Allen Stanford Found Guilty Of Being Not Too Big To Fail; In Other News Jon Corzine Walking Free

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In case anyone cares:


Of course, his real crime was not realizing that if you are going to get busted for ponzinomics, you better make sure everyone goes down with you. In the meantime, rejoice, sheep, for the theater of Ponzi crime and punishment continues. Then again one wonders: why are the perpetrators of the biggest Ponzi of all time, i.e., the central bankers, walking free? Or Jon Corzine for that matter?

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Jon Corzine donates money to the right people.

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No, he donates to the left.

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...and is 'of' the left...

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Stanford wasn't smart enough to become an Obama Bundler.




Ben Bernanke: Public Enemy #1 -- Mr. Big Shot (Music Video)

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Corzine neds to be mad an example of by someone...I only wish I had the balls to do it...

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Ok, I'll get the tar and feathers.

Hang on...there's a knock at the door.

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The one memory I will always have about Allen Stanford is when media whore, ass-kissing lickspittle and all-around douche bag Carl Quintanilla asked him what it is like to be a billionaire.  The two cocksuckers were laughing joyously.  Carl looked so proud that he was being a good CNBC foot solder, licking the balls of one of the financial business' bigger scumbags.  Good job, Carl. 

I just hope Stanford gets cornholed on a regular basis.  His new cellmate should be Turner Brown.

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I posted that clip down below

Don't worry he has already been cornholed...

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Heh, I must be dislexic.  I first read the headline as ...Another Non Jew Corzine walking free.

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Licking the balls of Financial Scumbags must be like painting the Golden Gate Bridge ... takes so long that as soon as you finish, it's time to start all over again.

I think we could have a whole new category of jokes here ... instead of "Yo Mamma", "Yo Banksta Ballsack", as in: Yo Banksta Ballsack so big it causes eclipses!

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Stanford should have moved his trial to NYC....instead, "a Houston jury found him guilty...." Those Houstonians are not easily bought off by the Ponzi men especially after Enron wiped out ALL their 401(k) savings...

In NYC, fraud is a way of life ir seems.

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south of Houston (House-ton, not Heus-ton) residents have also been wiped out.

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...and is 'of' the left...

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those biding their time until they get to see Corzine donning an orange jumpsuit are likely going to have to settle for Allen Stanford ... orange jumpsuit perp walk in 3.... 2.... 1...

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If there not offering anything else up Allen Stanford will suffice....for now

This guy was 1 giant turd...

Ck this out...................................

And in much happier,smug times...   "Sir Allen" towards the end

Sorry to all you Jon Stewart haters out there, but after this episode i will be a fan for life. 

Corizine's time will come as well

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Didn't Stanford take a nice ass-kicking recently?  I'm too lazy to look it up or care very much.  But I think his face got abused quite badly in jail.  Bwahahaha. 

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Reach up a few lines and click that first link...

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Also the thread w it is a howl - residents of Londonstan bemoaning the horrors of American prisons.

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Jon Stewart will never skewer Corzine.

  • Corzine stole from mid, hedgers etc..
  •  Was an Ex DEM Gov. of NJ...and large DEM / Obama supporter.
  • Ex GS CEO (with Paulson...crazy enough..)
  • Stewart is a small man and a large d-bag
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I provisionally like Stewart. I think his instincts are good but he doesn't have enough technical knowledge to understand why someone like Corzine is the antichrist. Plus, he's still on a Viacom leash, so he can only go so far with his material...

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I'm from Jersey and know all about Corzine. can you say honorable?

Prior to the Honorable Corzine we had a a homo gov. who appointed his gay Israeli national boyfriend to head up homeland security in Jersey ....but couldn't attend the meetings critical to do his job because he was an israeli national...but thats another rant

When i hear "Chicago Politics" i have to laugh

They have since moved on to great careers & earnings...Problem is Corzine will be looking over his shoulder the rest of his life

You have to admit Stewart rocked that episode


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Farmers and ranchers all,........And I mean ALL have guns and most are only 3-4 generations from having used them..... My Grandpa is 93 and he has told me that if he wishes he were fit enough to go after some....... that message is creeping to younger and younger people .......Corzine should start wearing a vest

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It's not Stewart's job to skewer anybody

Isn't the SEC supposed to do that?

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Boo. I want the bastard perp walked.

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Stanford was a CIA asset, trust me.

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Nice. So we can keep pretending that justice is served?

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Real justice comes during market wash outs.  Notice all the ponzi schemes (including our very own) that got exposed in '08... once the outgoing outpaced the incoming.

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Oooops... Looks like somebody paid their membership fees to the wrong club.

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You got that right.  This type of verdict is usually reserved for Hindu financiers. 

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Time to call for some...street justice.

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Well, it looks like the crackerjack justice system is ridding the world of Ponzis.  Are there any more?  Anybody?

BTW, I just LOVE this mug of Sir Allen:

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That photo is nasty and yet it still brought some warmth to my heart.  Doesn't he look a little like Hitler in that photo?  And then the judge's name is Hittner.  Weird. 

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You folks just don't understand. Stanford stole money. With Corzine the money 'vaporized'.

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but, but....he had no idea, he don't know the detail's, and he was once a seenetaarrr.

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A senator, a governor, a Goldman Sachs CEO and an all-around douche bag.  I believe that may be a redundancy. 

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A Senator, a Governor, and a Goldman Sachs co-CEO walked into a bar...

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Minions always get sacrificed for their masters. Distraction and more smoke and BS for the sheep to say ..justice served. Yeah right. Many will only say that when the masses dig out their farming equipment for hay. It is bankers season no?

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"The NCAA is so mad at Kentucky that Cleveland State is sure to get two years probation."
-  Jerry Tarkanian

The whales are always safe but the shrimp, not so much. 

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mainstream media works for the corzines of the world. 99% of americans don't even know who jon corzine is, and that's why he will walk.

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Corzine should be tried in Houston. That's where the Enron folks found the way to prison and Ken Lay found the way to Paraguay.

Arrest Corzine and put him up on capital charges. (Surely aggrevated serial rape should count.) Houston judges and juries love to depopulate the pool of rabble. As one comedian said, "Houston no longer uses the electric chair. Now it's the electric couch."

Then Eric Holder can stand trial.

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Put him in the same room w Ann Barnhardt. Lock door.

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Corzine is far far too close to the president to ever serve one day in jail. If he was tried and was sentenced it would be commuted.

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Corzine: Too Big To Jail...

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thanks for the link. greenspan said "things were done that were illegal and certainly criminal..." which means he is, ironically, the only bigshot who alleges criminal activity.