Angry Youths Attack House Of Greek President Papoulias; Hurl Rocks, Molotov Cocktails

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Instead of defaulting a long time ago (when we first suggested it should) when it could have pulled an Iceland, taken a bitter pill, hyperinflated the drachma and in the process delevered overnight, if at a big social cost of losing its welfare safety net (which it is about to lose anyway courtesy of the PSI and OSI), and not be held captive to bigger geopolitical interests, and hostage to the banker superclass, Greece very likely could have been on the road to recovery now, granted with a totally different political regime. Instead, the political regime is the same, Greece is more in debt than ever before, the economy is in shambles, the banks have seen two straight years of bank runs, and most importantly the people now are poorer and more disenchanted than ever, and as the following story indicates, about to get far angrier than any Syntagma square riot cam (which is about to come back with a PayPerView vengeance) has shown to date. According to Kathimerini, late on Saturday evening, "A group of between 30 and 50 youngsters attacked the house of President Karolos Papoulias."

"The result of the attack was some minor damage to the entrance of the house at Asklipiou Street in central Athens and to the car that Papoulias uses. The hooded youngsters, who arrived by motorbike and on foot just after 8 p.m, hurled a Molotov cocktail, rocks and paint at the house but stopped short of attacking the two guards at the President’s house. Papoulias was inside at the time of the attack. Police is searching for those responsible for the unexpected attack." And while the fact that discontented Greeks are willing to attack the most porminent political figure is in itself not shocking, the fact that it is being publicly announced is quite disturbing, as it opens up the population to the realization that one can express anger and hostility at one's rulers - an oppressive regime that has been benefitting the banking oligarchical superclass at the expense of the general population. Consider it yet another "Sparatcus" moment. How many more of these before the Athens parliament is overrun? Or how much longer before the people realize they have notthing to lose?

Because it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything...

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Go Icelandic, Greece.

Yes, you were irresponsible, and you consumed more than you produced, and you ate up all the easy credit you could order and then some, but that doesn't change the fact that so long as your lives and economy are set within the context of fractional reserve banking voodoo, and a framework where you can't even print your own currency, instead having to beg, borrow or whore yourself out to a loanshark and pimp to obtain necessities of life, or what is now your reality - as long as your lives and economy are set in the framework of fractional reserve banking - you will only fall deeper into debt serfdom and lose more and more of what you had assumed were your sovereign properties & wealth.

What I'm saying, Greece, in case you're listening, is that on relativistic scale, your sins of overconsumption and borrowing too much, particularly since you were "allowed into" the European Union, pales in comparison to those of the criminal racketeering organization that is called fractional reserve banking in dignified social settings.


p.s. - Don't let the Paul Krugmans of the world tell you that ya' can't default because the repercussions will be unbearable. Just the opposite is your new reality. Never go into business with an entity or person who will forever and always inherently be able to subjugate you and bend you to their will. You gave up your sovereign right to print your own currency. It's time to rectify that egregious error (just make sure your new money is directly tied to an inherently valuable asset, in order to build an automatic safeguard against the inflation-deflation, rinse, wash and repeat racketeers of finance from robbing you blind in other ways).

Paul Krugman would have you debase your living standards by 95%, pay a 90% income tax, and pay for the privilege of breathing (with all revenue generated going to some non-benevolent world body), and have the balls to tell you it's for your own good.

Double p.s. - Krugman would love to see Keyne's wet dream of a single world currency (the 'bancor' or whatever it's ultimately called) come into fruition in his lifetime, too.

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Should we laugh?  The bastards deserve what they get.

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Nobody deserves to get their wealth stolen from them. People deserve the truth, even if the government thinks "they can't handle the truth."

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One has to admit though that for the amount of punishment and screw-tightening that is giong on around the world, people are pretty much taking it lying down. Bent over.

Or fighting, mostly dis-organized protests like this.

