All That Matters: Today's DC Agenda

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"9:00 AM:  House Democrats hold closed meeting."

or is that supposed to read closed-minded meeting?

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Expect a party when the junkie gets his fix.

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Just remember, Congress can pass a one page paper airplane of a bill to raise the limit, and do it at 11:45 PM Monday night.

The most likely outcome now is that the Republican leadership, Democrats, and 'moderate' Republicans in the House pass a simple debt ceiling increase while the right wing has an Alamo experience voting against it.  Vote would be something like 355-80.



the not so mighty maximiza's picture

I get a strange feelling a fillibuster will happen in the senate of if they pass a paper airplane.

Jim in MN's picture

Strange that not one senator has ever filibustered a debt ceiling increase since 1917....or maybe it's not strange at all....

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Curiously how do you get a job that makes you a millionaire and all you have to do is sit around and bitch and accomplish nothing?  I'm not much for the end of the world 2012 scenario but the way things are going 2012 better hurry up and get here lol.

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It is ridiculous... and they're all so entrenched in the inability to give a straight answer - my wife attended an internship at the white house last fall and I got a tour of the white house from one of the top security guys... Every question i asked about anything political came with the response "Well thats not simple to answer..." followed by a drawn out dialogue that never actually answered anything... I was asking ZH type questions though lol

The white house was a cool place - lot of history (by american standards) - but i can see why everything is such a shambles politically...

I'm actually very glad I'm on my 10 year green card... I was going to get citizenship straight away but now i'm just gonna live and work here mulling it over ;-)

TradingJoe's picture

Another round of sell off's which will render "the market" short term oversold, followed by a rally on the "debt plan" followed by another sell off on "the debt plan" and so forth :)))!

wrs's picture

I don't think they are going to pass anything before Aug 2.  If they do, the Tea Party is dead.  This is another rollover to the bankers and if the people matter, nothing will pass.  The more the MSM says people will be hurt if this doesn't pass, the more the bankers will be hurt.  The people are screwed anyway, the bankers are just making sure they get all they can before it's get out of Dodge time.

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ROFLMAO,  anyone else watch CNBC just now and the paid pumper trader they have on everyday said.  A default because you can't pay your bills is different than a default because you can't decide how to pay your bills.  ROFLMAO   No wonder I don't watch that show, and I wish I didn't turn it on for the fudged unemployment numbers   ROFLMAO  Where do they dig these clowns up at?

MonkeySmoke's picture

Pass the bread, please, as the circus is beginning in earnest.

Milton Waddams's picture

Fiddling on the Titanic is serious business...

waldocktrades's picture

Waiting for the resolution rally to sell stock index futures. Tired of trading the news and just want to get back to trading the damn markets.

I've got a plan -

waldocktrades's picture

Waiting for the resolution rally to sell stock index futures. Tired of trading the news and just want to get back to trading the damn markets.

I've got a plan -

oogs66's picture

think the debt ceiling debate is all that is holding up stocks, italian and spanish bonds sucking wind again

oldmanagain's picture

The charade is using the debt ceiling as a legislative jumping off place.  These are bills owed.  Tea pary is looking stupid.  

monopoly's picture

This is all so boring. Raise the damn ceiling, lets get up to 16 trillion and do it again. Stopped trading this market a while back. Makes little sense. Our economy is not growing, it is contracting at a slow steady pace.


Container-Ship Plunge Signals U.S. Slowdown
Milton Waddams's picture

Additionally, I was watching these bums yesterday prattle on and on about the debt ceiling; some actually used the market as a reason to rush toward some resolve, saying it was nervous and shaky or whatever.  However, at the time stocks were an eyelash from the local highs, treasury yields were a stones throw from generational lows, and credit spreads indicated no signs of distress.  It was as if they were reading the script for the film Armageddon whilst on the set of Sesame Street.

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Teaparty is/are being hijacked by the Handlers. Just another stage to keep your little minds occupied. Just look at the Repubs, (not a good comparison).

Face it, we are ruled by a financial oligarchy. Once accepted, place yourselves in their shoes and be profitable living like a king.

Of course, you must always think reduction of masses, and the like.

Good Luck Slaverades!


MassDecep's picture

The Truth Hurts !! I really do feel for you, when someone talks against your team.

Kinda like the football mentality. Sucks being a loser, doesn't it?Remember, these politicians are placed in power for a reason. They care nothing for you.  


They build you up, and tear you down. Don't be discouraged, my message to you is be at peace and stop playing their game..

Take your eyes off the stage, and concentrate on the people you can help next to you.

You and they are going to need all the help you can get,,,shortly.


rwe2late's picture

"when Boehner's plan is expected to pass Congress only to be deadended in the Senate"


"when Boehner's plan is expected to pass the House only to be deadended in the Senate"

Bob's picture

I get the impression that "Congress" is being widely bastardized to mean the House of Representatives these days. 

toady's picture

That is the portion of the article I was wondering about, but not regarding the symantics you point out.

The last I heard, boner didn't have the votes to pass it... Now he does?

All I can find is information speculating that the teabaggers are being broken and dragged into the greater GOP.

I suppose only the final vote will tell.

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