American Anger: 58% Say Are "Furious About America's Politics" Compared To 49% In January, 37% Support #OWS

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Boy ain't that sumthin"?   They're furious.  But not enough to throw out their own members in the Senate, and the House. are they?

Much Ado about nuthin', Sound and Fury signifying nuthin'.

The voters are more and more responsible for the past and ongoing crises the longer and longer they keep the same men and women in power.

They know nothing!


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well maybe they are pissed because they have begun to realize that throwing out the current bums does no good as the next set of bums immediately picks up where the last set left off....  banker whores.

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Don't expect miracles. If they don't throw out the old incumbents, the newbies don't stand a chance.

Schumer, Frank, (Dodd got it in the neck finally), Kennedy, Boxer, Waxman, MCconnell, Hatch, Byrd, and all the others who spent 20-40 years did all the damage, and the ones remaining will still win reelection.

It won't be accomplished in one cycle,  ESPECIALLY if the Ya-hoos keep those men and women in office.

They must be gotten rid of then the newbies can change the paradigm.

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Gee, nothing like loading it up with Dems.  Your party hat is showing!

All you people who vote for ANY clown (which would be anyone runnnig) ARE THE PROBLEM.  You all just encourage this fucking behavior.

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You're not going to vote for Ron Paul if you have the chance?

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You play by the rules, work hard, do everthing thr right way, and you get sodomized by the powerful 1%. Yes, I would say we are pissed.

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Like they care if you are pissed.  The only thing that will make them change is when they FEAR you.  THAT's what you have to do to make them care.

Got any stragedy to do that?

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Yup. Stop letting them scare you. Fear freezes the brain and survival instincts take over. Logic and rational thinking are thrown out the window.

Return to your own source of strength and personal power and start thinking for yourself (I know many already do on this site). A place to start could be removing anger and resentment from the past, healing old wounds.

Get away from the programming used through mainstream media, movies , video  games, etc.

Start interacting and being involved with other people in a respectful and meaningful way.

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Yup.  They won't know what to do when we no longer build all their shit and grow their food for them.  It's like a big fucking strike.  We should just all walk away from the system.  What are they going to do?  They have no concept of how to react in such instances.  If they try to force us then their hand is played and they open themselves up to annihilation.

Careful, however, because 2/3 of the world's population lives on $3/day or less.  We TOO are, by comparison, The Rich: won't behoove anyone to flaunt any wealth.

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Follow them home..  Then mail them a picture of their house..


expect us.

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What department of the government are you from?? I Have played my life in the system, by the law, why do you want to egg us on? Who are you?

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Can you buy KY with an EBT card?

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But you can't buy CONgress.  They have standards.

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Even if all the EBT cards say JPMorgan on the back?

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The reactions against Washington will coalesce as the economy futher erodes.

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Yes, but Washington is getting its defenses up...

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Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

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"A man reaps what he sows."

If only that were true in a single lifetime.  I notice Reagan passed in peace and with respect as will Kissinger, Greenspan and other criminals too numerous to mention.

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You ignorant F^^K: Reagan freed hundreds of millions of people from neo-slavery: Communist corporate states using Berlin Walls, Iron Curtains and Gulags. Yeah, I know, you're too young to remember and a product of the current Ministry of Dumbing Out and Demoralization, aka the Dept. of Education. The 2 Jews? Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  

Seer's picture

Oh, yeah, right, Reagan single-handedly defeated the Soviet Empire!

Your dumb-ass commie-haters' story is so fraught with holes that you could drive the 1st Marine Division through it.

If the Soviet System was so crappy, as people suggest (and I TOTALLY agree), then how the fuck could it have taken over the world?  Bad systems do NOT work, and therefore they cannot survive!

We were all played by the MIC.  It was about controlling the US population more than "defeating communism."

The Soviet Union collapsed due to its own incompetency (as a system): yes, the US helped it over-spend its way to its death, but this was inevitable, and given the debt legacy (not to mention MIC) that the US was saddled with, I'd hardly claim that the US "won" this "war:" sorry, the books aren't closed yet (still pumping money into several former Soviet satellite countries to protect nukes).   This will be the same fate of the US, just as it has and always will be for EVERY empire.

Riddle me this: How come the CIA didn't even see the fall of the Soviet Union?  And yet here you are identifying the actions of a senile, abuser of the US Constitution, Edward Bernays blow-up doll of a washed up Hollywood actor as being THE reason?