Perhaps it really is time for the rise of the Velvet Underground... or will it be the Bad Weather Underground?



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I enjoy your company but does anyone else think doing this on a Saturday night is Gay?

In Fairness it is February but surely there is a cow somewhere in need of tipping...

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Everybody knows Saturday night is 'amateur night'.

Players go out on weeknights.

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Talk about amateur night.  They "stopped short of attacking the two guards..."  TWO guards?  At the President's house?  And the police are looking for the perpetrators?  

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They, TPTB Banksters, will never let Grese default. Its like letting AIG default, the bad bets dont pay off.

the taxpayers of the new world order will foot the bill. and the greeks will keep on keepen on.

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A mere fifty.... situation not yet desperat then....

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Angry Youths - Coming to the AppStore soon

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Told you this was coming. Multiply those Molotov by thousands still to come.

Consider it yet another "Spartacus" moment. How many more of these before the Athens parliament is overrun? Or how much longer before the people realize they have nothing to lose?

They should also burn down the TV stations that side with the oligarchs.

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I think Archimedes would say screw this.

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This is what happens to anyone who might think about introducing gold as a currency.

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The kids don't realize that one man cannot fix this situation.  L-Pap took over the helm of the monster that was already created long ago.  G-Pap stepped down because the mess was too much for him to deal with.  The system is broke and no matter who steps in to the lead role...they have no control.  Just political chatter.....nothing more.  Same with Monti in Italy.  He stepped into a mess as well.  He may get the same treatment as Berlusconi at some point.  It's all part of the plan of the powers that be working with their pawns in place to destroy patriotism and sovereignty to move towards global control.  Create so much chaos that the people willingly give up nationalism for peace and order.  That is the evil empire that needs to be exposed and brought down.  And it will be brought down under God's judgement.  The day of reckoning is coming friends.  Unfortunately a lot of turmoil and destruction is yet to come for a little while longer.  God promises to save those who call on him....the bible says to:  "Call on the Lord while we still have the chance....while He may be found".  Because the mark of the beast system is being implemented and the deception of the devil is already working on the people's minds in this world.  Jesus Christ is the only answer and whoever calls on him will be saved.  This is where the rubber meets the road folks.  Never mind religion .... just reality....knowing God through a personal relationship with Jesus is what matters.  A new world of unbelievable beauty, peace, love, joy, happiness, fullfillment and prosperity awaits those who belong to Him!  I really felt this needed to be stated.  

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hey you guys remember the g-pap referendum snafu? man those were good times...also the world will end and jesus and stuff like this guy says

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One good, honest, humble man, in the right place at the right time could. Wake up your neighbours and Go Ron Paul.

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"Never mind religion .... just reality....knowing God through a personal relationship with Jesus is what matters."

What? Don't you, never mind.  *sigh*

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I find it incredible that two people have up voted you. There are more planet zog readers here than I realised.

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Try huffpo shit-for-brains.

smiler03's picture

What a nice considered reply. And you're a devout Christian, cool. 

Reese Bobby's picture

You do not get it.  We fail all the time; and if we think we don't, that is worse.  That is the whole point.  Please learn the basics of Christianity.  Please.  You will awaken to a somewhat fearful existence but you will have an eternal chance.  There is no easy road.  You and I are not worthy of God's grace.  That is the point.

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May God Bless you my bother.

smiler03's picture

OK, I'll wait for the headline to end all headlines.....

Jesus Saves Greece!!

Reese Bobby's picture

Thumbs down me all you want son.

We Christians live in enemy (Satan) controlled territory.

But we are also under God's greater umbrella and spend our time begging others to save themselves.  Usually to no avail, unfortunately.

