On America's In Dependence Day

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By Bill Frezza, originally posted in Forbes Magazine

Lamenting The Lost Legacy Of Independence Day

Why do we still celebrate Independence Day? Is it a lingering habit, a mindless bit of nostalgia, a time to indulge in fireworks and barbecues, devoid of any deeper meaning? Can anyone honestly argue that our nation still honors the values, or practices the principles, for which our Founders fought?

Today, most Americans have been trained to be embarrassed by the “extremist” individualist ethos that made the protection of liberty the primary purpose of government. They have been taught to apologize for the shortcomings of the “rich white men” who led the revolution. A majority of Americans now subscribe to an expansive view of government as both great provider and beneficent leveler. Its primary purpose is to redress unequal or unhappy outcomes, regardless of their source, through wealth redistribution on a scale so vast that it mocks the concept “private property.”

As for the causes of revolution, we’ve lost sight of them, too. King George III was a champion of laissez-faire compared to the modern cradle-to-grave entitlement state. The swollen capital city named after the man who won our freedom now claims the prize for erecting “a Multitude of new offices” bent on sending out “Swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.” If there is a field of endeavor that the federal government does not yet regulate, subsidize, or penalize, just wait. A new law is only a “crisis” away.

Have these new offices been imposed on us by some malevolent force that has undermined the workings of democracy? No. We the people ceaselessly demand new offices at an accelerating rate. The majority of Americans vote as if they believe that massive new government programs— created by incomprehensibly complex laws and administered by increasingly unaccountable bureaucrats—can solve an expanding array of “problems” which our Founders would have surely concluded were the proper province of civil society and not the sovereign state.

The King was criticized for unjustly imprisoning seamen. Today, our federal and state governments imprison more of our fellow citizens than any totalitarian regime in history—the vast majority for violating a futile prohibition on the possession, sale, or consumption of substances our Founders would not have thought twice about. Vast portions of our youth are thus rendered permanently unemployable, branded as felons and outcasts with nowhere to turn but a life of crime. And yet we persist in this folly, unable to admit that drug prohibition has been as huge a failure as alcohol prohibition.

And taxes? The Founders knew a tax when they saw one—and there were very few they could abide, with or without representation. Thanks to a Supreme Court that long ago gave up defending the Constitution, we now have a chameleon levy that is not a tax when politically inconvenient yet magically becomes a tax when seeking constitutional muster. As if we didn’t have a wide enough variety of taxes, this new tax is designed to penalize anyone who refuses to participate in a great communal project designed to make every citizen even more deeply dependent on the government.

Little by little, the home of the brave and the land of the free has become a nation of rent-seeking dependents clamoring for their share of state largess. Even before the latest entitlement blowout called Obamacare, we crossed the line where more than half of Americans receive some kind of assistance from the government every month, paid for by the fewer than half that still pay income taxes. As we move into the future and the number of dependents grows while the taxpayer pool shrinks, we call the result social justice rather than its old name: theft.

Our forefathers shed blood rather than render unto King George. Yet today we madly mortgage our nation’s future to foreign powers, piling debt upon debt without limit or thought as to how it will be repaid. These debts ensnare our children and grandchildren even as we stop having them, confident in the knowledge that the government will take care of us in our old age, so why bother with the trouble and expense?

If we were still a nation capable of shame with enough intellectual integrity to call things as they are, if we hadn’t debauched our language as badly as our currency, if we had the courage to look in the mirror and see how woefully we have squandered our Founders’ legacy, this Fourth of July would be a day not of celebration but of atonement.

Give some thought to what we have lost as we mark another In Dependence Day. May providence have mercy on our nation, lest we end up getting what we deserve.

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The US IS a police state. Now.

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Hard to believe, but true.  I have lost faith in America and Americans to do the right thing, but I won't quit fighting for my liberties.

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If anything, the people here on ZH reaffirmed my faith in Americans.  It's good to see I'm not alone in lamenting what America has become ...

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ON Indepedence Day, American banker  ex-Barclays CEO is getting grilled by the British for Liborgate.



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Having learnt my biggest life-lessons in the US of A, I have deep, deep gratitude for my time spent there.

I wish it's condition was otherwise. But the slide is too obvious, too in your face. The establishment is blatantly criminal.

Very sad and very how it is.

My best to all Americans, it's not going to be pretty but at least it's going to get real, which, if seen in the right perspective, is a blessing.

Up-stick, people, all together, pull...


