Advance Look At This Week's Key Event: Is Europe's Latest Velvet Revolution Credible?

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The Careless Whisper Sunday Afternoon Update


Poll: 86% Say US Economy "In Bad Shape"

Herman Cain $50 Per Person Fundraiser Is Now Free

Cop On Cop Shooting; No Arrests; Names Withheld

Sunday House Hunting: Michael Moore's Lakefront Vacation Cottage Exposed

Sunday Condo Hunting: Exclusive PICS & FLOORPLAN Sandy Weill $88,000,000 Manhattan Pied-A-Terre

Sunday House Rentals: College Students (air quotes on that last word) Rent McMansions

Chevy To Unveil 85 hp Spark Mini At LA Auto Show; 10 Airbags Will Save You

VIDEO: UFC Has New Heavy Weight Champ, Took Less Than 2 Minutes

VIDEO: YouTube Sets Make-Believe Wall Street Riot As "Age Restricted"


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Herman Cain $50 Per Person Fundraiser Is Now Free

Sure why not? Here is how pizza economics!

  1. One large oone-toppic pizza for 9.99.
  2. You order a lots of them. Only few show up. You give away the rest.
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Will he take a coupon from Uncle Tom's Pizza?

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Or, "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." -- Mao Tse-tung

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This whole thing is planned, so the Banksters can take over European Governments and seize all the Gold.  Instead of borrowing more money, European countries should freeze the debt and pay it back in manageable chunks.

My friends, it is time for rebellion.  Real rebellion.  Because the tyrants have almost won.



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I suppose spamming here is cheaper than Google Ads. Call me a cynic.

Edit: Your profile is worth a laugh... Biography "Nobodies business but mine.".... just like your book.

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German, French, Eurozone GDP (Q3)

what could possibly go wrong?

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Q3 is still good, it's Q4 that will show a mayor crimp.
So the most damage will be made in february march 2012.

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you seems so calm

are you ok?

i wonder what  the swiss will manufacture, account-wize

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Hey Americans, let's pay attention to your dinosaur-lobbyist-corporate-corrupted-economy-and-political-system again. High time, the more now the super-committee will be a failure. Start out with this video:

Did Obama bring any change in all this?

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Sheesh- Greek people are so bitter.....

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An ad hominem is not an argument.

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How many battalions does the ECB have?

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How much ink, paper and media outlets do they have?


That's your answer.  They can keep making shit up with no more value tied to it than a six year old can convince their parents that there is something nasty under the bed.


They certainly have a wild imagination on what terms like money, value and energy are.


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The 'revolution' in Europe is yet to come ... some months yet of this 'austerity' business, and it may indeed be revolution, not likely very velvet.

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We are in for a long nasty winter.

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Not The Velvet Revolution.  The Pleather Revolution.  Looks like a real leather commodity but it is really just plastic.  Won't last long.  Will rip and tear in no time, and will look like hell sooner than the buyer can imagine.  Does not perform well in castle-burning scenarios.

The PLEATHER revolution.  (Mme. LeGarde as the SpokesRobot, though Frau Merkle does look "interesting" in German Jackboots and a pleather corset).



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Not the impression i had from the video feeds of Italy's celebration of the PM's resignation. "Mafioso" they called him--and by extension the government as well.

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Market will ramp into year end, with or without much needed correction, it's "that time of the year" and the greedy bancheros couldn't care less about anything else!
The point of a peaceful resolve of "this" has long passed and outright violence, allovertheglobe, will be the only, sad, "answer" and ending of IT all!!!
Expect this "bread and circus" farce to go on until WETHEPEOPLE finally stand up! Wheneverthefuckthatwillbe!

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We need to beat them at their own game. Maybe print our own currency that will be accepted by the 99%? Open a bank where the 99% chose to deposit their money? It will be a fight to get licenses and approvals because the cabal has their fingers everywhere and controls everything.

It is their "perogative" after all.

There are real ways to bleed them dry in the long run but it will take alot of resolve.

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The Euro is such garbage it's pathetic. Those new PM's will do nothing, but plunder some more and ask for more handouts so they can pay for their new vacation homes. They are the scum of scum to top it off(Goldman choir boys).

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It would take 30 to 40 years in sound managment to fix this problem. The markets give them 12 months in total.
You can't fix 50 years of fucked up politics in that short of timeframe.

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There's a lot of headwinds at work now. All are being soft-peddled, nearly covered-up. 

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Anyone care to comment in the rapid and steep drop in crack spreads?

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Crude rose sharply as inventories are dropping worldwide and key producers show production fallling off. Production costs rose sharply for a bunch of reasons. All this resulted in backwardation. Gasoline prices in many parts of the US are at the highest levels ever for October, surpassing 2008, but demand is weak. In better times, gasoline would top $4. Biflation

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Europeans should demand a repudiation of all debt.

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Fuck Goldman Sachs.

And this Monti dude....

OH.fuck shit.....

Sticking Bilderbergers ,and the head spots.

Fuck yous,CFR,and Trilateral Commission,and the fucking Dildobergers

FUCK YOUS....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Euro $1.3790 So much for the Euro is "dead".

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Tonight while eating dinner, I watched a regional city council listening to the taxpayer's concerns. After each presented their case, the city council of 12+ stated " all issues of taxpayer's cannot be addressed by our council replies."

Some think, dumbing down of America has been completed. Not being able to foresee the future, I often wonder how these folks will survive the new world. :>)


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Futures already green by nearly 100 points.