Animation: America's Metamorphosis To A Welfare State

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Still confused why there are those who call America the USSA? Don't be. As the following animation from the NYT so vividly shows, government benefits across the US have nearly tripled from a modest 7.8% of all personal income in 1969 to a 'European' 17.6% in 2009. And this before Obama went to town (as a reminder total debt has risen by over $4 trillion under Obama - a significant portion of that has gone to fund social welfare). Thus, we are confident that as of this writing, the government accounts for at least 20% and possibly as high as a quarter of all personal income. One can use any word to describe that transition depending on one's personal political preferences, except for one: "sustainable."

Source: NYT

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Nope! Gotta have a bull or cow tag license first--gotta give every one an equal chance.           Mileatones

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republican party used upper middle class and religion to justify enriching top 0.01% by making capital gains tax half of income tax+FICA

You don't make $10,000,000 / year through merit alone.


Income distribution curve is not a straight is a sick exponential curve.


Executive pay...and most people know that executives at Fortune 500 don't do shit except give a big lipservice about how workers are the companies best assets.





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Incredible charts--far worse than I imagined.  Thanks for the info.          Milestones

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The welfare system is a direct consequence of allowing the banks to create money.

Problem with Money System:

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I don't think this graph includes the biggest welfare recipients of all: corporations.

From the banksters who got the bailouts to the military contractors who charge $200 for a hammer

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This graph appears to be carefully constructed in such a way that it doesn't tell us anything. They might as well have given simple percentages by year - and perhaps even data more recent than Bush's term. There's no way to correlate anything with anything here - and without that this is worthless - unless you somehow know all background variables for every county in the US. Completely different 'welfare' is also mixed together (like veteran's benefits = welfare to crack moms). My guess is that 'geography' was the only variable that served the interest of the New York Times, which by the way are globalist cunts who can go fuck themselfs with the rest of the MSM.

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Try this.  Add government payroll data to transfer payments.

Over half of American households get a government check.  What was that about free and fair elections???

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Look, I've put everything necessary in place to make worldwide economic armageddon go super nova style.

Don't fuck it up on me.

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social security and medicare is government check but you paid into it.


When 90% of revenue for a publicly traded company is sourced from federal government, that is not a real private corporation competing globally but living off of your tax dollars. Now those executives want private bonuses into millions.


How about million dollar bonuses for gamblers in AIG?

where is the outrage at wall st. bonuses instead of some grandma receiving just enough government check to eat.


plus everyone knows, welfare = subdidy for the companies that sell shit to the poor such as banks, grocery markets.

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I fear the nation may need 4 more years of Obama to get over that black president thing.

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This nation cannot even HOPE to get by, much less survive if we get Any color of man or woman with the same ideology as the faceosocialist in chief we have now.

This gum ball, (you wont believe it) has asked the Churches to Support his campaign!!!..............and Launches "African Americans for Obama Campaign".

The Catholics will remember how he JUST  screwed them over,(after the SUCK up in '08) so will the other conservative denoms (no help there), the Race card throwing carp,will still get 80%+ of the Black vote.

"The Audacity of Arrogance" of this poser is amazing.( Should have been the name of his book.)

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The USA is already virtually destroyed and bears no resemblance to the founders original intent. So what's the difference? A Romney nomination means the presidential campaign becomes Wall Street vs Main Street in the Democrat party play book. The black community has yet to feel what it's like not to have access to Wall Mart and Nike's, but when they do... 

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given that "blacks" make up only about 14% of the whole amrkn public, even if every man, woman and child voted, they still could not be held solely responsible for re-electing Obama.

some of you white folks must be crossin' over. ^^

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Obama played the race card first. I do understand it's pretty played out already.

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Very good point. Also, recent data shows that government employees are now paid higher than workers in the private sector. We are now looking at two classes of state dependent people: Government workers (the new middle class) and the proles who will not bite the hand that feeds them no matter what.

The old middle class is being eliminated by the gutting of the economy, wealth transfer to the financial system, taxation and technical restrictions on startups and small businesses. They will be recruited into dependency, either with government paychecks or through poverty & welfare.

