And Now, For Some Great Economic News

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Who says we focus only on the bad stuff (which is pretty much everything, if one were to strip out the tens of trillions in "one-time" support from fiscal and monetary authorities)? Here is some actual good news, from Bloomberg:


We are confident our readers in Zuccotti park will be delighted to hear this. So will the Ferrari dealership at 55th and Park.

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Are they getting funding from the EFSF too?

SwingForce's picture

No, TARP- they are part of Fiat (Chrysler?)

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Ferrari has a good angle of attack for scooping up OWS protesters and shoving them out of the way (like an old cattle guard). Not that I'm trying to encourage class warfare to hasten the inevitable civil war or anything...

Okay, yes I am. In other words, it's going to happen. Let's get it over with.

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This is too funny.  I just walked by there on Saturday.  I can't remember how busy it was.  I asked my friend from out of town if he wanted to stop in and buy a Ferrari.  He did not.  Unfortunately, he is not an overpaid financial blowhard.  He is just a Midwestern working stiff.  Instead we went up to the Upper West Side and ate greasy food and drank beer.  I enjoyed that more than the Ferrari. 

I heard only old blind buys like Ferraris in Manhattan. 

topcallingtroll's picture

I disagree.

I have been getting laid more and attracting younger chics with only a Mazda MX5 special edition.

I cant imagine how many chics you would attract driving around a Ferrari, or a beemer or mercedes.

Getting chics is the reason guys buy the expensive cars. They may pretend it is about horse power, performance, quality....I just laugh when I hear that.

Agent P's picture

"Getting chics is the reason guys..."

You could pretty much write anything after this part and it would come out true.

Arthor Bearing's picture

...get jobs as bankers/traders? Check.

...occupy wall street? Check. for president? Check.

...demand immunity before resignation? More or less.

I like this game!

Arthor Bearing's picture

Troll I wonder who voted you down. Is suggesting women are attracted to signs of wealth really that contentious?

Long-John-Silver's picture

Ferrari is efficient. They will not scoop up protestors only to dump them elsewhere. They will be transported to the Soylent Green Processing Plant.

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a civil war connotes the people worth a shit in this country actually want to take over the governace of the whole or that the redistributors have the ability to impose their will on everyone.  

we're not going to have a civil war.  my guess is the US will experience a good, old fashioned political disintegration USSR style, only political rather than ethnic.  the south will be the south. the northeast will be the northeast.  the southwest will be mexico lite.  and, everything in between will be a bunch of different things.   

Hugh G Rection's picture

Occupy a Ferrari...

Pop some exlax, Put on a suit/tie, act like a pretentious fuck, test drive the new 458, and spray shit all over the interior

Bwahaha WAGFDSMB's picture

Yup, bailouts -> million dollar bonuses -> expensive cars.

Surly Bear's picture

Yup, waiting to exercise my SARS and we're to speak.

Ethics Gradient's picture

No, but their President Luca Di Montezomelo rather fancies a top political job. Perhaps when that happens, all Taxi drivers in Rome will be obliged to drive FFs.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

What's the difference between ferrari and fiat?


One goes vroom the other goes boom.


GeezerGeek's picture

I had a Fiat in 1966. It was a great little sedan for the time, but when the rear end of my Fiat met the front end of a Ford station wagon at high speed my Fiat when boom. I don't recommend anyone else try it.

Odin's picture

E- Everybody

F- Funds

S- Someone-else's

F- Fuck-Up

redpill's picture

If only it wasn't in the middle of traffic congested Manhattan, they could do some flybys in a new 458 Italia, that would be just the ticket to get the rabble roused.

gojam's picture

Looking forward to seeing a picture of a man leaning against his Ferrari with a sign on it saying "$100 will buy you this car, lost all in Stock Crash."

Bam_Man's picture

Except this time the sign will say "$100,000 will buy you this car..."

Chaffinch's picture

With hyperinflation there would be a lot more zeroes. Too many - I think we might need a bigger placard...

i_fly_me's picture

Except this time the sign will say "1.000 ozt Au will buy you this car ..."

(there, I fixed it for you)

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To those that BTMFD,  I salute you! Please drive safer than you invest! 

Fips_OnTheSpot's picture

-!- Fips_OnTheSpot changed the topic of #twitter to: Fips_OnTheSpot's last update: @zerohedge it's germans buying Ferrari
          instead of physical gold - since no longer available

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Banner year for coke dealers and hookers too

Hard1's picture

Yep, that's what Timmey's mom and dad are reporting

The Big Ching-aso's picture

What's the difference between a cactus and a ferrari?


