40 Wall Street: John Corzine's Latest Office Space?

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While nearly three months after the MF Global bankruptcy nobody still has any idea where the billion + in commingled client money has gone, nor why Corzine is still out and about walking freely, the former CEO of both Goldman, MF Global and New Jersey is rumored to be looking for office space at 40 Wall. Reports the WSJ: " Jon S. Corzine, who resigned as chief executive of MF Global Holdings Ltd. shortly after the securities firm collapsed in October, recently has been looking for office space in Manhattan, according to people familiar with the situation. One of the locations he seems interested in: brokerage firm John Carris Investments, at 40 Wall St., around the corner from the New York Stock Exchange, these people said. Employees at the small firm have been told that the former Goldman Sachs Group Inc. chairman and New Jersey governor might drop by, one person familiar with the situation said." Ostensibly, the space would be in the form of a sublet from John Carris. Which is great: finally all those thousands of people who still have no recourse to their cash will know precisely where to find Jon and express their gratitude and his pillaging of their investments in a failed attempt to cover up his stupidity.

It appears the Corzine-Carris ties may not be just office-space deep:

Joseph Principe, senior managing director at John Carris, declined to comment. Mr. Corzine hasn't made a decision, but he knows at least one of the securities firm's executives from earlier in his career, said a person familiar with Mr. Corzine's thinking.


One more connection between Mr. Corzine and John Carris: A list of recent transactions on the securities firm's website includes securities offerings for AMP Holding Inc., a Loveland, Ohio, designer of electric-vehicle conversion systems. Maggie Moran, an AMP director, was Mr. Corzine's deputy chief of staff when he was New Jersey governor, according to a March 2011 securities filing by the company. Another director, Nancy Dunlap, oversaw "all personal investment and legal affairs of Mr. Corzine" since 1999, according to the same filing.


At the time, Ms. Dunlap was planning to join Mr. Corzine at MF Global as a vice president, the filing said. It isn't clear whether she went through with the job. Ms. Dunlap and Ms. Moran couldn't be reached for comment. AMP declined to comment.

Considering the wake of bankruptcy and outright destrcution left in his wake, we are furiously trying to determine just which CMBS tranches the 40 Wall property is part of and shorting it all in. After all if Corzine is involved a complete and utter failure is sure to follow. We are also certain the Feds will be delighted to know just where Corzine can be found 9 to 5pm in the off chance that someone finally decides the kindly bearded gentleman should be brought in for some less than "honorable" congressional questioning, where those doing the "asking" are just as guilty.

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If there was justice in America, he'd have a cell at Eastern State Correctional Facility.

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Banksters = criminal.  Corzine is still a bankster by day.

Corzine = criminal.  PERIOD.


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The phuckin' office windows should have double-pane bars.

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An enterprising individual could probably make some quick cash by setting up a torches and pitchforks stand on the sidewalk.


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people would just look at you funny if you did that.

Even if you shot him and published a dissertation on why he needed killing, how would you get your message across?

In that vein, I heard NPR talking about NH primaries now...about Mormney and the "surging" Scumtorum (whose 2nd in IA conveniently made him the B in the false dilemma).  For "color," they talked about....Hunstman.  Not ONE mention of RP whatsoever, despite his 2nd place polling in the state.

Freedom and liberalism and all of that is ANTIestablishment.

Sunshine n Lollipops's picture

Whuuuuuuut? NPR, that shining beacon of independent, hard-nosed investigative journalism and integrity, is acting like just another MSM whorehouse?


Careless Whisper's picture

I have a feeling the landlord will be unhappy with such a menace to society in his fine building.



FMR Bankster's picture

A Goldman Sac's banker and a New Jersey politician? Hell, he should have been arrested on general principals.

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Parenthesis: no need to try and make wordplay with Santorum's name. Santorum itself is already offensive enough.
Common definition of santorum:

The sometimes frothy, usually slimy, amalgam of lubricant, stray fecal matter, and ejaculate that leaks out of the receiving partner's anus after a session of anal intercourse. Named, by popular demand and usage, after legislator Rick Santorum because of his homophobic political statements.

"That move was about as slick as santorum!" 

This is a Nov, 2003 definition of the word from urbandict. It is not insignificant as it saw massive use, first I would assume in the LGBT community and then netwide (being featured heavily in slashdot geekspeak, among others) once Santorum started to make his attacks on the free internet, around 2004-2005 IIRC (that's when I became aware of the term myself).

NotApplicable's picture

As always, number 1 search hit on the googles.

Think for yourself's picture

Wow! Never knew that, as it had never crossed my mind to google "santorum" (mental note: avoid google images by all means necessary), yuck!

Thanks for the nice laugh :P 

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Scumtorum is entitled to his opinion on buttfaggotism.  And, to be blunt, there is nothing whatsoever wrong with having a visceral aversion to buttfags and the perverted behaviors they engage in.  They act and look like a bunch of sick freaks.

When you have to brainwash your GUT out of you; you're doing something wrong.

smiler03's picture

I bet you wouldn't hesitate to stick your cock up a pretty girls butt if you had the chance.

trav7777's picture

i've stuck my dick up plenty of girls' asses, but I'm not naming anything that comes out after a senator who doesn't like buttfags, am I?  Hetero people would have the good sense to keep that shit to themselves

MsCreant's picture

2047514 and 2047970 contra-dickt each other. In 2047514 you tell us you have no experience to conceive of what they mean, in this one (2047970) you clearly state you do have the experience. Hetero, homo, what comes out the butt is the same.

