All The World's A Stage

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the market is trading on hot air. it's very sad. when i was a kid i thought markets were about fundamentals, profit and loss. sadly, today it's all about government interventions. tragicomedy.

the bust was inevitable.

the real question is whether or not the west wil start a load of new wars to (ahem) "raise aggregate demand" 


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Scrip Scripts. Plain and simple. It is a dance and a 3D movie rolled into one. Which seems the emergent reality anyways.



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If all the worlds a stage, who's in the audience?

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Dunno, but I'll be real money they're a captive audience.

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Sorry, this is one flick Ill skip as I already read the book.



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Teddy Turner

This is the most important video you will ever see


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Boy I tell you whut. What I wouldn't give to stop people from postin unidentified vidyuhs from that "Yhou Tube thing." /Hank Hill
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i have called cnbc and spoken to the news desk multiple times and blamed them for irresponsible journalism...not reporting on the Paulson hedgie story...and their ability to only pull out the pom poms for a rally and yet they do nothing but pump the mkt...maybe we should all call and continue to complain

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your liberty is an illusion. TPTB have chosen coordination to protect the ogligarchs.  prepare for stagflation in the West.  And hyperinflation in the BRICS as your life savings is eroded through high-hyper inflation for the 0.1%.


Once we reached the tipping point of runaway inflation in 2012  Central Banks can do nothing, because they have created a weapon of financial destruction from their monetized balance sheet.


And if you're a cop--think of how pissed you're going to be when the 0.1% raids your pension, and your life savings is gone, in that inflationary world.  Why do you protect them.

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Because they pay them.

Pinkerton, bitchez!

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This week's playbill:


Sarkozy as Pinocchio

Merkel as Brute (et tu, Brute?) and or Judas

The Bernank as Irving Fisher & The Kaiser (dual role)

Obama as Nero fiddling in Maui

Jamie Dimon as himself

Timmay Geithner as Rodney Dangerfield


Makeup! Wardrobe! Has anyone seen Banzai?

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I don't know, with a little makeup, Timmay makes a better Redd Fox 

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well, at least you guys are awae that timmah is involved, going to meet, not w/ the finiMinis, but w/ the heavy hitters b4 the summit this week

most likely he'll offer them 'm0repo bridge financing' till they can get their "treaties" aligned w/ endless fiat via runaway printing

haven't seen tyler or peter.t mention this trip, which was annonced friday afternoon, yet

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where is the pullback..!?

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isnt going to be one....this is all manipulated i wouldnt be schocked if the fed buys ES futures overnight to create these f'd up bs rallies they are buying euros thats for sure

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they seem to be making one last effort to push stocks in the thinking that somehow that fixes the economy

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Thats (demo)crazy

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On a similar theme of the world "stage":

Overweight in Metal, This Band Tries to Play Tunes in Forex Metallica, Other Rockers Go Hardcore to Master Currency Moves; 'a U.S. Export'

"Metallica's longtime manager, Cliff Burnstein, is accelerating the band's tour plans to avoid getting sucked into Europe's debt troubles. With the gloom among investors spreading to richer countries such as France, Mr. Burnstein is worried that the euro will tank, making it harder for concert promoters in the 17 countries that use the currency to pay Metallica's fees."

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I see there is a record of a crime scene on the Kitco gold charts over night,and this morning.

Timmy sucks Benny's cock.......

You fucking faggotts....

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Now that's classy.


And you can't even spell the damn word. There is only one 't' at the end.

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There's not enough budget for this to be a movie. But they could possibly fund an episode of "Murder She Wrote" with Merkel playing the Angela Landsbury role of Jessica Fletcher. ;-)

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This whole thing is world wide and systemic. I am seriously thinking of taking a stand. An old retired lawman, engaging in purposeful tax evasion. Really.

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Won't matter a whit to them, they will take all you have, your pension,retirement, your home,your car/truck.

Anything of value, and throw away the key.They also will keep track of what you owe, and add penalties and interest to it, until you decide you want to live in somethingbesides a tent.

And they will print regardless if any taxes are collected or not, they have NO choice.

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Does this "show" ever end?

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Nope, it's now in syndication.

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all logic and reason have left the building....dollar cost averaging the Ponzi scheme of the century-----u will see

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POMO's will be relentless this week.  I lost on my weekend short bet, but c'est la vie!

P.S.  we've averaged +17 point days the last 6 trading days, and that is counting today.

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this is why they wanted algo can easily manipulate the can say what you want but when there were pits there was order

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yup...price action drives all over the short reward for thinking

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All the World's A Stage


Some other, appropro Peart-isms:

You can twist perception, reality won't budge...

All puffed up with vanity
We see what we want to see
To the powerful and the wise
The mirror always lies

Who can face the knowledge that the truth is not the truth?

Don't annoy us further!
We have our work to do
Just think about the average
What use have they for you?
Another toy will help destroy
The elder race of man
Forget about your silly whim
It doesn't fit the Plan!

