America's Future, Interrupted

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The ghost of America's future pays us a visit, telling us all we need to know in five simple charts.

Starting here:

Here next:

Here next:


Here next:

And finally here:

Good night.

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VisualCSharp's picture

Future? What future? America died long ago.

vast-dom's picture

these charts are stupid and meaningless when you can CTRL + P it all away.......'s picture

The older one gets the harder it is to control pee.

Hulk's picture

Selenium Bitchez, er, I mean Bastards !!!

derek_vineyard's picture

wheres the chart of the spx going to infinity?

Richard Chesler's picture

The banana republic formerly known as the United States.


CompassionateFascist's picture

India and Pakistan will soon annihilate each other in a regional nuclear war.

Vlad Tepid's picture

India's future, present and past - more grim than it will ever get in CONUS.

AGuy's picture

Selenium Poisoning is horrible

Dietary Supplement Causes Widespread Selenium Poisoning

February 8, 2010 — A dietary supplement containing toxic levels of selenium 200 times greater than the concentration listed on the label caused a widespread outbreak of acute selenium poisoning. Symptoms of selenium poisoning include nausea; vomiting; nail discoloration, brittleness, and loss; hair loss; fatigue; irritability; and foul breath odor.


Avoid taking vitamin suppliments, especially suppliments with heavy metals such as selenium or chromium. All it takes i a simple mistake and you get poisoned. Especially since few suppliments are tested and the chemicals used to produce them often originate in China.



BooMushroom's picture

When you hit CTRL+P, all you can make is further diluted paper. Ben can't print oil, or coffee, or Cipro, or Remmingtons, or cattle, or competent doctors, or clean water, or steel, nor can he print the will needed to create any of these.

SheepleLOVEcheddarbaybiscuits's picture

America is only a desirable place to live if you have disposable income and lots of savings. For people who are earning wages, living on fixed incomes, or ones that have little or no savings, they continue to see their PP decline, thus reducing their standard of living dramatically. The easiest way out of this trap is to do well in HS and get some scholarships for a university and graduate debt free(with a meaningful degree). This is a paradox however, because the public education system is deteriorating rapidly due to cuts in spending to fund the baby boomers retirement. There is no viable solution to this problem. C# is right, very little hope for the middle or lower class American, who doesnt understand how this country really operates and how to benefit from the system.

surf0766's picture

The education system sucks because instead of teaching reading , writing , and math, they are teaching Alinsky, and why communism is great. America ia great when people are told to get off their ass and work instead of here, take this check. The boomers are the height of greed. It is and was all about them.



kridkrid's picture

The educational system sucks badly enough without having to go all Alinsky and communism. Corporations don't want communism, they want dumbed down mouth-breathing consumers, and they get what we pay for.

economics9698's picture

The education system is nothing more than a big ra ra for fascism.  It’s not uncommon to find a text book with 30%, 40% lies and misinformation designed to keep the public ignorant of facts that would better their lives.  The text books are all distorted to the left.  Economics, government, it all bull shit designed to fuck with people minds so you produce some idiot like Obama who doesn’t have a original though in his head and could not think his way out o a cardboard box.

economics9698's picture

If anyone thinks I am full of right wing bull shit here is one of my blogs.


The fucking college text books are full of shit.  Every single mother fucking one.

Cui Bono's picture

Your premise is spot on. But President Warren Hardy? WTF dude....clean your shit up.

narapoiddyslexia's picture

economics9698-Your comments are so literate and thoughtful, how could I not agree?

disabledvet's picture

never understood a single word he said...helped him drink his wine though...

Red Raspberry's picture

You were just born at the wrong time.

Shock and Aweful's picture

I can assume then that you got your education there?  Your comment is idiotic.

They do not teach who Alinsky is / was in high school....I took AP History in high school and never once

heard his name or ideas mentioned.

I understand how you and people like you hate government and anything that you deem to be "socialist".  But you don't have to make up shit, or throw wild accusations and/or untrue blanket statements around to try to make the system sound is bad because the education system is designed to be nothing more than an indoctrination camp....teaching kids to follow the orders of some idiot who is just following the orders of some bigger idiot....we need a PLIABLE that will follow the orders of their corporate gods.

