And.... GLOBEX Down

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The market, sleeves rolled up high, prepares to follow the president on vacation.

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Gold is rising too much too fast, although my six month target is 2.1k/oz

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No, gold is following this chart, with a target of $1950, up 20% along with the 20% increase in the debt ceiling from 14.3T to 17T:

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but...but...but, you can't eat gold.....

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No, the money printing is going too far too fast, if anything gold should be double where it is right now.

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Ding ding ding we have a winner. Gold is not in a bubble, it is just reacting to the BUBBLE IN DOLLARS. Its actually lagging a bit. Free ride to 3200.(Sounds like a lot but its only 45% from here) just on the amount of money already printed,after that ? If hyperinflation becomes reality then disregard as prices will become almost unimaginable. 

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On the other side of that coin is the dollar is falling too much too fast.

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Physical: It's never down.

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If you think  it is rising too fast, then you don't understand the magnitude of the situation we face... You ain't seen nothing yet...

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I can asure you I do especially when it comes to bond market. What do you think Biden is doing in China right now? Playing ping-pong with Hu?

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Government knows just when they want to pull the plug..... BART certainly did..... Eygpt certainly did...

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is this not good? when trading stops, markets cannot crash anymore

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no, when the president is not in da house, nobody is allowed in da house

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In space, no one can hear you scream.

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That's gonna piss off people.

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I'm gonna stick me finger up its bum, that'll really piss 'em off!

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It's only thursday. 2008...i mean 2011. My bad.

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Watch RUT, once it breaks the weekly 200 day, it's over.

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This is happening so regularly now it's not even funny.

Down Day = 50% probability that at least one exchange will break.  Up Day = 0% probability.

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That is easy to explain.  Up days have little volume, down days heavy volume.


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... and tomorrow is FRIDAY.



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All hands man your battle stations!

Arm the torpedos!


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AKA "We'd prefer to keep the price of gold and silver where they are, thank you very much."

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all of this market chicanery is being orchestrated to ruin the prez vacation........ racists

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and that's not even real data.  Could you imagine...

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If anyone remember the Low in 2003 - the exact same thing happened - GLOBEX went down - and they allowed the Big Contract to continue trading. The theives ran the S&P up about 30 handles - left the little guys sucking wind - and the makret never looked back.

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That's funny.  It would be even better if grandma and the adults walked away not knowing what happened (more realistic).

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the paper game is the fool's game.  All true wealth comes from the ground.  gold, silver, land, oil, food,...

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Wow - the markets tanking and Obama hasn't even opened his mouth yet.  Just wait 'till he does.

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obama does the only reasonable thing: much easier to defend yourself in the countryside than in the capital

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Here's hoping his entourage remembered to forget the insect repellent. Almost everyone on "The Vineyard" has Lyme Disease. (That was rotten - wasn't it?)

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And so it begins, again. Obama has to cancel his vacation. This is absurd.

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REITs and Financials have been stick saved from further losses.  Wonderful.

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This is an IB problem.  Globex is fine. I'm looking at it right now.

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you probably look at some flash video

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Paging captain The Bernank!

Please report to the helipad.

FedCopter One is loaded with cash, fueled up with Syrian gas and ready to depart.

You can begin dumping cash on the markets at will.

Good luck Ben, we're all counting on you!

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"an unnamed bank tapped the European Central Bank's emergency liquidity fund for $500 million overnight"

I first read about this from TD on ZH yesterday.  And today its breaking news.


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Even Cramer just said to take your money out of soc gen.
Does that mean I should go long soc gen?