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On July 13th, demonstrate your right to own sound money!

Buy Silver!

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Everyone, please rise up to honor the singing of our national anthem:


Oh, say, everything you see, propaganda in sight,
What so proudly we failed at the taxpayer’s ass reaming
Whose many banks and corporations, pillaged as the middle class seek plight,
O'er the wars that we started, our soldiers blood left streaming
And the rich gets bailed out , while the homeless in dispair,
Gave proof to the 99%,  that for them, life aint fair.
O say, does that our freedom has been taken away
O'er the land where criminals run free and the home of the fraud

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When I think of the people who built America, I think of tough, independent, principled and hardworking people. Sure, maybe the early Americans were a little rough around the edges, maybe a little uncultured, but they didn’t sit around waiting for someone else to do the dirty work for them. They were entrepreneurs, explorers, and missionaries who had a job to do, and dammit, they weren’t going to wait to fill out a bunch of paperwork or get a welfare check (personal or corporate) before they built railroads across the country, tamed the wilderness, or mobilized a full national effort to industrialize to help win World War II. The immigrants who came here from all over the world, from Ireland to China followed the American Dream and added to the American can-do attitude of self-reliance and ingenuity. Now that can do attitude has turned to entitlement, defeatism, apathy and sloth as all the American Dream today is nothing but a meaningless slogan.

I define the American Dream as follows: in the past, people came to America because they knew that if they came to America and busted their ass and worked hard for a lifetime, they could have a family and a little place to call their own and their kids could expect to have a better life than their parents. Now, the middle class is decimated, all of America’s “growth” is in fictional Ponzi scheme profits for the banksters while real median income has declined steadily since the early 70s. Those of you with children, what do you think are the chances that your kids will live better lives here than you? Slim to none, unless the magic Skittle shitting unicorn happens to come by your neighborhood and take a dump in your living room.


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When I think of America today, I think of the people of Walmart.



BTW singledudetravel is a great site  for figuring out how to get laid on the cheap in foreign lands. Highly recommended.

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You so-called 'mericans all been reported to DHS as potential terr'ists.

Michael's picture

Must see video.

Nice job dealing with the police state by Great Americans. That's how it's done.


and more good American fight back stuff;

Video: ACLU Launches Smartphone App to Secretly Record Police Stops


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To all ZH, I wish you well.

Clashfan's picture

Cool link on that ACLU ap, Michael. Thanks. :)

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It's rather difficult to believe that people were any different then versus now.  The only real difference is how many people there are.  There were always lazy rent-seekers, always the power hungry, the ultra-religious, and the folks who just wanted to be left alone.

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Exactly.  Where we are is the result of a trajectory born out by following the path set by our 'founing fathers.'  The USA was nothing ever but a criminal racket designedt o siphon off the wealth of the once free anarchist cities dotting the country. 

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most Americakkkkans didn't want to become the citizens of an independent country in the first place, and less than 5% of them supported the Revolutionary War. Junk me as you please. But, this is a historical fact. So most of the Amerikkkans back then wanted McMashions and two SUVs in the garage so to speak. Did you know George Washington had to burn down people's houses to drag them into the fight?

t0mmyBerg's picture

Yeah.  It will be the same way today.  Once the IRS agents and other assorted Il Duce minions start really putting it to people and your grandparents disappear because it was cheaper to let them die than keep them alive according to some social utility calculus cooked up by Ezekiel Emanuel, then those who have a clue will have to pull and prod and exhort enough people to overthrow the ass hats in control.  Pretty much exactly as you just described, but now.

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Who were the main people behind the war of independence - you gussed it. The Bankers.

See the Money Masters.

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        in the past, people came to America because they knew that if they came to America and busted their ass and worked hard for a lifetime, they could have a family and a little place to call their own and their kids could expect to have a better life than their parents.

It should be remembered that that mostly WAS for a freebie, tho--free LAND. 

A new homesteading option would make me pretty happy.  I don't need 40 acres--12 would do me just fine.

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VERY FEW were offered "free land" ... most were offered indentured servitude after a harsh few months at sea. They considered that a price worth paying simply for the freedom to worship their imaginary god of choice! Today, the stakes are MUCH higher!!

Though the land was purchased from the Indians in exchange for a few blankets and sea shells (wampum), that land was purchased by the corporations and allocated to the wealthiest among them on the basis of their current assets. Everyone else had to work out their servitude and save up for a land purchase ... or continue as a wage slave.