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Everyone woulld agree (vote for it) that it would be great to retire at 55 years old. Problem is there must be a way to pay for it. Greece may have taken more advantage of the promises but the whole world was lied to by the banks, corporations and gov. The politicians got elected, the corporations got their advantages, and the banks put everyone in debt. Now the producers (young workers) must pay for it all for those who voted themselves privileges they dont deserve. Damn right they are throwing rocks. This is a class war and those who think they are imune because they aligned themselves with the powerful with their silver spoons or education are about to get a real dose of reality.

Muse, uprising

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I took the liberty of editing the post above - 

"The US very likely could have been on the road to recovery now, granted with a totally different political regime. Instead, the political regime is the same, the US is more in debt than ever before, the economy is in shambles, the banks have seen two straight years of mini runs and endless funding, and most importantly the people now are poorer and more disenchanted than ever, and as the following story indicates, about to get far angrier"

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The elite must be petrafied. This are only going to get more interesting for them.

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one point that Truth was making is that the frac res welfare system is designed to create a hedonistic society fascinated by sex and lazy as hell.

so here in the Philadelphia area i use dollars every day, so i pretty much suck Ben Bernanke's dick, don't I?

sucks to realize you are fucked by Bwaney and Chris Dodd every single day.

guess you could call me a bastard and say I deserve it.

where are you? what form of barter exchange do you use everyday?

guess it must be somewhere better than paper land,

cause you can fucking judge others.

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The Two Step Plan to  National Economic Reform and Recovery



Step 1: Directs the Treasury Department to issue U.S. Notes (like Lincoln’s Greenbacks; can also be in electronic deposit format) to pay off the National debt.  

Step 2: Increases the reserve ratio private banks are required to maintain from 10% to 100%, thereby terminating their ability to create money, while simultaneously absorbing the funds created to retire the national debt.

[Read more @ link below; whoever claims this can't be done successfully is confused, over-analyzing matters, or disingenuous, for whatever reason.]

Monetary Reform Act*


*Quoted from: A Program for Monetary Stability, by. Dr. Milton Friedman, Fordham University Press (N.Y. 1960, 1992), pgs. X, 66-76, 100-101; and, Free to Choose by  Dr. Milton & Rose Friedman, Harcourt Brace & Co. (San Diego 1980, 1990), pgs.  307-308.

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Point Number 2: I like.

Point Number 1: lol

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We could use those pallets of US notes JFK was ready to distribute until the Fed had him shot.  I still have some old US Notes of the $2 variety floating around here somewhere.  I think maybe the stooge Johnson had them burned though, by order of the Fed.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Why is Point #1 of Friedman's proposed Monetary Reform Act  "lol?"

Is it because you think it's unreasonable or somehow illogical, or because there's a stealthy, stranglehold force on the American Government (that works for the citizenry, allegedly), that is powerful enough to never allow this to be implemented?

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I think the LOL comes from the fact that the debt is odious and hence is not owed.  Let's also not forget how much interest has already been paid over the last 99 years...


Perhaps the LOL comes from the fact that there are 100's of trillions of public and private debt (+ coming exponential growth of said debt over the next few years), where much the private debt will effectively become public (we always bail 'em out).  Do you have any idea about the size of the debt you are cavalierly suggesting we pay back?

=> you might be OK with spending decades paying off this odious debt, but personally I categorically refuse, even though I know that will affect everyone's paper/figurative 'wealth'.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I think you very much missed Friedman's point.

He is suggesting that the U.S. print its own currency again, not Federal Reserve Notes, with said greenbacks having no borrowing-interest cost component baked into them, and retiring the alleged debt by paying it off with said greenbacks.

Hence, I think that you, I and Friedman are of the same sentiment and desire on this point.

*This would have the secondary, highly positive affect of rendering The Federal Reserve a vestigial organ, thus also rendering it moot/dead/defunct.

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Let's indulge in the  fantasy of paying off the national debt. How long before the broken fundamentals of too much Govt. to many wars, too many entitlements, put us right back in the same situation? We have a fundamental problem which is why funadamentally Gold and Silver work. We are past these fantasy games. The shit will hit the fan at some TBD future tipping point.

