Adding Insult To Injury, Greek Gas Prices Are Now The Highest In Europe

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Just because being officially the first broke Eurozone country, having 50%+ youth unemployment, and a collapsing economy is not enough, adding absolutely insult to injury is the following chart from Reuters, which shows that compared to other European economies, Greece now has the highest gas price in the old continent. And indicatively while America complains over what is now the highest gas prices in 2012 per AAA, at $3.80 average for a gallon of regular, 30 cents higher than a month ago, and 35 cents higher compared to a year earlier, gas in Greece now sells for over $9.00/gallon. But at least the IMF's worst case projects that Greek economy will be flat in 2013. And that's the "worst case scenario." But at least Europe sure taught Iran a lesson by halting crude imports. Oh yes, that Iran just happened to be one of the biggest suppliers to Greece - oh well. At least Greece still gets to proudly say it is a European colony, everything else be damned. 

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Disgusting... there are a lot of taxes in the EU that are in gasoline prices

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They may be on that part of the supply curve where fewer customers means higher prices because the rising effect of the fixed costs of operations outweighs the falling variable costs.

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It has closed a pretty large gap.  Six months ago platinum was $200 or more below Au.  Getting a decent price on Pt seems harder than with gold.  I check prices at bulliondirect.  There is generally few options and premiums are outrageous. 

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Lower liquidity = larger spread.

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The Greeks are getting hosed while pumping.

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Norwegians and Finns are probably paying at least as much if note more per liter.

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Whoa! But higher taxes are the key to prosperity.

All of this debt is not a spending problem it is a taxing one,

I keep reading it over and over and over again.

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Before you start making gilb snarky coments about Norway, you might actually look to see what the Norwegian debt picture is and how their atandard of living compares to ours. 

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Sure they live in half the size homes, have one car less but get free medical.

Move into a house half the size, sell one car and voila you too can have free medical.

But I get it, personal living space and the freedom to get to and fro via personal auto are not really personal freedoms or any measure of standard of living obviously if they were there would be no debate.


Before you start making the usual asinine assumptions that the big centralized goverance Euro model is any better than any other big centralized government abortions you may actually look to see what the picture is and how their REAL not the  imagined, utopic, complete bullshit standard of living compares to ours.


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They don't even get that.  They get "free" first aid, and if they have a real problem, they get to wait in line.

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And your evidence of this asininie claim??


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norway isn't yet carrying a 25% 3rd world demographic.  Seeing as white countries are for everybody while countries of all other races are ONLY for them, give Norway time to wilt under the guilt trip of the tribemedia (which steadfastly supports an apartheid State)

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You are an ideological dinosaur....

Projecting the uniqueness of the US on the rest of the world is a very simplistic worldview....

I shudder to think what you think passes for "Quality of Life"...

Peak Oil is going to rip you a new one unless you open your mind...

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are you comparing greece standard of living with norvegian? LOL

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The Greeks are getting hosed while pumping.

... and US Colonial Viceroys want to throw an ignite match at em.

First war monger fabrications that will block any direct western trade for Iranian oil.

The US now exports more than half it's refined gasoline product, driving up US prices and assuring a heathly fat margin for Greek imported refined products. Without Iranian crude, noting Iran was  the only country selling Greek refineries crude on credit before the Iranians reacted to the US sanction EZ import ban, the Greeks have to accept more Goldman and US debt and refined petro product price manipulations.

So it all makes sense, especially for downstream cash poor energy retailers like Exxon, who will be flooding US retail outlets with way over priced refined products from US strategic reserves when proverbial shit hits the fan,

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    Do you just make shit up on the fly??

The US now exports more than half it's refined gasoline product, driving up US prices

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doesn't matter...he lost and miserably.

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Which convention was that at?

trav7777's picture

at the Iowa caucuses.  I told you idiots that like it or not, it was all over after that.

Flakmeister's picture

I'll quibble, in reality it was all over before that....

Too bad, he could have added some substance to the debate unlike Cap'n Assjuice and Romney's Lobbyist....

The Repugnuts need a "Game Change"... LOL

tarsubil's picture

You've taken part in the Iowa caucuses? My friend has and he contradicts what you are saying. I don't know who to believe!

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Of course it matters. America was the miracle of a nation founded on the rights of individuals to overpower the greed and ruthlessness of tyrants from European kings to Stalin and  Mao. And now that a tyranny has swept over this miracle nation the hope for a return to America’s representative government will depend on the leadership of strong men. Ron Paul is in this fight: a fight for delegates and a fight for truth and anyone who believes that’s its over does not know what he’s talking about.

Perhaps, Cher, who laments in her recent hit…”I can’t find one honest man…” ought to catch one of the GOP presidential debates this season. At first, she’ll see three of the top double-talking, flip-flopping, fake promising blowhard fibbers of whom most political consultants would be proud.

The audience hangs on every promise, every lie, every “it wasn’t me” or “he did it too,” or “sorry I regret that vote more than I can say but this time I’m leading the opposition to it.”

Trav, one man on the stage won’t be posturing, apologizing, lying or promising something he won’t deliver. Ron Paul.  All four candidates rail against big Government and Obama, but no one disputes that Ron Paul would cut more government and dismantle more Obama socialist and banker programs than the other three.

