51 Months After The Start Of The Recession, Here Is The Report Card

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Recovery? What Recovery? 4 years after central banks have progressively injected over $7 trillion in liquidity into the global markets (and thus, by Fed logic, the economy), and who knows how many trillion in fiscal aid has been misallocated, to halt the Second Great Depression which officially started in December 2007, the US "recovery" is the weakest in modern US history! How many more trillions will have to be printed (and monetized) before the central planners realize that fighting mean reversion by using debt to defeat recore debt, just doesnt't work? Our guess - lots.

Incidentally, the US has now generated 3 million jobs since the trough of the recession in September 2010, until which point it had previously lost 8 million. Unfortunately, since the real labor force has grown by 4.6 million over the same period, or at the conventionally accepeted 90,000 labor pool entrants per month for 51 months, despite what the BLS may say, because America is after all growing, this means that the Obama administration has created a negative 1.6 million jobs net of demographics, which in turn have cost the US a modest $5.1 trillion in new debt, or an even modest $3.1 million in debt for every job lost.

Chart 1 - the current "recovery" in the context of all previous ones:


Chart 2 - Min, Max and Average... and now


Chart 3 - in bar chart format


Chart 4 - There is good news: 16 quarters after the start of the recession, US output has turned positive. Just barely.

Source: Minneapolis Fed

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C'mon get it right, they call it "food insecurity".  :  )

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Bullish, makes a case for QEx..............  Buy APPL.....

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So glad I am long squiggly lines.

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Nobody could have seen this coming.

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I'm assuming you are being sarcastic.  In case you weren't, I'm afraid you are mistaken.  Peter Schiff was warning in 2006 about the great collapse coming in 2008.


Well before that, however, in the 1990s CFTC Chair Brooksley Born was warning about the danger that OTC derivatives posed.  For doing her job she was ousted from the SEC and subjected to an unbelievable amount of scorn by Greenspan and the rest of the Clinton era criminal gang.


This crisis was obvious to those who wanted to stop it from happening.  That they were silenced or ignored is the real crime.

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Thanks for posting these.


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Nobody could've seen this sarcasm coming.

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I predicted you'd say that.

Not Too Important's picture

Griffin back in the '80's. Or 'Tragedy And Hope' in the '60's. A warning if there ever was one.

11b40's picture

'None Dare Call It Treason' in the 60's.

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Ross Perot did too.  This is the big sucking sound that so few can hear.

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Somebody saw it coming. Anybody could have seen it coming.

Some don't blame it on me.


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For americans to have a comparative understanding of how stupid and beyond idiotic and horribly inadequate those emplyment numbers are, I am re-posting the following:


From our Department of Truth here in Canada, there were 73,000 jobs created for a population of 34 mil.

From your Deparment of Truth, there were 120,000 jobs for a population of 300 mil and again these are Department of Truth numbers. Do the math.


My point is that 120,000 or even 300,000 is quite, quite, quite horrible. By comparison I wanted to show the stupidity of the number, which is in itself very much inflated.

Using numerical logic, US number should have been 10 times larger thus 700,000 jobs since the population is 10 times larger.

My rule of thumb:

- Canada Data: multiply by 0.7

- US data: multiply by 0.6

- Euro data: multiply by 0.4

- Chinese data: multiply by 0.2


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Yepper! But you Canucks have oil, gas, and diamonds to exploit and the will to actually employ people to do it, eh?

ekm's picture

Thx for the comment.

You do and you don't have a point IMO. My answer to that it: So does Russia.

Having something is one thing, deciding to make use and not waste what you have is another thing. We are slowly wasting our resources with Universal Health Care and increased gov spending. Does it ring a bell?

The Alarmist's picture

Canada was ringing that bell for a couple decades ... It still did not register south of the border.

What truly amazes me is that the US govt feels a need to patrol the northern border with drones and other high tech surveillance. One would think it is Canada that should be on watch.

ekm's picture


Have you heard of Resource Curse?

It's in full force in Russia etc. It's getting very strong in Canada. People have started thinking that crude oil and minerals will keep the standard of living quite high forever. Russia at al shows it's untrue.

The Alarmist's picture

Could be worse ... Could have few or no resources.

I'm of the school that says "use them up." We won't be serious about moving on to better things while we still have plenty of cheap, easy-to-get-to resources lying around.

We will remain stuck on this rock until an asteroid wipes us all out, and then what will a few more green zones and solar panels mean to us?