TruthInSunshine's picture

Paying off the debt isn't the end goal (it's a mere symbolic step to emphasize the point that those formerly in charge of U.S. monetary policy and the drivers of the massive & unsustainable credit/debt issuances (leveraged) necessarily now driving U.S. GDP growth (nominal growth), are no longer behind the wheel of policy).

Getting rid of an unsound & perverse monetary system whereby the boom-bust cycle is not only allowed to be a frequent destroyer of economic worlds, but is encouraged to be so, with all the massive malinvestment, inefficiency, bubbles & damaging long-term consequences to the economy, would be the end goal.

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"the frac res welfare system is designed to create a hedonistic society fascinated by sex and lazy as hell"

If that's true, then fo' sho' we has teh best in da worl'...

JPM Hater001's picture

Oh, and nothing personaly but does anyone else think that the Joker Avatar is something original put it on the face of a baby with a "Who Me? tag...

But stop being cute with Heath...poor baastard gave his life to the part...literally.

Michael's picture

He could make an avatar similar to the one I made.

JPM Hater001's picture

I think Laugh is a stretch...I thing a "What do you Expect?" is definitely in line.

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Nice speech , TIS. (Saturday 22:28)


couple of points.


"Yes, you were irresponsible, and you consumed more than you produced, and you ate up all the easy credit you could order and then some"

You're talking to Greek politicians, who are corrupt, and who played this fractional/derivative game up until now when

they can easily see that they'll soon get lynched. All Greeks saw some benefit from the trickle down, but you're not talking to the people

with that comment. You should talk to the people too. You need proof? Look at the level of personal/family debt. It's probably the lowest in the Western world. The banking laws there are scary. They can soak you for everything you've got if you miss one payment. Therefore, most people don't have loans.


"go Icelandic"

Lovely concept. However, you can see the legal/political leg-lock that the Troika has put Greece in. Greece has already lost its sovereignty. The Mnimonio is the official end of a free Greece. I don't know if they'll ever let Greece truly free.

The fact that the whole world knows that

1 it's better to give Greece a 100% haircut

2 the whole EU government works for the German and US/UK banks, and Timmie is their leader

because of the work of ZH and others like  Max Keiser.

That doesn't mean that Greece will go free.

Anyway, watch what Greece is doing, and learn because they'll come for your country too.




smiler03's picture

"go Icelandic"

Lovely concept.

Iceland never defaulted on ANY of its Sovereign Debt, are you suggesting Greece do the same?

ArmchairRevolutionary's picture

I gave you a thumbs up, because the first part is spot on. The second part, Krugman, however, is not correct. Krugman, although he does seem to believe in currency debasement, has long been talking about Iceland as the example to follow.

Conrad Murray's picture

People are so crazy these days, throwing rocks and burning things. My my my. This world needs to SIMMA DAHN NAH before we have unemployed people burning down political offices. Or cultivating viruses in crazy home labs and spreading them on the doors of 200 West. Or leaving backdoor infested USB drives in the parking lots of such places, or the driveways of the employees of such places.

I mean, think of the loss of social cohesion that would occur if someone working for a catering company realized that big order he or she is slaving away to make for $7/hr is going to the Wall Street bonus party, and decides to poison the whole of it.

Shit, the way the people at the top go through blow, some loon might get the idea to sell laced coke all through midtown. Or a few ladies with AIDS decide to get together and satiate the appetite of those hopped up nose candy addicts.

Can't let the world sink into anything like this. Print faster!

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Compliments to Greek Youth attacking a politicians house

British youth attack small shops which is bad targetting

politicians will just laugh their heads off standing in a square waving banners achieved with the 'Royal permission' of Govt permits

...take it to the crooks, make it personal, let them eat hate

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

The roof the roof the roof is on fire... We don't need no water let the motherf*&ker burn. Burn motherf*&ker burn.