And Meanwhile Over In European CDS Land...

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If there is one word you should get used to today, it is "bloodbath"

Oh and, welcome to the inverted club Belgium, with a 5s/10s now showing a negative mid spread.

                          5Y                     10Y            5/10's             
ITALY              452/458  +11   440.5/456.5    -16/-1
SPAIN             384/390  +9        368/384       -15/-1                             
PORTUGAL    1110/1140 +20     830/900      -290/-230
IRELAND        750/780  +15      600/670       -160/-100                           
GREECE           59/62   0          59.5/63.5      -0.5/2.5  
BELGIUM     306/316  +9      303/317        -6/4                              
FRANCE         191/195  +10      209/219         17/21                             
AUSTRIA       165/170  +4.5     178/188         13/18                             
UK               92.5/95.5 +2.5     107/113         14/18                             
GERMANY     96.5/99.5 +4.5     115/121         17/21

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in german: BLUTBAD ;-)


(France +10 - hah)

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No bloodbath; in Bank of America terms we can expect positive fair value adjustments on structured liabilities for Belgium

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Here we call it


and about 50 miles south from us it is


(Sorry folks, just couldn't help myself.)


Flying Dutchman's picture

Jyrki Katainen still talking viciously about greece debt?

Maxwell Smart's picture

Oh, our PM and the rest of the Finnish government  just pretend to be tough. After all the dust has settled and all others have managed to escape from the euro and the EU, Finland is left holding the bag. Would you care the have your island (or lake) from Finland instead of the Greek archipelago? (We have 179,884 islands and 187,888 lakes.)

Flying Dutchman's picture

Hmm, bit colder over there. On the other hand, you have Elks. Don’t know what to do with those beasts? Can you milk them. Like Dutch cows?

Maxwell Smart's picture

Elk as reindeer (in Lapland only) or elk as moose /deer (all over the place)? I guess for eating purposes only. :D

Flying Dutchman's picture

In 1600. Tegenwoordig gewoon menstruaties

ZeroPower's picture

Yes, -4% on Hang Seng definitely hasn't helped risk appetite.

Itxx XOvers, SovX, Fin SEN/SUB all wide

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In some bathtubs?

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Well, I guess there's "down", and then there's "DOWN."

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 If you haven't seen it, Credit Crisis Visualized is a 10 minute film explaining bankster machinations from 2008 forward.

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Watch Germany's fall when they announce on Sunday they are leaving the Euro and watch the others climb

Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

Coming Sunday? Dont think so.

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in French, merde!

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AAPL is making new highs, all these bankrupt countries will buy massively ISuck.

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Seems like these numbers are saying that the market does not expect Deutschland to leave -- it expects the creation of a two-tier Euroland.   

zEuroland und tEuroland.

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Which is falling faster today?

European bank bonds? or gold and silver?

Tough call.