Ad Astra!

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Oh, you're from THAT school!

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I don't trust anyone that puts gravy on their french fries. Been worried about it for a long time. Bastards.

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I'm from Europe, dual citizen. Go to the gym 4-5 days a week.

As far as I remember it was ZH that posted few days ago that by 2022 the average american would weigh 650 lbs.

Not Too Important's picture

Careful with the gym. One of the fastest ways to catch MRSA. Make sure the gym keeps everything sterilized constantly.

My last gym didn't.

Americans will weigh less when there's less food available, or less domestic money to buy it with. Starving's a bitch.

ekm's picture

Thx a lot for the MRSA warning. I just looked it up. I'll take preventive measures.

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The guest-turd contributor on here yesterday was yapping about how we're in "recovery".  Truth is, as far as "job creation" goes here in the U.S., we're not even keeping pace with the increase in working-age population, much less "gaining" anything.  I agree when we see 700,000+ (if ever) then we might be getting somewhere.  And where those jobs will come from is anybody's guess.

ekm's picture

Debt destruction = Debt forgiveness = Shut down 3 out of 5 big banks and break up the other 2. Hence people will have real collateral on their houses and start taking risk about creating businesses, hence jobs.

It's called Death  & Resurrection. It happens all the time.  Though my Easter is next weekend, the fact that this weekend is Easter is quite symbolic as far as your question is concerned.

Death and Resurrection.............Alllllll the tiiiiiiiiiime. The only way. No other way exists.

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About Chart #4...


"Output" here basically refers to GDP, right?   Doesn't GDP include, with simple addition, all government spending, meaning that all the debt-based spending is a completely artificial bump to GDP?

What would be very interesting is a graph comparing the recoveries absent debt-based government spending.  I imagine the resulting image would be pretty shocking.

UP Forester's picture

I'd just like to see "GDP" without substitution, hedonics, and with true inflation values.

Chart 4 would be about as different as the BLS employment charts w/o the super-double-dipped-fudge factor....

monopoly's picture

UP, no you dont. I doubt if your heart could take it. :)

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This is imprecise due to quarterly versus annual data, but here is the annual federal deficit as a percentage of GDP for 2007 through 2011:


2007 1.15%

2008 3.19%

2009 10.13%

2010 8.90%

2011 8.69%


Compare that to 16ish quarters of spending after the previous peak in 2001

2001 -1.25%

2002 1.48%

2003 3.39%

2004 3.48%

2005 2.52%

The other recessions all back to 1973 seem to have similar patterns of deficit spending in the 2-3% of GDP range.   What is interesting is how different that spending pattern is in the days before Nixon ended the gold link.

The listed productions peaks before that (48, 53, 57, 60,69) all had spending patterns with almost no net new federal debt used to juice GDP.  For example (and all these years look similar):

1957 -1.15%

1958 0.01%

1959 1.59%

1960 -0.48%

1961 0.65%


Government spending #'s from here:



CrashisOptimistic's picture

Life was easier at $1.50 gasoline.

It will never be easy again.

1929agin's picture

I believe Kyle Bass has stated that the G*8 Countries have added 15 "Fifteen" Trillion dollars of DEBT, in the last 3 years, to this Ponzi Scheme. What's a few more Trillion $$$.

Scary part,  is that so many label this as PONZI SCHEME and these are very smart people!

Media is in total ignore on the biggest "too big to fail".........


LowProfile's picture


Media is totally in the bag for the biggest "too big to fail".........

Fixed it.

FlyoverCountrySchmuck's picture

"Media is totally in the bag for the biggest "too big to fail"........."

What was the dollar value of the ads you bought on NBC Networks last year?

What was the dollar value of the ads Goldman-Sach's purchased on NBC NEtworks last year?

What is the dollar value of the ads the Obama Campaign and it's associated cronies, groups are expected to purchase this year?


As Always, follow the money.

donsluck's picture

The media doesn't matter in this case because we no longer live in a democracy. The legislature is not responsive, the executive is granting itself ever more powers and the judicial has become heavely pro-corporate and politicized. You only have limited power over your personal life, use it (I am sure you already do).

