45% Of Greeks Have Never Used The Internet

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If one were to consider that nearly half the population of a given country has never had the pleasure of killing otherwise efficient time with the likes of Facebook, and other fad internet sensations, one would assume that the efficiency of the population would be far higher than other places whose citizens spend every waking hour gazing at a monitor. One would be wrong. As the following chart from Eurostat via Goldman shows, about 45% of the Greek population has never used the internet. Surprisingly the balance of the PIIGS is not far behind, with Portugal, Italy and Spain hot on Greece heels (which 5 years ago had two thirds of its population never interact with the web). Is it possible that sitting in front of a computer, uploading millions of pics and "liking" this and that does indeed do miracles for globalization and corporate efficiency? Was Zuckerberg's letter, gasp, 100% correct?

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This will blow your mind too, you can't flush toilet paper in Greece. You toss it in the waste basket.

The stench and flies must be horrendous.

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Wow that stat is way higher than I would of expected.



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No wonder no one answers my junk mail...

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Was the data set for the chart = 1/capital city's latitude?

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It's hard to drink Ouzo and type accurately, man.

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It's hard to drink Ouzo and type accurately, man.

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Having been in the thick of the .CON boom in the US, then it's second coming in India via mobile phones, I can tell you one thing with absolute surety.

The mad rush to get people connected has only two drivers in the minds of TPB:

1) Information/COntrol (have to feed the Club of Rome Simulations)

2) Porn, get Porn out to the most number of people in the world


So, perhaps Greece has been spared the madness. 



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Proper porn addicts do not breed -- Is that the theory ORI?

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porn actually kills man-hood MayI.

Too much shagging and vitality is lost. 

porn also kills innocence (kids watch it now, esily).

Old folks with access to porn....well...

So, every level of society is "weakened" with porn. And what a dis-traction.

Just look at how many people are honey-trapped into under-age madness too. 

Huge lever, HUGE, de-stabilizing lever.


PS: See rise in sales of Viagra and it's derivatives charted alongside wide/sider/widest availability of porn. That is a tell. De-sensitized men.

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    "Too much shagging and vitality is lost"


BTW, what has shagging got to do with porn? You do either one or the other* (at least, in the English-speaking world)!


* Though a married friend once commented that having sex with yourself is at least having sex with someone you love. :)

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Sorry, here in India, to shag is to masturbate. 

But it's true for too much shagging as you understand it too.

And in the english speaking world, plenty of people do both together. I speak from hearsay of course!!!!

It seems God, in his infinite wisdom, did not send us here ONLY to Fornicate and  Fabricate.


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but to drink beer in copious quantities also...

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Parcimoniae lex: porn is for the money making.

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... and the other 55% will happily give it up again tomorrow...

85% do not know how to spell the word "tax" in Greek and

100% will have some rude awakening pretty soon....

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Try Mexico and much of Central America--Ya folks are in for a suprize!!           Milestones

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Same in much of Europe, particularly the countryside.  The ancient sewer systems were not designed for it.

I've seen signs that also read "No Zim Dollars."


We in the US will see those "No FRN" signs soon.....

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"Honey, don't forget to take the trash out.   It smells like shit in here."

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This will blow your mind too, you can't flush toilet paper in Greece ....

The same in Mexico LOL ... every time I ask "How can a 12" turd go down the pipe but a piece of paper can't" we always get in an argument ….. (the wife is from Mexico). Of course the paper can go down the toilet but they were always told it can’t. Well there you have it …. straight from a third world country, go figure.


Oh and by the way  ... when I go, all the paper goes in the toilet and no problems yet and they still don't listen to me LOL.

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Wait 'til you get forced to have low-flow toilets...I do not wish it on anyone.

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You will be immortalized, as the patron saint of plumbers everywhere....

products made from wood pulp don't flow well in low pressure systems; ergo the restrictions on what goes down the pipe...the sign in my boat's head[and that of most boaters' who suffer the incursions of landlubbers]  reads as follows: If you didn’t eat it don’t flush it. No boaters here tonight I can see!

Many countries lack the $ resources to install super-expensive treatment facilities which can handle separation of materials.   The low cost solution is to separate at source.  Pump out is often the cheapest solution.

Of course, there's always the Amerikan Plan Option: Jefferson County Ala mulls bankruptcy over $3.2B sewage plant debt: just pay JP Morgan a multi-million dollar fee for a bond issue so as to be able to flush n forget!!!!!!!!!!!

Yikes, just when I think ZH readers are the creme de la creme of sophisicated, forward thinkin world citizens, we get a parochial interlude like this one. 

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More mind blowing...



Did you in November 2007 former 7 year president and permanent senator of Italy, Francisco Cossiga, stated that ALL the western intelligence agencies of Europe and America know full well Israel, the Jewish state, was responsible for and performed the terrorist acts of 9/11?


