54-Year-Old Italian Dies After Self-Immolating In Front Of Parliament

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First Tunisia, then Greece, now Italy (the same Italy where the economy is "picking up" where yields are "stable", and where much "progress" is being made). From Reuters: "A 54-year-old man died on Sunday after setting himself on fire outside the Italian parliament last week to highlight his struggle with unemployment, police said. Angelo di Carlo suffered 85 percent burns after the incident in front of the lower house of parliament - the Chamber of Deputies - in central Rome during the early hours of August 11, Italian media reported. Police on duty nearby put out the flames with fire extinguishers and took him to hospital. The widower was facing economic difficulties after losing his job and had struggled for years before that with temporary work contracts that offered little protection or benefits, according to media reports...Di Carlo's death is the latest in a wave of highly publicized suicides linked to financial woes in recent months which have highlighted the human cost of the country's economic crisis."

It won't be the last. But for as long as the myth that the welfare state is "sustainable" exists, do not expect the Arab Spring domino effect that took the MENA region by storm following the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi in late 2010 to be replicated in Europe any time soon. After all, "developed world" people are still convinced they have far too much to lose if they even consider a revolution: thank you Bismarck.

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Look at the way they frame the Reuters article. This will be used as an example of the "failed austerity".

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This Reuters article is the "humanitarian" angle to: Buy the Fuckin Bonds.

Nevermind reality.

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Too bad the banksters do not self immolate.

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Yeah, poor misguided bastard burning himself.  If he thought he had nothing to lose, he should have burned the parliament building or a bank.  When that happens regularly something will be done.

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How long until Central Planners outlaw suicide?

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Tried that already, didn't work too well, now they're pushing the whole "be a contented strung-out zombie 24/7 with prescription psychotropics" to keep the sheep peaceful and alive (enough to show up for work in the morning - the real reason they're pushed so hard).

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While banksters and politicians play the fiddle, instead of rome burning, romans are burning.


IMO, he should have burned the Vatican, ECB, and then the parliament.


looks like europe is switching places with Asia. Europe is becoming 3rd world, Asia is becoming developed.

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Chinese are catching up to Los Angeles.

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they are copying everything.....pretty soon they will find out they copied too much shit.

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Makes sense.

Italians have always been known as hot heads with firery tempers

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He left an envelope to his son containing all he had: 160 euro.

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This is happening around the world.


Tunisia.....fruit vendor student sets himself on fire after government banned his fruit cart to earn money.



Israel....yes even jews are rising up....son of Holocaust survivors set himself ablaze on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard.

"Israeli government's welfare policy which was, in his words, constantly humiliating the citizens of Israel who have to endure humiliation on a day-to-day basis."

IDF veteran also set himself on fire


"We gave our lives to the state, and in the end they throw you out. When you're called to reserve duty, you leave everything and go to serve the state with love, and in the end when something happens to you, you're left on your own,"


tibet....Buddhist mother’s self-immolation death against China;

Teenage monk self-immolates in China




Vietnam....Female Police officer arrested after posting anti-government rants on blog. Her mother self-immolated in protest.



Norway...after man murdering 17 kids successfully using "criminally insane" defense


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Lesson to be learned: Don't burn yourself, the bankers, politicians, media celebrities, and billionaires love that. It makes them cocksure in their dominance over you. The best thing you can do is to burn them. And how? Here's a simple way. Stop buying stuff. I mean, STOP BUYING STUFF. When stuff doesn't get bought, taxes don't get collected. When taxes don't get collected because you don't buy stuff, they have no way to arrest you (yet). Their little empire comes to a grinding halt. Barter instead. Avoid anything not critically necessary for purchases. Grow as much of your own food as you can. Cancel your cable TV, newspapers and magazine subscriptions. Don't go to the movies. Find alternative forms of entertainment. Deprive them of their income and taxes. DON'T PLAY THEIR GAME.

