Alessio Rastani Makes Prime Time TV Circuit

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The "BBC TV" trader, whose clip Zero Hedge first presented to the broader world and has since become an internet sensation with well over 1 million views, has just made the prime time TV circuit with a first stop on CNN. Here is some more of his story.

Jim Boulden has more:

Firstly, Rastani is an amateur trader using his own money (as a "hobby", he has told other media) and he's not registered with the Financial Services Authority to trade other people's money. He doesn't claim otherwise, but there was a feeling after his first interview that he was some sort of suit from the City or Wall Street giving sage advice to his clients.


He does or can have other clients though. His website calls him a speaker and trainer of others who want to trade.


In my interview, Rastani said he does trade being prepared for a recession, but that as a "human being you don't want it. As a trader you think differently. You're going to have volatile... conditions to make money in that market."


He also said he was a religious man. He was also clearly nervous about the whole affair and was undecided for an hour to whether he should actually sit on our set for the interview. He said no a few times, before we sat down.


"The question is, why are they paying attention to this?" he asked. "In my opinion somebody out there doesn't want my voice to be heard and they want to attack me and damage me."


He talked of the 'Big Boys' being desperate to keep people like him from talking about the coming economic storm.


He admits there may be a book in the works, but one that focuses on traders whom he admires.


When I asked him if he was for real, he said he would not say things about the markets he did not truly believe. When I asked him if he is a member of the so-called "Yes-Men" who have faked TV interviews in the past, he would not say yes or no. "Let people believe what they want to," he said.


To my mind, he should have been touted up front as a guy who has strong opinions on the markets, but certainly not as a 'trader' or "investment adviser" in the classic sense. That does not make his view any more or less valid but, with that preamble, I don't think it would have gone viral.

Full clip:

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CNN desperately needs viewers.

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CNN is pathetic now they attempt to discredit his view point. They say he only made those statements to sell his book?! What about the thousands of other people that agree with this guy and have nothing to gain. Complete utter nonsense.

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Kind of tough to discredit his view point when he was followed up by Attila Szalay-Berzeviczy of Unicredit. I haven't noticed anyone trying to discredit his comments. Or Richard Fischer. Or... you get the idea.

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He's right about a lot, but I became a bit bemused when he claimed that the dollar and the UST are "safer assets".

Anyone who believes that is smoking some good hopium. 

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in other words, he is saying he NEVER lies .... well, i'll take everything he says w/ a bit of salt so to speak ...

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That is not what he is saying.  He is saying that he fears God so he has a restraint on greedy intentions.

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If you listen carefully in the original clip he said THEY (meaning the main-stream traders) are the ones going to treasurys and dollars. As they are construed to be "safe"   According to his website he believes silver and gold are the TRUE safe assets

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If it is on CNN or BBC/GBC (Government Broadcast Corp) you can be pretty much assured that it is disinformation.


Remember the upshot of his original interview was that there is a crash coming and that people were getting into USD & BONDS!


We are going to have currency mayhem and people should be in BONDS!  You can never have too much paper.


The equity markets will take off when the currency crisis hits and gold and silver will shoot over the horizon.


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"This is part of the trouble in our declining civilization: men and women in these times wish to live in illusions, and the politicians, the bankers and their economist lapdogs have been providing those illusions for many decades now. Those illusions were enabled by the “Welfare State”: Comfort and security from cradle to grave, with no requirement of hard work to merit them. On the other hand, it would also be reasonable to say that men and women today live in illusions, because they were forced to do so by the fiat money they had to use. Once fiat money is in place, all becomes illusion and gambling and people give up trying to make sense of life. Pretty soon they take illusions to be realities."


Hugo Salinas Price



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Not him. Not 1%. Jayzus.

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Whoever the pajama daytrader was on BBC yesterday, BBC placing him on a world forum suggesting investors get into USD and bonds during an impending currency crisis, when all these currencies will be in play, was not, shall we say, felicitous.  The royal we is for the BBC.


At least 1.5% :

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..until the illusion evaporates and reality bitch slaps them.

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@ PintoCurrency -Wow, that's one of the greatest quotes I've heard about fiat money, and it sums up why I hate it so much. It wreaks havoc upon the world.

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He is right on. Mexico already has the largest silver mines in the world might as well put them to good use. Just imagine how a silver peso would destroy all the fiat currencies out there.

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If it is on CNN or BBC/GBC (Government Broadcast Corp) you can be pretty much assured that it is disinformation.