What you claim is perverted that you do with a "girl" is no different than what gay men do with each other. 

trav7777's picture

I don't take my lexicon from what a bunch of nasty, stankedy buttfags think.

I would not have even been able to conceptualize what these disgusting perverts have applied as this definition.

MsCreant's picture

One of your two posts is inaccurate. See above.

I am curious, would you legislate against homosexual behavior as a Ron Paul supporter?

I think Ron would not be all up in people's butts.

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Another little irony is NH's motto is "Live Free or Die".  Puh.  I'll be watching to see who the empty suit in SC will be when they can't stop RP from polling top tier.  A little nostalgia for all my fellow RP supporters:


iDealMeat's picture

Ron Paul could call him in..  As could he the rest of them..  But he doesn't..


azusgm's picture

RP chairs the Domestic Monetary Policy subcommittee. Corzine probably does not fit there. Still, it would be great to see RP get hold of that piece of trash.

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Mr. Lahey: You know, do you know what recidivism is Randy?
Randy: I don't have a clue, Mr. Lahey.
Mr. Lahey: That's when people go back to jail over and over and over. I think we got a couple of A-1, class act recidivists up there.
FrankDrakman's picture

All right! A TPB reference on ZH!

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Its about time for TPB! Mr. Lahey: Randy, I feel a shit storm coming on, and I am a shithawk!


GeneMarchbanks's picture

'We are also certain the Fed will be delighted to know where Corzine can be found 9 to 5pm in the off chance that someone decides finally the kindly bearded gentlemen should be brought in for some less than "honorable" congressional questioning, where those asking the questions are just as guilty.'

He'll be back at PD status in no time. Because, hey! this America and everyone deserves a second chance when it comes to perpetuating the Ponzi.

SheepDog-One's picture

Corzines successful robbing of MF GLobal account holders earns him 'Generalisimo' status in whats coming next, the big rip off of everyones funds and trading accounts.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

So who is selling the BDSs (breathing default swaps) on Corzine?


blindfaith's picture

He is just doing Gods work.  He is part of the faithful, fully ordained.

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

If there was justice in this land Corzine's head would have rolled down the steps of the gulliteen and been donated to mid-western kids to be used as a football since daddy no longer has the money to buy them one.

"Daddy's money was stolen so we got to play with this skull. It is a little hard to pass, and it gets slippery in the mud."


misterc's picture

Corzine is some kind of an artist, to me. People with brokerage accounts can take a good teabagging from time to time.

Zero Govt's picture

let MF'ing Global creditors hypothacate Corzines offices, houses and bank balances then

"Opps, sorry John, we fucked up, lost all your assets on an away-day weekend in Las Vegas!"

The Fonz...before shark jump's picture

scums gotta eat too


how this guy is able to walk around freely is beyond me

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"how this guy is able to walk around freely is beyond me"..

it shouldnt b...its because we allow it.....

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

fuck corzine
corrupt swine

SheepDog-One's picture

Soon it will be far more than 'thousands' of people who had their funds absconded by Wall St, it will be many millions. 

blindfaith's picture

All would do well to read Chapter 3 of the bank-rup-sey code.  So you think your safety deposit box is safe, the cash-on-demand checking account?

When the regulators can dictate the course of the bank-rup-sey to be in favor of the uninjured party at the expense of the injuryed party, you have fair warni-ng on the safety of your assets regardless of how "safe" you think they be.

Watts_D_Matter's picture

That Cork Sucker...I have a space for him....a 8 by 8 PRISON CELL!!!!!!

smiler03's picture

+1 The best thing about this is the lack of a third dimension. A very very flat criminal :O)

goldnguns's picture

time for a fish wrapped in newspaper to be delivered.  followed by a - well, you know.

Financial_Guardian_Angel's picture

I think I'll send him a bo, i mean welcome letter today!


Occupy 40 Wall Street. 

vegas's picture

Crony capitalism at its finest on display.



slackrabbit's picture

I still rekon MFG was done to help JPM get their hands on silver...every little bit counts, when your silver shorts are  THAT big and the silvers holders  / publics anger even bigger.

So the next question is, who else do we have to take down, in order the 'save' the 'banking system' Ben?


It's the war whores turn.....time to take Iran's oil and gold. The sheeple will get onboard the fear monger train as they always do. 

slackrabbit's picture

Sadly dude, you are soo right....and i'm from New Zealand, where men are men and sheep are  nervous

NotApplicable's picture

You mean they spent all of Mommar and Hosni's loot already?

The beast must be hungry!

FeralSerf's picture

Much more important than getting their hands on some silver was getting rid of a hell of a lot of  pesky silver  Comex longs (and their contracts that were standing for delivery) that JPM had to buy off at a premium at every contract expriation.    An additional benefit was confiscation of the longs' physical gold collateral that they were using and the rapid decrease in the price of silver due to all the remaining longs covering.

Books will be written about this, one the biggest bank robberies in history.  Today's bank robberies are executed by the banks themselves using keyboards instead of guns.