America: A Government Out Of Control

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"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have"

Thomas Jefferson

Something odd and not quite as planned happened as America grew from its "City on a Hill" origins, on its way to becoming the world's superpower: government grew. A lot. In fact, the government, which by definition does not create any wealth but merely reallocates it based on the whims of a select few, has transformed from a virtually invisible bystander in the economy, to the largest single employer, and a spending behemoth whose annual cash needs alone are nearly $4 trillion a year, and where tax revenues no longer cover even half the outflows. One can debate why this happened until one is blue in the face: the allures of encroaching central planning, the law of large numbers, and the corollary of corruption, inefficiency and greed, cheap credit, the transition to a welfare nanny state as America's population grew older, sicker and lazier, you name it. The reality is that the reasons for government's growth do not matter as much as realizing where we are, and deciding what has to be done: will America's central planners be afforded ever more power to decide the fates of not only America's population, but that of the world, or will the people reclaim the ideals that the founders of this once great country had when they set off on an experiment, which is now failing with every passing year?

As the following video created by New America Now, using content by Brandon Smith whose work has been featured extensively on the pages of Zero Hedge, notes, "we tend to view government as an inevitability of life, but the fact is government is not a force of nature. It is an imperfect creation of man and it can be dismantled by man just as easily as it can be established." Unfortunately, the realization that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and absolute central planning leads to epic catastrophes without fail, seems a long way away: most seem content with their lot in life, with lies that their welfare money is safe, even as the future is plundered with greater fury and aggression every passing year, until one day the ability to transfer wealth (benefiting primarily the uber rich, to the detriment of the middle class which is pillaged on an hourly basis), from the future to the present is gone, manifesting in either a failed bond auction or hyperinflation. The timing or shape of the transition itself is irrelevant, what is certain is that America is now on collision course with certain collapse unless something changes. And one of the things that has to change for hope in the great American dream to be restored, is the role, composition and motivations of government, all of which have mutated to far beyond what anyone envisioned back in 1776. Because America is now saddled with a Government Out Of Control.

Watch the two clips below to understand just how and why we have gotten to where we are. Also watch it to, as rhetorically asked by the narrator, prompt us to question whether the government we now have is still useful to us and what kind of powers it should be allowed to wield.


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GOSPLAN HERO's picture

The Federal government has been growing its power since 1865.

The states are mere administrative units with no rights.


nc551's picture

It is all about violence.  We either have the right to live our lives the way we see fit as long as we don't hurt anyone else... or we don't.  We had a brief run at the start of the country but we haven't been free for a long time.

economics9698's picture

“No poor bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other bastards die for their country.”  Patton.

When the fiat dies and the time comes to form new countries remeber this quote.  You are not allowed to die.  The other mother fucker dies not you.

flacon's picture

We are moving away from a Human Resouce based global economy toward a Natural Resource based global economy. Either get on board or kill yourself - or Government will do it for you. Seeking "yield" is like trying to squeeze water from a rock at this point. The only ROCK that can save you is GOLD/SILVER. 

theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

The US government is the greatest success story in human history. What originally threatened to be a no limits anything goes society became the richest country in history thanks the proper government controls. The government now has another great fight on its hands, just as it did in the days of the wild west and with the robber barrons. Now its the speculators wreaking havoc in global markets that must be reeled in, bought under control. I'm confident the government will succeed. I'll be working day and night - including overtime without pay in my job regulating small businesses - to make sure it does. People must learn the the true values of collectivism, either the easy way or the hard way.

thedrickster's picture

Elaborate on the hard way fuckhead.

Stax Edwards's picture

Where u been hiding out? Miss your comedic insight....nice headband LOL

NewThor's picture

Dear America,

I love you all.

Now please enjoy the official 2012 Easter song.

11th Dimension - Julian Casablancas

God the Universe please bless all things,



The King of America

Michael's picture

"In a poem called What Must Be Said published last Wednesday, Grass, 84, criticized what he described as Western hypocrisy over Israel's nuclear program and labeled the country a threat to "already fragile world peace" over its belligerent stance on Iran."

Israel bars entry to Nobel-winning author Guenter Grass

Joseph Jones's picture


Hope you are well.  Happy Easter!

FreeSlave's picture

ZIONIST Jews, and their supporters in our government (most of the congressmen, and even more unelected officials) are running our, and other western countries. As long as we keep ignoring that, any aspect of our lives is not going to change in a good way. It is only going to get worse, and worse. If you REALY WANT to start making a change, you MUST start from NOT supporting ANY (in any elections) candidate who supports Israel. And probably the most important thing you can do is expose Zionism to others...

