With 30 Minutes To Go, NYSE Volume Run-Rate Hits Low Of Year

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Presented with little comment - for the simple reason it has become a joke...


this is the lowest NYSE volume at 3:30ET this year - and surprise - we rallied...

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Don't worry, Septemeber should bring some fireworks!

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b/c of the pastryChefJudges in germany?  Hahaha!  gee ya mean the sky won't fall before then?    be careful there toy-boy!  tyler or sac might junk ya for that!  Hahaha!

[Paste} :>  it has become a joke...

ya got that right tyler!

and the joke is on YOU!  Hahahahaha!

it's their JOB styooopid!  look it up if the CFR will permit you to today, ok, toady?  L0L!  fun-ny!

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Newly released book in Germany details Swine-hella Merde-kill's evil past and future:



Gertrud Höhler called her book “The Godmother,” and made it absolutely clear she was not referring to the kind which waves a wand and grants wishes. Launching the book in Berlin on Thursday, Höhler attacked Merkel for reducing the role of parliament, in particular in her management of the euro crisis and the move away from nuclear power. “We have more and more state power and less and less parliamentary power,” she said of Merkel’s government. The circumvention of parliament was breaking laws, she alleged, arguing that Merkel was restricting freedoms by saying there was no alternative to the euro rescue. Though Höhler claimed that her book's title was not meant to demonise Merkel, she said that one of the features of organized crime was its “seeping interference in the legality of a community.” "Some cross-party decisions are increasingly adopting totalitarian features, and there are increasingly stricter measures against dissenting opinions in parliament," she wrote.


Whermacht trains Belarussian militia:


German cops trained Belarusian militia

At least 100 members of the Belarusian security forces, including the country's feared militia, took part in training programmes in Germany from 2008 to 2011, the Tagesspiegel newspaper reported on Thursday.

On top of that, nearly 400 border guards, senior militia officers and technicians were trained by German officers in Minsk.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry confirmed the story on Friday.

It also emerged that in November 2010, Belarusian security forces were allowed to observe the German police in action, as they protected a nuclear transport train from demonstrators as it was travelling across Germany.

Is the Whermacht also training TSA "officials"???

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Read the book and change Merkle to Obama every time and see if it still reads true.

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A barking fucking dog makes more sense than the drivel caveman nonsense you spew slewie you rat fuck!

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It's easier to run up when only one guy is trading with himself.

Personally, I'm looking forward to moving the market myself with my purchase of $2 worth of stock.

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It's most likely Barack trying to improve his poll numbers.......

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If you own hundreds of thousands of shares of a stock and you trade 100 share batches with yourself or your HFT friends, you're all richer at no real cost and it looks like the entire market cap turns over in just a few days.  Your only risk is finding the next bigger fool so you can squeeze through that exit door once you've created the illusion of lots of bids and asks.

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Did someone do the same on the Gold and Silver exchanges the last few days?  No way, that was real, this stock market stuff is phony.

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"f you own hundreds of thousands of shares of a stock and you trade 100 share batches with yourself or your HFT friends, you're all richer at no real cost and it looks like the entire market cap turns over in just a few days.  Your only risk is finding the next bigger fool so you can squeeze through that exit door once you've created the illusion of lots of bids and asks."


That's so 20th century.   Pocket the profits, and wait for the federal bailout money when there are losses.


The gains are private, the losses are pulic.

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Huge range + SHIT volume = the stench of Hopium

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All thats left is 3 algos and 2 pig traders.

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Really is a joke, need to shut down at 1PM during the summer and from Thanksgiving through Jan 2...

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What about Bob Pisani (I hate him) take on volume on CNBC, that dollar value has barely changed?


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The volumless rise to the heavens.

Woe is us when the house of cards falls to earth.

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Says Slewie the pi rat.

Kool aid drinker front and center boys.

Or most likely a prop desk trader who needs to get paid soon.

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i'm very unpopular her right now, but you are projecting the kool-aid drinking, toy-boy

if you understood the site and its history you would know about me

you are the fool

again:  why is volume so important when the FED's job (uder dodd/frank the ACTUAL operative banking law) is to provide market & economic stability?

the answer is simply:  it isn't!

get it?  apparently not!

again:  you are just another  troll here and you might as well be 10!

i've never worked for a brokerage but i was trading stocks and options and gold ADRs before you were born,  imagine, sonny.  you were around in 1975?  i had a MBA and was studying and trading for slewie!  like always!

you run along now & play "fightClub" with the other toy-boy trolls ok, asswipe?

p.s.:>  if the FED's job said market VOLUME, then there would be a "problem" with lo VOLUME

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(I never down anybody.)