I've never seen so many whingeing pricks as in this thread and CHS's employment one yesterday. Most of you are still waiting for the sugar-plum fairy to dump a fortune into your laps so that you can move to the French Riviera!!!

It's sickening!

blunderdog's picture

You misunderstand.

There was a frontier, i-dog.  "Free land" was anything West of the last county line.

Most early USian settlers were either thieves or conquerors--they had access to opportunities that do not exist anymore.

i-dog's picture

It is you who misunderstands (though I really don't wish to get involved in an argument over semantics).

Firstly, the "frontier" settlements west of the Appalachians didn't occur until 150 years after the period of which I was speaking.

Secondly, even those "pioneers" who headed west into the Indian Territories did so against quite astonishing odds: They were not going to jobs and purchasing/renting homes in established cities!! They were trekking in covered wagons, and often on foot, through hostile Indian tribes and rugged country to a patch of dirt from which they were to erect log cabins and attempt to grow crops to feed themselves. The amenities of a town would come even later.

The pussies to whom I was addressing my earlier comment are those in this thread who consider an offer of $20,000 and an opportunity to acquire a job and home in an established Saskatchewan city to be beneath the manner in which they would like to become accustomed ... and those who would reject an offer of a life in South America or Asia because the natives don't speak Amerikan (ie. loud bullshit) and it wouldn't come with all the usual American amenities (ie. SUV parking lots and electric wheelchairs at malls!) ... and those in the CHS Employment thread who consider that working for anything less than $50/hour +++ mandatory benefits to be "insulting" and "slave labour".

They disgust me ... and the founders of the country would probably have something even harsher to say to them!!

[A belated] Happy In Dependence Day!

blunderdog's picture

When you narrow the subject enough, you're "correct."  But my point remains: most of the settlers of the present USA came well after the colonial period and arrived understanding that they could go into the wilds and acquire wealth/territory that was completely unavailable to them in their home countries.

AnAnonymous's picture

Quite a nice exhibition of fabled past


maybe a little uncultured, but they didn’t sit around waiting for someone else to do the dirty work for them.

The US started as a slaver nation.

It is funny how US citizens can not cope with their own past because if they accept it as it is, it shows that contrary to their claims, US citizenism has not changed.

akak's picture


The US started as a slaver nation.

And China started as a completely centrally-controlled, brutal,  totalitarian nightmare state in 223 under the egomaniacal emperor Chin Shi Huang Di, under whom millions of peasants were killed in forced labor and endless wars.

Therefore, by your implied logic, all present-day Chinese are equally guilty of the crimes of Chin Shi Huang Di.

The fundamental difference being, slavery has long been eliminated from the USA, while China is STILL a centrally-controlled, brutal, totalitarian state.  I guess the rotten acorn did not fall far from the Chinese tree.

AnAnonymous's picture

in the past, people came to America because they knew that if they came to America and busted their ass and worked hard for a lifetime, they could have a family and a little place to call their own


Thanks the generous sponsors like the Indians. Once subjuguated by the 'American' project, they provided their land.

And you know what is best? The proportion of US citizens residing the US and owning a house, this chronologically.
Keep it a secret though because Keynesianism is bad.

akak's picture

Chinese Citizenism citizens know all about injustices committed against native American Indians --- which Americans today fully acknowledge and regret.

Perniciously blobbing-up Communist Chinks have the modern playground of conquered and colonized Tibet to repeat the American injustices of two and three centuries ago --- only their displacement and genocide of the Tibetan people is much more systematic and deliberate.

The difference being, Americans will admit to past injustices against native Americans, whereas hypocritical Chinese Citizenism citizens only offuscate, throat the lies, apologize for and deny the crimes their Communist dictatorial rulers continue to commit against Tibet and Tibetans.  Impossibility of self-indictment being keystone of Chinese Citizenism.

Cast Iron Skillet's picture

So what's happening on July 13th? I googled, and found out that a new Ice Age movie is coming out ... is that gonna make silver go up?


Or would there be some other event that you are alluding to?

Peter Pan's picture

The slide in America's condition and position is woeful, but the one thing that truly scares me is what will America be like and look like when it hits bottom. Will it look like a scene out of Mad Max, will it be invaded or will that spirit of America suddenly rise from the dead and say "enough is enough"?

