All You Need To Know About The Aptly Misnamed US "Supercommittee", Complete With Trading Cards

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Hitlers of Amerika

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The Careless Whisper Morning Update


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Who put the trading cards together?  The guys 10 year old son?  The lines are off and John Kerry's is actually leaning left...which is actually kind of funny.

ahem, and now back to your regularly scheduled collapse.

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"the unelected sub-branch of the legislative body which is supposed to find $1.2 trillion in cuts to enact the debt ceiling hike that Obama passed in August so that America can spend itself into the drunken sailor coma."

this comparison is an insult to drunken sailors everywhere.

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Our Republic is rotting. Congress has ceded its legislative authority to a committee that is hand picked and not representative of the nation. Democracy is dead, our Constitution is ignored. And the next one of these assholes that says they are "trying to do what's right for the country" should get punched in the mouth.

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yes, that's what I thought, doesn't Congress delegating its undelegatable responsibilities unconstitutional?  But since when has the that mattered. 

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Subpar subparidiots subparcommittee!

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perfect!   treding cards your kids can put in their bike spokes and splatter to kingdom come and feel great about after!

as opposed to still being all depressed about what happened to that '56 Mantle...


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Yeah, my Mom threw mine in the trash, too. Along with my comics collection that would today be worth north of $30k. Which is far more than those bozos above are worth.

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Not too hard to be worth $30k.  Just imagine if you collected gold coins (not the chocolate ones, either)....

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as with our newly found czar's, we now have a 'presidium', all from,... 'russia with love' - how quaint

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Norm Scwarzkoff, FTW. he was the first real Czar (Ceaser) in America...

The Drug Czar, how true that was. Hah!

And is the male female ratio of the congress 1/12?


Caveat Emptor

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Finally Democracy is dead , well we can get back to living in a Rebublic like it should be 

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the next thing you know Redpill, the Supreme Court will be ratifying unlimited corporate campaign contributions. It is dead and with it, solutions that work within this rotten system   

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Jesus had 12 disciples.  Congress in an attempt to be everyone's messiah selected 12 to be fisher of men... er... taxer of men.  I wonder which one is the Judas. Maybe there are 11 Judas's and one true disciple. 

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he couldn't be even if he wanted to be since he voted AGAINST the committee's formation

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i may have enjoyed monday nite as much as you, baby_B...


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how dare he invoke the constitution. is this the same bastard who wants an honest banking system?  

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The question is: Who is holding the cards?

My guess is Alice Rivlin, former Fed Vice Chairman. See the Rivlin Domenci Debt Reduction Plan.

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Ron Paul should be the deficit reduction supercomittee.

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Wait, then something might actually be cut, unlike this made up "$1.2 Trillion Over 10 Years" garbage that means absolutely nothing whatsoever.  We can't have actual federal budget cuts, what are you thinking!

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Exactly! LOL. 1.2 Trillion over 10 years and the first 6 years will be 10 billion each year.

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"Wall St Execs Boycott Restaurant After Famed Chef Batali Says They Stole More Than Hitler"

I don't blame those execs, doesn't that idiot Chef know where the stealing has been going on? Wasn't on Wall Street baby... The one dude who got it right got fired and now MNF has become totally unwatchable.

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Ya, that whole checks/balances and constitutional Republic idea is too restricting, fascism is much more streamlined. I'm sure those 12, and Obama, know what's best for us!

<sarc off>

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It's amazing how the US of Oligarkistan has to resort to a politburo to try and get things done

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"There is not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties."

No less true in 2012, than it was during the Election of '68. This Gang of Twelve is essentially the Washington equivalent of the Presidium. Absolutely shameful, how Americans have allowed their nation to descend as low as it has; electing those who would steal from underneath them the very ground upon which they walk, and the very clothes from their backs, if they could get away with it -- with a vote in the small hours of the night, of course: daylight frightens them considerably.

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The "Dirty Dozen" = The bondfire of the banalities!

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Yes Don, while it's illustrated that they have voted divergently on the "left v right" axis, the other axis of "libertarian v statist" is clearly weighed 100% statist.

Statists, every one of them.

( ! )J   Hook Line and Sphincter

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Shameful? (Btw, where is he?)

Dude, the ending was baked into the cake from the very beginning. For every certificate of live birth, no matter how much one may want to believe otherwise (or lose themselves in a fantasy of life ever after), there will be a day when an offsetting death certificate is issued.

The reason the US & the West are following previous historical cycles is that absolutely nothing has changed other than the actual players themselves. Now, you can act on this knowledge one of two ways: rail against reality, or use it to your advantage.

If you know the ending of the Ponzi is foretold, then the only variable is timing. That is the nut: how to discern the end-game. When I state that the game is controlled, please do not take it to imply that it can be manipulated forever. There are of course many variables, but a sure tell is overt lawlessness. The Fed/ECB may think they are buying some additional time, but what they are really doing is broadcasting the state of play in this particular cycle to those who are paying attention.

Every minute spent (de)crying over what once was (if it actually ever was) is a minute wasted. Do not mourn - rather, look confidentitaly towards the future, knowing that you have an enviable advantage.

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Well put B9K9.  The actions of lately are becoming more and more overt.  Without a doubt that the end-game is accelerating.  Positioning for what comes next is the key.  And even 24 hours advance warning is a huge advantage.  Of course, I am not talking about trading.  Therein, a few seconds advance notice might matter!  LOL.  I am talking about the "real" world.  Fuck the imaginary one.  It is going bye-bye soon anyhow.

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At least there's a token black guy.

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It is a shame that Congressman Pete Stark didn't make it on the Super Committee.

"...the more we owe, the wealthier we are..."

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The fact that Jan somewhat resembles Borat makes the whole thing doubly funny... or sad. 100% surreal.

ps you can do video now?

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Um, yes, since you arent as smart as me...and you clearly went to a shit college in a "territory" and not a state...and since I am all knowing and all seeing...clearly you shouldnt questions me when I say:

"Our debt shows how wealthy we are."

Ergo more debt = more wealth.

It doesnt matter that I dont want to raise the debt by trillions more.  I want you poor.  Or wait...I want you wait...I wont see another trillion of wealth paid to service a debt that take millions of wealthy people and makes billions of tax dollars into debt that is wealth that is creating success that is making ...

Well, dont have a clue so SHUT THE PUERTO RICO UP!

This guy is a piece of HUMAN DEBRIS.

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Wow.  Pete Stark is an idiot.  He knows nothing about economics.  Spending the money you borrow does not make you wealthy anymore than printing it.  It is sad to see what a bunch of ignorant shysters we have in congress.

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When Stark says, "we," he is speaking of different groups at different times, so he is correct, and definitely not ignorant. 

The more we (The People) owe, the more that we (the bankers that loan the country money) are worth. 

Our debt is their asset.

Read The Creature From Jekyll Island.

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Also has to do with time. You can indebt the unborn. A cruel truth.

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I know where you are coming from.  But he is talking about the US debt being wealth to the US government.

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Ah, the eternal question. 

Are they evil, or stupid?

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Stupid, the politicians.

Evil, the real powerbrokers who seek to divide and conquer us, via race, religion, social class, gender...

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and a token women.

Where is the token Austrian?

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As always, it's hidden. In this case look at the initials on the voting record graphic.


These voting records were obviously rigged by the Internet-savvy Ron Paul supporters in order to create this message.