This is excellent news for the elite. You can't really run a corporate fascist system with a pissed off middle class still in existence. You have to bribe them and break them. All you need is enforcers and sheep that you control by throwing crumbs at them.

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Two in a row said well, C&H.  Thank you.

Where's the heat map that shows density of government employees.

With an overlay for FIRE sector employees.


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Coke and Hookers Ya you are on a roll.  I agree.  The NYT sucks.

If the legions were not at war, PTB would not need so much bread and circus to placate the masses.  Without the malinvestment that is war, more of the masses would be at work and not in need of b&c to stay placated. 

The Islamaphobic Terror Wars put another $4trillion dollars in debt claims on your goods.  Not to mention a lot of people got killed over nothing but asset class rotation.

Cheerleading for the Islamaphobic Terror Wars (ITWS), the NYT will do what it takes to shield the masses from realizing where the problem lays.

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most of the  supposed "free" world is dead broke, not at war and already decimated their militaries for social spending.

sorry to interrupt the grand delusion.

 The only thing the NYT is covering up here is the epic fail of urban America has the impoverished parts are clearly covered by the ultra wealthy and the US places with the largest amounts of government, taxation/regulation and gaps between wealth and income, roll on.


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When you have no argument, you've gone from ad hominem to just jibberish.

Paneful's idea of combating Big Government means cutting everything, except the military because the military is useful to the Zionist-Banksters ... in several ways.  It protects the Israeli terror state, it rides herd over the flow of spice [ read oil ] around the world, it enables the PetroDollar and it effectively threatens any threats to the Ponzi aka dollar reserve status.

I personally do not want an empire.  What am I going to do with an empire?  Why would I want to see all these lives destroyed inside and outside America for the sake of some abstraction known as an empire?  The empire benefits only people in power and these people in power can not control their greed.  (For any who feel the phrase "these people" is code-word for Jew, please rest assured that the affliction has never been exclusive to a religeon or people.)  Likely, if they could control their greed, they would not be in power.

Big sacrifices by the many to satisfy the greed of a few.

I recommend, we all stop participating.

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  My brother is in the "bought" category.  For most of his adult life he was a fire breathing Libertarian.  He was involved in the party on a local level, and never missed the chance to proudly announce his affiliation.  Now he is a state worker who is strangely quiet when entitlement spending or bloated government benefit packages come up in conversation.  It surprises me how easily he and others I've known have succumb to the temptation.  The thing about that though, is the state can promise anything it likes.  Delivering on those promises is another matter altogether. 

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Wait till us all work for the Government just like the old Soviet Union.  How'd that work out.

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There is no need for a libertarian to be ashamed of receiving public largesse or benefitting from it. There are 2 reasons.

1) You will be taxed no matter what. This is axiomatic. You can either get essentially nothing for that lost income or you can attempt to get your money's worth. This is getting what you pay for whether you wanted to pay or not.

2) The faster a fiat currency is debased/money supply is expanded, e.g. the more debt a government creates, the sooner that government will fall and change will be possible. This is doing one's part in accelerating the self-destruction of the Leviathan. This position explicitly assumes that the "starve the beast" approach is futile.

Hans Herman Hoppe has discussed this topic from an Austrian economics perspective.

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I can understand anyone wanting the best value for the taxes they must pay.  I don't agree that you get "essentially nothing" considering the fact that a portion of collected taxes are used to maintain vital infrastructure (courts, roads, police, etc.) in the US.  I have no problem with that use of my money. Also, I frequently see that argument used as justification for receiving a variety of government benefits by people who could be productive, but choose not to be. The question for me is, at what point are you getting something someone else has paid for?  On your second point.  If the goal is to overburden the government to facilitate a collapse, then why participate in the Libertarian party at all?  Surely your time could be better spent "doing one's part" to bring about the desired result.  Why not vote for big government candidates, work to expand entitlements, and encourage others to do likewise?  And all that time I thought Obama was a big government Democrat!  He's been an undercover Libertarian the entire time!  Also, your second point presupposes a "clean slate" once a collapse occurs.  It may be fertile ground for Libertarian interests but, it's also an opportunity for a more oppressive style of government to take hold.  Unintended consequences anyone?  Oh well, Gotta go.  Trying to finish my application for a position at the New York Fed.  Just trying to do my part!

