$6 Trillion In US Bonds Seized In Zurich, Said To Pose "Severe Threats To International Financial Stability"

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Back in the summer of 2009, a peculiar story circulated when two Japanese individuals were arrested trying to smuggle $134 billion in US bonds into Switzerland from Italy. The story quickly died down after it was subsequently reported that the bonds were merely fake bearer bonds. Nobody heard much about it since then. Until today, when out of the blue we get a new story which blows that one out of the water. According to Bloomberg, "Italian anti-mafia prosecutors said they seized a record $6 trillion of allegedly fake U.S. Treasury bonds, an amount that’s almost half of the U.S.’s public debt." From here the story just gets weirder: "The bonds were found hidden in makeshift compartments of three safety deposit boxes in Zurich, the prosecutors from the southern city of Potenza said in an e-mailed statement. The Italian authorities arrested eight people in connection with the probe, dubbed “Operation Vulcanica,” the prosecutors said. The U.S. embassy in Rome has examined the securities dated 1934, which had a nominal value of $1 billion apiece, they said in the statement. Officials for the embassy didn’t have an immediate comment." ...And weirder: "The individuals involved were planning to buy plutonium from Nigerian sources, according to phone conversations monitored by the police." ...And really, really weird: "The fraud posed “severe threats” to international financial stability, the prosecutors said in the statement." Ok great, however one thing we don't get is just how can $6 trillion in glaringly fake bombs be a "threat to international financial stability."

More from Bloomberg:

The financial fraud uncovered by the Italian prosecutors in Potenza includes two checks issued through HSBC Holdings Plc in London for 205,000 pounds ($325,000), checks that weren’t backed by available funds, the prosecutors said. As part of the probe, fake bonds for $2 billion were also seized in Rome.


HSBC spokesman Patrick Humphris in London declined to comment when contacted by telephone.


Phony U.S. securities have been seized in Italy before and there were at least three cases in 2009. Italian police seized phony U.S. Treasury bonds with a face value of $116 billion in August of 2009 and $134 billion of similar securities in June of that year.


The U.S. Secret Service averages about 100 cases a year related to bonds and other fictitious instruments.

As a reminder, total US debt in circulation is just over $10 trillion. So if the allegedly "fake" bonds were sufficiently threatening to put international financial stability at risk, just what is going on here?

Some more from the BBC:

US officials confirmed that the bonds were counterfeit.


Fake US securities have been seized in Italy before and there were at least three cases in 2009.


But this case is on a different scale to previous investigations as the fake bonds have a value equivalent to almost half of the entire US debt pile.


"Everything began with an investigation into mafia clans in the Vulture-Melfese area in the southern Basilicata region," said Giovanni Colangelo, the head of the prosecutor's office in Potenza.

Here is what the bonds look like:

And here is where they were kept:

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Sniff, sniff, sniff. What is THAT smell?

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You smell a secret service of some country trying to set up a reason to bomb Iran.

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I don't know Dog, what's up with you?


Yeah - looked it up...


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Can't you smell that smell?

Oouuu....that smell!

The smell of death surrounds you!

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I'll go in a different direction...

"Gimme 3 steps" (towards the door)



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Bernake's in the Italian mob?!?!

Peterpaul's picture

The Mob wishes it had some of his protection.

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Analyze This 3: Securitize THIS!

FeralSerf's picture

And all this time I thought he was a member of the Kosher Nostra.

Theta_Burn's picture

And really, really REALLY weird is they foiled this plot.....

achmachat's picture

all of a sudden I got a flashback from that White Dragon Society and 1930s Chinese gold story....

my puppy for prez's picture

Yes, this is all very "Fulfordesque"!

Disenchanted's picture



How about this story...


Gold warriors: America's secret recovery of Yamashita's gold

 By Sterling Seagrave, Peggy Seagrave


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Read it. Compelling arguments, meticulously documented. Shocking in its implications.

Disenchanted's picture



Then there was was the 9/11 Collateral Damage/Black Eagle Trust story:



Black Eagle Trust/Fund: From Nugan Hand to Riggs Bank and beyond...


Jul 12, 2011

Black Eagle Fund, the Shadow CIA and the relationship to Sept. 11th



But that's all just tinfoil bullshit, those fine paragons of US corporations, finance, government, and politics mentioned within those links are the 'good guys' ...right?



matrix2012's picture

Did you mean BENJAMIN FULFORD? However bizarre his stories may sound to be, yet sites like Rense.com and veteranstoday.com run his stories once in a while. This guy said that the Fukushima disaster was indeed created by the cabals to blackmail Japan, that an Isreal company handles the security of all the nuke plant in Japan and they're complicit in blowing up the NPP there, and so on. And in addition to the satanist dark forces, there are White Hat and Red Dragon forces as well to counter it... quite interesting :)

GolfHatesMe's picture

Nigerian sources?  Is this where all of the fraud email money has gone?

hoos bin pharteen's picture

Somebody got caught in a sting - big time.  Plutonium isn't "mined."  There isn't enough naturally-occuring fissile plutonium to matter.  It is created in reactors from U-238, as a fission by-product. 

The "Nigerian sources" were most likely FBI guys or their Euro equivalents trying to tack on some heavy conspiracy charges.

FranSix's picture

Or yet another weapons of mass destruction scare.  Funny, but you don't hear about thermobaric materials much, though its used widely in false flag operations.