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"Anyone who tries to figure out how austerity and growth work together, or where the money is coming, or any other details,  will be escorted from room, and will be Clockwork Oranged into reading “fringe blogging websites” until they accept that details are bad, and only vague notions and slogans can “solve” anything."

Got to hand it to Peter, for an American, he seems to have a great feel for how Euroland works.

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If ten years ago you told me this shit would happen I would have laughed. Now It's hard to know what to do!!

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Prepare. Fear is not a solution but preparedness is a sane state of mind yet does not necessitate a total withdrawal from the system. It only implies insuring a hardened state in which you will not be devastated by over-dependence on the system should it crash/go through hard times.

According to your means get some cash on hand. Enough to last a few months. Get a physical PMs stash started to last you a year. Diversify your assets into real commodities of value. Start building up a food supply to last for an extended period of time, especially if you are in a region where there is no thriving local economy or where food supply depends a lot on large scale logistics (big cities away from any agrarian territory, for instance - I'm living in rural central america, on the other hand, so I dont feel overly threatened here: there is a lot of local, independant food production means that will be unaffected in case of systemic collapse). Start with a few months, build up to 6 months, a year, ultimately 2 years but do it progressively so you don't feel overwhelmed (and to avoid getting caught in a stupid situation, i.e. 2 years of rice and beans yet no method of access to potable water). Don't brag or gossip about your preps, yet get to know your neighbors. Offer to help with problems you can solve and spot which other neighbors are resourceful and prepared, what their skills are, what they can offer.

Visit prepping forums. Divert some of your liquidity and longterm assets into tools of all sorts, from woodworking to electronics. Develop your hobbies into life-sustaining skills. Having the tools and know-how to build a shed, purify water, fix cars, growing a small liberty garden etc., are infinitely useful skill in a destabilized economy where relying on yourself and on the local community gains increased importance.

But I'm just saying this for the sake of other people like you who are wondering about the same question that you are. You have already been hanging out here for a year so you should already have heard all of this, now it's (past) time to integrate it in your lifestyle.

Edit: Oh, and get in touch with your inner spirituality, whatever your religion or lack of it. It will show you how to become stalwart and to stay unaffected by the harsh circumstances that are quite probably coming. That should actually be the prime objective while the other preparations around it are only for material/physical safety. 

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"At this point, I will give the politicians some credit"

yes, they took the credit, we took the debt.

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Its getting sickening, I now almost puke every time I see Merkel and Sarkosy meet and almost make out when they have to do that kiss each cheeck BS, and then they pose for the awkward hand shake and then they talk flor a minute using hand gestures and then they dissapear through some double doors. How amny times are they gonna have to meet before we have a complete multi currency collapse. I hope its soon.

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They only kiss because the other option is a "Heil!" salute.

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it is such BS what these guys do, but they control it all...insanity!

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Let's not be so naive. This market is being manipulated up in order to give the manipulators better exit points. At the same time they are keeping the PMs in check so they can get in at good levels. Although the printing presses are not yet running at full production they are all at least warmed up and churning out limited production runs. This should have gold tearing but it isn't, so why not. Manipulation. 

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And in this manipulated world, wouldn't you expect a BIG sale on PMs just ahead of the BIG print?  How much Au would free up (for CB consumption) if S&P and gold were both at 1,350?  I'm not predicting it, just sayin' that equity levitation provides nice cover for back-alley bullion accumulation.

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This is so blatant.

FTSE 0.42%

Gold -0.25%

EUR USD 0.58%

HYG 0.43%

SPY 1.71% !!!

I might look to get out of my equity shorts for a week or so- but not until SPY gets off the laughing gas

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“World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings.”

~Denis Healey, former British Defence Secretary and Secretary of the Exchequer


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I always think it's a wrestling match between that and the fallout that even the best conspirators can't control

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Don't fight the colluders!

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Y didn't U C that when the bottom was "666" ,... had 2 tell U, OZ was fine. Now where is OZ today? 1 clue is all ye get - it's somewhere in neverland,... 

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Peter my man, you left one possible, (probable?), act unmentioned. And that's the rousing one, filled with patriotic music and much flag-waving. There's nothing like a good old-fashioned war to distract the masses. One only has to remember the last refuge of scoundrels...

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To fight a war one needs and army. But the Eurolanders disbanded theirs to pay for their socialist nanny states.

Come to think of it, knew socialism must have been good for something, just did know what. Now I know:)

But it's still muerte:))

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Well, at least the writing has been pretty good.  Some allowance should be made for the advancement of technology, as the stage has been replaced by Video 24/7.

" All the word is a reality tv show "  

What happens off camera on one show is the basis for a new one on another "feed". 

Computers vie with each other over logic puzzles that loop around and around, replacing actors with animation and analysis with opinion that is hard wired and Branded.



Time to pull the plug.



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"excited about this opportunity" lol


Clive Maund says the commercials are massively long the euro.