Remember the upshot of his original interview was that there is a crash coming and that people were getting into USD & BONDS! 

You guys are paranoid freaks.  Just because some unknown guy who trades from home in his pajamas says the market is going to crash and investors will favor to the USD - as they always do in times of stress - doesn't mean it's some government-led conspiracy.  Nor is it newsworthy. 

Investors have been steadily piling into government bonds since the 1970's.  You think that's some sort of conspiracy, too? 

<napoleon dynamite voice>  Idiots! God!


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If you want to believe your tv, that is okay. But don't expect anyone else does.

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Why is Gubmint Broadcasting promoting the economic views of some guy who trades in his pajamas?  And don't say for the same reason some guy who belongs at home in his pajamas is President of the US.

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Attila the Hun did not suggest that everyone pile into cash and bonds with an impending currency crisis. 

In fact if you look at the Merval Index in Argentina in 2001 - 2002, it did not increase by enough to fully protect against the currency devaluation however it gave some protection - a heck of a lot more than currency or bonds.

Gold, silver, oil, food, farmland, food production, rail, alternative energy - enjoy the ride.

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My post wasn't a reply to you.. ;)

+100 to your post.

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Troll, Troll, Troll the blog
Gently down the stream
Merrily, merrily telling great lies
Clothed in former dreams

James T. Kirk's picture

Read it again. It reads "telling great lies clothed in past dreams. " Damn it, Vlad, I'm a Star Ship Captain, not a poet.

James T. Kirk's picture

I was addressing the yellow Nazi smiley face troll, and his foolish Troll 101statements above.

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Summary:  Stock markets usually fall in a financial crisis, but in 2001-2002 the Argentine stock market went up.  Examining the details showed that stocks of U.S. companies that traded on the Argentine exchange went up because it was a route around capital controls that blocked flight to safety.  

What companies trading on US exchanges have the most isolation away from US$?  If the Euro beats the US$ in the race to the bottom, Swiss Francs would surely detach from the sinking stone and Swiss companies might preserve value better than the money market. 


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During a currency crisis it is better to hold the stock of a company than the stock of a central bank (currency).


Scroll down to see Ben.


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+1 The exact point I wanted to make

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He's of Italian/Persian origin.  

Maybe he was the target of Russian assasins and he's afraid of being Vince Fostered out.  Maybe he took a hit of really bunk lsd that morning. 

Who knows anymore?  

I just want Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street's banks to get off the taxpayers' tits.  

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"He's right about a lot, but I became a bit bemused when he claimed that the dollar and the UST are 'safer assets'"

He was referring in that case to what people who don't want to buy or hedge risk assets could do to preserve their assets.  The dollar, at least for now, is the least worse of the fiat currencies.  As Denninger says, the rest of the fiat currencies have AIDS, but the dollar only has the clap.

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The problem is that the USD will go a few weeks after the Euro goes.

I am not brave enough to dance from one failing currency to the next as each one caves.

Buckle up time.

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He's onto something... I think the news might have censored anything he said out.

"#18 Israel has dumped 46 percent of its U.S. Treasuries and Russia has dumped 95 percent of its U.S. Treasuries.  Do they know something that we don't?"

Turkey bought drones from the U.S.  They're upset about Israeli floatillas.  The Turks, Israel and Russia seem to be in competition for Cyprus oil.  Iran and Germany are just backdrops at this point.

Has anyone noticed that the Greenback went up as a result of no action from the Federal Reserve?  


Sooo, what else is new?  

"What You Need To Know About Russia's "Berlin Group" And Their Global Assassination Hit List

The victims were all members of Istanbul's Chechen community. One of the men killed was Berg-Haj Musayev, and the other men were believed to be his bodyguards, reports The Telegraph. Musayev was allegedly close to Russia's most wanted man Doku Umarov, thought to be responsible for a suicide bomb attack at a Moscow airport in January.

Turkish secret forces later raided the hotel room of the man they suspected of being involved, acting on a tip. The assassin was thought to be Alexander Zharkov, a 55-year-old Russian national traveling on a diplomatic passport" 

Istanbul is in Turkey.  Why are Russians after the Turks? 

And here's a short recap on French pulling Americans with puppet strings on the Palistine issue, featuring Morgan Stanley...

‎"Morgan Stanley had $39 billion in total exposure against French banks at the end of 2010, up $30 billion from the year prior, and enough to wipe out its entire market cap and then some should French banks be pulled under."