It makes no sense what you are saying.

I think it is absolutely the Fed's job to maintain volume since the brokerages and stock exchanges cannot exist without volume, that's their business.

Do you think it's not Fed's job to maintain NYSE or Nasdaq as relevant?

It's very obvious to me that maintaining good and profitable volume for the exchanges and brokerages is part of the core of Fed's job.



slewie the pi-rat's picture

you are making it too complicated!

the FEDs job under dodd/frank is systemic stability for a system which was on runaway and self-destruct a few short years ago

not volume

it doesn't matter how you "theorize"

the FED has a practical JOB to do and they do not answer to you, me, or tyler

they need to finance the Treasury and keep the checks in the mail

if this were DEPENDENT on volume, then it would be failing

but it is not, so the lack of volume does NOT indicate systemic runaway

if you want to spend another year lamenting lack of volume and pretending it will cause the sky to fall go ahead, ekm!  everybody else seems to be doing it (except for slewie)

so you won't seem weird here!  i will!

how much longer till you admit tyler and 3/4 of the website are not correct?

take another month, i don't care!  take another year!

me?  i looked at this VERY closely earlier in the year when top writers pinted out what i was already seeing:  centralBankster co-ordination at unprecedented levels

this has led to at least the illusion of stability, ok?  and the more i stared at it:  feb, mar, april, may, june, july, and now--- the more stable it looked TO ME

so shoot me!

yes i KNOW the volume that tyler tracks is LOW, but if that PROVES that the sytem is running away, please prersent the proof, not a "belief system" based on volume which tyler durden APPROVES

yep! slewie knows the volume is low;  and the checks ARE in the mail, too!

well! everything's not purrrfect!

ya got that right!  but that does not necessarily mean we can't get paid in october or have an election in november

however, ORI predicted it would be OVER by now didn't he?  and people fuking LOVED it! 

blood in the streets (america, of course, NOT india) riots, looting, martail law, no food, gangs taking your daughters if ya didn't just shoot the girls first!  oh my!  quite the scenario and many here taday just talking about how they would be heroes if somebody else just started the "re-set" which MUST happen b/c...

yep...  but it just was BULLSHIT.  again.  and again.  and again.  and again

mebbe next month it's REALLY GONNA happen tho, b/c the volume indicates it?  and no slewie can not prove the sky will not fall even tomorrow


if the sun happens to rise tomorrow, MAYBE we'll be able to make it thru saturday too?

this is an EXTREME view, apparently

like my mom usta say:  let's just what & see, ok?

ekm's picture

Oh, I agree with all your logic, I just draw different conclusions from the same logic.

Listen, I've lived in communism and I can tell you central planning never lasts. It comes a moment that all collapses.


Your conclusion could come up correct, only if americans have already adopted socialism or income distribution. You could be correct, though, you could be correct, but in order to implement the next round of self imposed slavery or differently know as income distribution, another collapse must happen.

The old saying: Never let a crisis go waste.


Thx for the enriching debate. I got to go out for a long walk now. Gorgeous weather in Toronto and I can't let it go waste.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

no you don't have the same logic or you would have the same conclusion

i spent many hours writing to YOU many months ago explaining that fascist crony bankster-pol crinimality does NOT CARE what the system's nominal structure is

central this de-central that

yes, eventually the sun will go out too

but your insistence on that keeps you from enjoying today's salad?  or fresh fruit?  no

so why here"  why with the economics? 

i don't know what MUST happen;  if my chopper is @ 250 feet heading straight down i KNOW what is coming

but my conclusion here is only that the FED is trying to keep the system stable b/c that is its JOB and it is doing well-enuf right now to keep the checks in the mail

i'm not sure you really DO disagree with me

i don't know what will happen or MUST happen

i am looking at this very simply, but i am seeing what i see very clearly, also

if the FED is doing their stability job ok, perhaps someone whould simply note it;  i do it now and them;  it doesn't make me a bed person to say:  hey!  you guys have made it thru 2011 and GOOD FOR YOU!

two peole on zH tipped their hats to the FED last year:  robo_T & slewie

everyone else last dec30-jan2 was certain of impending DOOM and just shitting all over eveything b/c they didn't understand what they were seeing every single day

i said:  holishitoli we made it?  GOOD! 

i still extend them my hand and try to understand their work;  they are men and women too

every person on the planet has fiat for legal tender today

and we all may have it next week, month and year, also.

i'm sorry the dramatic intensity is so low;  sure i can find things wrong and never admit the FED can do anything right, too

but the checks are in the mail and the system is functioning ok as far as i can tell

you think it is gonna self-destruct, please say by when and we'll see if YOU are right, ok?

well... sometime!  the sky will FALL;  the sun will go out!  we ARE doomed!


i heard...

i know... (yawn)...  anything else?

see ya & enjoy the day, ekm!

