AAPL Slides Under 50 DMA As Wal-Mart Implodes

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Europe's overnight reality check is weighing on stocks broadly but two names standout. Apple is down once again, and below its 50DMA for the first time in four months but it is Wal-Mart that is struggling under the weight of the Mexican debacle. Walmex is down over 25% at the open and WMT opened down over 5% on huge volume. Apple and Wal-Mart bounced out of the gate off those lows but are leaking back now.


Wal-Mart struggling after initial bounce as it gets dragged back to VWAP...

As Walmex opens down over 20% and slides further...

And Apple opened under its 50DMA, bounced and is now retesting it back below its VWAP...

and is holding its 50DMA for now as momentum has clearly shifted heading into earnings - with the stock down over 10% in the last 2 weeks...

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Do you know where your wealth is?




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Lying at the bottom of a river from an anfortunate boating accident.

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Three words:





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I find this crap hilarious. Bribery is a normal way to do business in Mexico. What the hell is the big deal? Often Americans run around and think that rest of the world tends to have a low corruption index like ours. Naive to to the core.

BTW, Wal-mart sucks anyways!

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Low corruption like the U.S.?  Ever heard of TARP?  Our corruption is just so big and so hidden that people refuse to believe it exists. 

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...........................I Buy Cash

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Bullish divergences on AAPL today.  Holding its 50DMA in textbook fashion.  Sorry, but the AAPL-bearish followers of Alex "force-index" Elder hoping that AAPL will test 500 will be disappointed today. 

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Only if you expect further manipulation to the upside.

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Oh, I thought an actual Wal-Mart was imploding. Disappointing.

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I hope not......I get my donuts there every morning....that would suck!


Dr. Engali's picture

I hope not..that means that the Walmart types will invade the other shopping centers and I will be forced to watch people shop in their pajamas and slippers.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Often with humongous quantities of dimpled flesh available for additional sampling.


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... and malls jammed with whales on motorised shopping carts -- playing dodgems between snack pickup points....

Helter skelter, bitcheZ!

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Yikes. Quite a sad picture....


pods's picture

Walmart on a Saturday.  Like a free ticket to the Carnival.


WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture



Get your free Moose Ears at Walley World!

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you all should be grateful that you've found a scapegoat that allows you to stand that-much-higher than others.

of course, when vertical hierarchy occupies your mind, there's always the awareness of where others place you - who looks down when you look up?

ladders buttcheez!!

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Just in: Cyber-Attack on Irans most important Oil terminal. (from Spiegel.de)


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don't see any dips just multiple levels of over price-e-ness.

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'Over-priciness'? How can that be? We all had DOW 38,000 baked-in by fall.

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in my dreams walmart crashes to zero and mom + pop come back. alas, the masses have nowhere else to buy 5 gallon buckets of pickles for $2.00.

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I'll sell 'em a barrel o' pickels if they pay $2 in WW2 nickels.

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I bet you the dumb ass public would still fall for that.

midgetrannyporn's picture

Slap on the wrist imminent. It is impossible for a corporation to commit a jailable crime. WMT has no business being above 60 anyway.

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5 yr. statute of limitations on FCPA----WTF

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Why is it any other time the FED steps in to prop the market up, but today it's not?

Dr. Engali's picture

Because they need a little deflation so they can QE

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You try holding something up for 5 years.  You get tired after awhile.

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you need to give an impression of a functioning market, you cant' be 100% on ponzi..

Tomorrow the markets will be just fine on AAPL sales

remember AAPL is the market

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"Why is it any other time the FED steps in to prop the market up, but today it's not?"

1. The day isn't over.

2. Pretext for QE

After all, in order to prop up a Chinese Manufacturer of trinkets (AAPL) the Fed needs a "reason".

SheepDog-One's picture

And it wont work, not this time. Cant drop stocks to 'make way' for QE just to get stocks back again over 13,000...no point in it now no ones buying anyway.

A solid outline of QE from Ben will send oil to the moon, and they cant have that. Its not 2009 anymore, with plenty of wiggle room and oil under $50.

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Couldn't Wal-Mart just create a SuperPAC to give 'donations' to Mexican officials?  I didn't think bribery was even a thing anymore?  WTF.

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WalMart execs were just trying to build up their resumes so they can apply for a job at MF Global.

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What exactly is the "mexican debacle"?

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It hangs just below the ... well, you don't wanna know! :>D

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It is impossible for a corporation to commit a jailable crime

But possible to buy elections, have the right of free speech, AND secure a below 3% tax rate.

I just bought rope at Wal-mart to make a noose to hang myself with, but thankfully it broke because it was Made in China.

Kayman's picture

Did it break when you took it out of the box, or when you were tying the knot ?

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The chart on BTFD is breaking down

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How many flat screen TVs and  iPads can debt riddled families buy for their kids?"



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What's so special about the 50-day moving average? Why not 42, 56.5 or any other #?

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Some traders, and possibly some fund algos may use the 50 dma as a trigger point.

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For those who followed the NASDAQ100, it gave a warning sign of a top a FULL seven days before Apple went for a slide.


Good article that presents the Apple overlay on the NASDAQ100.