And Next On Deck: Slovenia May Request Bailout Next Month PM Says

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Because once you pop, you can't stop.

From Bloomberg:

Slovenia may ask for an international bailout if lawmakers fail to adopt legislation next month that would limit public spending, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said in an interview with a local radio station.


“July will be the moment of truth since parliament will vote on the golden fiscal rule and on changes to the way referendums are organized,” Jansa was quoted as saying in an interview with Koper-based Radio Ognjisce. “If we continue to get more and more debt, we will see a Greek scenario here and this generation will have to pay dearly for the stupidity of those that have delayed decisions.”

John Nash was a genius for a reason: defecting is stupid, but if you defect, defect first. Or at least be among the first. It seems Europe has finally had its first lesson in game theory and is learning fast.

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Whomever is appointed the receiver for Europe when this ponzi finally falls apart is going to make a mint...generational wealth.  What is that Rothschild kid up to these days?

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My God!! No! Not Slovenia!

This one could do it.

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This is what happens when you handle yourself in a slovenly manner.

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Hilarious GeneMarchbanks!


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Slovenia--a dagger pointed at the heart of Hungary.

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Because already you pop, you can't stop. From Bloomberg: Slovenia may ask for an all-embracing bailout if assembly abort to accept legislation next ages that would absolute accessible spending, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said in an account with a bounded radio station.

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Virtually all European countries face the same problems. They will go progressively falling one by one. Moreover, "some countries" are rushing to apply for assistance. because they think that the money for the bailouts "to finish" or that the interest rate rise. This is another pernicious effect of the European rescue. Imagine when your turn to Italy, France ... UK? .... Germany?

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Another good one there "Jon".

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"limit public spending"

does not compute in the 21st century, apparently.

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Don't that call the receiver for Europe, a guillotine?


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Big fucking deal - ECB borrows some money at -ve rates, pockets a little more coin, win for everybody.  Who's next?  Germany, want a bailout?

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Dude.....when can I get in this chow line?

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Sorry, cognitive dissonance is not on The List.

Take a hike, buddy.

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Have you made sure your $1m donation has made its way into the party account?

If so, any day now.

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The check's in the mail. Promise.

Please???? Just a taste, a pinch, a touch of the fiat devil.

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I mailed you the check, but you better deposit the bailout money first, or it'll bounce.

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Just show Herman von Gollum the precious ring - the one inscribed "sovereign insolvency."

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Just wait, this is like an Oprah episode:  Everyone gets a bailout!!!

I guess the "bailout" for us little guys will be runaway inflation.  All debtors shall be set free.  Those prudent savers, not so much.

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"Those prudent savers, not so much."

Hey! Someone's gotta lose and someone's gotta.....well.....lose.

Practicing chastity among the whores doesn't pay very well.

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collapse exceeds the rate of bailout.. the ship sinks.  

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I would normally agree, but it has exceeded the rate of bailout. Your equation forgot something. Apparently shit floats.

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The 'Baby Ruth" theorum.

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As a general rule, . a cadaver in the water starts to sink as soon as the air in its lungs is replaced with water. Once submerged, the body stays underwater until the bacteria in the gut and chest cavity produce enough gas—methane, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide—to float it to the surface like a balloon. (The buildup of methane, hydrogen sulfide, and other gases can take days or weeks.

This is what is happening in Europe, but from a distance you can't tell if it's alive, dead but with air still in lungs, or resurfaced due to methane build up.  But in the end, everything sinks.

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Right you are. And if you're not riding the wave on the QE 2012, then you're in steerage on the HMS Fiat Titanic.

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its' like one giant bank run but instead of everyone running to get their deposits out, they're running and lining up for their bailout.  Soon, the bank runs dry.  

Game Over 

Insert Coin

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Except there is no coin needed for this video game. Because it is all electronic, you get another life to infinity apparently. You can't die you can't fail, wheeeeeee!

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The dead born €-utopia keeps on crumbling down. One by one the illusion is fading. The unelected keep screaming "more Europe" in order to centralize everything into the hands of a few bureaucrats like Gollum and the mao-extremist Barroso. Slovenia joined the deathzone in 2007 with very low debt. After getting rid of communism they thought they secure their "freedom" by joining EU and euro. But what little did they know. They just ended up into the hands of communists again. In 5 short years € managed to destroy the beautiful country and will soon be controlled by the unelected foreign bureaucrats.

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The funny thing about ideology is that when things start to fail - even within a predominantly accepted paradigm - the prevailing human response is to flee even more deeply into that ideology for a solution - whether it is religion, politics or economics.  We have pretended for years now that there has been no ideological failure and the most adherent to the ideology of "European Union" or "Modern Finance" double down each and every time they encounter trouble.  They cannot stop digging because everything they "see" is something that MUST be solved within the now anachronistic parameters of the ideology.


You cannot avoid collapse with fraudulent liquidity.  In fact, it just exacerbates it.  If our children survive, they will recognize the insanity.

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Dick, you are doing it again: "dead born €-utopia", "unelected", "bureaucrats", "communists", etc. all wrong. YAWN

Too bad you don't have the facts to discuss this in a sensible manner...

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LOL, they ARE unelected and Barroso is really a communist............. those are facts!

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When they go to these summit meetings all they really do is draw straws on who will go belly up first, second, etc. They all need bailouts now and they won't get them. Some folks need to start being told that they ain't getting their money.

It is criminal that they are still selling government bonds in Europe, the US, 

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" I want to make it easy for individuals to make these investments – and pay the same price as large institutional investors."

Translation: It´s difficult to sell our toxic shit (California Bonds) so i´m hoping YOU will participate. I promise you we will return your (nominal) money!

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"It is criminal that they are still selling government bonds in Europe, the US,"

It is only "criminal" if you are subject to the law. If, however, you either make (up) the law or you can (eaisly) ignore it, understand the social class system, right?

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How do I go about applying for a bailout ?

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De Novo Bank Application Process


Large donation to politicians speeds up the process.


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When you give one crying kid ice cream the rest of the kids want it as well.

Take it while you can get it. The Germans can work until their 100 or drop dead to pay for everyone else.

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Isn't Slovenia supposed to be bailing out Greece?

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Looks like Greece will shortly have the opportunity to return the favour.

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Well yea.

It's like broke Italy selling bonds at +6% to loan to Spain at 3-4%. Makes perfect sense in Euro bailout bizarro land.

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In all our lives, we have now truely known farce. Now go forth and multiply my son.

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When I was a kid, I had a toy called Domino Rally.  It was, in essence, brightly colored dominoes that looked different on the surface, being different colors and all, but in reality were exactly the same, all having the same weight and size.  These dominoes were attached to a track, and when one placed a marble at the beginning of the track, the marble would slide down and knock down the first domino, causing a chain reaction that eventually left all the dominoes lying on their faces. 

Dominoes=EU member states



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The Cloward-Piven Strategy is to force political change through manufactured crisis.