After 50: Get A Job, Work Longer, And Become A Woman

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As we discussed recently, the idea of retirement - given ZIRP (or even NIRP) - remains further and further away for many middle-aged men and women in America. But Michael Cembalest has some sage advice for those who are passing 50 years old with whimsical views of Viagra-commercial-like retirement settings any time soon. Based on recent research from the Munich center for the economics of aging, one should keep working as long as possible (the precipitous drop in cognitive function once retirement is hit is enormous) - which also offers some insight into why the long-term unemployed suffer so much more in ever getting back into the work-force. More importantly, it seems as we pass that magic 50 year-old barrier, so men's cognitive function plunges far quicker than women's - especially in immediate and delayed recall (where did I leave my keys?). The bottom line is, if you want to succeed later in age: get a job; keep a job; work that job longer; and become a woman!


Source: JPMorgan

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In other words "Become Barney Frank!"


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i didn't see anyting about "be a sodomite"

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This headline is in reverse notational form.

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I refuse 2 become a transvestite so I can get ass phucked 2 keep my job.  Oh, wait.

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I'm a Lesbian - TRAPPED in a man's body. no worries!

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Wow, Eddie Izzard reads ZH!  Who knew?

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Well considering most middle-aged men of the USSofA are overweight and have man-boobs, I'd say the country is pretty much there.


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And, to finish off the transformation, put on a wig, shimmey into a dress, and don't forget to shave those legs.

Fashion tip: High heels add a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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i didn't see anyting about "be a sodomite"


Being "flexible" can only help. We're all getting fucked anyway, might as well find a new way to enjoy it.


Forward, Soviet!

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Boomers are going to be pushed out into the stock market for yield. They literally have no other choice.

However, dividend yields are so pathetically low that they'll have trouble there also.

lemonobrien's picture

everyone when they're old use dividends to supplement their income.

zero19451945's picture

Not really. My grandmother survived purely on bank interest.

The chart I'm looking at has the dividend yield of the S&P500 at 2.00%. You're going to have a real hard time surviving on that.

Dividend stocks in general are being bid into the stratosphere right now. It's clearly a bubble forming but the supporters are vicious in attacking anyone who suggests it.

Joe Davola's picture

2% >> bank interest these days.

mjk0259's picture

Yeah but bank accounts don't usually go down 20%, 50% and maybe stay there which could easily happen with most stocks any month now.

Joe Davola's picture

True, however the negative real rate of return on bank accounts will end up the same place - just a little more uniform descent.

mjk0259's picture

Yeah but bank accounts don't usually go down 20%, 50% and maybe stay there which could easily happen with most stocks any month now.

LoneStarHog's picture

RobotTrader didn't wait until 50 to get "the operation".

The Gooch's picture

(s)he should have. Obammeycare would have covered it.

Lucky Guesst's picture

"covered it"

as in her FACE with a PILLOW

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Ugh, a bunch of over the hill bearded trannys.

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Good luck raising those retirement ages to 75+.

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Fuck that.  I'd rather go to bed with my wife and think I'm getting a different woman every night.

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that's what the drop in delayed recall is good for ...

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Not only that, but you can hide your own Easter Eggs. 

Mesquite's picture

And make new friends every day..!!

Hulk's picture

and have only 1 movie in your "collection"...

Dburn's picture

Don't worry , the memory race is on. Drug Companies sensing that the four hour hard-on has been pretty much "run dry", are working furiosly on the next major breakthrough.
Is it the long awaited cure(s) for major Cancers?

Is it the long awaited cure for heart Disease?


Is it the long awaited cure for STDs?

Sorry No.


Fuck No.

Nervous disorders like MS , Parkinsons?

A 40B dollar market. Are you fucking shitting me you turd?

Alright, What?

Memory Pills for "Getting Old Sucks" so he can remember who he is sleeping with.

Your shitting me. What if we don't wanna remember ?

Never again will you forget anniversary's , Birthdays, FUNerals, Casual Dates, meetings, more meetings, meetings of meetings etc . That's so you can work until your 95. Even when all other motor function has  ceased, we'll find a way to get you that $2.12 an hour you so richly deserve.

So No Cures?
Cures HAH. There's no money in CURES Douche-Muffin

You mean I have to take these pills every days?
Three times a day if we pay the FDA off enough and get a new triple patent for 60 years of protection.

So what if I don't take them motherfucker?

We bought special bills saying you have to take them. It's a fucking Mandate. Bwahahahaha!. Stop taking them and no SS, Medicare and no admittance to any emergency room ever asswipe.

Holy Shit, how Much?

Whatever half of you Social Security check is plus half your income at your new job for the rest of your life. Taxes (banks) get the rest motherfucker.
Party Hearty Dude!