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Sir, you are totally wrong this time. Timing is impossible for any human being. Also, I do not remember having a long debate last year. It si always possible to draw difference conclusions from the same set of facts. By the way, that's what lawyers do.


As to what I've always said, is that the Gov has given orders to the Fed to buy the market. Here we agree. BAC going up 100% in 3 months from Jan 2012 to March 2012 is a clear proof. They want to control the decline, that's the goal. However, decline is inevitable.

What I've always said, is that the more they protect the market, the worse the collapse, again timing is impossible.

Right now, it looks like not much is left in the market to buy, suckers have no more money. It feels like 2007-2008.


Just a reminder. They said no Primary Dealers would be allowed to go crap and MFG still went crap. That shows that the Fed does NOT have total control.

Central planning never goes down slow, never. It always implodes. My logic tells me another Primary Dealer is about to go crap and the Fed has no option but to engineer the crash, same as they did when they refused to bailout MFG.

They have to do it and they will do it, I don't know when, but I think we're pretty close seeing gas prices. Now, please pay attention to what I'm writing: I am saying the Fed will be the one engineering a crash since they want to control the crash in order to keep cutting those checks.

Whether they will be able to control the crash, that's a different story, but a crash they will engineer. 

The reason: They are obligated to cut checks to people who make their income from the volume. Hence:


Do you see how it is possible to draw different conclusions from the same set of facts?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

ok,  ekm

i don't like these narrows so when i finish my response i'll put it @ the bottom of the page, ok?  look for this:>  21:35 | 2736017 ekm

slewie the pi-rat's picture



click on my name go the my posts and just start reading

 ok, son?  L0L!!!

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I think retail has been out for a while, so I'm having some difficulty with the change in volume recently.   Have some of the HFTs figured that out and the only players now are other HFTs and therefore the slightly slower are the new plankton in the sea?

ekm's picture

HFT makes money in two ways:

- Get in between of two real traders

- Steal from the other HFT company.

But they cannot do anything if no real traders are trading. They might as well turn the computers off.


Retail is done for at least 10 years if not more. They are retiring and withdrawing money every week. THERE IS NO SOLUTION BUT BRING S&P DOWN TO EARTH AT ABOUT 600, OTHERWISE NYSE, NASDAQ WILL HAVE TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS.

Hype Alert's picture

On one hand I agree with the reset, but I don't see that bringing confidence back into the market.  Not unless you're saying that's already lost and we just need to reset and muddle along for 10 years.  We're already 5 years into the latest "fix" and like you I see people leaving the market.  But really it started in 2000 with the internet bubble burst and the attempts at "fixing" it from the central bank.  That's 12 years so far so, another 10 years of bouncing along a bottom isn't the end all.  Actually fits in with some of the predictions I heard at the time.  Slewie's point, if it can be picked out of his issues with volume and lack of people skills, is the FED wants things to muddle along at the top until people come back (in his time heals approach).

I don't think either will work until the issues in the market are addressed and I don't see anything being done to restore confidence in that.  Trading or investing, most people I've talked to feel the market is, or has become, nothing more than an efficient method of having someone or some machine take your money.  From HFTs to the rash of failed IPO's to zero companies with tons of debt that you can't short because of what's being done in the market.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

jeeeez! and yer D&D player friends can't help?  awww....

don't look at the FED's actual job description, under dodd/frank ok?  ya might BEGIN to understand what is has actually been happening right b4 yer styooopid lil mega-phone since january

hint: the volume ain't the gaol, it's the stability styooooopid!

probly not, tho...  yer pretty strong with the disinfo yerself!

look at the what is involved in just this ONE comment of yers...

fuking amazing rilly

didya notice either of my comments from wed or thurs: 

"corner on stocks?"

maybe when you grow up a bit more you'll be able to think independently...?   that would make ya exceptional wouldn't it?  L0L!!!

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Explain "STABILITY".

