzu's picture

The Poles aren't that stupid. They have only gained their freedom after hundreds of years under Russian rule

CrazyCooter's picture

To suggest Poland is a counterweight is dumb. Please provide some real backing to that claim; that population has paid a higher price than most and received not much in return.

Hell, ZH covered the FinMin of Poland basically saying he is getting his kids a green card in the US to get them the hell out of dodge. I was kind of struck and wrote the man (via his public email - through a secretary I think) and told him my GGrandFather was from Prussia and bailed before WWI. I offered some strategic employment locations here in the US.

I didn't get a response, but I can't suggest whether my data was ignored.



SeanJKerrigan's picture

With regard to Poland being a counterweight, your right in that it doesn't have the ability to be on on its own with so many enemies in the region, but if we back them, we can prevent a German/Russian alliance based on energy. The Pols would be more than willing too since they know they're in a hard spot. With regard to more specific proof, I'd suggest reading Next 100 Years by George Friedman (although this prediction is strictly next 10-20 years).


boiltherich's picture
Russia has never and will never see itself as part of a bloc unless they are in fact the rulers of said bloc.  And while Germany was divided and later unified they were too weak and knew they were also in no moral position to be a separate power from the US/NATO/WWII allied powers.  But now they are the driving power within the EuroBloc.  It would take very little for them to actually achieve the total domination Hitler dreamed of and maybe without firing the shots that started the two previous world wars.  I still think Iran is just about ready to make it's move to a Caliphate empire spanning from Morocco to the northern tip of Australia, From Malaysia to Nigeria.  With India sitting isolated smack in the middle, Himalayas to the north, oceans and Islamic empire for borders.  And I think the key is demonstrating possession of nuke weapons.  But, not on Tel Aviv I think, they know Israel can wipe them out with their nukes, and the USA would love to have an excuse to send Iran back to the stone age, i.e.. give them democracy, and all the KFC they can eat. 


jhm's picture

Regarding Poland, i would have a look to some rather unpleasant historical facts about that country and it's extremely nationalist political agenda since at least 1917. There are things not written in the official history books which are not that fitting to the polish self-image of always having been and still being the ever surpressed innocent victim of both the Russians and the Germans evil doings.

A nation taking it's self-image mainly from being the eternal victim of evil neighbours is not what i would call a reliable partner. But surely they would be willing to sell themselves to the highest bidder when it comes to bring any harm possible to either the hated germans or the russians both, no matter what, as long as they can mantain the aforementioned self-image. And as long as the british, the french and the americans give them the words, promises and other nation's lands they demand, pardon me, wish for nothing will change and they may again be victims, blaming the wrong powers for their misfortune as a nation in the end, again, and again ...

As a European with knowledge on history i would believe it to be very wise to not fall into old habits again, neither for Russia nor for Germany and most surely not for Poland. To remind to a famous saying of that notorious Mr. Churchill, an overfed goose should rather not attempt to fly.

real's picture
Germany, Russia and China the new world leaders
CrazyCooter's picture

No, China is fucked. I would hate to be in any sort of leadership (or common citizen) position in that country.

They are going to get fucking imploded like a sub that goes too deep. I don't know if they see it coming yet or not.

Could be wrong, but they don't have material economic inputs to keep their machine running. On top of that, most of their GDP is fake over/mal investment and they can't stay ahead of the work force. They will absolutely devolve into civil war with the highest life toll in the history of man kind.

If you want to trade this, do your homework and figure out how to short "common law companies" (i.e. US/British/etc based companies) who bet the farm on Chinese manufacturing and be ready to place those shorts at a moments notice when your indicators hit on all cylinders. When China folds, companies that exported manufacturing there are going to get ass raped like Jada Diamonde. Another option is to patiently wait to go long US manufacturing for certain key companies with the ability to expand rapidly at the same time. Or both.

The western banking system never gave the Orient a seat at the table and they will be put out to pasture. Not a racist, just calling 'em like I see 'em. The US was creditor to the world in the 20s and the US went face down in the mud in the 30s. China has a bunch of paper and no gold; stick a fork in them they are done.

The real question in my mind is who they drag down with them in the area ... GTFO out of SE Asia while you can!



The Real Fake Economy's picture

obelisks, Jiading district is a dump and has absolutely nothing to offer.  If the homeowners are mad, it's probably because they have to live in such an isolated and crummy neighborhood.  It should not be used as an indicator of things slowing down in Shanghai or China for that matter.  

lolmao500's picture

Not to mention, Chinese education system is horrible. There's also the long chinese tradition of CORRUPTION... in EVERYTHING that is government related... And the next leader of China is kind of the ``capitalist`` leader... compared to the other one (who's more communist-communist)... anyways, the next chinese leader, that will take office in 2013 will not expand the society safety net. So once TSHTF economically, all those people will end up with nothing.