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I have a theory why women are being more employed by men in the corporate sector.

Men, tend to be in two classes: a) orny assholes who don't take shit from no one or b) polite gentleman who are naive.

Women are just naive.  Sweetfully, mind you.  They have the best intentions.

But the reason why they aren't allow in the majority of boardrooms, but are littered all over middle management, is because the corporate state needs "Den Mothers" to keep the serfs at bay.

If you have an asshole boss who is a man, you'll be more inclined to tell him to shut the fuck up if he keeps prodding you.

But a woman?  Harder to do; its like yelling at a dog who pooped on your carpet.  They didn't mean it, had no control; but you assume they do and give them the benefit of the doubt.  Plus, it's "mean". 

That's a great way to rise women's earning wages, but keep them out of the boardrooms where the real, nut cutting decisions (at the expense of the 99%) are made (unless you are an ironpant cunt like Hillary Clinton; and they are more of those going around).

If women were in charge of more things...that means we could have more empathy, more compassion, and more reasonable critical thinking.  Those are attributes that really don't do well for stock prices. 

the not so mighty maximiza's picture


Women are just naive.  Sweetfully, mind you.  They have the best intentions."


Yeah whatever dork

Bob's picture

I wish I were still naive to that nonsense!  Wow. 

Not to suggest that male white collar managers aren't themselves typically bitches, of course. 

Chuck Walla's picture

Women are just naive.  Sweetfully, mind you.  They have the best intentions."


You haven't worked with enough women. Sure, they're naive, but give them power and you will eat naive all day long.  No amount of common sense will move them off the stupidity du jour.  They will cut you, emasculate you and laugh at the gushing blood. And if they have lost that naiveté, they will make you wish for violence on them. Then, they are just Hilary Clinton  mean.

Incubus's picture

Men are generally mellow and will follow the established pecking order as long as they're getting returns on it.


Females, on the other hand... That guy obviously doesn't work with women.  Women are nothing but drama inciting soulless demons.

Race Car Driver's picture

I junked ya for being fulla shit. Women in the workplace - or anywhere else, for that matter - are far more ruthless and cunning than men... and have a far higher pain threshold.

The reason we've made it this far as a civilisation is that the physically stronger men kept the ruthless bitchez surpressed, repressed and in control. You think this genie coming back out of the bottle and the decline of western culture aren't related? Think again.

EvlTheCat's picture

"Women are just naive. Sweetfully, mind you. They have the best intentions."

Yea, because that is what I think when I think of the following people; Blythe Masters, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Janet Napolitano.

homersimpson's picture

I'm sure golddiggers extraordinare Liz Hurley could be added to this "fine" list of ladies..

Totentänzerlied's picture

I junked you for junking someone for being full of shit and then being full of equal and opposite shit.

Chuck Walla's picture

I junked ya for being fulla shit. Women in the workplace - or anywhere else, for that matter - are far more ruthless and cunning than men... and have a far higher pain threshold.

This ^^^ is a man who knows of what he speaks. Experience, obviously.

tbone654's picture

some whiz bitch freelance writer wrote a piece 15 years ago about the two archtypes in the business world / office cultures...  bear hunters and cave dwellers...

In a nutshell, Everyone loves the bear hunters, until there are fewer bears to hunt, then the cave dwellers conspire to eliminate those that cleared the forrest of most of the danger...

Jump ahead 15 years to NOW! and the bear hunters are mostly contractors...  Easier to ultimately get rid of...


And now you tell me I'm going to lose my car keys soon...  The rugged individualism that once made this country great, has been replaced by a bunch of "cave dwellers" preaching socialism in a land no longer welcoming to the bear hunter...  sigh!

Incubus's picture

Yeah.  It's a shame I'm a bear riding [bull]hunter and I'm surrounded by cavedwellers.

LawsofPhysics's picture

And how about caddyness?  My wife worked for an all-women company in upper management.  She said men could be trusted, whereas none of the women would turn their back towards each other, for if they did a knife would be driven in to the hilt.  Needless to say, she found greener pastures.

Piranhanoia's picture

JPMorgue would like it to be known that we prefer screwing women than men due to the obvious landscaping and plumbing issues, not to mention weight advantage,   yours,  Jamie.

world_debt_slave's picture

ha, ha I'm turning 49 in August and not becoming a transgender, f'em.

adr's picture

Wait so we are supposed to have more of the laughing hyena types that was just gven a top CEO spot because her highest qualification was being the 20th employee at a search engine company when it really didn't do much?

Oh other than she got rich of her shares when the company went public, which now makes someone with an IQ of 85 smarter and more qualified than a poor kid with a IQ of 160.

css1971's picture

Meh. Did they control for physical fitness?