Same as with ECB idiotic rate caps, the only way to maintain stability is for the Fed buy every stock or for the ECB to buy every bond.

There is no other way to maintain stability, the only way is to keep buying until little or nothing is left in the market.


(Except for other military reasons by an WH executive order, related to China or Russia, that the fED would be obligated to do cocainated easing 3. That's the only reason to continue to buy everything or as you call it: STABILITY.)


slewie the pi-rat's picture

perhaps you also missed my "corner on stocks?" question for the last 3 days

that isn't my fault!

i've called this walk right along: the what & the why and you have been here too which is why you are not just utterly disrespecting me, so thxz for that, ok?

what does "stabilty" mean?

that is a GREAT question i think!

i doesn't mean 2008 and "we must do SOMEthing" ok?  it means what they are trying to do with and about that very mess AND the bad debts and zombies produced by the banksters, pols  and debt-money fraudsters called Realtors@

the FED now has to manage this stinking pile of economic GARBAGE & hooey and keep the ckecks in the mail

i am not making this up!

so, i see it as a practical approach:  no emergeny crash-fixing for a while AND the checks and society continue to function

not an "abstraction" (growth shld be 28% and inflation under 2% and confidence above 50 and the empire FED report at 49 or better...)  not that ok?  if the volume isn't "right for tyler" SO FUKING WHAT?

you can get that can't you?  or you woldn't "dare" to address me, would you?

it is simply the ability to keep the system from instability and runaway values as we encounter in, say,  combustion engineering

if a steam engine does not have a "governor" it goes to "runaway";  that is about as simple as i can make it

if it is not on "runaway"  then it may be fast, slow, increasing or decreasing rpms but it is still STABLE

b/c it is not on runaway;  they are mutually exclusive in mechanics but econ may not be quite so simple, i'm simply not sure if i can oush the alalogy that far

but i don't need to:  there can be areas of "overlap and ambiguity" maybe and maybe we are in one now;  maybe the system will goto runaway soon (dCasey link here)

but that seems to be the worse thingy anybody can say right now;  so that's ok with me;  i don't need to start twitching uncontrollably cause dCasey is taking his fuking book again, ok?

that is my understanding ekm;  perhaps i know of which i speak?

perhaps the financial "system" which the FED is CHARGED with keeping outa runaway IS safely outa runaway

that possibility does not seem welcome here

but i do not think it is b/c slewie's drinking da kool aid, BiCheZ!

tyler has all these moronic whipsocks doing the dance of doom every time there is a 1-sigma change in any sytemic value!  this is reasonable at this point?

not for me.  other may certainly decide for themselves, but i think it might be nice if people were allowed to think here together rather than just constantly being told HOW to think, HOW to interpret that 1-sigma, or this one here

so i don't interpret the lack of volume as shit

and that is WHY!

tyler?  tyler  pretends the FED is incomprehensible (no one learns abt it from HIM do they?) and just leads the daily doom-dance

and don't forget the sabre-rattling!

all i can figure is that he is a puppet of the CFR, and the wing-nut faction there

sorry if i don't agree with the brainwashing

i don't care for it, personally;  and i think you know me well unuf to KNOW that i an shooting straight:  i do not accept the propaganda, even here.  especially here!

that is more than tyler and 80% of the bloggers here can say, imo

tyler is "stimulating" bahavior and his trolls are tring to enforce the mono-view, based on pretending not to understand the FED under dodd/frank (the key element at present, as i've been trying to indicate for months here, now)

you may see things differently, apparently many do

but that does not mean i don't know what i'm seeing.  i own what i'm seeing and  i'm trying to be abjective and truthful with others here, most of whom, again, lack the simple capacitiy to think straight b/c of TV addiction and tyler's masterful "piggy-backing" on their little sheep-like psyches

thanks again for asking, ekm...

ekm's picture

Thx for the long remark. Personally I get along pretty well with straight shooters. That's the only way to learn from debates.

I totally agree with the fed trying to "keep the checks in the mail". There is no shred of doubt about it.

The problem is that by doing that they are harming people who make their income from the volume. I don't think the Fed can do that at S&P 1400 but they can resume doing that at S&P 800.