I've heard that weak-ass shit about "alinksy" and all the other non-sense coming out of the far-right for a long time....that shit is so goddam stupid that only some pre-indoctrinated corporate shill would believe it. hahaha you really want to know why our schools is because kids are NEVER taught Critical thinking skills or leadership skills....but then again, we can't have a nation of critical thinkers or leaders can we?  They might realize that the "buy, buy buy" propaganda they hear all day, everyday...the shit that is with them 24/7, telling them they can only find happiness and identity by what they nothing more than a prescription for their destruction.  (yet...this is the exact behavior that the U.S. NEEDS to have continue if we have any chance of keeping the ponzi going for another generation)

So...You would do yourself, and your belief a big favor by getting a more honest, and realistic arguement.

If you think about are being taught to live based on the ideology and teaching of Bernays a hell of a lot more than than Alinksy. . . look around you you honestly think this nation is at risk of falling into communism!  hahahaha  That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever hear.  We are living in an advertisers a fascist's paradise....these kids today would NEVER give up their bought and paid for "identity" for the "Commons"....the US today does not know the word "community"....let alone "Communism"...


Find a new boogeyman...the Communist shit got played out 60 years ago....or, bury your head and listen to some more Limbaugh.


surf0766's picture

Ohhhhhh AP classes in high school. You must be smarter than me. Let me step aside and honor your greatness.  We are in full socialism now. How many in gov't today have links to those who believe capitalism should be destroyed.  Whether they say the name or not, the teachings are done.  It has not played out. You are just blind.

Ben Dover's picture

For what it is worth, Obama is not a socialist. If you actually talk to lefties - those left of the regular Democratic organization and their true believers - they hate Obama as much as you and believe that he is nothing more than Bush Part III. In fact, you might best argue that Obama is to socialism what Bush was to conservativism.

As for schooling in America, it is really moot point. The NEA could be headed by Alinsky himself and it would not matter. The students don't care. And their parents don't either. The concern isn't school or education it's bread and circuses. Not all Americans - and likely none who come here - would take Snooky on a big screen over some solid information, but you'd be stupid to think the vast majority didn't.

Bobbyrib's picture

IMHO, you have valid points and invalid points. Obama is a socialist when he wants to be. When the issue is not in his donors' best interest, he is indifferent most of the time.

odatruf's picture

I think Ben is mostly right.

Obama isn't a capital "S" Socialist, per se, and I doubt he really intends to bring us there. He may be more socialist leaning than Bush or others, but only to a marginal degree.

The schooling and education comment is even more spot on. The problem isn't stupidity or the teachers; it is rather a clear and undeterred lack of interest in anything that doesn't titillate or hypnotize.

You can bring any facts or well reasoned logic to most any conversation on or offline, and you'll be met not only with a shrug but also hostility for having interrupted The Real World (tm).

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You're right-- Obama's not a socialist. He's a fucking communist.

Just because he hasn't been able to fully implement his plan to destroy free markets in this country yet (which is why the fucking leftists hate him) doesn't mean he isn't a Marxist. Everything about the way the guy thinks and acts screams communist. You haven to be blind or ignorant not to see it.

Acet's picture

"Ohhhhhh AP classes in high school. You must be smarter than me"

Are these kind of "I'm dumber than you and I'm proud of it" anti-knowledge kneejerk reactions typical in America nowadays or is surfy up here a special case?

I've heard all kinds of stories about how in the US highschool culture tends to glorify sports and those that play them while demeaning intellectual pursuits (jocks vs geeks) and am curious if this is for real or just a myth.

Bobbyrib's picture

"I've heard all kinds of stories about how in the US highschool culture tends to glorify sports and those that play them while demeaning intellectual pursuits (jocks vs geeks) and am curious if this is for real or just a myth."


It's really and very very scary. In HS we honor our dumbasses and torment the brilliant. In middle school I remember I got made fun of when I told someone I read and/or studied. You want to see what the US is becoming watch the movie Idiocracy.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

He wasn't knocking you because you are smart, he was knocking you because you're smug and arrogant.

BooMushroom's picture

It's not just that sports achievements are valued so highly above intellectual achievements, it is also that the intellectuals tend to value work and education above social status. When you are part of a small group who does not value social status, in an institution where the vast majority HIGHLY values social status, you fall in the ranks. Add to this the fact that tormenting a lower-status person increases one's own status, while decreasing the status of the lower-status person, and you get a self-sustaining reaction.

