All For One, And One For All...

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Meanwhile, here's some consumer advice from your friendly Senator Durbin:

Great, Thanks... I guess

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How are you the first commentor on every article I read here?

You could not have read, understood, and developed a cogent thought in response to this article in 3 minutes.

Are you hitting refresh every second all day?

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TD posts on Twitter when a story new.  Keep an eye on that and you can get the jump on him.

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It's a primary information source used by HFT trading algorithms.


"So stocks rose 4% on a plan of a plan to plan a plan for a bank they hadn't heard of until this morning.  Hmmm."


Great, now people in my office think I'm insane because I started laughing out loud.  That line is classic.

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Do you want to Occupy Wall Street?  Then withdraw 100$ in change and do something about it.


Do you REALLY want to Occupy Wall Street? Then spread the word and withdraw 200$ in change.


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wall st's latest scam IPO because sheeple didn't learn it the first dotcom bubble.



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Was that them silly stocks in that silly exchange that is still off about 50% from where it was in January of 2000 by chance?

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Those are the good ones who survived.


The rest like E.Piphany which rose 10000% then crashed are gone.


Obama trying to launch facebook into China, gather database full of personal information of communist regime's slaves I mean citizens, then sell it to Chinese military to pay the US debt off. Throw LinkedIn into the deal with resumes of unemployable Americans with liberal arts degrees so China can study American consumer tastes.


Capitalism American style!


20 years later, we can thank china with this gift: a t-shirt that says "We bought facebook for $10Trillion and all we got is this lousy t-shirt"

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And you were able to read the post, scan the comments, write a comment, and edit the comment all in 9 minutes?

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Maybe he is a Hedgefund super computer

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Yea it took me about 10 minutes. 

Scan comments? Uh, it's the first one.

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Before you edited your time stamp was 6 minutes after the article posted.

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Multiple screens, I read whilst being read to, I'm also over at Jesse's Cafe. And making currency but not during bullshit ramps...

It's an elaborate operation here.

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Bob, Jealous much??? 

And I think the author (and ZH in general) is also jealous that all his logic and fundamentally sound reasoning can't make make the market go down...the market will rage against the light, the truth, the cold hard reality that it's really a pure piece of fraudulent shit.  That inconvient truth aside, time to BTFD???

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Bleeding with jealousy

So much jealousy I need to innovate new ways to lament it.

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Sadly, he's almost correct.

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Not jealous, incredulous! For the last three years the market has levitated on "less bad" news and on rumors. It makes no sense.

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Any port in a storm...any rally on news ( any damn news will do)

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shenanigans. that videos is for aug 12 2011


look at 1:47. same guy talkin to the 'swat'.

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that vid is no good... shows rain.  sunny today in STL.  besides, god like productions is itself a psyop run by some military guys to experiement with manipulation on the internet.  sure some posters sometimes post interesting stuff... but there is so much bullshit on that site to make it not worthwhile. 

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thx for the info.  Well, back to my hole.

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That's the beauty of any good psyop. Enough truth to attract attention, with enough disinfo to muddy the distinction between the two.

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Sort of like your comment...

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"So stocks rose 4% on a plan of a plan to plan a plan"


Sounds like a plan. I wish I was that smart, so that I can be a trader

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Boooyaa! Oh yea baby! Cramers chattin up this phoney rally big time! Yea! Buy Buy buy bye bye bye! Friggin moron, he used to trade, but now he is banned, all part of a settlement with the SEC.

buzzsaw99's picture was a beautiful Belgian day. The smell of waffles and Brussels's sprouts filled the summer air...

[/dr. evil]

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pete! you're alive! i had my doubts there. did you hang on or get sqeezed out?

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Added to SPXU and MS puts at the close......  just going to wait until the Bear reels this BS back in....and then some.

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same here. I grabbed some MS Oct 12 puts.

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It's not Hmmmmm's pure HA HA HA

This is becoming a clear joke. Manipulated markets, MSM puppets in perfect harmony, short squeezing sheeps

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They will all have to borrow money to save the other ones...

uh....  hmmm, do you have to be totally brain dead to be in this bankster club?

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Dexia's demise will be messy. Not only will Belgium and possibly France get downgraded for doing this, but the bondholders might have to take a haircut, triggering CDS's written on these. This is far from over. 

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Gotta figure a France downgrade is pretty much guaranteed due to the guarantees.

What I wonder is, when does Germany get downgraded?  Sooner or later all this shit will fall on them.

alien-IQ's picture does this mean I should break out that 4 year old tab of acid in my freezer or what?

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forex charts look much cooler on acid.

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I may have to add a couple of bottles of Chimay to the mix just to round out the whole Belgium theme.

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That's where you get your 'alien' IQ!

See 'ya here ~8D

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***** "Demonstrators that don't know what they are demonstrating for or against. Law makers that are passing legislation and regulation on things they have no understanding of just for the sake of political grandstanding. People getting paid huge salaries for not producing and taking the company down the drain. A media that seldom reports things correctly or completely.


Ain't America great? We're all idiots" *****

stolen quote.. but it was to good not to share! all credit to the orginal poster of the quote! take a bow!

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There is no real money in the market - outflows for months, hedge fund redemptions and retail investors are all but gone. No QE3 (yet), what other than short covering could send the market higher?

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The Check is in the mail, really, it is.___________ Of course I'm good for it!__________ Look at the American Stock Market for Pete's sake, they believe me!

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It must be a cunning plan.

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BBVA:  World record volume today


I knew the "fix was in", I was watching huge block buying in BBVA all day.

It traded world record volume, somebody knew that a bailout for all these PIIGS was underway.

And anybody notice how PM's were totally slaughtered on purpose, within hours of the "Bailout" news?

No doubt, the PigMen were flushing out the weak ones and buying for themselves.

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Example #12,546,782 why you don't buy anything on spec or margin.  Ever.

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So, to summarize, the following are the options:

1.  Print a fuckload of Euros and bail out the banks.

2.  Print a fuckload of US dollars and backdoor bail out the banks.

It seems pretty obvious that #2 is a lot more likely than #1 (though both could definitely occur), but regardless, there's going to be a shitfuckload more currency out there, a near zero nominal growth rate in developed countries, and a deeply negative real growth rate in developed countries.