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+1 on not watching TV or any other media that are in reality only the means to deliver ever-subliminal ads and jack up unnecessary wants and consumption, but I'm not sure how effective bartering and growing your own food will be. I posit that simply getting rid of TV will substantially decrease the insecurities and consumption drives in people and that reduction alone will be sufficient in bringing down the controlling oligarchy. Common people(modern day peasants) will also feel the pain, despite having almost nothing to lose compared to the oligarchs, and bartering and growing your own food will be the consequences, not the cause, of such system collapse.


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If he burned down the parliament, he would then go to jail.  In jail, he would get to spend time with the 'diverse underachievers'. 


After careful consideration, he figured he was better off dead.

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why are the rating agencies waiting so long to downgrade France?

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No ?

I prefer to look at real resourse use.....

It tells a very different story.

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Better to keep money as a buffer, it helps maintaining the illusion...

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Just like the US Congress:  When they talk of "spending cuts," what they really mean is cuts in the RATE of spending!  Man those $30Billion in cuts from the last time are really gonna go far...NOT!

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... and in the near future, it doesn't look like it's getting better.

1000 months of recessions and unemployment

if history repeats, we may be in wave 2 of possible 3 waves

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what's with all this "wave" obsession? only 1000 months-The Bernank says that ain't too bad :)

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Martin built upon Kondratieff's long wave.. hard to know whose waves are repeatable when things like jumping off gold standard, new technologies and tarp etc. have come into play.

Anything that creates unsound money and unsound investments can throw off the waves.

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Anything that creates unsound money and unsound investments can throw off the waves.

Not necessarily; esp if both aspects (unsound money/investing and wave patterns) are driven by another common but omitted variable.

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We need to move to the crux of the problem.  The problem lies not if there is austerity for this guy and black people in America are selfishly using others tax money to lazily eat nachos and sleep on their couches, and the problem lies not for 0% rates to pay down college loans and for work programs.  In fact, it lies no where inside this Hegelian dialectic.

The problem is that the currency that is used around the world is not sound, and is inflating away like sands pass through an hourglass.  Our monetary system is derived on lies that dollars and euros can hold water, yet there is no substance behind them that can hold weight.  The banks and the politicians have taken tax revenue from the middle class and given the benefits to the corporations.

The corporations pay no taxes and they are beholdent to no one, yet they aquired equal rights over a century ago.  The ever still popular Bill Clinton, whose wife remains a power player on the global scene, gave the corporations supreme power by slamming NAFTA and through and breaking the Glass-Steagal Act.  Now the corporations have pushed the middle classes faces into the dirt in hopes to suffacate them.

So it is true, when we discuss austerity vs more growth measures we are bound inside a dialectic of falsities.  We would need to slash all government to get rid of the debt, and then what?  We would be at the behest of the corporations.  Or we would print ourselves into hyperinflation.  What we need to do is disband the corporations and their private central banks, and tender sound money backed by gold and silver.  Only then will we solve our problems.

Buy Silver

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"What we need to do is disband the corporations and their private central banks, and tender sound money backed by gold and silver."

Knowing what we know of the kleptocracy, there's only one way to reach that goal. We have the wherewithal. What we lack is the inclination. Too much bread. Too many circuses.

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"....too many excuses."

I'm doing my best. I'm already operating largely outside the system.

But, tell you what, you take up your weapon and I'll take up mine.

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You write with a devisive tone.

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But, tell you what, you take up your weapon and I'll take up mine.

That is a devisive act.  You write devisively.

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Inadequate rebuttal

ZH would benefit from a pragma dialiectics commenting system - thus limiting annoyance with low information participants...

As is, the comment system here is only of interest to the Fed's sociologists/argumentation theory analysts


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The bread and circuses are so much better now arent' they


Lucifer, is it he who bears the Light and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual and feckless souls? Doubt it not! 

Regulatory reforms starting with but not limited to ending private monopolies in banking and money, incorporation and limited liability, trade agreements.....