The bookish kid withdraws further to avoid status-lowering, but his withdrawal also lowers his status. The jock gets an easy status boost, and his peers see following his example as an easy way to boost themselves and build camaraderie.

Death and Gravity's picture

Thus: Columbine.

American high schools get what they deserve.

TMT's picture

An AP class makes you an expert? Look into the NEA and their explicit and tacit support for Alinsky. Then get back to us clown.

The rest of your post was a messy rant.

Race Car Driver's picture

I junked ya for the wear and tear on my scroll wheel while getting past your verbose boorishness.

OldPhart's picture


" you really want to know why our schools is because kids are NEVER taught Critical thinking skills or leadership skills....but then again, we can't have a nation of critical thinkers or leaders can we?"

The kid's right. We are all fascists now. We have an Oligarch giving commands to hired help that they 'allow' us to select from a pre-approved list of choices.  The Oligarch is composed of the Mega-Corps, Government Unions and Career Bureaucrats.

Lednbrass's picture

Wow... the DKos crowd squares off against the Fox crowd.

That was the intellectual equivalent of a Special Olympics boxing match.

OldPhart's picture

I WAS a FOX Fan until 2008 and my personal awakening.  Still can't stand DKos.

vnguru's picture

I've been paying into the system since I was 16.  I'm not looking for a gravy train.  I just want to recoup the investment.  My dad, Tim Viec Lam,  paid in from 1933, and died 3 months before he could collect a nickel.

fockewulf190's picture

Well, if your talking about Social Security, his monthly payments also provided protection against severe disability, and if he has a surviving spouse, she will at least get a check (who knows for how much longer) so it's not a total loss.

Of course, no one said life is fair, and the way things are heading, it's going to get a lot unfairer. My advice to you is to plan right now for a total default of all social support systems. Count on nothing being there for you from the government in the future. The world, and especially the US, is beyond broke, and sooner or later, the great reset will happen. Start stacking phyzz if you have not done so already ASAP.

If there is one thing that must be branded into the brains of everybody within the US, it is the stupendous fact that the "system" is heaping over $5 billion+ a day of debt onto societys shoulders, and when the financial levy finally breaks, it's going to sweep up the masses and wipe them out.

Only the club members will survive, and like George Carlin once said, "It's
a big club, and you ain't in it!".

DraginDickHedge's picture

Hey, Awful, you are not at all Shocking, Sad, yes, but you are a brilliantly Stellar example of the sub-intellectuals vomited out of the US educational system so ardently protected/destroyed by the NEA after the 1970's.  A system which needed to lower the SAT stats 4 times, yes 4x because suck-up stuck-up's like you la-ti-da "AP" OMG she said AP...were so stupid and so dumb that your scores embarrassed all teachers so they got TPTB to change the scale down, down, down and then down again when kids like you were "chosen"  for "AP" classes.  When education was real there were no "AP" classes.  I'd wager 5 million FUSD that Few, if any AP bitches like you high school students today could pass a pre-1970 5th grade history test.  Yes, perhaps the word communism is out of the approved "Liberal Talking Points".  You probably are not able to read at this level or even have heard the reference, but your leaders just got you all hot and wet amnd are currently using some other  "New Speak" adjective.   I can discern from your writing that you have never diagramed a sentience...what is a verb...a tense?  What's the [point when your cool leaders tell you what to think.

memyselfiu's picture

It's hard to get your message when you don't have a command of your own language. This tells me your life is rife with 'sloppy thinking'.

Edit: My apologies if english isn't your first language, and shame on you if it is.

Colonial Intent's picture

Stop trying to educate muppets like dickintheedge and take the piss out of em, its far more fun:-)

People like them already know that Gandalf, Guns and Gold will save them.


Freddie's picture

Thank TV and Hollywood.  If you watch their shit - you support them.  Keep it up serfs.  People traded their liberty for a clicker and ball games.  


Bobbyrib's picture

It's either somewhat immerse yourself in what our culture has become, or sit and stew and wait for a Revolution (that may never come). I agree that some people do not even think about subjects such as the ones discussed on ZH (and that is a tragedy), but if you don't have an occassional break you will just work yourself up waiting for something that may never come.