AIG's Benmosche, Speaking From His Seaside Villa, Says World Will Need To Retire At 80

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The other government-sponsored Ben-with-a-beard was in contemplative mood as the CEO of AIG relaxed at his Croatian seaside villa in a recent Bloomberg TV interview. Benmosche stated that "Retirement ages will have to move to 70, 80 years old" as that "would make pensions, medical services more affordable... taking the burden off of the youth." Opining on Greece (well, the Greek people really): "they have to see that there is no easy way out of this" and the government must get them to work longer (Greek life expectancy is 81.3 years so there's plenty of hours left for retirement). Towing his corporate over-lord status quo line, he notes that Greece abandoning the euro could be a disaster for the country but we assume if only they would work 23 hours-a-day for 81 years at a 95% tax rate then TROIKA will be more than happy to use them as a rotating receptacle for European bank holdings.

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Good luck getting a Boomer to retire that late in life.

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In reality, i think Plan A for the bankers is to kill off most people before they can enjoy retirement...  of course, have to let the medical system and big pharma suck every last dollar out them first.

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Yerp, I can here that sucking sound now...

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I predict that by 2017, the retirement age is going to be 138.

Comay Mierda's picture

thats a nice fucking pad paid for by the US taxpayer bailout

looks like the slaves will have to work til 80+ to pay for it

something tells me these "elites" are awakening a sleeping giant


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Great Post, but what we should be talking about is, can we even keep people working till 80?

This current  job market couldn't even support someone working till 80. Retirees go down, and now a low number of new jobs open up.

This is not a real good solution.


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the woman who bagged my groceries saturday for 45 minutes had to be damn close to 80


plenty of room for 80 year old baggers since it takes them five times as long, there will be a need for five times as many of them

....making one fifth what they need to afford their medication

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You guys are so mean. *somebody* has to do the hard job of being "consumer" and "fucking-fat-rich-bastard". I mean really... which is harder, having to live a life of work till you drop, or having to endure the endless martini's and soft sand beaches of a holiday resort while every one else is working? Have pity on the poor fucking bastards..... who have to relax while every one else is slaving away. Relaxing is hard work! /s

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Well, fuck me, but I'll take the "fucking-fat-rich-bastard" job.... y'all can be the "baggers."


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We push cattle that can't walk with a bulldozer into the meat grinder, can't we do the same with the Goyim?

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INB4 Las Vegas Dave's Hasbara Troll Alert goes off.

Edit: I was 15 minutes too late. Figures.

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Benmosche needs to be force fed his last bonus in single USD bills until he bursts.

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Another wafer thin dollar, sir?

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Croatian villa, huh?

Not all that far from a nice little eastern European town where they have a tradition for

 taking care of his kind

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Blow him and his bankster brothers to living hell: Make the 800+ Trillion in derivatives retroactively illegal. He will die a lonely bankrupt death. Everyone else will be off the hook for the payments and after some chaos and virtuous creative destruction...

Remake health care affordably without the gaming, payoffs and skimming.

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I can barely lift my dick now and they expect me to flip 1/2 pound burgers when I'm 80?  

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just ask Rachel Corrie about zionist bulldozers....

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Yes, flacon,  it's quite shameful how the Hoi Poloi belittle the hard work and achievements of Wall Street CEOs...the Upper Classes deserve better then being bashed like common folk...shameful I tell you.....

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Well, here's to him croakin' in Croatia from rectal obstruction caused by a rabid gerbil.

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Corporate America is just trying to suck every last dollar out of every citizen in this great country

Gmoneyjr's picture

Corporate America is just trying to suck every last dollar out of every citizen in this great country.

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Does anyone wonder why he's in a seaside villa in Croatia?  Maybe it's because Croatia is called "Croatia - The Yachtsman’s Haven" This fucker is wagging his finger at the masses while on the payroll of a company that would not be in existence without taxpayer bailout and at the same clearly looking toward a future of tax evasion in order to not pay back into the system that is supposed to be a safety net that prevents people from having to work until they are 80.  Will somebody in the SEC or Congress grow some fucking balls and imprison plus publicly humiliate this walking pieces of shit?

For more details on Croatio - The Yachtsman's's an article for you...some highlights:

In conclusion, if you do not receive a salary, consultancy fees or similar income in Croatia, the tax situation is very favorable. The following income is tax-free:

- Interest payments - on loans, investments, deposits with financial institutions, public loans and securities and similar income.

- Pensions received from abroad.

- Capital gains - from trading securities and other financial assets, and capital gains from real estate if you occupied the real estate, held the property more than three years or sold it to your spouse or members of your immediate family. 

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Croatia is probably a really easy place to get someone whacked on a contract. What you think ... $500US might get it done?

Of course I'd never advocate anything like that. Was just wondering out loud. We're here talking about the global economy and all.

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People with that kind of money aren't in the range of $500 hit men.  The dudes who contract for that are in the least someone who can do it from 750+m. 