There is so much info about who runs our country, and many already know that. But it is our duty to spread the truth to the rest of us. Even the ones that already see that something wrong is going on in our country.

Here are few links to start from:

Jack Ruby was Jew




Waffen's picture

Not long ago I ignored the Jewish issue. However with some research you understand why generation after generation after generation across different cultures and ethnicities the Jews have been expelled.

At first glance you presume they are just the fall guys of history. However their destruction of our culture through media, the destruction of western art initiate by he Frankfurt school of Marxists. They destroyed our education. Bernays created a corporate culture of lies and deception to turn us into consumers.

They have destroyed our monetary system.

If they are not psychopathic on the individual level they are psychopathic in total.

The evidence is quite clear, I do not take sides on a whim.

vast-dom's picture

you are an idiot that obviously doesn't realize that some of the greatest artists and creators were Jews. Ever hear of Kubrik, Einstein, the cohen bros. Google, Spinoza, etc etc etc etc etc.


what you may have gleaned was the wrong info as function of your limitations. please don't confuse isreal with jews as you would not confuse obama with yourself or any other american.....or would you?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Political Zionism:

The social movement which creates and sustains the physical nation of Isreal.  The driver for World Government through Isreal in the tradition of the Heretical Frankist Jews. 

 This definition is embodied by The Rothschild family.

 Not all Jews are political Zionists.  Not all political Zionists are Jews.

The political Zionist movement feeds off Jews in the sameway the the Nazi movement feed off the Germans.

Political Zionism is the greatest enemy of the Jews.

economics9698's picture

That mother fucker Bernanke better be turning that hamster wheel as fast as he can because when the music stops there will be a lot of mother fucking bankers hanging from trees.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Dude, he has a helicopter. </sarc>

FreeSlave's picture

I am NOT against Jews. I am against Zionism!!! I am against anyone who support Zionism, because Zionism causes others to suffer.

Baleful Runes 4 U's picture

It's hard to argue against the assertion that Israel is on "stolen" land.

But I think it's extraordinarily hypocritical for non-native americans who oppose zionism to sit comfortably on their "stolen" land, which came of a genuine genocide, and not for a moment consider they should also go back to where they come from.

Anyone care to tell me what the difference is? Is it that nat amer's get casinos now?


Element's picture

Ah, but the zionists love to try to turn it around with a shallow spun claim that anti-zionism is really anti-jewish-ism.

Rubbish, how about this then;
-  I don't want a Buddist State.

-  I don't want a nominally 'Christian' Vatican-State, and I'm damn sure that Jesus had no wish to ever see such a murderous Machiavellian monstrosity that's been endlessly passing itself off as representative of Christ-ian-ness, who has made endless wars, with actual canon ball shrapnel and steel blade thrust into bloody living flesh, in Europe, and the Middle-east, in the name of Jesus.  To hell with that!

-  I don't want an Islamic-State, of any kind, especially a nuclear-armed one.  If Mohamed said it's alright to have a fundamentalist Islamic Global state, well the arrogant little prick didn't ask me, nor you, if it's ok.  And I for one say it definitely isn't ok, and it never will be ok to have such an Islamic Statist system--it would result in pure Evil and destruction on every level.

-  And I especially don't want any nuclear-armed fundamentalist Jewish-State, that is intent on holding a large portion of humanity hostage, to their exorbitant international stealing and racist violence, and their grievous CULT-ural demands they inflict upon the world, and the damage they keep doing to its peace and future disposition.

To Hell will all of the above 'religious' CULT-ural States (note the small 'r').

And quite possibly to hell with the JOO-Bankster dominated 'secularist' CULT-States (note the small 's') as well, for how have they ever been any better? ... these are at least as dissociable and wilfully murderous and 'evil' historically, as the religious ones have been.
I personally think that's a pretty reasonable sort of human outlook, expectation and sentiment, and to hell with any zionist arse who simply wants to paint that as anomalous, unreasonable, anti-'Semitic' or in some way be spun and quite deliberately misconstrued, within the respective zionist=JOO-controlled media outlets, and their collaborating butt-licking spineless co-criminal affiliates, as 'improper', unfair, or 'unjust', with respect to it being a valid and a NET-constructive and NET-beneficial human expectation, and a generally good and sound human sentiment.