So either China implodes or starts a war to divert attention. Hopefully China implodes.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Just think if somebody had written in the winter of 2000 that the US would suffer a military attack against the two largest buildings in Manhattan.  These buildings would fall to the ground, taking a large chunk of lower Manhattan with them.  More than 3,000 people would be killed.  It would later be speculated that this attack may have either originiated by, or been aided by, governmental elements of the United States. 

The attacks would then lead to wars beginning against Iraq, Afghanistan, covert war against Pakistan and other middle eastern countries.  These wars would ultimately destabilize the Middle East leading to the toppling of several tyrannical governments that had stood for years and been friendly to the west. 

At that same time these attacks would kick off the largest debt induced bubbles in the history of mankind.  An unelected, unaccounable, central bank would destroy all semblance of U.S. financial responsibility and leadership. 

The recklessness of the United States would also spread to Europe threatening to destabilize the vast majority of European countries.  At the same time a resurgent Russia held the ability to turn out the lights on Western Europe. 

As 2011 headed towards 2012 the thought of economic warfare, whether in Europe, or with China, threatened to turn into a shooting war if some semblance of sanity was not returned to the governments of the world. 

A charlatan president would rise to power in the U.S. that had campaigned on "hope and change" but proved to be the greatest friend special interests had ever found.  He had ensured that Wall Street would receive gifts heretofore unthinkable and create legislation that would make the return to economic viability impossible for the American economy.

Just think if somebody had written such nonsense in the winter of 2010.  Some douche bag like you would be whining like a little pussy to have such an essay removed from a new form of information sharing called a "blog".  Now, go get your fucking shinebox. 

d_senti's picture

This article (an the above post) is chillingly spot-on.

I highly doubt most of you will be interested in this - if not feel free to ignore - but I've done an extensive analysis of Catholic prophecies from the last 1600 years and they show a specific set of events very much like this:

1. A worldwide depression leading to massive food price hikes.
2. When everyone calls for peace, instead revolution breaks out in Europe (and probably elsewhere).
3. These revolutions begin in France, then quickly spread to Italy, England and elsewhere.
4. They are perpetuated by leftists and Muslims. England gets the worst of it; France will have time to recover and come to their aid.
5. Around this time, Russia invades Europe. They make it into Italy and all the way to the Franco-German border with little resistance.
6. There they encounter a multinational force that pushes them from Alsace into Westphalia, where the largest battle in history takes place.
7. The multinational forces barely win and push back.
8. Eventually, after about four years and countless disasters/battles, Europe reverts to a model similar to the Middle Ages with a large French/Roman kingdom. Russia and the Middle east are completely subdued.

There's more, but I'll stop there. Regardless, it's quite interesting. I'd like to also point out specifically that the events described are NOT the end of the world/Antichrist stuff, which is decades afterwards. I don't think many will give this much consideration, but I thought I'd put it out here.

Tao 4 the Show's picture

Sure it's interesting, but what you have to remember is that there are a zillion boneheads spouting fantasies all over the Internet. You need to say something about which sources, etc to improve your credibility. If you have done a serious analysis, post it on a web site where you can provide some details.

d_senti's picture

Very true. I thought of that as I posted it with no sources. I'm on my iPod so I was being lazy. One good source with roughly the same conclusions would be "Catholic Prophecy: the Coming Chastisement" by Yves Dupont written in the 70s. Trial, Triumph and Tribulation is another book with decent sources. Otherwise you can of course check the prophecies themselves. I could list them but there are an obscene number of them, so if anyone actually wants to see some, just ask. Don't want to waste anyone's time if no one cares.

CPL's picture

Why bother?

If you want to take the Ivory tower approach to reference materials, that's fine.  The math on this site, news sources from around the world should be giving you enough pause that you want to climb the walls about now.


So if you lack the fight or flight gene that's fine, follow your bliss Taoist.  Just stand out of the way while we attempt to make sure you have someone to talk to in five years.  If you hadn't noticed there are others taking the stance that this is an all or nothing play.  It's in every city in some form or another across the world and that is all you need to know.


If you wish to know more, grab this linux distro.  It's tiny foot print, five layers of security cloaking, fresh proxy list from all over the world and a small cadre of online weapons should give you enough protection to make it somewhere useful.


Afterward start approaching anonymous members for help.  There is no manual and there are no training classes.  The specific terms you want to ask about is deepweb and then go find the hiddenwiki.  I'm positive that your less than interested position in the wikileaks was proof enough that you are a Fed along with a handful of others on this site. 

