Advance Look At This Week's Key Events: All About Europe, All Over Again

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anyone notice how all of a sudden nobody talks about the US debt ceiling?

diversions are nice and fun... until the train hits you from the back!

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it's same shit different day, the perpetual greek debt crisis...from a country that's been in a debt crisis most of the past 100 years.  They put the place into the EU and they're surprised that SHIT HASN'T CHANGED?  ZOMG

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Actually I'm just happy that the MJ thing hasn't been able to help 1%'ers by keeping the economy out of the news.

I guess feeding your fmily is more important than a freak show ... sometimes at least.

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quite is interesting how much in denial we are!  When everyone was in panic in late 2008 and into 2009 it seemed OK for the federal govt to go into a massive deficit.  Now we seem to be fine that for every dollar we spend over 40 cents is borrowed.  and that does not even factor in all the hidden liabilities that just keep on growing.

Oh, and lets not forget that we are back to sub-prime financing tricks again to goose the consumer spending and GDP figures.




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the reason crumbling Europe is in focus and not crumbling America is because of . . . 


Yep America now has Hollywood made-over suicide socialist spenders like Nancy Pelosi-Trotsky turn cape and spangly spandex tights into super hero super savers... America is SAVED!


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MSM logic at work......

"Europe makes America look good.   America makes Europe look bad.   America makes America look dandy."

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China CPI (Oct): Consensus expects CPI to soften to 5.4%yoy from 6.1%yoy. We expect a print of 5.6%.

Who in the hell are they kidding with these numbers?

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These fabricated numbers are very useful for the corporate controlled media...without them what would they be able to talk about all day long?


Perish the thought that news media would send intelligent reporters to China to actually do some in-depth analysis of their economy.  No, much better to just sit in the studio (or a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong) parroting talking points provided by the state.

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Debt ceiling - probably only reason Obama couldn't give away money to Europe

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Greek PM Papandreou sez: "All Greek investor accounts have been sequestered at JP Morgue. They were never commingled with public funds and still remain to be leveraged x50.  Debt crisis is a non-issue."

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@".. all over again."
can't be, life is short.

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I wonder what bullet points will pop up, which nobody has forseen SO FAR (outside this blog..)

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Seriously, this week could be really volatile as Greece/Italy does the "accept/reject austerity boogie." We know that they may promise austerity, but they will renege.

I like that virgin olive oil futures are responding to the Greece/Italy crisis!

Bets on Treasuries?

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Unless you're truly in the know, trading off of European news is a waste of time, and therefore paying att'n to it is only useful for entertainment value. 

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did you know?

14. Zero Hedge
> Value: $16 million

Do you think it's accurate

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Seriously how much longer will they keep recycling this crap news before its retired to the compost pile?

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Italy blows up--perhaps as soon as tomorrow...and we go from "The Times they are a Changin'" to "The Times have Changed."

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a government of National Unity

So... A single party state...

Would you like a fascist dictatorship or a communist dictatorship with your vote?

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After another highly anticipated weekend of headline risk, not much happened.  We are likely to see a bit more "risk off" price action to open the trading week.  Then we may see price action take on more risk as the week advances.  Here is a look at the DX, EURUSD, GC, SI, and the SPX.

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