Spin that, shit-eating zionist scum.

onthesquare's picture

the history of the Rothschilds shows they have no loyalty to zionists or Isreal or anything else but world domination.  Sure it has taken a long time but they and their followers are all inbread, war mongering financiers.  They pitted the German people against the Ashkenisian jews just before WW1 and if it was not for the Russian Zhar they would have been in the USA financing both north and south during the civil war.  Opportunists take a lesson.  Read up on the origin of those dicision makers in the USA.  They all have roots to Ashkenisian Jews.  Coincidence?

They are so inbread and plagued with genetic dissorders and that may be the only relief we may get.

Waffen's picture


The Frankfurt school intentionally destroyed art(in their own words) giving us Modern Art, which is not art at all(unmade bed, shit in a can etc) nor is it talent. Jews now completely run the Art market. Perhaps you should research it before you call me an idiot.

I don't like it anymore then you do, however I deal in reality not make believe, unicorns and rainbows.

Baleful Runes 4 U's picture


"The Frankfurt school intentionally destroyed art(in their own words) giving us Modern Art, which is not art at all(unmade bed, shit in a can etc) nor is it talent."

Not really sure how you came to this conclusion.  Cubism, Dadaism, Futurism, etc were not created by the Frankfurt school.  How many artists do you actually think read those works? The genesis of modern art was a product of the zeitgeist, not some intellectual school that artists themselves did not read. So, yeah, what you said in that regard qualifies as idiocy to anyone who has knowledge in this sphere.


CH1's picture

These are trolls, sent in by some flavor of feds, deflecting attention away from the (disgusting) state and toward antisemitism.

vast-dom's picture

the man is beyond ignorant. it's not even worth explaining anything to him. ZH is not immune for this kind of idiocy, unfortunately.


but then again it's not our job to teach the morons. though i do feel compelled to stand up to racism and hatred when i come across it. 


and Gertrude Stein was a Jew, Jew, Jew and was key supportor of modern art in Paris 20s, that is true. 

vast-dom's picture

modern art is not art? fucking moron! case in point. thank god hicks like you aren't the arbiters of what is or is not art. 


Waffen's picture

no modern art is not art anymore then a fat slob running a 45 minute mile is an olympic athelete.


Who decides what art is? Well for the 20th century it was the likes of Harold Rosenberg and Clement Greenberg

our MR Greenberg  "It is possible that by 'world-historical' standards the European Jews represent a higher type of human being than any yet achieved in history."


Who made Jackson Pollock(Jew) famous? Peggy Guggenheim who he "fucked" on a regular basis “To fuck her, you’d have to put a towel over her head. And she did want fucking.”


to say that Modern art is just created by the zeitgeist is like saying that women started smoking just because. No women started smoking because Edward Bernays convinced women it was cool to smoke "liberty torches."

modern art is popular with Jews because a non talent can make a crumpled bed and call it art.  Any Jewish person can do this.  Note that although Ashkenazi Jews have very high verbal IQ's they have lower then average visuospatial abilities.( yet making crap like these takes no such abilities

Interior of Everyone I have ever Slept With, 1963–1995, an iconic work by Tracey Emin,


 Damien Hirst, A Thousand Years


The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living by Damien Hirst (1991). Saatchi sold this work to collector Steven Cohen for $12 million, who in in turn donated it to the Museum of Modern Art.


This isnt art it is shit.

Interesting that a group of people with lower then average visuospatial abilities ended up being the big ART Critics of the 20th centuary.

most things do not just happen by happens chance



ART is ment to uplift the soul.. This is an excellent documentery on why Beauty matters


vast-dom's picture

You are a moron merely opining. You know very little about art and are fueled by hate. It's okay, there are clearly other morons trolling tonight and voting down sensible shit and voting up sheer hateful stupidity. 

Waffen's picture

Personal Attack
Appeal to Common Practice
Appeal to Ridicule

Personal Attack
Burden of Proof

Appeal to Belief




Element's picture



why Beauty matters



Loved it, thanks for the link.

Waffen's picture

Your welcome.  Please pass it around.

Jena's picture

Agreed.  Why Beauty Matters is a terrific documentary and it makes many valid points about the contemporary art world.  Listening to someone try to defend Jeff Koons early on was funny to me, because I don't think there is anything to defend, nor is there anything to defend in anything that Damien Hirst has produced.