A cactus has pricks on the outside.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

You could say the same about BMW.  Why does it seem that every BMW is driven by an asshole? 

The Big Ching-aso's picture

Because BMW's are being driven by assholes?

Taterboy's picture

I've been saying that for years. Never fails.

I Got Worms's picture

The BMW 3 Series was the telltale sign of the $30K Millionaire back in the day. It was typically leased, with payments being made on credit cards.

DosZap's picture

You could say the same about BMW.  Why does it seem that every BMW is driven by an asshole? 

Because like most upper end  Mercedes,BMW, etcetc drivers are LEASING them, and their CEO's.

agentdent's picture

Well I own a 328i and an X3 for my wife,  both are completely paid off, no debt. I'm not a CEO , I'm a Linux Kernel/Systems engineer. I scrimped and saved and bought CPO too. :) I also don't own a house as I'm not going to play that game! Figured a slightly used 328i or a new Honda Accord V6.. test drove both. No comparison! 


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Yeah, for the 1%, business is a-boomin' !


topcallingtroll's picture

The anger should be focused not on the "rich" per se, but on the unfair advantages some of the rich have, such as bailouts and cozy relations with politicians, as well as advance notice of legislation and inside information that increases olugarchic wealth unfairly.

And the oligarchic rich would laugh at your naive view that $400,000 per year is rich (the majority of one percenters). It's nothing. Good luck having three kids in private schools on that income and making substantial contributions to retirement plans. You wont be able to afford that Ferrari. Comfortable yes. Rich definitely not.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

I would bet that a lot of Manhattanites that make $400,000 per year are up to their fucking eyeballs in debt.  Just look at how many former Lehman bankers were declaring bankruptcy in 2009.  Those guys spend more irresponsibly than athletes.  They all think their paycheck is testament to their never-ending brilliance instead of their ability to illegally manipulate markets. 

Freddie's picture

The therapy sessions and STD treatments get expensive in the Big Apple of fiat ponzi.  Not to be confused with Fiat Ferrari.

topcallingtroll's picture

$400,000 per year in Manhattan?

If you attempt to live just an upper middle class life on that, then you will definitely be living paycheck to paycheck.

Never1's picture

I had to laugh when BMW (or maybe it was Audi?? one of the two, anwyays)i was reporting no signs of a recession based on their YTD sales back in Sept. Like those of us who are affected by economic stagnation would be shopping at BMW or Ferrari or any of the other luxury dealerships, even in the good times. 

Not hard to see where the money is going.



Freddie's picture

It was both Audi (VAG) and BMW plus Mercedes and Porsche.  A lot of that is Asia as well.  AUdi-VW is selling a bigger Paasat made in Tennessee for $19,000.  It is a damn good deal except they Americanized it and it looks like shit.   You can pick up Mercedes, Audis and BMWs on the lower end for not much more than some piece of shit GM or Chrysler made by UAW Obama loving scum.  

The UAW types who smoke dope and drink 2 quarts of malt liquor on their lunch break.

DormRoom's picture



1% still #WINNING


god, fuck-in-dammit.



oddjob's picture

Ferrari = overpriced garbage

vast-dom's picture


Ferrari = THE BEST!


/sarc off


when gold-digger say she don't want money, what she really mean is she want MOOOOOOOOOORE! 


redpill's picture

Ever driven one?  They are neither overpriced or garbage.  But the fact that such products can be viable on such a level of volume is an indicator of the extreme wealth disparity and the distortions that have occurred resulting from corruption and failed attempts at central economic planning that have become increasingly popular in the western world in recent decades.

vast-dom's picture

Porsche Turbo (GT2) is superior for actual driving. Sorry.

Don't hate on performance, haters.... I can afford the negs ;p

redpill's picture

If it's a 911 GT2 you're talking about, I disagree they are superior for actual driving.  Porsche is married to the rear engine layout for the 911 due to its historical pedigree, but I find a mid-engined layout has much better balance and more consistent traction limit.  Without all the electronic doo-dads, a rear-engine Porsche can be a bit of a handful on fall-away turns when that heavy ass wants to keep going straight.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

The last line of your post reminded me of an old girlfriend. 

HelluvaEngineer's picture

You just have to keep your foot on the gas so the weight (pressure) won't redistribute