Plinko's picture

That DeLorean is not gonna run on gas, brah.

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What?! You accepted a fake $6 Trillion bond for my Yellow Cake?!
Hello? Hello? Anybody home? Huh? Think, McFly. Think!

battle axe's picture

That is it, we are now going to bomb the Mafia in Sicily. /Sarc

sunnydays's picture

Wonder if they are really fake. 

mayhem_korner's picture



Maybe the real ones are fake, too.  Either way, they'll all be worthless soon enough.

Its the Vatican Stupid's picture

From what I heard, they were issued to China for their gold that was sent to the US for safekeeping from Japan during WWII. Now they are coming home to roost.

my puppy for prez's picture

Yes...you obviously know Benjamin Fulford's stuff.  I can't trust the "White Dragon" either.

I am starting to put together some obscure dots that are freaking me out.  Here they are:

  1. Listening to an internet radio show yesterday, a young man in college, who knows what's going on, said that his dad, who works for GS, has told him to GET OUT of the US.  (What does he know that we don't?)
  2. Jim Rogers, who we all know worked with Soros, is now living in Singapore.  He has warned in oblique terms of the danger America faces.
  3. The truly rich and elite are LEAVING.
  4. An American truck driver said that he was delivering deep into Mexico, and he SWEARS that he saw a newly set up base complete with buildings and fences which are housing tens of thousands of CHINESE troops.  He was able to show this curious settlement on Google maps.
  5. Texe Marrs has recently uncovered info (which I have not read yet) that the NWO elites are planning for America to be attacked and invaded and taken over by China.
  6. Both ends of the Suez (or is it Panama) Canal are controlled by China.
  7. A South American country has allowed the Chinese to establish a military base off of its coast.

You can think I am crazy and give down arrows for noticing and tying together these things, but remember, I have women's intuition on my side....

aerojet's picture

Get some medication. 

The Chinese could not successfully invade the US.   Not even if the US military stepped aside and did nothing at all.  But hell yeah, I certainly encourage them to give it a shot. 

collon88's picture

aerojet...I think the real intent behind an "invasion" is not that it be successful as a military operation but that it creates an excuse for TPTB to declare martial law and invoke all the executive orders that end, once and for all, what few illusory freedoms we still have.    

dick cheneys ghost's picture

as reported yesterday, the bush family and henry kissinger were deeply involved in XI's visit to washington...........one wonders why....was not prescott bush involved with bankers during the 30's and 40's???????????


connecting the dots is helpful at this point

Silver Dreamer's picture

It depends.  Did 200 million Americans just die in a surprise nuclear attack?  Russia gets Europe, and China gets America.  The theory is out there and plausible.

VisualCSharp's picture

This is just too funny to even attempt to refute! LOL


Does that mean you have a vagina?

DaveyJones's picture

no... just a coupon for the operation

battle axe's picture

You know, that made me laugh, thanks....

Randall Cabot's picture

It's the Panama Canal, it's true that the Chinese run it thanks to Jimmy Carter.

The rest of your post isn't that far out, there are all kinds of foreign military here in the US, I don't doubt for a second that there Chinese military in Mexico and other nearby countries ready to "help" in an emergency-remember Katrina? They brought in Mexican and Dutch troops to "help" in the Gulf.

Director Cameron has recently moved to New Zealand, Marc Faber has warned jews to leave the US-he sees a backlash against them when things fall apart, and many elites have been buying up real estate in rural parts of Argentina, even building their own airport!!!

Cathartes Aura's picture

the "elites" continuing to move to the southern hemisphere is an interesting "tell" indeed. . . has the Bush family vacated for Paraguay yet?  I'd watch that one, since they don't do much "international" travel - when they pack their bags, phew. . .

matrix2012's picture



Globalists' Australian Nexus - A globalist rat's nest amidst the rise of Asia

http://bit.ly/yzObMD read the 'Verbewarp' comment too

the rats are leaving Uncle Sam and building new nests around the globe... a pandemic!


RSloane's picture

....oh well, if your cousin called Marcy heard from her sister Beatrice who learned it from the bar tender Oliver who swears his cousin Tyrone said that an American truck driver saw thousands of Chinese yucking it up deep inside Mexico then yeah, pack up and move.

OR.. you could say that truck driver scored some excellent Mexican shit.

Cathartes Aura's picture


the "china" invading stories have been around for at least a year, more really - including talk of them setting up manufacturing enclaves within certain states


just a random search link to illustrate. . . there have also been amrkn servicemen reporting some of what you wrote about on youtube.

it's been said before, the greatest prep we can do, all of us, is in our minds - knowing the difference between what you believe, and what is ultimately true, is very important now.

and, yeah, intuition isn't a gendered trait, but a human one.

take it easy, *nods*

SoNH80's picture

$6 trillion in 1934 dollars would equal about $250 trillion in today's dollars.  Gold Price in 1934 = $35.  Doesn't add up, unless China shipped more than 5,000,000 tons of gold to the U.S.

warren.buffett's picture

That means $6 Trillion dollar of US debt just vanished and created a hole -- which is deflationary, which means US can now easily borrow an additional $6 Trillion with no impact on Interest Rates. 

magpie's picture

It does say something about the inflation rate in scammer circles, c'mon from 134 Billion to Six Trillion.

Gordon Freeman's picture

Tyler, why do you post such UNADULTERATED BULLSHIT?????