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I agree with curly, very well said C & H.  

+ 1

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Allow me to explain those $700 (not $200) hammers to you, then you can decide better about the wisdom of a large Federal Govt.:
Military Contractor gets MIL-SPECs from the Pentagon on just how the hammer is to perform, and how to test it to ensure conformance to the MIL-SPECs.  The Pentagon cuts a procurement order for hammers.  Contractor goes out and buys $15 hammers, tests a statistical sample of them to verify their conformance to the MIL-SPECs.  In the process of doing so, a two-foot high stack of paper gets generated so that the Military Contractor and the Pentagon can prove to the US Congress that the People are not getting less hammer than the Military requires to do the job.  In short, $15 hammer + Two-Foot stack of paper = $700.
Now then, who do we string up here?

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How much rope do ya have? The more the merrier.           Milestones

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The idiots in the red states who buy what they are being sold with respect to the differences between the two parties are really no different from the idiots in the blue states who buy what they are being sold with respect to the differences between the two parties. 

CH1's picture

Blue versus Red is brain poison. Give it up.

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In a lot of those "red states" in the South, African-Americans are the disproportionate recipients of these welfare benefits and African-Americans are a key Obama constituency.

Cathartes Aura's picture

"African-Americans" are only 14% of the whole amrkn population - while there might be whole counties skewed towards high percentage "African-American," they still cannot be solely blamed for your welfare benefit anger.

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Yeah, oh, wait, "don't give me the social security I've paid into for 4 decades".  Should that be what the "rejectors" of Obama should say.  Better yet, I don't want Medicare to pay for that hip replacement...I'll just go to the bank and grab some cash.

Fact is, the Boomers are too big for us to feed, cloth and provide medical benefits...We're screwed unless these programs are cut to the bone.

The only chance we have now is to vote a president in that will impliment IMMEDIATE austerity, and this will most certainly NEVER happen.


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Boomers make up slightly more than 20% of the population which is a fairly normal distribution.  Its the propagandists in 'the media' who make it sound like they dominated what has actually happened in the US and the reason for its financial destruction.  The reality is the bankers, multinationals, trade and monetary arrangements and agreements that has done all of it.  Those elites are simply deflecting the negative attention to the population demographic (the poor or boomers), that are most likely to be completely destroyed by the monetary destruction game the elite have played so welled and profitted massively from.  Just saying ...

malek's picture

So you just declared the baby boom to be non-existent?

ChrisFromMorningside's picture

The thing is, the Boomers are comfortable under Obama / Troika central planning. They might bitch and white about cuts here or there but their future is secure as long as the central planners keep kicking the debt can down the road. They have a vested interest in this system. That's why they're mostly sitting on their asses while the younger generations are the only ones providing any kind of resistance.

This Western debt debacle started with the Greatest Generation in the post-WWII era but it was the Boomer generation that went whole hog and destroyed it. Now Gen Y and Z are probably going to spend most of their adulthood in a nation that looks a lot more like the pre-WWII, no-social safety net, very limited credit version of the U.S.

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Oh fuck you! You're falling right into the trap they set for you. Pit each other against each vs poor, christian vs muslim, democrat vs republican, old vs young....fucking grow up.

Totentänzerlied's picture

Elite vs peasant, master vs slave, lord vs serf are dichotomies as well. Pray tell why, of all such social dichotomies, only these are valid?

You think a handful of vastly wealthy, mostly old, mostly white men are the only negative political and/or economic force in the world?

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GE paid NO income taxes last year, FIX THAT FIRST!

malek's picture

It is mainly a map of where the percentage of more affluent people is higher, lowering the "Government benefits as percentage of personal income" in those areas

Foul Harold's picture

With the exception of Appalachia, most of the red state counties receiving large amounts of federal subsidies are minority dominated and inside"The Black Belt. (Soil color, not skin.) Indian reservations account for those in the southwest.