I'm willing to bet that your monkey curiosity will get the better of you though.  Anytime a govie agent enters the hiddenwiki, anonymous finds another recruit. 

Once you are in the hiddenwiki, follow your bliss and enjoy the hair going up on your arm, eventually you'll notice that you are breathing manually.  My personal favorites involved reading heads of state's emails.  Since Wikileaks is dead, everything is getting dumped, unlocked.  You can even download their PST files if you want now.  Budgets.  Employee rosters.  Everything is getting dumped online in an attempt to backup any evidence available.


So if you wish to do nothing and remain bored.  Just stay out of the way.

Tao 4 the Show's picture

CPL - I think you have me confused with someone else. I have never commented on Wikileaks. There are others at ZH with "Tao" in their screen names.

Like lots of people here my background is rich and interesting, but I have no connections with anything Fed as you could tell if you have read my posts.

I do find your character interesting. A couple of months ago you were claiming inside knowledge of a huge event (which seems to never have happened). I can't tell if you are a bit schizo, playing games with people, just having some fun, or sending coded messages around as you imply above.

I might or might not check out your link, but if I do, it will be with enough cloaking to foil any attempts at identifying me.

Clay Hill's picture

Tao, just wiki it, and check out the Deep Web and Anon's takedown of Lolita City.

If CPL sends you a pizza, be sure to tip the driver. LOL.

Tao 4 the Show's picture


Pizza sounds good -tell him to hold the bologna.

i-dog's picture

That's not their prophecy, it's their plan! It's their strategy for "counter-Reformation" - to roll back the protestant revolution and regain their monopoly over world politics. The fact that it has so far taken them 500 years to attempt to recover their mediaeval monopoly is heartening....

By calling them "prophecies", they convince the gullible that it is all pre-ordained by "Dog" - and therefore "inevitable".

Those prophecies are nothing more than carefully crafted plans! Thousands of monks, toiling away under candle light for hundreds of years, plotting to restore their beloved church to world political dominion.

d_senti's picture

Uh, okay dude. Of course, for that to make any sense at all, the Church would have to be presently in control of Europe, the US and Russia to execute this "plan," in which case they'd already have their "world dominion."

A brief look at history will show that, while the Catholic Church was undoubtedly influential in medieval Europe, it never had anything remotely resembling dominion. National leaders contradicted the Popes all the time. Frederick II, Otto IV, and countless others did pretty much whatever they wanted, including occupying Rome (the Babylonian Captivity), creating their own "Popes" (the Great Western Schism), and countless other things.

Many see the Reformation through the lens of modern politics - top-down control vs bottom up - but that's inaccurate. Protestantism was initially, believe it or not, an anti-rationalist movement ("Reason is the enemy of faith" - Martin Luther) that was exploited for political gain. It morphed into ten thousand differen things over time of course, but it wasn't some parallel of the American Revolution.

i-dog's picture

LOL! Luther never intended to form a breakaway from Rome! He was a devout Catholic who simply wished to end the corruption in the church ... the selling of indulgences in order to finance war. When he posted his complaints on the doors of Wittenburg Cathedral (because he was getting no response via normal channels), he had no idea of the "unintended consequences" that would follow!

The Roman Catholic Church certainly does control the politics of Europe, the US and Russia (and China and Japan, too). Here is their control of Washington alone (I posted this 4 days ago here; the full list is too long):

  • 6 out of the 9 SC Justices are "Roman Catholics" (the other 3 are "jews" - either Sabbatean or orthodox). At least 3 of those "Catholics" are Jesuits.
  • Only 4 out of 26 congressional leaders are Protestants, while at least 9 are Jesuits and 8 more are Roman Catholics; 5 are "jews" (either Sabbateans or orthodox).
  • The Republican presidential nominees include: 2 Mormons, 1 Knight of Malta, 1 Roman Catholic, 1 Bilderberger, 1 former FRB chairman, 1 religious nut who spent time on a kibbutz, and 2 protestants who can't win.
  • The Democrat TOTUS is a CIA Manchurian candidate (unlike previous presidents, who were merely controlled and/or manipulated by CIA Directors). Nearly all former Directors of the CIA have been Knights of Malta (the Jesuits' foot soldiers). David Petraeus, the current CIA Director and rumoured potential dictator, is a Jesuit but apparently not yet a Knight of Malta.
  • At least 10 of the Administration's Cabinet Secretaries (the "Czars") are either Jesuits or Roman Catholics, 1 other (Geithner) is a "jew" (Sabbatean or orthodox?) and 1 is a protestant married to a Knight of Malta! I don't know what Eric 'Place' Holder is, but I don't think he's on "our" side.

