72 Seconds Of Sanity On Europe

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Instead of waffling on for an hour about all the wonderful things that Europe will become as a stronger world power if only everyone can just get along, give up sovereignty, and bow to Barroso, Daniel Hannan sums up perfectly what 'should' happen in order for some closure and resurrection to occur in the dis-union.


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Shit is hitting the fan in Cairo



Just shot some kid and dragged him off camera.

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Locals are bringing in construction gear and intending to level that building and everything inside.


People are Fire and Pitch fork pissed.

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So...ummm, what exactly are they pissed about now?

They got their "Arab Spring"...their "Brotherhood of Democracy"...a quick feel of Lara Logan...a billion dollar Benny Buck bribe...wut up?

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I didn't know Q-daffi had so many followers in Cairo.

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lol...its like some sorta anniversary of an event...or sumpin ;-)

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Well, seems like someone just figured out what's wrong in the eurozone.

It's not the lazy iTalians. It's not the lazy Greeks. It's not the drunken iRish. 

It's the lazy assed Germans.


Germany’s “King of Screws” has outraged trade unions by writing a letter to his own sales representatives, blaming them for the company's poor growth rate and telling them to get up earlier.

Reinhold Würth, head of the Würth Group tech company which began as a screw manufacturer and specialises in all fixing technology sent a seven-page to his workers this week.

"Are you at your first customer at 7:30?" Würth asked his sales reps, pointing out that the in-house employees at headquarters were at work from 7:30am to 5:15pm every day.

"The early bird catches the worm," Würth preached to his workers in the letter, quoted in the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper.

Get up earlier, you lazy krauts!!  Work shall set you free!!  You are screw-ed!

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Well, at least some things never change, across cultures, nations...the "very valued" compensation committies (who always look after the stock holders interests...lol) issue stock as compensation to board members who can always be found whipping, cajoling, bribing...the last few drops of sweat out of the common man.

So they can cash out after vesting ;-)

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I will debate anyone and challenge & defy anyone to prove me (and many others) wrong when I (we) state that the PRIMARY reason there is a now-frantic attempt to bail out the PIIGS (which is detrimental to their interests, by the way, from an economic AND societal standpoint, AS WELL as the nations who are doing the 'bailing out') is to ensure that global banks and financial institutions (hello, Goldman, JPM, Barclays, UBS, et al.) having adverse exposure to PIIGS sovereign defaults (with massively leveraged positions in those bonds and everything + the kitchen sink that flows from those bonds) either never have to take any haircuts (from their risky bets that used to carry adverse consequences when actual market forces prevailed), or have their losses minimized to a massive degree, all courtesy of socialization of losses spread across the peons (aka actual net-taxpaying citizens) of the EU (and likely the U.S.; hello IMF).

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not to mention the minute to minute existence such as; maids, finest food, luxury cars, granite marble and fine art,

2 or more homes, toys of all variety, tools for night life, ect. ect. plus the fucking POWER over other humans!!!!

now, I ask you back; would you give that up to correct the econ for the very mistakes you fucking made in the first place?

ps.  I had a taste of this life style and don't want it! fake motherfucking loosers...

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so humans with their "intelligence" use power(money) to control other humans.

this control (money) is not something they are going to give up willingfull for a

"better place" for you and I. they don't care - george carlin.

that is the world as it was and is.

accept it(hardest part)

change it - hahahaha

find your place(simple, self existence-minimalist) and turn off the mind chatter that pisses you off...

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You're right "TruthySun". It's STILL all about saving the banks...


Europe is ruled by a one-dimensional tunnel vision that maintains Armageddon will come if and when Greece leaves the eurozone. That is not true for the people of Greece or the rest of the eurozone. It may be true for banks and their shareholders, though. That is what all decisions are based on: preventing bank losses and, down the line, one or several credit events, that would unleash the wrath of the derivatives market.

That is still the essence of the entire crisis: the people in the street being forced to pay for the long lost wagers of those in penthouses and ivory banking towers.

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And with this event that happened today in America, lots of people should show up with all their guns at the MO police barracks and demand justice for this, or else;

Central Missouri Copblocker Jeffrey Weinhaus Shot by MO St. Patrol Employee(s), Airlifted



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I live in Missouri, no pitchforks will come out if you listen to the local news. Allow me to paraphrase. ""An anti government right wing nut job was shot by an upstanding officer of the law defending himself from attack. We wasted resources airlifting this dangerous criminal to the hospital, but hopefully he will die soon."" So I'm stretching a bit, but could tell there was much more to the story just from the way it was presented on all the local stations. Then again, if the cops have a warrant on you, showing up armed is foolish.

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If we had just one guy like Hannan in the House and one in the Senate, there might have been some hope.


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usually your posts suck but this was not bad. "Arbeit macht frei!"

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Shut your fucking gob you tard.

As if sales-representatives of a fucking tool producer were any indication of average working hours.



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Introductory line from a sales rep of a screw manufacturer: "Buy from us and we guarantee you a really great screw." I doubt that works as well in German.

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Well, there was the same old "My god is omnipotent but, oddly enough for someone omnipotent, he can't stand you making the slightest oblique criticism of him and requires that we, the most pathetically stupid of his followers, avenge it" kerfuffle.

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Some might say it was 72 seconds they will never get back.
Me, I ask can I have 72 more.

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Now if only AMERICANS would get that way..... Oh wait football season nevermind, I have to watch it

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Thanks for the updates on geopolitical news. I'm feeling a bit tired today to help out much.