Lech Walesa did more to shake up the Soviet grip than Reagan could ever have dreamed (assuming he really was serious about this rather than just helping POWER build up).

Your tale is an insult to intelligence and logic.

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+1 for your ability to use basic logic. Something Reagan-worshippers lack for some reason

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 Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall. LOL 

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And why did Ronnie want an end to communism?  Was it for the people or for the banks who told him what to do?

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I prefer James 5:1


Come now, you rich, weep and howl for the miseries that are coming upon you...

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If the EPA allows it.  God fergot that part.

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IMHO the OWS protests are too fragmented.  Mainstream media ignores them, so it's like little circle jerks in every major city that largely go ignored.  Too bad we can't round up all the people from each city and send them to DC or NY.

Seer's picture

Come on, people!  The MSM NEVER sides with those challenging authority to which it is beholden!  To expect otherwise is to miss history's lessons.

Numbers don't count.  Further, revolutions are in the mind.  Once you see them materialize in the flesh it's just a formality.

The System's dead.  The "revolution" has ALREADY happened.

We are, in effect, marking this event for our own edification.  It's the tree falling in the woods thing: doesn't matter if anyone heard it, it STILL fell!

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IMHO the OWS protests are too fragmented.  Mainstream media ignores them, so it's like little circle jerks in every major city that largely go ignored.  Too bad we can't round up all the people from each city and send them to DC or NY.

And yet the number of people who support them keeps going up.

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We're angry that we are in all these FAKE wars!



krispkritter's picture

The people dying are not FAKE, the people fighting them are not FAKE, the people who got us into them and the reasons they gave ARE FAKE...

mynhair's picture

"Fake wars"?  Tell that to the families of the dead soldiers.

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The Bernank sock puppet Yellen is tipping off the QE 3, excuse.

Occupy the Fed !

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dismantel it and put up a parking lot.

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Easy Solution: Constitution verbatim

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Yeah, funny that when the Ballot Box is rigged, the Jury Box is filled with picked members, there is only one Box left.

And they contain Cu/Ni, Pb, Cu, fulminate of mercury and cordite.


How much more uptick in percentage points before the boiling point is reached?

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"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
- Thomas Jefferson

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."  -Thomas Jefferson

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"what will be the tipping point beyond which silent protest and peaceful occupation morphs into something far worse."

This is unrealistic in this country unless the state steps up police action.  Baring that it will be settled reasonably civilly here.  I would not bet on the prospects in Greece, Spain or Italy though.  They have a history of radical change and they don't fear vast civil disturbance the way we do.     


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Maybe he meant Wii, or perhaps oui?

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You should have lived throgh the period 1966 through 1971 in America or at least have had the courtesy to have read about it.  Things only got really nasty in response to direct murder on the part of the police departments (particularlly the Chicago police) and the national guard in various states, except in the South where the violence was against the Feds enforcing the newly passed anti-discrimination laws.  By most standards though we (the American public) are pretty tame.  Nevertheless things did change and the violence was relatively minimal compared to the history of France, Italy, Spain and so on.   

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until he really lost it all...WG, WH, VN and Bretton Woods. 

mayhem_korner's picture

"what will be the tipping point beyond which silent protest and peaceful occupation morphs into something far worse."


Silent protests and peaceful occupations are as mythical as unfettered capitalism.  Protesters don't intend to be peaceful...

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She's shooting for a heart attack.  That weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol level must be in the "Epic Fail", zone.

But yes, she isn't very attractive. Spiritually or physically.

She's got to be a real goddess to the Rosie O'donnell, and Roseanne Barr butch lesbians though.

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In that vidio you see whats wrong, so very wrong with America.

Hillary this is your resposibility Baby - rules written for the position you now hold ...

 From the moment you are captured you have certain rights. Even before you are taken to a prisoner-of-war camp, these rights are in effect.

You must be humanely treated at all times.

Reprisals against you are not permitted. You cannot be punished for what somebody else has done.

You must be protected against insult or acts of violence by enemy military or civilians.

If you are wounded or sick, you are entitled to the same medical care as a member of the enemy's Army.

The enemy must clothe, feed, and shelter you.

You are a prisoner of war, not a criminal.

Shall I hold my breath that a charge for the War crime that was committed will ever be pushed by your bloated carcass-------- I would not waste my breath