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2nd Carrier Arrives: CVN 70 Carl Vinson Joins CVN 74 Stennis In Arabian Sea, Off Straits Of Hormuz

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While we await for Stratfor's website to get back up and be fully operational, and provide its weekly aircraft carrier location updates, we have to go low tech, and rely on the Navy itself for an update of US naval aircraft carrier assets. We were not surprised to discover that the solitary CVN 74 John Stennis which for the past 2 months has been all alone in the Arabian Sea, just off the Straits of Hormuz, has finally found its new soulmate CVN 70 Carl Vinson which has arrived by way of Hong Kong, now that CVN 77 Geroge H.W. Bush is back in port. And so the US now has two carriers where there was one, and the US is quite ready to proceed with its joint-Israeli wargame operation titled simply enough "The Great Prophet".

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