"Morgan Stanley's Exposure To French Banks Is 60% Greater Than Its Market Cap... And More Than Half Its Book Value"


US, France and Palestine...

"President Obama poured a bucket of ice water on the Palestinian bid to have the Security Council recognize Palestine as a state. "Peace will not come through statements and resolutions at the U.N.," he told the General Assembly, as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas held his head in his hands.

Speaking an hour later, French President Nicolas Sarkozy respectfully, and pointedly disagreed. He called for the Palestinians to become "an observer state," similar to the status the Vatican holds at the U.N. Sarkozy also called for a fixed timetable of negotiations to reach a final peace agreement with Israel in one year."


Would France's influence have ANYTHING to do with Morgan Stanley's exposure to French Banks?  

*Hey ISRAEL! Wanna keep Palestine from being a state?

Since Israel is doing so well, this is EXACTLY where you want to intervene.* (this is why I call Israel's political state of affairs in the Middle East a "false dichotomy"- you want friends, be a friend and help?    


Israel has money.  Their economy is doing just dandy.  They couldn't do anything to help Morgan Stanley out with those strings?  Especially since the US is in a wicked recession and we've been giving them $2.5 billion a year in aid?  


It seems like Israel doesn't even want to help themselves out of the Palestine issue.   I've often wondered why Israel never helped Americans lobby for domestic drilling, since it's known that Saudis fund Al Qaeda.  I also wondered why Jewish Americans don't sign up for the military and get advanced degrees when our neocons are blaming student loans for the subprime scandal.  


It also helps to know that when Greece defaults, Cyprus will be cheep cheep cheep!


I'm intrigued by Alessio Rastani's comments on BBC.  I wish I could read the man's mind.     


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okay. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION.  (Candlestick charts are not going to predict this for you.)  

Turkey bought drones from the US.  I think that ticked off both Israel and Russia.  Israel and Russia dumped U.S. Treasuries.  

That's a very feasable reason why the value of the USD went up. 

In order for the dollar to go down again, the Federal Reserve would have to buy up these Treasuries which means Quantitative Easing the trilogy. 

That's all.  Now you can go back to your crystal ball and palm reader for better tips.  

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That is one of the points that Automatic Earth makes, the dollar is safer because as the EU collapses the flight will be away from the Euro to the dollar.

spiral_eyes's picture

the final flight in this game of globalisation and competitive currency debasement will be the flight out of fiat into hard assets. everything else is a prelude.

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In an attempt to avoid distracting or overwhelming the Attackwatch team (which is no doubt a tall order)  I would like to present the prevailing sentiment...FUCK THE FED, FUCK THE BANKS, FUCK THE ECB and please...pretty please...Greece, call it a day and just fold.  The game is over.

I almost forgot, FUCK YOU BERNANKE!

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notice they don't "discredit" it with any facts

TruthInSunshine's picture

Major Head & Shoulder pattern (bend your knees and grab your toes, longs - then again, The Bernank is comin' to the rescue! - like in 2007, right?):


Then again, I'm not a technicals sort of person, preferring to look at the rapidly deteriorating fundamentals within the global economy, knowing full well that reality always catches up with and beats down Hopium Addicts, no matter how much kick the can the charlatans at the Central Banks play.

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Davey: " The Ministry of Truthiness is working on your concept of "discredit" and will be back to you shortly.  Thank you for contacting us and have a great day!"

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Love this guy. If a smoker tells you that cigarette smoking pollutes your lungs does it make it any less true?

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"CNN desperately needs viewers"

 So does ZH!

Hey Tyler.... Slow news night... looking to get a rise out of some... post some CNN vomit... 

Now infuriated, we're going to fill in your blog... for entertainment purposes... for the masses. 

What ever his motivation, he spewed the truth... don't deny us a little oxygen and give them the last word.



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are you an air force or fed reserve sock puppet?

Catch-22's picture

I don't like being tricked into watching CNN... I don't watch CNBS either...

To much aggravation !!!


Ned Zeppelin's picture

So, he's just "some guy" who happens to be telling the truth?

Perpetual Burn's picture

Yes and people are freaking out over it for some reason.

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Because you have people like Bridgett who say things like "Gold isn't backed by anything" and say investors prefer the US dollar because it's backed by the US government.

I couldn't believe this and laughed my ass off til I was red in the face:

Just goes to show you why talking to the average person on the street about gold, silver, the economy and other issues is like nailing Jell-o to a wall. It is unbearably frustrating and after enough attempts you just give up.