Waffen, you might be interested in reading "The Painted Word" by Tom Wolfe from 1975.  The transition in the art world had been made so that the emphasis shifted from the artists being the ones that drove trends (a natural market) to the critics, collectors, gallery owners and dealers being firmly in control of who was selected to make the work and what those selected artists produced had already occurred.  He writes about critics Greenburg, Steinburg and Rosenburg and gallerists Leo Castelli and Mary Boone.  That was the start -- it has only gotten more so since.  

One critic that you might find interesting is Robert Hughes.  I think he might have some youtube videos as well as some books.  He was the Art critic for Time magazine for years.  His slash and burn article on Julian Schnabel was epic. (And pretty on the mark, I think.)

I think starting with Pop and Op Art in the 60's, artists and their masters removed all traces of nature from their work.  If you look back at any Warhol, Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein or any of the artists who were really big in the 70's you won't find a trace of the natural world in anything they did.  That's when beauty began to disappear.

Another book that is illustrative of why the art world is the way it is today is "Seven Days In The Art World", by Sara Thornton.  She spends a day at ArtBasel (a very high end art 'fair'), a day at Japanese artist Takashi Murakami's studio, a day at art magazine Art Forum (where they pride themselves on writing nearly unintelligable articles on mostly contemporary installation art -- of their advertisers, and (to my point) a day during the critique at Cal Arts, or the California Institute of the Arts, an arts college in Southern California.

This chapter is painful to read because it is so painfully vapid, vacuous, and pretty much a parent's worst fears if they were to pay $50K a year for a MFA in art.  The 'critique' is a wasted day where the class spends hours more or less talking about each other's work, with the instructor chiming in with a word or two.  Literally.  (It was written in 2008, I think but I don't think tuition has gotten any cheaper.)

Some here might rememeber that my husband is a working metal sculptor/painter.  When his clients tell him that they have a son/daughter/grandchild who wants to go to art school, he tells them they'd be better off going to a college and getting an education and getting exposed to other kids in other disciplines.  That's because in art school, all they're going to learn is how to dress, talk and act like an artist.  They won't learn or develop any skills that they don't already have.  And I write down the name of the book so the parents will at least know what they'll be in for if the spawn do end up going to some nest like Cal Arts.

And Waffen if you've made it this far, you should know that at art schools today, "beauty" is a word that is laughed at and mocked.  It is a concept that no one teaches, and in fact, they teach the opposite.  It's hard to do beautiful work.  It takes skill and  talent to do beautiful work.  It takes time to get to the point to where you can execute work that conveys emotion and beauty.  It's far easier to teach that beauty is an outdated concept and that ugly is far more interesting.  Plus, if you're not able to produce beautiful work yourself, how can you teach others to do it?  You ought to see the work that the faculty of these places produce!  I have because they show around Southern California, and it's crap.

(I would take issue with Jackson Pollock among the artists you cite.  Some are so incredible that they are mesmerizing when you see them in person.  Others have no magic at all.  I probably like other artists that you don't too, but there's no explaining taste, right?)


Element's picture

Jena, that was a great comment.  

I've despised most 'art' all of my life, especially the 'artiste' clique, but I've come to understand why so much of it is the morose, destitute nonsense that it is.  I went the science path non-fiction instead, and now I also know why science has also become as basically morose and destitute.

And for years it bothered me why any media outlet with their stunning resources, mobility, staff and technology available produces so much of the turgid drivel and propaganda that they do.

They want us focused upon ugliness, fear and assured statist fascist violence and oppression of the higher-aspirations of the 'little-people', whilst using the flimsiest and silliest rationales and stereo-types, idiotic characterisations, and shallow scripts, according to a crass 30, 60 or 90 minute formulae, because the bottom line is, they are telling us;

"Might-makes-right and the world itself is just a battle ground".

The ugliness of the revolting contemporary 'art' and the truly woodchip-able artiste's and their hyper-blather incites a demoralisation of humanity, along the way to that general prism from which to view the world.
That someone junked such a comment, without even responding, is the act of a vacuous coward.

Jena's picture

Thanks, Element.  In truth, there isn't much to like about the art world if all you see is the most prominent, most hyped and highly marketed work these days and that's going back the last several decades.  People have been rewarded for behaving outragously, so long as they did it in the 'right way'.  You have to look at a lot of art to find work that is based on an original idea, well executed, well crafted and well finished.  It's out there but there isn't a lot of it.  

