And Then There Were Four...

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Dunno.  But upon seeing the picture I sort of subconsciously got to calculating how many full-day fishing charters could be yielded if all five analysts were ground into chum.  (Hard for me to say -- I'm not in the fishing biz.)

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Confused.  Should I buy BAC now?

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OMB needs to be run by Ron Paul


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Even worse for the remaining four digits, Bianco was the opposable thumb. With him gone the rest of the hand is pretty much useless.

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What would David Bianco do
If he was here right now,
He'd make a plan
And he'd follow through,
That's what David Bianco 'd do.

When David Bianco was at B of A
Talking about  gold,
He said it’s not for balanced accounts
While wearing a blind fold.

When David Bianco was in the alps,
Fighting Market bears,
He used his magical fire breath,
And saved the $EU pair!

So what would David Bianco do
If he were here today,
I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two,
That's what David Bianco’d do.

When David Bianco travelled through time
To the year 3010,
He fought the evil robot kings
and saved the human race again

And when David Bianco went to the mountains of Afganistan
He beat up Osama bin Laden and the entire Taliban!

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Classic "buy high, sell low" article.

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Good for 100 points on the DOW again as we get ready for DOW >10,000 for QE3 from FOMC next week.

Wait, hows that gonna work again??

Oh right, I remember, now Bernank will just point at a dip in deflation and then make the case to deliver a couple $trillion free gift to suffering stocks, which are up again +100 today.

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"If you don't believe in a depression, and I don't," says BlackRock's chief equity strategist Bob Doll, "stocks will go up and bonds will go down in the next few years."


Wow...that's almost too complicated for me to comprehend you mean if I hope to make money...then I will?  Awesome!!

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Just beeliiiiiieeeve!...its the land of sparkle rainbows with pink unicorns jumping over them! For now, anyway.

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I should have been a Chief Economic SomethingOrOther.  I still find it difficult to believe that real people, with actual money that they worked to earn, could look at a statement like that and decide to put said money behind it.  Very sad.

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He must have read "The Secret" or at least had someone read it to him before bedtime.

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It is not unpatriotic to speak of negative economic views - - - but TPTB hope we equate patriotism with blind following and unrealistic optimism.  Everything is okay in the Greatest Country on Earth where GOD has graced us - the special people.  God forbid you be born elsewhere - oh wait.  God did that to others didn't he.  Those would be God's unspecial people doomed to the not greatest counties on Earth.

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That's what he gets for being short and bald.

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He's not short. He stands 6' 3". He is just surrounded by giants

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that's like how I routinely have to explain to the ladies that accuse me of having a small cock that, no, I just have massively oversized balls.

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how that gem could get a neg rep is beyond me.

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 Ok that actually made me laugh out loud at work 

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Hmmmm. Tyler better start finding somebody else to fill all that white space Bianco commentary used to occupy.

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Abby Joseph Cohen's Native American name is Dutch Two Lips.

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I am convinced that any monkey in a suit could do these guys jobs.  He will be easily replaced.  GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out.

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Great!  This means he will get into the education sector and infect many undergrads with his idiocy.  Nice job on ruining the future even more BAC.

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a real plethora of bulltards

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Well, looks like the Fed found yet another available employee...

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What is he carrying behind his head?


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If Bianco had shined his shoes maybe he wouldn't of been canned.

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Wait, is Abby wearing black sneakers in this pic?  Prep for a fast getaway?

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DOW tripple hehehe lala land is not dead...YET!

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We export services and agricultural things, and that type of stuff.

Yes... that type of stuff...


Lemming 1: So what do you do?

Lemming 2: I'M INTO STUFF!!!!

Lemming 1: Waw! And what does it do?

Lemming 2: You know... you can... STUFF IT!


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Due process does work....sometimes.

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BAC=Viagra for the Tyler(s)


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So, you'd rather not know about BAC?

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The markets seem to like (that he is gone) up up and away they go!


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So where is big Dave going? SEC, Treasury, Fed...couldn't possibly be anywhere else.

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wang (not verified) Sep 14, 2011 2:00 PM

I bet Lazlow, Dougie and some others are offended by not being included on this list. 

But the numbers are legion in the advisory community who will step up and fill Dave's shoes just as long as CNBS and Bloomberg keep giving the shills a soapbox.

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This line takes the cake. Sort of have the wind at their back?

"Richard Bernstein, CEO and chief investment officer of Richard Bernstein Advisors, says U.S. stocks "sort of have the wind at their back right now."

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So, they're looking away from the storm, not noticing the flying debris approaching?

Ask any Weather Channel reporter, these episodes do not end well.

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Didn't know the monkees got back together. Their first album in years; Pump Monkeys on Crack. In stores by christmas.

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Good Riddance to bad rubbish!!


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at this pace his 1450 call will be reached by the end of the month

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"In other news, we are confident Bianco will find the economy far less hospitable from the wrong side of the unemployment line."


Hilarious :))

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"In other news, we are confident Bianco will find the economy far less hospitable from the wrong side of the unemployment line."


Hilarious :))

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The rats are leaving the ship slowly and eventually quick.  They know that BOA is done and don't want to be around when it goes down.

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Major money center banks in the US, Asia, and Europe going to $0 as a result of nonperforming loans, fully written off not by the institutions but by the markets, exceeding book value by a multiple greater then the sovereigns can contribute.