Did you know the former Director of Studies of the Army War College and 10 year Marine veteran who served in Vietnam, Dr. Alan Sabrosky,  recently on a public interview stated he isn't going to be soft with the truth that Israel did 9/11 and when Americans find out they will destroy Israel for all the mess America has put through in wars chasing fictional terrorists? (He also has a Jewish grandmother and still has the courage to tell the truth about 9/11)


Did you know our own FBI, New Jersey, and New York police departments caught Israeli active duty military personnel near the Trade Towers filming (before the event even started), celebrating the event, and some even caught with BOMBS in their moving van front operation? (Reported on Fox national news)


Did you know that the then head of the Justice Department, Michael Chertoff (later promoted to Head the newly created Department of ‘Homeland Security’) let all the Israelis go quietly back to Israel on ‘minor visa violations'? (Michael Chertoff’s family was not only involved in the Bolshevik Revolution that killed over 40 million Russian Christians, but some other very close family members like his sister and Rabbi uncles help found Israel as a nation)


Did you know Haaretz (an Israeli newspaper) reported that an Israeli based instant messaging service called Odigo, sent out a text to all their subscribers not to go near lower Manhattan (area of World Trade Centers) 2 hours prior to the terrorist event?


Did you know that the spokesman for Al Qaeda on the major news networks is actually a Jewish man from America and that his grandfather served on the board of directors for the ANTI-Defamation League which is a group that has been involved in crimes involving stealing documents from police stations? (If you believe that a 'Muslim extremist group' had to find an American Jewish grandson of the ADL B.O.D. then you'll believe Mike Tyson is the spokesman for the KKK if the news tells you so) His fake 'Muslim' name is Adam 'Gadahn' but his real name is Adam Pearlman, you can verify this on the FBI's own website.


Do you have the mental courage to stand up to the ugly truth and save the nation from a possible future attack and the break down of America from these criminals?

Watch the movie for free that millions around the world are quietly spreading to their friends and family here: 911MissingLinks.com

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Do you know that Allah is a pimp and his prophet was a child molestor?

Hugh G Rection's picture

Do you know I give 2 shits about Islam?  I just want the guilty party held responsible.  If someone goes to church, temple, mosque, or paints a pentagram on their kitchen floor while dripping candle wax on their nipples.... makes no difference to me.



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How many terrorist plots related to the world trade centre do you think the secret services of the United States, Britain, France, Isreal, Canada, etc. etc. etc. heard about.

How many were stopped?

Countries warn their citizens about hot spots.  If one country says stay away, so what?

Your school of thought tells me you have a lot to learn about the real world.

Hugh G Rection's picture

"My school of thought"

Is that the independent school?  Is that the empirical, or non conformity school..?  If you want to continue hating moozlims thats up to you.... just ONE small question..


What of the ISRAELI operatives arrested on 9/11????  You don't have to read the Clean Break Doctrine, the PNAC article Rebuilding America's Defenses, or even listen to the words of Wolfowitz/Zakheim regarding a needed New Pearl Harbor...


There is also the FBI reports title "Dancing Israelis", but it may not interest you enough to read 140 pages of reasons why the Feds considered the detained Israelis Mossad...


Please watch 8 minutes of reality, then feel free to go back to your goy delusions.


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Ya see!?!?! Told ya what the results would be of refusing to separate at source....

obviously the sewer has backed up, n here's the result - fecal matter on the thread floor!!!!!!!!///where's that 24\7 plumber's number???

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@ Hugh

How do you expect people to take you seriously with conspiracy theories by not sourcing anything?

minus 1

Hugh G Rection's picture

I guess living in the information age, I figured someone could take 3 minutes to fact check information about the biggest attack on our soil....

Side issue- Vicious antisemitism appearing on, of all places, Sesame Street!


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Hugh said:

"Watch the movie for free that millions around the world are quietly spreading to their friends and family here: 911MissingLinks.com"


Yup...I've had that bookmarked for quite awhile now. ;)


website: http://www.911missinglinks.com/

full version on youtube: 9/11 - Missing Links ( full movie ) - YouTube (2 hours and 7 minutes)


Btw I'd like to add that I'm not one who sees a monster in every Jew. Some of my best sources in my ongoing learning experience have been Jewish sources. My problem is the sub-section of Jews that I call the Rothschild wing of Judaism...the Sabbatean/Frankist Illuminists and their Jewish and Gentile lackeys. These are psyhcopathic sociopaths who hide behind the skirts of Judaism in order to deflect criticism of their actions by deploying well worn epithets such as 'antisemite' against those who would resist their criminality.

Common Jewish(and Gentile) folk have been used as pawns for centuries by those types in furtherance of their schemes.

Canucklehead's picture

...Rothschild wing of Judaism...

Is that the same as the Hitler sect of Islam?

Hugh G Rection's picture

I'm afraid you stumbled into a conversation that's above your canucklehead...

It's alright to be a moutbreathing, canuckle dragging trodlodyte; but why the need to go public with your ignorance?

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Gee, con-fucking-gratulation!

You just described the humanity and every people of this world, genius.

You may as well spare us this "selective individualization" and get engaged in an on-topic discussion.

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Yea, cause they don't have any fukin electricity cause the public workers are on strike constantly amist a civil war.

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They prefer backgammon. No need to plug in a charger

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what about sitting in front of a computer and reading Zero Hedge ?

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Zero hedge is the best item you could come up with. Not PORN!

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Who do you think we are? the SEC?

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Porn?  I only view porn for two minutes a day...

disabledvet's picture

with the rest of the day spent looking for the lowest travel fare!

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It only takes two minutes when you're fifteen.

knukles's picture

Lucky you.  When you get my age you're lucky if your dick'll stay hard for a full minute.

Sokhmate's picture

with morning coffee i presume

Hugh G Rection's picture

<----- Same here!

Except it's 2 minute intervals, 8 times a day...and beastiality porn only.