They will have to refuse another primary dealer to bailout like MFG in order to crap the market and re-start again so they keep sending the checks to the others.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

of course there is no doubt but you are the first person to agree with me in  100 X i posted it!

and people who live off volume aren't doing well


maybe they shoulda gone to medSchool?  POST?  the SEC?  poor peoples' academy of hard knox? 

the SYSTEM is still full of dead wood and zombies and criminals, volume or not

the "engineers" broke the whole system (with their engineereing of FRAUD), but the volume was fabulous, remember?

peoiple were trading houses like they were marbles!  but the volume!  citi made some BIG-vulume moves didn't they?  into insurance?  remember that chicken fuking dinner?  volumes of feathers everywhere!  LOL!!

this is what i am here for too, ekm, so thxz again!

ekm's picture

Do I have to start explaining again with supply/demand logic?

Primary dealers basically have purchased all S&P with ZIRP money. Nobody else to dump their shit to. Suckers are withdrawing money every week.

The only way to get some volume is crash S&P to 1000, bankrupt anther primary dealer and start again. If it doesn't work, let's crap S&P again down to 666 and it will attract volume.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

why is volume critically important in a stability-directed centralBankster op?  Huh? 

b/c tyler wants ya to think so?

how fuking styoooopid is that?

typical for ya! 

stability is important b/c that will insure the highest probability of getting and keeping the checks in the mail

StychoKiller's picture

I look at volume as being the signal in the signal-to-noise ratio.  If the signal gets too small, it'll get lost in the noise floor, then someone is gonna try to re-amplify the signal.  Amplification sometimes leads to instability.

No matter what the Fed mandates are, they're playing with fire.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

yes, they are playing with fire stych0

pls see my bottom post as to why ok?

your take on volume may not be correct;  especially if you start taking only NYSE volume

the daily chart is on the right here PrudentBearHome

doesn't do much for me:  isn't a horror OR a "joke"

my main point here on zH for the past 3 daze has been to nuke people about their DOOM and FEAR and we go into the R convention, b/c the propagandists ARE turning it up imo

tyler has spent a year:  FED -> QE -> DOOM  rinse; repeat

now he's done volumes more also, too but this is what i've gotten since the FED went twist instead of LSAP as a general scheme from HIM 

i have seen another guy or two mention this also;  if a man of tyler's caliber beats the QEIII drum for a YEAR and there's no QE3, what they hell would YOU say is going on?

i'd had it by february and others were not far behind;  but most everyone esle just STILL loves it!  tyler goes FED -> QE -> DOOM  rinse; repeat and people RESPOND

as in "conditioned";  it's fun and everything and the new guys think it's everything they could wish for

but what if it isn't true?

that's what i'm hoping for people to examine


i'm talking about systemic stability;  not price stability on the NYSE.  yes signals can go loopy too

we are lucky to get this stuff here

but what has happened for the last two years since this law was passed does not appear to me right now to be too unstable

during the EU summit i highlighted this idea with the goldilocksCrisisTM or the goldilocks summit and ya know something:  it WAS a goldilocksCrisisTM!!!  i wrote for two weeks about it! 

so i'm like:  wtf?  i'm right?  yeah i'm right!

the pols  are manipulating people with fear?  people can't believe this?  can't see this site as lab experiment almost?

so the pols benefit from the fear especially......the challenger! 

...prez0 is trying ta chill!   he doesn't want fear & doom!  he's the prezident! 

of course this analysis can't be true!  can't be!  slewie said it!  L0L!!!

FED -> QE -> DOOM  rinse; repeat is not slewie's script;  it is the heart of mittRomney's current campaign

maybe he will tone it in tampa;  or maybe i'm just seeing the zH ads and not the stuff the woman downstairs sees

but mittens hasn't been talking about the FED and QE and the DOOM on zeroHedge for a year...

...or has he?  L0L!!!

:> and no matter who says what here or eslewhere it doesn't prove anything about the stability

but lil ole slewie hypothecated a gildilocksCrisisTM for the EU summit b/c if the system were stable they would  not risk instability;  they might talk about nothing BUT b/c that is where their bread is buttered

all the articles may indicate nobody has a clue about anything;  but that doesn't mean the EU is unstable;  it doesn't act like it is so unstable that no one can prevent the total runaway of all values and the destruction of the economic system

but maybe the US is?  b/c all the republicans now say it is coming!  it IS near!  NO one doubts it!  well shit!  i'm not a republican!

not only that, maybe the US is as systemically strong as the EU or more;  and we'll have much bigger cirisis than the fuking europeons!  we're americans!  the GOP is goin freddieKruger and if they can scare the shit outa enuf people, mittens can win!

such is republicunt hopium

but it is true too

prez0 is vulnerable and the neoCons fight to win.  the supremes may want to get involved again, too

but the Rs are gonna frighten people with econ collapse, and attack the chairsatan and the prez0 as being the best way for america to fix the problem

that is their campaign strategy

lotta smart guys too;  political propaganda is VERY lucrative;  or do you think people are truly this sick and just do this for fun?

tyler may become the master propagandist of the NWO

this zH shit is pretty 'unique'.  at the very least he should be incredibly rich.  look at these moneybags he's rolling with!  and look at zH

people not only believe him but the passion here is truly wonderful because everybody is SURE that the doom must BE and damned SOON too!  just look at the volume!

