Angry Youths Attack House Of Greek President Papoulias; Hurl Rocks, Molotov Cocktails

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Instead of defaulting a long time ago (when we first suggested it should) when it could have pulled an Iceland, taken a bitter pill, hyperinflated the drachma and in the process delevered overnight, if at a big social cost of losing its welfare safety net (which it is about to lose anyway courtesy of the PSI and OSI), and not be held captive to bigger geopolitical interests, and hostage to the banker superclass, Greece very likely could have been on the road to recovery now, granted with a totally different political regime. Instead, the political regime is the same, Greece is more in debt than ever before, the economy is in shambles, the banks have seen two straight years of bank runs, and most importantly the people now are poorer and more disenchanted than ever, and as the following story indicates, about to get far angrier than any Syntagma square riot cam (which is about to come back with a PayPerView vengeance) has shown to date. According to Kathimerini, late on Saturday evening, "A group of between 30 and 50 youngsters attacked the house of President Karolos Papoulias."

"The result of the attack was some minor damage to the entrance of the house at Asklipiou Street in central Athens and to the car that Papoulias uses. The hooded youngsters, who arrived by motorbike and on foot just after 8 p.m, hurled a Molotov cocktail, rocks and paint at the house but stopped short of attacking the two guards at the President’s house. Papoulias was inside at the time of the attack. Police is searching for those responsible for the unexpected attack." And while the fact that discontented Greeks are willing to attack the most porminent political figure is in itself not shocking, the fact that it is being publicly announced is quite disturbing, as it opens up the population to the realization that one can express anger and hostility at one's rulers - an oppressive regime that has been benefitting the banking oligarchical superclass at the expense of the general population. Consider it yet another "Sparatcus" moment. How many more of these before the Athens parliament is overrun? Or how much longer before the people realize they have notthing to lose?

Because it's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything...

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Is there an Illuminati playing card set?

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That's actually a brilliant idea. Print up the deck and disseminate it far and wide. I'm still unsure as to who gets the honor of being the Ace of Spades. Rothschild? The Black Pope? One of those Italian fucks who's family has had billions ever since Romulus was offed? 

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Who's going to do this?


Makes the targeting easier for the masses and helps all to understand specifically who are the true Public Enemy #1s. 

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this is where ori's "post" would appear if he hadn't desecrated another of tyler's gems w/ his spamming.  again

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Howd de Pats get a one, oh ORI replacement ???

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more like an ori xtra point, hulk

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young youths, rise up in the US!

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If our youth did the same thing they would be labeled terrorists, and get a quick trip to Gitmo to be tortured.

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the thing about the US is that we have our "youth" like any culture or state but also a citizenry legally armed and (depending on "interpretation"?) Constitutionally deputized, too!  but not to throw things.  which may be why people aren't throwing things!  L0L!!!

thePeople just aren't in a big rush today, and no "final" decisions have yet been made.  so we're just popcornBowling4zH and tring to consider just wtf we are actually lQQking at, together, here, and wtf the "messages" about US are, too!  

welcome to america, BiCheZ!

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This smells bad- of all the people in the greek government to aim one's outrage at, the president is the least- the president in greece has almost no power, and papoulias only became president anyway because he was a compromise between all the parties - of all those filthy politicians he is one of the least filthy. This is why this smells bad to me , like something manufactured. When we hear of the PM, or cabinet ministers, or gpap, house getting similar attention, then we might start to think it is genuine. the president has had no involvement in this festival of bullshit going on in greece, aside from being muscled and rushed into signing papers for procedure's sake on a few occasions. Inside greece, it's all in the parliament, the party leaders, the PM and cabinet... and the couple hundred really rich people connected to those.


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Papoulias has been cheerleading for Parliament and the P,M. Plus he made inflammatory comments during the parade protests in October. People really dislike him as much as all the other thieves in Parliament.

Not to say you're wrong, there's plenty of evidence that the 'hooded youths' are in cahoots with the State Police as well. Perhaps someone is sending a message to him.

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The fact that Papoulias is a mere figurehead probably accounts for the fact that he has only 2 goons guarding his residence.

The fact that he has only two goons guarding his residence is probably duh reason duh yutes chose him as their target.

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Ahmeexnal, RISE UP !!

I have been waiting for some fat arsed Girly-Boy like you to Rise up ....

but all I get is bullshit talk....

and gutless wonders attacking third world countries with happy trigger fingers

and fascist dreams of intelligent design and delusions of Napoleonic megalomanic world domination phobia

shooting missiles from drones via remote control from behind a screed half a world away

at some innocent civilians, trying to survive in a war-torn Afghanistan.

Killing Reuters Journalists and firing machinegun bullets from a helicopter gun ship

at  children of starving families walking in the ravaged streets below

 Light them up !!  Light them up !!  Light them up !!  Pull that trigger fat Girly-Boy !!

Rise up !!  Rise up !!