If change for the better is on its way, it can only come from individual efforts for betterment, followed by group efforts, town efforts and hopefully this will one day translate into a national effort. The change cannot come from the top. It is far too corrupted and beholden to interests that do not have America's interests at heart.

reader2010's picture

The public schooling has taught every child to be obedient and to respect the authority. That's it. 

Goldilocks's picture



John Gatto
New York State Teacher of the Year,
Author, The Underground History
of American Education

(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEV5AFFcZ-s (2:12:03)

Lucky Guesst's picture

If the public school system can undo your parenting then you SUCK and shouldn't have procreated.

Socialized Losses's picture

@Peter Pan, no need to dust off that Mad Max VHS, just pull up some Katrina aftermath videos on UTube. There you see how quickly people get debased after a "horrendous" half day without food or xbox.

Excellent article

Cathartes Aura's picture

cool.  be sure to watch an "aftermath" video that includes the door-to-door confiscation of guns by uniformed men, and cops stealing shit in their gov issued cars - oh, and the cars too! and shooting unarmed people!

for aftermath stories, do watch the NY speculators coming in to scoop up whole neighbourhoods at pennies on the dollar, kicking the peoples when they were most vulnerable. . . and the toxic FEMA trailers - wot a hoot!!!

yes indeed, those were the daze. . .

VallejoVillain's picture

I see and hear fireworks go off, reminds me of my childhood. When life was simple to me. Now being a man ---- I feel like this holiday is just lies to me. It saddens me.

CPL's picture

For those of you that are young, strong and smart.  Canada is looking for you.  More specifically Saskachewan.  The province will pay you 20k to get your ass there and help the economy grow.  Must have graduated after 2006 though and stay for 7 years.


For all those young lads and lasses that are fed up with all that "freedom" offered down south.  As northern cousins we've fought before like any family, with the mess happening down south and the coming civil war; there's space enough for you next door until it gets better.  Plus there is work here.  Lots of it, half our population is over the age of 60 and stuff needs to get done regardless of demographics.

How to get to Canada as a US citizen...some good process in this thread.




bank guy in Brussels's picture

Canadian people are generally great, but the problem is the Canadian government is selling out to the American oligarchs.

It is not like the old days with Pierre Trudeau. Canada is no longer a refuge for escaping Americans.

Americans who seek refuge in Canada are being turned back, for jail or worse, like being left to fall out of a police van with their head cracked open.

Canada has signed agreements to allow US troops to operate martial law on Canadian territory after the next 'terra-rism' attack, supplied by the CIA, of course.

Canada has signed agreements for US control over flights in and out of Canada, and full co-operation with the US Homeland Security Dept, and full allowance for the US FBI etc. to operate on Canadian territory. There is a secret agreement in place that no one seeking refuge from US 'authorities' in Canada will be able to get it.

Besides, US agents can just grab Americans in Canada and bring them back in the boot of an automobile.

Agreed that Canada may well be a better place to live, for Americans who are totally 'clean' and officially 'ok' with the US Homeland Security gangsters.

But for any US dissident, they will have to deal with the fact that Canada is now run by quisling lapdogs of US oligarchs, and they face being seized and sent back to prison or US government camps, with Canadian police and government rubber-stamping the transfer to the torture centres.

If someone is a US dissident - among the 8 million+ already on the USA sh*t list - Canada is no safe haven.

Hugh_Jorgan's picture

Agreed, not a great place to escape to. But a better place to escape on foot than Mexico, just sayin'...

Paul Atreides's picture

Canadians are well aware and awake of the treason that is being performed under the guise of signing the NAU by Harper BGIB. We are preparing to take back the country through unification and grass roots activism, it is going to take time, effort and we are not quite ready to show our hands but I can assure you it is coming and it will be a force to reckon with. As a Canadian I have no fear, I do not care who or what US agency, government or entity you work for or who reads this. If you step in my country and so much as lay a finger on my countrymen or a refugee seeking asylum I will kill you. I am not prepared to die for my government but I am prepared to die for Canadians and Canada.

You can be damn sure that any hard working american showing up at my door seeking refuge from tyranny and opression will be welcomed into my home. That goes for all of you americans seeking refuge, we have our differences but if you are on the side of Freedom and Liberty you are and will always be my brothers in arms.

CWA 74

4horse's picture

" . . . we are not quite ready to show our hands . . . "

showing how long already being fully in their hands


*please. atreides. Spicy linguistics aside, outta everyone here's backside, quebec to klondike's all along been made in their own image, and dunescape, so far from fiction that canada/australia's das Capital is in fact The City Of London


past,present---->into the future at least know your own history nevermind ours, zionation







*respect, nevertheless, to you personally if not (s)words

Paul Atreides's picture

The 2 maces of London will be cast unto the ocean, one into the Pacific and one into the Atlantic.