Meesohaawnee's picture

ekm.. you are one of the most dead on/ make sense posters on here. Keep up the good work

slewie the pi-rat's picture

why is volume critically important in a stability-directed centralBankster op?  Huh?

if it were, the sytem woulda collapsed months ago, would it not?

there is a pea under the mattress! 

poor princess! 

a pea! 

oh!  you are wonderful, princess! 

one of the best to feel that pea!

did you get paid?  don't cash the check if the volume isn't right for ya, ok?  or just give the lo-vol wages away b/c they aren't good unuf for ya? 

but the volume isn't right;  i'd better not cash the check?  there might be something wrong with it?

tyler keeps pointing it out so it MUST be important

well it IS a fact;  so is it friday today

so freak out?

a pea!  again today!  hardly anybody traded and the priced went up instead of flat or down

ergo:  houston!  we have a PEA!  L0L!!!

on this whole string,  one comment that made sense was ekm's that low volume hurts those who live offa high volume

yep!  it does!

but that's about it really

volume is important b/c it generally indicates liquidity, children

but if it is not necessary for liquidity (it does not appear to be on these lo-volume days) what the hell is the "systemic" problem?

are these markets illiquidnope!  golly!  plenty of liquidity!  but low volume

did tyler mantion why this is important?  no:  just that it is true

and, it is true!  low volume today and the 'index' went up! at 500X the volume maybe it still goes up the same or more or less or down

got it! but i still don't see a big problem

anybody else wanna try to bullshit me? 

if the FED is concerned with stability and not volume don't blame me

i'm just trying to tell you people that the FED may be doing a pretty fair job with this mess, is all:  day after day after day

i don't think i could have this baby humming this well myself right now, but i'm not as smart as tyler and you guys, probably

you would have 10 times the volume!  grrrreat!  i'm glad for ya!

anyhow maybe in another month this will be more clear to me, huh?  got it!

but what if tyler & ekm are still not happy and what if there is another pea?  what if on sept 24, the volume is lower?

why, that would mean the sky is gonna fall again,  riiiight?

SOON too, huh, BiCheZ!  soon soon soon soon

i'll take THAT to the bank next month ok? 

SOON this will all END b/c. well. the volume was just too low again!

jeeeez!  i can't wait!  i hope the volume picks up b/c civilization might fail, right tyler?    L0L!!!

what a buncha completely hypnotized fuking FOOLS we have here, boyz!


slewie the pi-rat's picture


near dCasey?  fine w. slewie!  near you?

near dec 2012?  its BECAUSE of the 4th turning isn't it?

please!  i NEED to KNOW!  LoL!!!  what do the sophomores think?

you are a fuking moron today:  hey!  i didn't see the "triple threat"

make that a triple fuking moron!

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Triple threat in eurozone as Spain heads for bailout, recession looms and Greece fights to stay in currency – and may sell islands!

"Senior government sources in London have revealed that world leaders have effectively done a deal behind the scenes to prevent Greece slipping out of the single currency before the US presidential elections in November."

Jlmadyson's picture

We shall see if these crazies can hold together the loony bin until then.

Clearly Merkel wants out but she is stuck ala Hotel California.

We are on knifes edge here folks.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

oh, clearly!

nothing could be more clear!

wtf are YOU on?  i want some!

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It's usually eerily calm before the storm ..

slewie the pi-rat's picture

so that could mean we are facing a storm?

like last week?  last month?  WHAT storm?

...the one which must come...

oh shit!  sorry!  i honestly fergot for a few minutes!  fogive me?

of course this is an eerie calm so now a STORM is a-comin! 

down 200 next week?  down 2000? or do you mean another UP storm?  dust storm? hail?  gale? 

FAIL! a storm where nothing will stand!  a storm like "53!  or was that '35?  a storm is coming a storm is coming!

well... usually...  hahaha!  hi!  tim-beeer! [4 weeks;  4 days]