I repeat: Washington has already been captured. SECEDE NOW!!

d_senti's picture

Wow, you're kinda nutty aren't you? :) I'm afraid that you're a victim of standard propaganda. Luther did intend to break away, insofar as he intended to collapse the Church entirely. He explicitly said he wished to destroy the Papacy, the Mass, the Sacraments, and the Catholic version of the Bible.

He was a drunk and probably bipolar. He consistently lied about his intentions, what he was doing, and what his beliefs were. Example: he said in the 1530s "for the life of me, I did not know what an indulgence was." Except we have a copy of a wonderful sermon he gave on indulgences in 1515. Three times he publicly repudiated his own beliefs in tearful repentance after losing debates, and then turned around and went back to what he was doing before. He made written appeals to the Pope while simultaneously calling him a pig and an idiot in private letters of the same time. He broke his vows and married a nun, said Christ engaged in sexual acts, supported polygamy, ordered the slaughter of over 100,000 revoltin peasants, and was just generally an egotistical nutball.

The Church wasn't selling indulgences to finance war. You get a plenary indulgence for saying the Rosary for goodness sake. An indulgence is an acknowledgement of grace received for good acts, including donations for almsgiving or Church construction. You don't need a single penny to get the best possible indulgence.

If you think the Catholic Church controls world governments, then WOW, you have no idea what Catholics believe. The policies of literally every single nation on earth today are in direct contradiction to Church teachings. They control the world but apparently can't get rid of roe v wade.

Meanwhile you show that there is a diverse mix of religious people in every level of government, thinking that supports your silly argument. How many Catholic presidents have there been? One, who publicly repudiated Catholic doctrine multiple times. How many masons, the Church's biggest historical enemies? At least 14.

Read something other than whackjob conspiracy sites. Like, I don't know, a history book.

i-dog's picture

Well, it's nice to see that we have a Vatican apologist here! Carry on....

d_senti's picture

As opposed to an uninformed, conspiratorial bigot? I notice how you didnt address a single point I made, naturally, as it's all historical fact. But no, really, us Catholics and those scary JOOOOS rule the world!

I'll never understand people like you, who feel the need to pull stuff out of their butts to create some evil religious organization that rules all. It couldn't just be that people sincerely believe this stuff, no, it has to be a conspiracy. Cloud contrails linger too long? Conspiracy. Bad science from the 50s about fluoride? Conspiracy. Fair number of Jewish bankers? Conspiracy. Moon landing? Conspiracy. Jesuits? Conspiracy. And on and on and on. Is the idea of a world where people aren't in control of every little detail really that scary to you?

i-dog's picture

"He was a drunk and probably bipolar. He consistently lied about his intentions, what he was doing, and what his beliefs were. Example: he said in the 1530s "for the life of me, I did not know what an indulgence was.""

When you quote shit like that (from the Catholic Encyclopedia?) about a Roman Catholic Professor of Theology and 'Doctor of Bible' to support your position, I certainly don't go any further.

Here's an alternative from a peer-reviewd source: "On 31 October 1517, Luther wrote to his bishop, Albert of Mainz, protesting the sale of indulgences. He enclosed in his letter a copy of his "Disputation of Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences," which came to be known as The Ninety-Five Theses. Hans Hillerbrand writes that Luther had no intention of confronting the church, but saw his disputation as a scholarly objection to church practices, and the tone of the writing is accordingly "searching, rather than doctrinaire.""

Oh, and it was YOU who brought the JOOOS into the discussion (along with moon landings, and "cloud contrails" - whatever they might be!).

You're so obvious, it hurts: PsyOps101: "If innuendo fails, then try ridicule. If ridicule fails, then go straight to ad hominem". Well done!

d_senti's picture

Wasn't quoting from the Catholic Encyclopedia, though it's certainly a valid source. It's a quote FROM HIM that I read in his own works, as I was raised Lutheran. All that I quoted is openly available in his works or in reputable history sources (like his table talks or three essays), but if you had actually done any study of history or religion you'd know these things.

And didnt I just say that he LIED about his intentions to different people, again as a historical fact? What he intended in the first year or two is disputable, but you said he had no intention of breaking from the Church. He did. By 1521 he openly promoted breaking from the Church and did ever since.

You mentioned the Jews in your list of who was controlling government. You mentioned chemtrails in a post below, which are hypothetical contrail clouds filled with chemicals. The same place you mentioned fluoride. The moon landing was an example.

And of course, the coup de grace, the accusation of psy ops. Guess what bud? I'm a 27 year old security guard at a North Dakota airport (born an raised here) who grew up Lutheran. Got a wife and an 8 month old son. My brother's a pro poker player who made it to the WSOP final table. Jason Senti, look him up.

