America Will Have Negative Unemployment In January 2022

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Much has been said about the recent shifts in the US labor force: the decline in the unemployed, the flatlining number of those actually employed, but most importantly the soaring number of those who have left the labor force for good, which is where most of those who are "unemployed" end up, instead of back in the gainfully employed labor pool. We have made it all too clear why this transition is happening, which as even Goldman Sachs today agreed, is not due to the retirement of baby boomers, but due to more and more Americans finding welfare in the country's various other shadow job replacement programs such as Food Stamps and Disability Payments, and dropping out of the labor force entirely. We won't debate that here: we will merely note that the rotation out of the labor force has now become secular, and is the primary reason for the "drop" in the unemployment rate, which has declined consistently since the 10% in October 2009, during which time those employed, have risen by 3.5 million, while those not in the labor force by a massive 5.7 million. No, here we don't care about the past. Instead, we will forecast the future. And the future is so bright, whoever is president in January 2012 has go to wear shades.

Because taking current trends across all employment indicators, using 12 Month trailing averages in the changes of those employed, unemployed and dropping out the labor force, we can predict, with IMF-level precision, that at the current surge of those leaving the labor force, the US unemployment rate will hit 0.0% in December of 2021 and finally go negative, or -0.1% in January 2022. So there you have it: maybe the BLS can just fast forward us to the end of this thought experiment when everyone will be so fat they couldn't look for a job if they wanted to (recall by 2020 75% of Americans will be obese), but at least the Propaganda Times will be blasting in 24/7 red flashing headlines that, for the first time ever, America's unemployed are now somehow negative, and we can all rejoice while collecting all those welfare stamps bought on negative interest credit funded directly from the uber politburo of the USSA located in the Marriner Eccles building.

Behold America's glorious future:

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I look forward to my time off

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This is good, right?


America might not even exist in 2022.

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Yes Good.  Central planners everywhere understand this.  The question is what negative interest rate is required to generate the correct level of negative unemployment that will ensure permanent economic stability and perpetuation of the status quo.

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You have a very negative attitude.


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Will Obama pay my gas & mortgage in 2022?

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Well yes...kinda. You'll be given a government issued cot in a FEMA center and a bicycle.

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The bicycle wheels will be just rims, no rubber - and the seat will be made from...human skin.  You want one with tattoos? That's extra. 

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Where is Charlton Heston when we need him.

Somebody yell to the carny pulling the throttle that I'd like to get off this ride now please k thx.

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A negative times a negative is a positive.

Therefore, (-1)negative * (-1)Unemployment 

=negative Unemployment 

= positive employment?

Winning the future!



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I'm generally a fan of satire, but this post is retarded...

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Welcome to the new normal.  A firm crack to the head with a 2x4 is probably what most of us need in order fit in these days.  Or rampant brain cell carnage via the chemical of your choice.

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Negative interest rates, Negative unemployment

Fuckin' positive!

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It means that IQ is trending the same way as unemployment. Bullish.

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America doesn't exist TODAY.

SilverTree's picture

Depends on who and how you ask.

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America has sadly become a hollowed out structure where the facade is propped up by the military and the printing press. My fear is that if this continues for long enough, people with skills and memories of better times might not be around to give rebirth to the nation.

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America is first and foremost an idea and it still exists, just geographically shifted outside of the United States borders. Current system is a shell with different substance.

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Our children are so blessed.

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I remember the first time I was blessed, I was 16 years old.  It was great.  I blessed a lot after that, often multiple times a day.  Fast forward many years and now I'm married, so unfortunately I rarely get blessed anymore.

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I wonder how many of our "power elites" read this site...


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WE, are the power elite!

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Power elites don't read.  They hire muppets to do that.

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Can't we just take all those obese people and give them jobs as taste testers? Seems like a win-win.

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It's all pink(slime) in the middle... 

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"IMF-level precision"

IS the what DSK used in NY?

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Both of my clones are worried about the retirement age getting raised.

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Funded also by Buffet (Warren, not Jimmy, just in case there was confusion).  I'm all for that - if Warren wants to raise his own taxes to pay for this stuff, I'm all over that - he can then pay for my stuff - in fact Warren, you don't need to wait for the Feds to change the tax law, you can just send me a check directly right now and cut out the middle-man. 

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Dear Uncle Warren,


The financial crisis has hit me quite hard. I am now nearly broke and I hoped you may be able to help out. I am not uncivilized and haven't bought any gold(wink.wink). I think a small check for somewhere's around $5 miliion would do the trick. I promise to stop collecting disability(wink.wink) and other government programs if you can lend a brother a helping hand.


your friend and admirer(wink.wink)

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I can see Warren and one of his kids have voted. 

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Oh, and Silver, Bitchez.

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The truth should always be bullish.

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If everyone is obese then everyone can get on disability. Problem solved.

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What exactly do these unemployed people do all day?

Let them eat iPads's picture

1. Collect food stamps

2. Get fat and go on disability

3. Profit!

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Can we just call them the "NUMS" Non-Unemployed Muppets?  We're getting lots of NUMBs here in Southern California.  They live under bridges, on benches, in bushes, palm thickets, and in old vans parked along the roads.  Obama's policies are guaranteed to make you NUMB!


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Well when somewhere around 30 million people can actually produce everything a few billion people need, you might just have a problem.

Coming very soon just about the only winning play will be to go long on granite.

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Wobots, lots and lots of wobots.