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The amount of money you have to drop to the politicians in Croatia outweights any benefits you get from taxation. On top of that value added tax (pdv) you pay on anything you buy is 25% (and keeps raising every year) making things more expensive than even in the other euro countries (can't even compare the markup against US). And the icying is that everything down on the coast is twice the amount further north just because idiots like this guy and Bill Gates vacation there.

Nice place to go to for a short vacation but a shithole if you live there. I'd take Thailand or Malaysia over Croatia any day. Better weather, friendlier people and prettier beaches (planned contsruction and non-destruction of natural beauty in an unknown subject to croatian people).

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He owns wineries there and uses his position to plug Croatian wines.

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If all who have access to the media claim that exiting the euro will be disasterous, it can easily be concluded that the opposite is true.

Live version example: Iceland.

TO SYRIZA LEADERS: If you want to save your country, get out of the euro ASAP. The country is ready to pick up the pieces and prove everyone wrong. Nothing is more important right now than becoming the saviour and a hero in the post euro Greek era. You wil be writing history of bravery.

Unite your people and get started immediately.

It can not get worse than it is now. Control your own fate.


Moe Howard's picture

Iceland did not "exit the Euro".

Iceland's banksters stiffed investors from the UK and Holland.

Not quite the same thing I don't think, bad example.

Moe Howard's picture

Why the red arrows, am I not correct? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Doña K's picture

You're right. But default is the common thread here and Iceland giving the Euro-bankers the finger is just as good comparison as any. All banks defrauded other banks and all people of all colors and gepgraphical locations.  

ThirdWorldDude's picture

Right on Dona K. We are all Icelanders now.

Screw the banksters and their politician serfs!

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Iceland banks were taken over by people outside of Iceland. When Icland said they wanted to join the EU they had to let outsiders invest/buy Iceland businesses. It didn't work out to well but the Niceland people are the only ones to put bankster in jail and file charges against those outside the nation.

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over the next 50 years they will  - murder by neglect  - 160 million people in this country - game is in motion not just with limitation of medical services but by creating more extraction in the form of rents of various kind - discretionary income  - will be eliminated for a huge portion of the population which will not be able to keep up with the basics

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I hope his cancer comes back with a vengeance and he's in hospice for 10 years.  I also hope his caretakers punch him in the nuts every hour.



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Why do you think HEALTHCARE RATIONING is at the very heart of Obamacare?

Did you think the Socialist Morons around him wrote about Radical Population Controls  for nothing?

spooz's picture

You have no idea what is going on with Boomers.  Their nesteggs have been destroyed by ZIRP and repeated crashes, and they ARE getting jobs and keeping them out of necessity.  Another chart.

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Guys like Bob have been FIRING people like mad in the name of 'productivity' - code for loading up more work on cheaper workers.  

Ask all the people Bop dumped whlle at Paine Webber and Met LIfe.


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Well, yeah. There's that. Then there's the fact that 35-45% of Boomers are the primary caregivers for their elderly parents/relatives. Not for the money, but because so many of the previous generation have too much income to quality for medicaid, but not enough to pay for private care. This is just getting worse.

Its_the_economy_stupid's picture

No one gets to retire.

Get used to it.

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S S I - Social Security Insurance. It was always meant to be Insurance not retirement income. The actuarial numbers worked when you started receiving it at age 62 and the life expectancy was 59, nuff said.


that was a fairly ignorant generalization.   There are plenty of boomers who aren't benefiting from the New Deal or the Great Society.  There are many that will work till they drop either because of need or the work ethic instilled in them by the greatest generation.



jus_lite_reading's picture

This shit has got to end...

Heads will be rolling very soon...

SilverTree's picture

How long do you think we have?

Most say within 5 years.

Divided States of America's picture

First it was Greenspan, than Bernanke, than Summers, and now Benmosche.

I dont want to beat on a dead horse but from the garbage that spews out of his mouth, I can tell he is definitely Jewish.

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MDB would point out that the life expectancy of the average Greek is only an average.  You have at least a 50% chance that you would be able to enjoy that pension for longer than 16 months.

He would point out that if you are, say 45 years-old, you are already part of a smaller, "healthier" pool of walking dead, so if you take out the factor of the quitters your age that have croaked in their youth (grossly skewing the average), your chances are probably around 80% that you would ever get to retire.  See, not as dire as it looks, really.


jus_lite_reading's picture

Thank you for seeing the connection as well...

Remember the words of Voltaire...


"I know that there are some Jews in the English colonies. These marranos go wherever there is money to be made... But whether these circumcised who sell old clothes claim that they are of the tribe of Naphtali or Issachar is not of the slightest importance. They are, simply, the biggest scoundrels who have ever dirtied the face of the earth." —Voltaire, Letter to Jean-Baptiste Nicolas de Lisle de Sales, December 15, 1773. Correspondance. 86:166

Written over 200 years ago...