Angela Merkel's Euro Contagion Band Comes Through In The Last-Minute Clutch

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The following picture from William Banzai does a good job of summarizing why today the victory may not have been for the bulls, courtesy of a strategically placed and timed rumor, it surely allowed Angela Merkel's euro contagion band to survive one more day. In the meantime, we expect rumor #4 of 2011 that China will bailout Italy (after it was buying Greek bonds, and then Portuguese, then actually balked at buying Italian bonds) to squeeze everyone, and then to fall apart as these things always do in a concerted global Ponzi scheme.

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I would make that group look better.

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Chinese people cannot even pronounce EURO correctly, they can only say EUWO.  Phonetically it is YOUR-WOE and that is exactly what they mean.


To be honest people who write in these papers/websites could now easily manipulate the system (more than it already is) with these "China will buy everything rumours"... I mean come on go ALL IN on a down day then put some shit on their website and too the moon it goes.... I am referring to the FT here.

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I like how during the weekends, the whole Eurozone's main focus was on Greece, but somehow Italy managed to go behind everyone's backs to strike a deal, rumor or not, with China. Reminds me of how Merrill did the same thing and fell into BAC's arms during the whole time they were trying to find a solution of Lehman. These effin bankers and their dealings, their blood will be on the street some day.

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Yep - and it reminds me of how BAC has new claims to make deals with every week - and how wonderful it is for US to have EU as distractor item #1 for the US masses - maybe the chair satan can sneak QE3 in without anyone but Bill Gross noticing...

- and maybe the US masses can avoid future tax hikes - and maybe US austerity - i.e. cuts in medicare and social security can wipe out US debt, which accelerates ten times faster than revenue - ie. the FED and Wall Streets fiat ponzis and printing - without any cuts to the US war machine, which after all "secures" the flow of oil which simultaneously passifies and commits the US masses to serve their empire - for yet another day...

until the chicken come home to roost and the fact is faced that in the very final though greatly delayed end - all that supports US empire is 300 Million US tax slaves - motivated by nothing more real than expectations.

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The US masses must not know that the world is dumping the dollar and that the dollar is dead.

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I see Trichet is working hard to improve liquidity flow. 

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I don't always manipulate markets, but when I do, I prefer the flavor of junk bonds and empty promises of repayment.

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 rumors of triage needed for slow, lazy, confident shorts this afternoon.   bloody 4 them

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I think you fail to understand the new normal in the equity nonmarket.  

Selling causes markets to rise [bid lifting into the rise to catch the short sales sold back into the bid], and buying causes markets to fall [bids being pulled and falling away to known price points fixed to a fourth decimal place where they are picked up by criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers].

So the joke is on you, buddy.   

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Fuck this shit.

Who falls for the same fucking rumor twice in the day? China really going to buy shitty bonds? Doubt it.

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At last check they owned about $700Bn "shitty" bonds, you know, the type that Timmy has been issuing and Ben buying.

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Only robots made money today, no way a short or long to ride those quick ramp ups and downs on a sketchy rumor.

Sec needs to be on ft ass. But fuck it why care?!

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Robots and me....

Look at commodities and what's holding up in comparison to P/E dropping...

Then go for the rebound!

I was in Oil today and it worked rather well ;-)

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Those breasts look like (Br)udders from a different mudder.

He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

Heh, they're not and they're natural ;-) !! Enjoy :-D

Id fight Gandhi's picture

No that's just luck. PE? Come on, that not even relevant in this mkt.

There was a morning rebound, then selloff. Afternoon rumor ramp up, then selloff, then same rumor again ramp up into close.

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Co's who pay interesting dividends are closely followed as you know. Check the relation and value of the underlying commodity present and past and a pattern will reveal itsself. You need to go back at least 3 yrs and compare in order to get a good understanding and have a close look at patterns at extreme moments... I only follow 9 stocks in total year in and year out from three diff. segments. Now, as soon as present P/E drops in to YOUR (historic) comfort Zone look at the pattern. Time of day is crucial - THESE ARE NOT LAST MINUTE OR EARLY TRADES. I dealt with Suncor. Good luck!

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I'm happy with my purchase of HFD.TO last Thursday (Sept 8th). It has since gone from $8 to $9.  I'll perhaps hold for the next month or two.

I'd like to thank the ZH community for my profits. (hopefully!)

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Don't sell the bear skin before you kill the bear. (old French-Canadian saying) You might get knocked on your ass.

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In China, money is better spent on constructing dozens and dozens of empty cities with their our airports. I doubt they will buy them spaghetti bonds.

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OH, but the chinese will say all kinds of 'rumors' to drive commodities down, espesally gold, and what are they buying......

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Yes, they were bailing out Uncle Sam for quite some time, but not for the love of shitty bonds, rather to support their biggest customer. You know, like a drug dealer supports his biggest customer knowing that he still retains some credibility from the glorious past days and knock out punch, just to keep himself busy and unharmed.

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the lol, fts is right. though the hft mobsters must be killing it

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Looks like everything's fixed now. 

Up up and away from here.

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WTF - Tyler Durden is doing inside this picture?

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As soon as the SEC runs out of tissues, lube and streaming bandwidth, they'll get right on with the rumor investigation.

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That picture is an instant classic.

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Please, please, please dear lord, can we have a day very soon where the U.S. fascist 'markets' do not open*


* I will leave the exact action that will cause this to occur in your capable hands dear lord, but please feel free to think big.

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Haahahahhaahahah, What a joke of a trading day. What a joke of a "market".

If you want to have some fun take a look at Tofutti brand's stock TOF.

Can anyone explain moves like that? All year it has been huge swings up and down. Dropping 10% one day and skyrocketing back up 10% the next day. I am sure there are hundreds of stocks that show this kind of wacky behavior.

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Welcome to the matrix.

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... and that's where the money is...!

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Matt Miller on Bloomberg is now up for Jim Cramer's Job.   Buy, Buy, Buy, says the Gay Boy.

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Is there a high resolution version of this out there? 

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I remeber the exact time and location of when I bought and opened the Beatles St Peppers album and first played it on my stereo..or Hi Fi.......I think I will want to forget about this band and their album....

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Youngman - it's scratched.  It keeps skipping back and repeating "I get by with a little help from my friends....." ad nauseum and never makes it to the finale.  Why or why lord will it not just END?!!!!!!! 

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Gotta love Zero Hedge.

Tyler is pumping out new stories every hour.

Faster than Harvey Levin pumping out new updates on during a Charlie Sheen or Mel Gibson meltdown.

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hey, RT!

only 3 pp last 24 hrs, down 24% from friday...

...decaf for tyler, BiCheZ!

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Robo, i am glad there are people like you in the world because your brand of humor is in short supply and appreciated. A word of caution though; don't think we can't see through the falsity of your bravado. It will do you harm.

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The EUR/USD rocketed up over 100pips in the last hour.

Never underestimate the power of big fucking lies pushed by the government and promptly sold by the media.


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I think Zero Hedge should change its front page format to look more like the U.K.'s Daily Mail Online's "Showbiz" page.



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Is that the only place where your "short gold" comments are still accepted without provoking endless ridicule?

alien-IQ's picture

I'm pretty sure Robo is ridiculed on many continents.

slewie the pi-rat's picture


don't rip his bra off, tyler!

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It's rather humerous. The headline at the UK Daily Mail is

Meagan Fox- I want to have chidlren but not until I have more money in the bank.

I guess her finacial advisor is as smart as Robo.

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Youre an idiot troll Robo. 

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That would work if ZH only carried articles based on your calls.