So-called evangelical Christians are the hot-button Primary audience this year. Santorum and Romney daily damage their general election appeal by taking extreme positions on issues such as Israel war talk and social positions far beyond their past voting patterns. Gingrich, with a past similar to a Hollywood trollop, is embraced by religious Christians generous with their forgiveness and he’ll take a back seat to no one in backing the Zionists and collecting millions from his Zionists casino pal.

No GOP voting bloc seems to care that these politicos promises are promises made to deceive and be broken; no one seems to care that they are known politicos in statesmen’s clothing.

Ron Paul is a conservative Baptist with two brothers who are ministers, a son and daughter who are doctors and another in the US Senate, a proven, perfect voting record on conservative, social and fiscal issues. He’s been married to Carol for 55 years, since after her request that she be his escort at her 16th birthday party.

Ron Paul is a family man, small government proponent almost like no other, former Air Force flight surgeon, former obstetrician who has delivered more than 4,000 babies, strongly pro-life and prolific author on a wide assortment of economic issues.

But suppose at the next debate Ron Paul slides into lying political rhetoric - a bit of a warning on the “Muslim threat” in America, expresses sympathy with McCain’s intervention plan for Syria, and issues a dramatic call for much stronger central government power to enforce his constituents’ social Conservative goals. For good measure, he could review biblical passages that suggest the dangers of pornography, same sex marriage, the role of women in the military, etc., and  promise to impose the iron fist from above – as the Democrats do for the other side of the moral coin.

Cher, of course, would be mortified. But, then again, she wouldn’t have found her one honest man.

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'Of course it matters. America was the miracle of a nation founded on the rights of individuals to overpower the greed and ruthlessness of tyrants from European kings to Stalin and  Mao. And now that a tyranny has swept over this miracle nation the hope for a return to America’s representative government will depend on the leadership of strong men.' - What complete and utter bullshit. You might have won the White House but teh British still held the mortgage. Wake up, stop dreaming of what never was. This is it. This is what you got.

Get used to it.

tarsubil's picture

There has been an unending war with battles won by both sides.

JR's picture

We will never get anywhere by calling miracles non-miracles. Where is the evidence that America was not the greatest economic engine in the history of the world? And who says that America in her birth and for years after was not the greatest beacon for liberty and moral example that existed in the world? Which society eclipsed America in her days of free market enterprise that allowed the elimination of class structure and opportunity for individual growth as never before experienced?

What could possibly be the purpose for denying all of these dramatic and worthwhile developments? Surely you are not one of those who would use falsehoods regarding the American Dream to stop the reform that must now be initiated.

Harlequin001's picture

Well here I sit now covered in verbal fucking sputum.

A naivety rarely experienced. Dream on.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

and even if he is a honest man (which could be, i dont know him so much) how much time do you think we have to wait to see him assassinated like JFK?

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I pay $8.51 a gallon in Sweden. Over 60% of the price is taxes.  They hate cars over here.  The sales tax for a car in Denmark is over 200%


Compare gold and silver prices

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I can't blame the Swedes for hating cars.   Look at that overpriced ugly SAAB POS.

Harlequin001's picture

And the Volvo S series. Seen from the right angle it looks like a right sack of shit.

Hobbleknee's picture

I'm so glad they went bankrupt :-b

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Smart growth or dumb destruction?

green888's picture

currently $8.44 in the UK

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Obama's Energy Secretary: "High Gas Prices Are Good for You! "  You guys are just ahead of the curb.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

It could be worse.  It could be 201%!


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Forget Greece, buy gold! Here's the latest from Robert Mish who has been a precious metals dealer for nearly 50 years and knows what a gold bubble mania looks like:

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Would you really want to deny the eucharist to the faithful??

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Luckily no need to drive to work anyway.

LawsofPhysics's picture

There you go.  Greeks are no longer participating in the corrupt and fake system.  Stay at home, local economies and black markets booming.  Fuck the bankers and the NWO.  Good for them.

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the greasy greeks were NOT INNOCENT.

Benefits cut commensurate with how little WORK THEY DO.  This nation DOES NOT PRODUCE.

The previous poster says greeks are opting out of the system...fuck, they've opted out of working for decades now.  Cut them off.  No more living off of the surpluses of Germany and the other nations that are responsible.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Exactly.  Crash the fucking system and lets find out precisely what the real value of everyone's labor really is.  Fucking bring it.

Harbanger's picture

" find out precisely what the real value of everyone's labor really is."  That kind of leveling would freak out the West.

LawsofPhysics's picture

We get there one way or another as all fiat dies, my employees and I would prefer sooner rather than later.  fucking bring it.

Harbanger's picture

All big Govt schemes fail.  They couldn't exist in a free world without fiat to deliver the unsustainable promises that elected them.  It will have to crash, because very few people will ever voluntarily reduce their current standard of living. With the ensuing class warfare and the rise of democratic dictators , do you expect to have business as usual with your employees or even recognize your former country.

theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

or everyones assets...I doen't plan on working in said scenario...

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trav, pop down a few posts to my Mauldin quote.

Pretty good chance participation was bought.