25 Minutes Until S&P Server Maintenance

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Those expecting an 8 pm Friday night downgrade bomb from the S&P, like in the US downgrade case, will be disappointed. The reason: server maintenance. Said otherwise, S&P has 25 minutes to finally catch up to reality, or D-Day will be postponed to Monday at the earliest.

h/t arno777

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How underwhelming

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I guess it would be asking too much to have them delay this announcement until Monday AM. Damn.

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So, something fishy here?

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Obvious excuse is obvious.

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Much better to have any rating bombs come out Satuday afternoon in USA and midnight Europe.  That maintenance timing is working out just right.  Hopefully Europe will be sleeping and US will be watching college games.

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why dont they do it on christmas eve like the backdoor bailouts!

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It could get really bloody if they delay into Monday. Time for air over the weekend versus direct pain in the week.

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How convenient.  This was overheard at a meeting last night at a little bar around the corner...

"Hey guys.  I dont really like the idea of downgrading an entire continent.  Can I have the weekend to sleep on it?"

"Sure but what will we tell the serfs?"

"Server Maintenance is due isnt it?"

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Nobody does server maintenance on a Friday afternoon. Not when the entire planet is expecting massive downgrades instead.

I smell a rat! Dammit where is my tinfoil when I need it most ...

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Agreed.  This is very bullish for tinfoil.

Did we all give to the money bomb?



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A little OT, but the topic is boring anyway. Yes, if you haven't donated to Ron Paul, you should. It is about time to fix a flawed perception. Ron Paul CAN win, and if we all vote for him, he WILL win. Tell a friend that OUR time is now! If we don't make the right structural changes to our leadership structure immediately, we may not get another shot at it. You know what I mean.

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The story is beyond laughable. S&P, like any real business with an online presence, *has* to have redundant systems providing 24/7/365 service. Mirrored dbases. Redundant server farms. Big pipes. Small army of onsite IT staff. This isn't 1981 and they're not running a rink-dink lolcats website. Their ops are mission critical.

My guess is they think most people hear the word 'server' and imagine a desktop-type box running Windoze in a room somewhere. "Of course they'd go offline--they have to restart the server after an upgrade, just like everyone else does at home when they update..."

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should i short euro into weekend?

Damn some1 needs to hack those rating agencies so we all can stop guessing when the real thing comes in

Amused2Death's picture

I think that's what may have just happened...

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Server maintenance as a euphemism for having to re-image all the data center hard drives from yesterday's backup.

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the rating agencies are just paid shills of "BIS", period!

go to their website and read between the lines - it's that simple

earleflorida's picture

the rating agencies are just paid shills of "BIS", period!

go to their website and read between the lines - it's that simple


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What's with the mini flash-crash in JRCC two minutes before close? 

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Maybe ZH should cover this.  There were more than 120 stocks today that showed aberrant HFT-related behaviour in the last minute of trading.  JRCC was one of many: look at that chart.   

rocker's picture

 I saw the "JRCC" on my high low list too.  Still 100% Cash.  Looking to possibly go short on Monday. 

 Check out the close of the ETF  "SWZ"  . The HFT's are holding a lot of supply they need to get rid of.

And there are no bids under. That is why stocks keep going down. They wait for a fool to buy and then drop them.

Maybe instead of the HFTs buying and selling ETFs all year they should have looked at the stocks themselves.

It's getting really ugly out there. How low will we go on the first leg down? 

J 457's picture

I sometimes swing trade JRCC and today placed two buy orders at $6.50 and $6.40.  JRCC was at $6.67, stepped out five minutes, came back, and see both my orders filled.  But what was interesting was the volume spiked at close to 3mm shares (unusual for this stock) in a minute or two as the price fell, and then rebounded to $6.81 at the close.  Again, this in a matter of minutes.  Then after hours I see one trade for close to 2mm shares.  Not sure if liquidity, or rebalance, or what.  Something not right.....  

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They probably need to beef up their security; every Euro country, and China, and Ben and Timmy, trying to hammer their servers to post AAA ratings for Sovereign debt.

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No doubt. But Blu and Dr. Kananga are right: nobody takes down a server array at 5pm Friday night. It's simply not necessary and strongly suggests another motive.

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Everyone and their brother is expecting the downgrade, they may actually have the opposite effect...

Sell the rumor buy the news this go around? 

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Coincidence or not all Important Downgrading done when Net speculative positions on EUR is 90% short. Orchestrated Moob gang! Now Belgium. Some 1 rules the world and makes the truth.

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If it was a One Notch they would have announced it by now.

I expect Two Notch, at this point.

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2 notch you say? Going to get ugly.

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TIme over.  No downgrade.  For now.  

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Gives the ratesters another 17+ hours to extort more money from the EU blacklisted...

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Anybody have an audio feed to the S&P sovereign rating division meeting room?  

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when the downgrade happens, I'd like it to be on a weekday.  Weekend gives the algos too much time to turn it over in their retarded computer brains and come up with the conclusion that it is bullish.

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I'm long Silver and the VIX.. FUCK EM