Let's not forget what set off the Muslim countries revolutions.

Reason #1; Police and government tyranny.

Reason #2 US Federal Reserve Corporation exporting food inflation with their monetary policy all over the planet.


Suicide that Sparked a Revolution



We are all Khaled Said Murder at 2:22


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Yup...and now it's torches and pitch fork time.


The huge crowd has that building pinned...man they are pissed.  Scooters keep dropping off more guys.  Trucks backing up letting out more guys.  Jeeps dumping more guys.

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Here's the original Egypt spark;

Justice for Khaled Said, End torture in Egypt


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things that make u go hmmm.....

the so called director of the movie in question is named "Sam Becile".

then there's "Green Eggs & Ham"


replace "Sam" with "I Am" and what do you get?



the psyops has reached truly imbecilic proportions...

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Anons are reporting lots more people showing up, crowd is pushing somewhere between 10k and 100k...lot of people.  Streams keep getting nuked.


Something is happening in Saudi as well and in Turkey.  Not clear on where or what...just noises bams, bangs and booms...screams.  It is not isolated.


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ww3 started by Dr. Suess.

Albert Pike must be proud right now.

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try this : globalrevolution.tv

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The Man must have taken the video down as the link didn't work. 

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Sending Marines in appearently...people blocking them off.

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Just send Chuck Norris.

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Night guys...I'll see what this mess looks like in the morning.

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and yet the eurosheeple are glued to their facebook accounts playing euroville...

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Does it come with bloody pitchfork rebellions and bankers in nooses? (shut up i like contradiciotns) btw you might find this helpful toward acheiving sanity. www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUhYDHE0BPc

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WOW - This video link to TacoJohnson is really bad.  This Taco fellow is one sick puppy and needs professional help...and QUICK!


...doing GOD's work...GS-DickinDaMuppets

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it always seems like that to the insane. 


ever wonder who the devil is?


he's in you.  at all times.  Say hi to your ego for me.

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Greece to Lease 40 Uninhabited Islands to Reduce Debt

Greece’s Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund has identified 40 uninhabited islands and islets that could be leased for as long as 50 years to reduce debt as pressure grows on the country to revive an asset-sales plan key to receiving international aid.

“We identified locations that have good terrain, are close to the mainland and have a well-developed infrastructure and, at the same time, pose no threat to national security,” Andreas Taprantzis, the fund’s executive director for real estate, said in a Sept 6. interview in Athens. “Current legislation doesn’t allow us to sell them outright and we don’t want to.”

The fund is charged with raising 50 billion euros ($64 billion) from state assets by 2020 to meet conditions tied to pledges of 240 billion euros in foreign aid. As international inspectors in Athens scrutinize the country’s fitness to receive the latest aid payment, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has said commercial exploitation of some islands could generate the revenue lenders need to see to continue funding the country.

The shortlist includes islands ranging in size from 500,000 square meters (5.4 million square feet) to 3 million square meters, and which can be developed into high-end integrated tourist resorts under leases lasting 30 years to 50 years, Taprantzis said.

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The best thing for everybody would be for GERMANY to leave the Euro.

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Context: A european homeless man commenting to Police while clearing his shack from private "State" property...

"You know, even you are only about 4 or 5 bad decisions away from shitting in a bucket too."

Ah, Yea.

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Just the other day, China and Germany agreed to start conducting an increasing amount of trade with each other in their own currencies.

You would think that a major currency agreement between the 2nd and 4th largest economies on the face of the planet would make headlines all over the United States.

Instead, the silence in the U.S. media was deafening.

At least there were some reports in the international media about this.  The following is from a Reuters article about this very important deal....

Germany and China plan to conduct an increasing amount of their trade in euros and yuan, the two nations said in a joint statement after talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Beijing on Thursday.

"Both sides intend to support financial institutions and companies of both countries in the use of the renminbi and euro in bilateral trade and investments," said the text of the statement.

By itself, this deal would not be that alarming.

However, the truth is that both Russia and China have been making deals like this all over the globe in recent years.  I detailed 11 more major agreements like the one that China and Germany just made in this article: "11 International Agreements That Are Nails In The Coffin Of The Petrodollar".

In that article I listed a few of the things that will likely happen when the petrodollar dies....

-Oil will cost a lot more.

-Everything will cost a lot more.

-There will be a lot less foreign demand for U.S. government debt.

-Interest rates on U.S. government debt will rise.

-Interest rates on just about everything in the U.S. economy will rise.

So enjoy going to "the dollar store" while you can.

It will turn into the "five and ten dollar store" soon enough.

Okay, so if you are China and Russia and you are working hard to undermine the dollar, how do you get prepared for the fiat currency crisis that your hard work will eventually create?

You guessed it.  You hoard gold and other precious metals.

And that is exactly what China and Russia has been doing.

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"So enjoy going to 'the dollar store' while you can." I grew up with the 'five and ten cent store'. I shudder to think of the situation when my son reaches 65.

On the other hand, in 1962 a gallon of gas was available for 1/4 of a silver dollar, and 20.000 silver dollars would get you a new Rolls Royce.

A pox on advocates of fiat money. (Disclaimer: The only Fiat I ever enjoyed I got in 1966. It was not made of paper, but had fold-down front seats and a four-speed on the column.)

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deflation is their kryptonite

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What the hell? Two people in European politics who get it? Nigel's message must be getting under their skin.

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If you could devalue your way to prosperity, Zimbabwe would be and economic superpower.

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He didn't say you could, he just said it wouldn't be worse. And don't forget he also suggested they default.