Pulling the trigger while hiding behind a Computer screen somewhere in the fascist State of America,

the land of Greed, Murder and Crime by Cowards and Fat gutless Wonders .

When someone exposes these crimes against humanity, this fraud and this

betrayal of trust by the US Government against its own people,

fat slops like you, sit on their fat Arse, watch TV and just keep silent.

You watch Greek Riots, while they shoot the messenger at home,

people who speak out against US warcrimes, as Bradly Manning did.

You turn a blind eye while your own Government commits Warcrimes and shoots the Messengers

who expose their evil deeds and crimes against humanity!

You try to silence those who speak out, the free press and sites like wikileaks,

because you are complicit, you are a coward and you will never rise up !!

People like you will never rise up !!

you will keep silent because your fascist government has enslaved and silenced you!

You are complicit now, sitting in your armchair, watching your FOX TV and you get excited

when you can watch a protest march in Greece on the TV "News."

That way you can forget about your own cowardice,

your own complicit silence of the crimes comitted:

Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba,

the out of control US National Debt of 15,300,000,000,000 (15.3 trillion of Debt)

a grit-locked and hamstrung US Congress with a President paid for by wall street arms dealers,

and 310 million Americans who sit on their fat arses

and watch Greek Public Servants Riots on their TV screen

while doing absolutely zero about their own shit at home !

Rise Up !!

zero probability in the US of fat A'ss !!


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If this had happened in the United States, the youth would be labeled terrorists (and not just terrorists, but al-Quaeda) and disappeared in Gitmo to be tortured.

Land of the Free and all that.

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People are truly free when they have nothing to lose... will the Greek president free his people like Moses did the jews?

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 Global Realignment!

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Goldman Realignment more "friendly visits" to Greece for them

It'll have to be 'neutral' territory from now on, for fear of bankers being skinned

Presumably that's why they meet in Davos, Switzerland.. the only country that still has a modicum of respect for banking and the only safe country for walking-dead zombie bwankers to discuss sucking the blood of various nations taxpayers

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As in TROIKA? Or possibly the IMF " meat puppets"?  good post.

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Not sure this is a good thing, but it now seems inevitable.

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No sense being greedy with cocktails.....

Here ,have a drink on me...

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Vacation in Greece next year?

The dollar will go a long way in new drachmas.

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Celente commentary fits well here

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That movie quote makes me think there needs to be a ZH movie night. Some rogue website hosting a showing of Fight Club. Add an IRC channel, bag of popcorn, and some intoxicants...good times to be had by all.

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"A group of between 30 and 50 youngsters attacked the house of President Karolos Papoulias."


The "house" of Obama next?

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The White House belongs to the American people. Obama, IMO, is a  "Squatter!"

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There's always the shady deal Rezko house.

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He's just the waterboy. Who placed him there? Who will you have to fight to remove them?

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you just earned a visit from homeland security

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I seriously doubt... what's that... wait just a minute... let me answer that knock at my door...

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If they decide to visit, I don't think you'll hear a knock.  More like the whine of a chain saw...

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and free unlimited groping too.

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Free as in free groping indeed

zebra's picture

the land of free groping.

only in the USA, product of USA, as seen on TV!!

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the land of free groping.

only in the USA, product of USA, as seen on TV!!

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One big fat greek bust.

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Someone told me once about Greeking my lover...Hmmm, I think I get the greater context now.

Step one...get behind

Step two...turn large ring on finger around....

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Greek youth : doing more in one night with 50 people than Occupy Wall Street over months and millions of people. Those 50 people have understood the bottom line : you can't reason with banksters puppets.


3 steps of resisting tyranny :

1. Protest

2. Physical citizen arrest.

3. You know what 3 is.

1 obviously doesn't work. Next step is 2. Vandalism is between 2 and 3.

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Now if they only had Facebook they could really come together.


/sort of

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Just a bit of tomfoolery by those wacky Greek youth on a Saturday Night...

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4. Stop Paying Your Taxes

(cut the suckers off)

Zero Tax = Zero Govt 

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They want blood can't say I blame them. They've been royally screwed over.

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The "yutes" must have realized they will soon be boiled off for banker financed tank track grease. 

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Whats a yute?

Sorry your honor, the youths...Bitchez.

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She was hot. But hot in a Bensonhurst kind of way.

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Lookin Good

'Pop' there goes European Community Policing ..bit of an up-hill struggle from hereon with that one!

When the Judges of the European Court of Human Rights start running for the hills you know the EU Project has passed its peak ..Belgium being bankrupt and having no Govt is another key indicator along the way

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Good keep going. Do it already . God Dammit. You Greeks, should have had your politicians up on a rope last year.

The world is waiting for you..To see strength..To make us all stronger....


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Rent the Acropolis for just $2000 a day. You can watch the super bowl, this estate has romantic views and you'll get banged [several times] before hitting the vomitoria before dessert.  

Revenue creation Bitchez