AAPL Breaks $600 The Wrong Way

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UPDATE: AAPL $585 -3% at one-month lows

Volume picking up rapidly as the hedge fun horde starts to find exit doors are smaller than they hoped for...

Gap fill?

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Turn that frown upside-down.

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My shrinkwrapped mini-van reads: "I Buy Cash"

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i actually went right to ebay this morning sold an ounce of gold to pick up nokia shares

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wait for AAPL to retest 600 then pile on iShorts and iPuts.  this phucker will fall hard, lots of gaps to fill

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you might be underestimating the bubble pattern

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"Bob, your portfolio thanks to AAPL has never looked better."

"You mean better since 2008?"

"No, I mean since yesterday."

"I keep forgetting this is a long term investment."

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And i was one of the one's that openly mocked the famed 29 year trend line that Apple crossed.  Must follow the 29 year trend line...


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$590 at year end. dead munney

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Feel sorry for all the retails who bought in believing the hype as the hedgefunds were exiting.


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The HF are in deep. This is the last single stock name satnding for the retail investor. If retail isn't buying who is the HF going to sell to? 

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A Slice, Sir Issac already proved this theory. Apples never fall up.

I liked AAPL when she was slow and steady back in the day, predictability is all gone.

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I looked at Apple at $12 Dollars in 99, thought, hmmmmmm....no I'll buy WEBVAN!!!!!

And that is what I did.

The rest, is hisandherstory



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Cool.. AAPL has been very good to my family, but we bailed out right after '08 along with our CAT after it topped at $113.00, never looked back.

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That looks like about 420ish$ to fill that gap.

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Volume coming back today?  (Scramble, scramble, shuffle, shuffle)

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this is not good...


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Aapl is like the whole damn market. At least the Nasdaq.

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I was wondering why the nasdaq reversed so quickly this morning

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Oh my and just when everyone had $1,000 baked-in?

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If you are not bullish on Apple then you are not bullish on America.  /s

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ummm ... not bullish on China, where the things are made.


Retail sales up, AAPL down.  LOL!!

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Apple IS retail.  Who buys anything except for iPads or iPhones anyway?

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Ship.  Sinking.  Rats. Exit.

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Taxes due tomorrow, need to raise cash today.

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Sell in May.........Oh wait!

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Red delicious aapl today.

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$100 stock, at best.

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this one is ripe. Might even be the one problem that Bernanke can't overcome no matter how much of our money he spends propping this crap up.

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hopefully Steve Jobs will come back and save them again

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Still not sure why anyone willingly buys those closed-platform overpriced devices.

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Now that ZH has had its maximum Schadenfreudemoment, time to buy AAPL at $585. 

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Ya, catch that falling knife- go ahead....

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I'm still bullish on Schadenfruede.

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I don't know, I'm thinking that the January-April share price movement was somewhat "unorganic", so I'm guessing that it might be trading around $540-$550 as a floor if there's another market capitulation due to Eurozone bearishness around July-August, but it might be short-lived due to the revealing of the new iPhone, MacBook Pro line etc, where the share price will be, and I'm guessing again, trading at levels considerably higher than $600.

The above speculation does not take into consideration any further monetary easing market pump by unkle Ben.