WaterWings's picture


Fuck it. I'd prefer rock-breaking in Canada with a future to sitting on my MFing ass here in Police State US of A. Fuck trying to remember Russian gulag hierarchy to get enough calories to stay alive in the Camps.

I can't fucking take it anymore. No, seriously, I'll offer to take up a sledgehammer and break rocks if you're willing to offer me a future I can count on; that is, plenty of land and water ready and waiting instead of...

Oh, I forgot about the Predator drones. Well, if it's going to be WWIII I'd rather be a knowing serf with a goat and some fucking land. Come and take it. I'm fucking unhinged as it is.

Fuck these Vitamin HFCS shitheads that actually buy twinkies and Dr. Pepper for their kids and their own bellies.

I don't know very much German but I can fucking improve with a vengeance. And fuck it if I don't qualify for tuition reimbursement if I file a tax form up north. Fucking file a tax form!! What a Faustian bargain. 

How I yearn to have peace in my heart and mind that what I do today will pay off to my descendants.

Freddie's picture


I am glad to hear this.

The Canadian people have always been great neighbors.   I have neighbors with nicer homes who are Canadian.  What is amazing is they show more respect to the American flag than many Americans do.  They fly the U.S. flag above the Canadian flag and at night they light the flags.  This is exactly the way it is supposed to be done.

I recall being in England at a train station once.  Some people started talking to me. I forget if they were English or Aussies.  They guessed I was a Canadian first then a South African.  I took it as a compliment, as I always tried to be a respectful tourist.  There were a few times when I yelled at Americans acting like idiots in Munich and other places. 

This "hey I'm an American and I want service now!" shit that a lot of idiots do in foreign lands.  Oh - you are an America? We have been waiting for you with the red carpet.   Idiots - I have seen it too many times when traveling.

geekgrrl's picture

Nice post. I agree about Canadians being great folks. I have a number of Canadian friends and have always felt that Canadians are more like what Americans used to be like.

I also had a similar experience traveling in Europe years ago. I was leaving Italy and when I was asked my nationality, I jokingly asked the guard to guess. (This was before 9/11, and the guard was in good humor) First guess was Swedish (I was blonde at the time). Second guess was Canadian. He gave up, and I showed him my passport and he couldn't believe I was an American. I can understand why though.

In just a few weeks there, I cringed every time some loudmouth American fatass in tennis shoes, shorts, and a stupid shirt made a scene. This happened in almost every restaurant and hotel lobby we passed though, except in the less-traveled towns. It was embarrassing and disgraceful. Oh, and the graffiti. >75% was clearly of American origin (a whole lot of fraternity stuff), and I'm talking church graffiti. I'm not a big fan of the RC church, but I felt that it said much more about the indifference Americans have towards other countries, and how nothing is sacred to Americans. That was when I started thinking of myself as something other than an "American."

geekgrrl's picture

Thanks for that Paul. I think people all around the world are going to need to open their homes to shelter people that TPTB have designated "enemies of the state."

poldark's picture

This is all part of the World Govrnment project.

The EU is using the financial crisis to force people into a United States of Europe against their will. I am a member of the UK Independence Party. We have been telling the British people for 15 years what was going to happen and it has. The opposition called us Gadflies,Fruitcakes, Nutters etc., etc. The people now see what we were saying was true.We are now rising rapidly in the polls.

First they ignore us

Then they laugh at us

Then they fight us

Then we win.



Prometheus418's picture

Good to hear, Muad'dib.

Expect a stream coming underground-railroad style of of Wisconsin.  We're still kind of free-ish here, at least for the time being.

As an aside, I counted three US flags on the way to the grocery store today- and four Gadsens.  Five years ago, every single home flew the stars and bars on the 4th.  Most aren't willing to speak up yet, but almost all the stupid jingo is gone these days.  More importantly, I'm still here- which means no neighbors have dropped a dime to the DHS.

Give me two men I can trust, and a solid stream of reliable intel, and I will start the party.  I have no qualms about being one of the 3%, but no man can act entirely alone effectively.  The problem right now is fog-of-war, not lack of resolve- any action that is not based on solid intel is just senseless thrashing and suicide by cop.