Art is one of those rare professions in which a person can claim to be part of simply by saying they are one.  Those people are posers but it gives them a certain purpose in life.  Yes, you can study it formally or apprentice to someone or you can just decide to be one, and who's to say which is more right?  (I have thoughts on the matter.)  And galleries and dealers are no better.  If you rent a space, put down gray carpet and throw up some track lighting, you can get your inventory for free.  You don't have to have a background in art or sales, for that matter, because many artists are so anxious to get their work seen and (hopefully) sold that they'll consign it to almost anyone.  Art schools have turned out thousands of graduates in recent years expecting to be the next "stars" but these are the kids waiting tables who have no real skills and who have no concept of how to approach a commercial market because they've never been taught how it works because it is beneath them.

At a dinner party about eight years ago with the former chancellor of the MFA program of a prestigious West coast university that you'd recognize, she told my husband and me that members of her faculty told the grad students the average art career was about three years long:  One year to get discovered, one year to have your big show and one year to be a has-been.  That was the year she hung it up.  Average tuition at that time was $35,000/yr.  It's more like $55,000/yr now.

All of this is utterly ridiculous to my husband and our friends who are career artists, like him (not me, I'm not an artist.)  They went to school, got their degrees and then advanced degrees, and have built careers based on inspired quality work, great customer service, reliability, and excellent product for the price.  The crazy art world has nothing to do with them. 

I think that you're right, keeping the masses focused on anything but what really matters comes down to sensationalism in any and all forms.  In art, it's shiny, glossy, expensive, repulsive, disgusting, confusing, ugly, nauseating, cartoon/anime, lurid, coarse and downright scatological.  

And ah... hyper-blather!  You ought to read the artist statments that accompany these exhibits.  They are supposed to give some context to the work, or to the artist themselves or the process the artist used, or even the mindset of the artist at the time but instead they're filled with the blarney and most dramatic art-speak imaginable.  It's like they took a bunch of words, tossed them into a hat, picked them out randomly and typed them in the order they were picked, whether they made sense or not.  Definitely not.

As for junkers, you know what they say:  Everyone's a critic!



DevilsPrinciple's picture

You forgot to add unibrows at the end of your statement. i.e. " I don't like it anymore then you do, however I deal in reality not make believe, unicorns, rainbows And unibrows."

Talleyrand's picture

Yes, I've heard of Kubrik, Einstein, the cohen bros. Google, Spinoza, etc. I've no use for any of them. Seems you've made Waffen's point.

Baleful Runes 4 U's picture

No Nathan Milstein or Vladamir Horowitz for talleyrand!

Too bad, you're missing out.


vast-dom's picture

that's because you are a rube. thank you for confirming. 

francis_sawyer's picture

When Spielberg starts making movies which expose Zionism (instead of 18 million ways to re-live the holocaust), I'll get interested...

Until then, nobody seems to bitch too much standing under the umbrella & out of the rain...

vast-dom's picture

Spielberg is lame. And it's not because he's a Jew.

Waffen's picture


what about this one?

Schindlers List, Schindler is given a ring with aquotation attributed to the Talmud

"He who saves a single life, saves the entire world."  We all tear up...


now low and behold the real quote from the Talmud is

"Whosoever preserves a single soul of Israel, Scripture ascribes to him as if he had preserved a complete world" (Tractate Sanhedrin 37a)


a so as we see over and over in the Talmud, only the jews matter, not us goyim.  Nice for Speilberg to hide that from us.

vast-dom's picture

you don't matter because you are a moronic hater; whole other debate. and in the end no one and nothing matters, so enjoy your hateful shitty little life son and maybe you can round up all the other troll haters tonight and do something useful, like get off the planet.

Waffen's picture

are you a cultural marxist or do you just endorse political correctness out of naivete?


i gave you an example and you have nothing to add but personal attacks?

vast-dom's picture

cultural marxist? please do some more reading and less opining/posting. 

j0nx's picture

Dude, you are without a doubt the worst debater in the history of debating. Your retorts to Waffen consist mainly of personal attacks and ill-affected attempts to garner support in your favor. Personally I have no dog in this hunt but you are swaying nobody here and just making yourself look retarded. Game over for you, thanks for playing.

dark pools of soros's picture

the cohen bros are hacks.. perfect example of chosen boy status being amplified to the rooftops

vast-dom's picture

hacks compared to Michael Bay, yeah sure....