But why make a curates egg?

Step out of their game and get everyone down to your local Agora. Start over, wiser, on new, evolving and better principled terms

Good luck

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Right you are.........The Monetary system is the disease............


End the petro dollar!!

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The perptrodollar will end.

Beware what comes next.

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exactly.  the system is just a construct... designed by the groups of people who believe that they are entitled to control and rule over the rest of us...  until these so called people are removed from the equation, whatever system is put into place will be corrupted and used against the common man.  the root of problem is not the  system, it is the mindset of a small percentage of the population that believes it is superior to the rest of us, and which has no problem killing and cheating millions to stay in power.  

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The system is designed by you and me and everyone else who makes up this world.  The banks and corporations and politicians have no power.  We are continuing the system by only their suggestion.

Imagine if even 5 milliion Americans and 5 million Europeans and 5 million Japanese and 5 million Sothern Americans and 5 million CHinese (who actually protest much more frequently than any other Nation-State) protested the fascist governments, and instead of doing it for a day like was done to protest the Iraqi war we protested day after day!  OWS did us one disservice - now it appears protesting will not accomplish anything.  But there was not a straight point to OWS.  It began with no uniform concept and finished the same.

We need to get back to sound money.  Then once we have our right of sound money we will have the power to throw down the corporate governments.  This is very simple, and it is our responsibility to make it so.

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i agree with you actually.  the time for a world wide uprising seems to be drawing closer...  i expect there will be a large war soon as many countries have already decided to stand and fight against the current corrupt power mongers.  its do or die time for humanity, and all of need to shake loose of fear of loss that may current hold us.  Fear of losing your home, your retirement, your job, even your life...  this is not just some tough phase that will pass, this is the endgame, stand now, or humanity will forever be on its knees.

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I am glad we agree.

War will solve nothing, especially when the solution is simple:

The people of the world need to trade in any paper investment for sound money, which is silver and gold, otherwise the corporations will continue to fleece investors in the short term by scalping them (ie facebook) or in the long run due to the ever present inflation in fiat.

By no means is precious metal the only viable investment.  Land can be useful if it can be worked, machinery, livestock, etc is all great ways to prepare for the future.

And the best is investment in self.  A poet will need no wealth savings when the poet can command a meal with a deep thought.  When someone can provide a valuable service they can sleep easily.

Money does not bring happiness, but if someone wants an investment, it is absolutely neccessary to move a paper one to precious metal, for the paper has counter party risk, whereas the precious metal does not.

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they will use law to control anything productive and steal it from small private owners....   regulations on land use, Agenda 21, outlawing barter, PM's, whatever it takes....  sooner or later, it will come to a fight.  and yes, there will be blood.

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Your fear will not compel you to act.  It will be the lack of fear that will win the battle.

And who is this they?  You think David Rockefeller will pick up a gun and threaten you?  How many cops and military will they use?  WE HAVE THEM OUTNUMBERED!

Agenda 21 is a threat.  regulations are threats.  Outlawing sound money is a threat.  Stand up to them and they will ran away scared!

Take back the money supply and they will have no power!

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"A poet will need no wealth savings when the poet can command a meal with a deep thought."

what an utter load of naive horseshit

Back to the watchtower, hipster

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Hollywood makes more money than you can dream of, and you think to discredit my point?  People have paid for entertainment for thousands of years; how much did you spend last week to be entertained? 

You are an ignoramous.

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Which is why the mafiaa have a war on piracy, can't have people grabbing a bunch of 1s and 0s without slaving for the fiat currency.

While I'm posting this I'll mention that All Along The Watchtower is one of Bob Dylans tracks.

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"The banks and corporations and politicians have no power. We are continuing the system by only their suggestion."

"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." - Mao Tse-tung

Hendrix, do you really believe you can wrest control from the kleptocracy buy purchasing it from them? 

We can't buy our way out of this mess.