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I don't think you can compare this with previous "recessions" it has completely different quality. It is more akin to the 1873-1896 Depression in Europe after the US came on-stream flooding Europe with cheaper grain and leading to tariff-barriers going up to protect agriculture and then the US McKinley Tariff wreaking havoc in British textile exports. I think countries like China having tariff-free access to US and EU Markets without the burden of legal and welfare costs borne by Western producers, nor the environmental costs - has as Sir James Goldsmith wrote in "The Trap" destroyed the paradigm of high welfare provision and cheap goods.



There is no way the Western Welfare Model can compete with Capitalist Serfdom in China and the pandering to Consumers has destroyed the ability of Western Workers to be Consumers without becoming Debtors. That game has a limited span.

I think we are not really in a Depression but have experienced a Step Change and the political class cannot accept it. When I visit supermarkets I know I am no longer able to pay the prices. I know exactly how Russians used to feel looking at Beriozka Shops or East Germans looking at InterShops where their rubbishy local currency bought nothing and only access to hard currency gave access.

I know life has changed permanently - maybe it is transient for me as I re-focus my efforts, but for most people lacking flexibility this is a New Paradigm and the Central Banks are wasting their time...and OURS - in a major game of throwing dust in our eyes pretending to be the Magicians, but they are cheap tricksters who have been rumbled.




LowProfile's picture

Actually, the closest analogy isn't economic, it's HISTORIC...


Not Too Important's picture

The collapse of every empire. They never get it right. They know how, but eventually they all choose not to.

UP Forester's picture

Thing is, after the Soviet collapse, they used DMs, USDs, Francs and such as money.

I don't think we'll be as lucky.  What are most folks going to use, Loonies? Pesos?  Yen?  Kidneys?

mholzman's picture

Excellent info Sandmann. I think comparison is helpful, yours very well researched. Yet comparison is nevertheless a modeling mechanism. I personally believe that the definitions used in economics are antiquated. Why is a house an asset? Even if paid for, it still belongs to the government because there are significant property taxes and restrictions.

An IBM mainframe in the 1960's was also an asset. Today and at an exponential decrease in cost, there is more computing power in a calculator. There are multiple new industries. There is a whole new way of living. That is wealth........ Until the power goes out.

Westcoastliberal's picture

I hear you Sandman but instead of the political class not accepting it, I venture to say the political class invented it.  That's why they continue to profess the necessity of "austerity" without any consideration of a different approach.  "Austerity" is only neccessary if the bondholders take no losses; it's only one of many alternatives we have to get out of this mess both domestically and globally.  It doesn't have to be this way.  Let the 1/10th of 1% take it in the ass, personally I could really give a shit and I doubt most of us "regular folks" do either.  It's the "political class" that is forcing this turd sandwich down our throats, IMHO.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

You're right at the start.  You cannot compare this to previous events.

You're wrong about the rest.

There was infinite oil in the past.  Never again.

TheGardener's picture

INTERSHOP , the stock, was a good scam well after NASDAQ
imploded. Rubbishy local currency buys nothing these days,
but with no hard currency left, soft currencies or the proxies thereof will buy a decent supply of booze and pussy.

WmMcK's picture

When will we again be ready for 50% import tariffs and the next "Napoleon of Protection"? Await my return -- hard money will triumph.

tony bonn's picture

short sweet and to the point...yes there is no recovery and will be none....the bush crime syndicate and rockefeller axis of evil went all out to produce a permanent reduction in the usa's standard of living and economy to favor the red chinese...

it is the height of evil and arrogance to pronounce economic recovery with no material recovery in employment....

the economic crisis provided cover for a mass rape of the treasury and tax payer....trillions for banksters but not one red cent for americans...

rosiescenario's picture

I am not really into conspiracies since they require smart people to engineer them, a quality noticeably lacking in our current 'leaders', but it is ironic that the Brown & Root Div. of Haliburton was one of the biggest Vietnam War profiteers while a Texan was in the WH and then with Bush and Chaney they get the first no-bid name your price contract to come out of Iraq and finally they are getting to build some sort of new concentration camp for Home Security, as announced a few days ago.

Not Too Important's picture

800+ camps already built, by state:


Started back before Y2K, and never stopped building. ZeroHedge is the Red Pill.


Not Too Important's picture

It doesn't favor the Red Chinese. It favors them. That's the whole plan. They'd kill all the Chinese, and everyone else, if they could, as long as they profited from it. This is what the Red Chinese are running away from. Along with everyone else. The US/EU axis is a contagious cancer on all their economies.

And they're not really Red. Kind of a nice brown when the sun comes out. Now, British at the beach are red.