Aaaaaand... Italy Breaks

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Shocking, we know...

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Spaghetti dinner bitches!

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what's wrong with spaghetti dinners?  the women over there will at LEAST make a good homemade sauce.  i'm stuck with ramen.............

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they do? the only italian woman i ever dated had only one idea with regards to pasta sauce. it consisted of opening a jar of dolmio.

ihedgemyhedges's picture

oh, so you never dated a sicilian???????  great in the kitchen, even better in the boudoire.........................

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yeah, until their mustache fills in at about age 35...

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Q) What is the difference between an Italian woman and a hippo?

A) 40 pounds and a black dress.

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I'll take one of those Hippo's over a American Elephant.


UGrev's picture

Where I grew up, the churches would have spaghetti dinners to feed the folks who fell on hard times...

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

Why? If you are on hard times that means that's the way God wants it.


We shouldn' go against his will

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

I was trying to show the folly of religion. Yeah, it usually doesn't go over too good.

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Your avatar suggests LHMSW. Been there, done that.

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

I was actually looking for Pepé Le Pew and it was the closest I could find. But yeah, the whole Military Industrial Complex thing is cool too.

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You were more successful in demonstrating the folly of high school grammar classes.

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If you disagree, thats your choice. But remember to have some respect for what others believe.

Appreciate it.

Are you kidding's picture

Fuck that...if you're THAT your god is too...then expect others to beat you up.  Religion is for fucking idiots!

Attitude_Check's picture

So you are saying you are ABSOLUTELY sure there is no God right?  and everyone else who thinks otherwise is and idiot. Typical logical fail for most atheists and such a huge level of compassionate tolerance.....

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Oh that's mean.  Don't you know we're supposed to shut up and show respect for grown men and women who believe in ancient fairy tales? 

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The math is too complicated for anyone to understand. I was almost killed in a car accident. If I didn't have that accident, would I have helped the injured teens that I helped counsel after they had brain injuries? The interconnected math is infinite.. so, good luck explaining it all away with silly, singular step reasonings. 

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Have you looked @ the USD-CHF lately? 

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Intervention.  Intervention.  Intervention!
That’s what you need.
If you wanna be the best,
and you wanna beat the rest.
Oo-ooh!  Interventions what you need.
(Trumpet Solo)
Intervention what you need.
If you wanna be a FX breaker.  FX Breaker ooooooh!

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Get back in there and turn those machines on.

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CNBC can't report anything but happy news.  They're afraid of their power to make people freeze.  What was that cartoon way back when with the freeze machine?  Who knew CNBC would acquire such.  They are a cartoon.  

John Law Lives's picture

Why is that excrement still on the air. If enough people would stop watching, it would go away.

CNBC = crap, nothing but crap

CNBC = will not air in my home

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000's picture

Don't tell me you're still mad at them for that NASDAQ 5000 call?

uno's picture

my favorite Cramer saying, back in late 1999 - 2000 he many times wrote JDSU stands for Just Don't Sell Us.  Before it's reverse split it maxed out around 120 and then went to single digits

John Law Lives's picture

I realized the folly of CNBC long ago and turned it off.  They are cheerleaders for their master.

JohnG's picture

CNBC has one redeeming feature: Kayla Tausche. 

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What about the Fast Money traders?

One of them predicts the direction of the market the next day every single time. Every single time!!

John Law Lives's picture

Trained monkeys throwing darts at a board could probably do the same thing.

jus_lite_reading's picture

There would never be a malfunction when the fake markets soar 100000 points!!


Sudden Debt's picture


ITALY HAS IT'S BEST TEChniCaL gUys working on it....

oh fuck.......................................

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a former colleague of mine in the software industry migrated to italy. he said the difference between italy and the uk was that, when people in the uk need to speak to their colleague, they will send and email, send an im, pick up the phone, or simply walk over to the person in question. when an italian needs to speak to his colleague, he will open his door and shout through the building.

Sudden Debt's picture

I've worked with enough italians myself to know that if they say: "FINISHED! I'M DONE" = "Maybe I'll do it next week"

and it wasn't just 1 company I worked with, it where dozens of italian companies and the rule applied to all of them.

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Lived and worked in Southern Italy for three years. Everything that needed to be done was always done domani.  That's all one ever heard like, when will the car be ready.  Answer: domani, domani.  Or when will those parts be delivered?  'Domani signore.'  And when domani arrives you ask again and get 'Allore Signore, domani, domani.'  Domani or tomorrow would often take a month to show up.

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When I worked with Brits, well they didn't spoke English at all, there in the island, 'coz they were all INDIANS!

You should see the productivity with those fine chaps you Brits over imported in your "knowledge eCONomy".


Meanwhile, I'll take any day, an Italian made car (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Masserati, even Fiat) over any British made car. For that matter, I'll take any Italian product over any British made product.

Wines, food, cars (heck, that's all I need actually). Even the country is way more beautiful than that cloudy island of yours will ever be, no matter how many Indians and Pakis you guys import there, for "variety of cultures".

What do you "super productive Brits do?" . Rioting as I see it lately.

Sudden Debt's picture

I'm for Belgium, and I've driven a Alfa and also a Range Rover. Both fine cars.

Especially since they started using GERMAN ENGINES IN THEIR CARS!!!!!!


EscapeKey's picture

oh, another difference between us brits and you italians is that we can laugh at ourselves

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I find it amazing that my iPhone4 has more computing capability/speed than the WOPR. I wonder if there's an app for Global Nuclear War?


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Whatever you do, don't enter the value of pi to the fifty thousandth digit and then press #...

EscapeKey's picture

Well, there might be HFT apps which are far more destructive.

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But why are three Glenn Becks staring at me on each page I look at


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Thankfully I only get one. Did I say thankfully? I mean painfully, but it sucks for you.

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Delete your cookies/history

The Wolf's picture

Thanks... will do...