Must be part of my cover, right? Conspiracies, ooOoOoo...gimme a break. I resorted to ridicule because you're patently ridiculous.

i-dog's picture

"By 1521 he openly promoted breaking from the Church and did ever since."

He published his theses in 1517. I've no doubt, and neither should you, that he had other intentions 4 years later after seeing the reaction!

"who grew up Lutheran"

What are you now? Any "lutheran" who thinks that a 2/3rds majority control of the Supreme Court, Congressional leadership, Administration and Presidency by Jesuits and Roman Catholics is "religious diversity" needs a few screws tightened!

The country was founded by English, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch and French protestants (all represented on the first draft of the Great Seal) fleeing religious persecution by the Jesuits and Roman Catholics in Europe at the time. If only they could see it now.....


PS. I'm an atheist and don't give a hang what religion people believe in. I've fought religious bigotry all my life and one of my closest friends is a Roman Catholic godson of Hitler. But, I do give a hang when one religion takes over the reins of government in the USA, Europe, Russia, China and Japan during a financial and societal meltdown.

d_senti's picture

So you're contradicting your earlier claim that he didn't intend to break away from the Church. Got it.


And 57% of Congress is Protestant, while 29% is Catholic. Throughout American history, how many of the Supreme Court justices were Catholic? Unless this "takeover" that somehow missed Congress just happened in the last few years and involved "Catholics" who don't follow the teachings of the Church.

Yeah, it's not like that persecution went both ways or anything, or that Protestants through history torched twice as many "witches," or demolished monasteries and religious icons by the thousands. But yeah, if only they could see America now with its thoroughly Catholic policies, which we can all see plain as day, right? Just like all those stupid Japanese, Chinese, and Russian Catholics, right?

I'm done with you, so feel free to continue to do your crazy thing. Cuz you're just bonkers, like balls-to-the-walls bonkers, man. It's a rare treat to meet someone who is simultaneously this lucid and this crazy; tends to be one or the other. Have fun in la-la land.

i-dog's picture

"your earlier claim that he didn't intend to break away from the Church"

I see that you have reading comprehension problems! What I said was: "When he posted his complaints on the doors of Wittenburg Cathedral" ... which, as you'll remember, was in 1517.

"And 57% of Congress is Protestant, while 29% is Catholic"

Again with the dyslexia! What I said was: "Only 4 out of 26 congressional leaders are Protestants".

"torched twice as many "witches," or demolished monasteries "

Now you're time travelling! My comments are about the present takeover!

"I'm done with you"

Excellent! You have been wasting precious bandwidth anyway with your shilling.

Cathartes Aura's picture

although I'm late to the thread, who can resist jumping in with a few facts to counter your beliefs?

Cloud contrails linger too long? Conspiracy. Bad science from the 50s about fluoride? Conspiracy. Fair number of Jewish bankers? Conspiracy.

and you're from North Dakota you say?  anywhere near Fargo?  because you might want to LOOK UP Weather Modification Inc. and their "cloud seeding aircraft" - they have many models to choose from according to their website:


and if you ever feel up to expanding your opinions, this website should keep you busy for a few hours/days:


some great quotes and links, as well as further information, found here:


your excusing a demented government feeding toxic waste to citizens via their water supply is a great tell as to your "faith" in leaders, and your refusal to see a connection with an extraordinarily high percentage of "jewish" (Zionist might be a better descriptor) banking officials and their dual-passport wielding co-conspirators in CONgress, Fed officials, etc. reflects a lack of joined-up-thinking. . .

might be the persistent contrail aluminum affect?


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Nice history lesson. Nice logic. Refreshing. The kind of post I enjoy.

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Pearls to Pigs my good man....


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Haha, thanks. I know, I should just let it go (and I have now); I just have this compulsive need to attempt getting through to the crazies. Even if it never works. Which it never does. Oh well. At least everyone knows he's crazy now.

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And what are your sources for the anit-prophecies? Your conspiratorial imagination? I reject your source. I'll stick with "Dog". Actually, common sense will do even without prophecies. You also don't understand how prophecy works, either.

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LOL! "Read me another story, daddy ... I don't like this one!"

I take it that you live in an area with a fluoridated water supply, daily chemtrails overhead, and a McD's right next to your house!?! I don't debate with morons who have no access to google to do their own research.

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Oh, okay, I see now. You're crazy. Feel free to ignore my above reply then, as I'm sure you'll think me a Jesuit conspirator or a Che trail or somesuch.

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OK. Consider yourself ignored.