GubbermintWorker's picture

Wow, did you even check out your assertioin before posting your shit? Look at NM,WA,OR, CA, and CO to name a few....or look here and do a comparative, if you're mentally able...


And then, figure out why that kind of garbage is irrelavent any way....both sides are in bed with the big banks and big pharma, big agri, and big oil companies....both sides are power whores you dimwit.

Pike Bishop's picture

What's everybody cutting off ratso's nuts for? If you put a stake in the middle of Arkansas and draw a 400 mi radius, throw in KY (which looks like the biggest national shithole on every measure),  and WVa, .... you have Blackhole USA. They are all fuckin' Republican states. Even the Mid-West Rustbelt has muddled through better., and 98% of every "tradeable" (off-shore capable) job in the Mid West has been shipped in the last 15 yrs.

And Obama is an ass-punker and hasn't fixed a thing because he brought in the same retards who caused the mess, to fix it, but welcome to the world of 8 years of Republican Government, Banks, Big-Corps, and the Fed. If you want to throw in those squid spined Blower-for-Dollars Democrats for the past few years, then fine.

But the map only goes to 2009 when Obama started, and 2009 was Bush's budget and spending for damage control.

I'm all for playing Lynch the Lawn Jockey but let's keep straight, who did what.

This is fuckin' deja vu all over again.

It's like telling people that we all decided Viet Nam was a Nation-wrecking stupid, useless mistake which never had an upside, in 1973, and they're tellin' ya it's a good idea for a President to be able to start a war in Iraq because Hussein crashed planes into the WTC.

If you don't want to have extended strain on programs which are supposed to be stop-gap safety nets, then let the Banks crash like they should have, and don't let the Fed be The Enabler drawing out the length of the disaster.

Since the Fed got the nod from the crony free market assholes in 1990, it lowers the magnitude of the Recession but prolongs the livin' shit out of it.

If the fuckin' world had crashed and shut down for amonth in 2008, we would be right where we are now. Except we would have assets of which you would know the actual price, the creditors would have had their asses cleaned-out instead of still running the show. People would have jobs and a lot of them would look shitty, but with all the bullshit air blown out of prices, they wouldn't work out to be so shitty.

Yeah, string up the Lawn Jockey.

When did ZeroHedge leave, and how long have you people been here?



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Please stop your old people from moving south, nobody wants them here either.

Gully Foyle's picture


Not really sure how you can claim Peak productivity when the majority had been forced out of very product jobs.

Maybe we could run a factory worker vs day trader productivity contest. You know people who REALLY make shit vs those who ride their coattails for profit.

Conrad Murray's picture

If CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL, bold must be rocket booster for full retard.

Gully Foyle's picture

Conrad Murray

It's all down to style, some of you just can't be bold. Some pretend to be.

The majority just have zero conception of anything beyond the banal and mundane.

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In America??

The SIGNIFICANT!! amount of $4 Trillion??

Is Spent on “We the People”? LULZ!!


It just sounds silly when you say it out loud doesnt it?


Then add to that..

$4 Trillion.. and a Significant Amount of the $4 Trillion is being Spent on the Poor as Directed by Washington DC? LULZ!


Do the Lobbyists and the Corporations who Sign the Lobbyists Pay Checks Know About this Significant Amount of the $4 Trillion being spent on the Poor in the United States as directed by Washington DC? LULZ! LULZ!! LULZ!!!


(as a reminder total debt has risen by over $4 trillion under Obama - a significant portion of that has gone to fund social welfare)



Are You Sure?

Or are you sharing the New York Times Feelings?

Let’s take a look at spending.











Health Care
















Charts: Click on a to display a bar of data in a row or column of this table.
Click on to display a time-series chart of data in a row.

[+] Drill-down: Click on the [+] to drill down to more detailed numbers. For federal spending line items (but not revenue) you can drill down three levels to view about 4,000 items of spending at the “agency code” level.

































General Government








Other Spending
























Total Spending








Federal Deficit








Gross Public Debt







We spend more in interest payments to Wall Street thru the Federal Reserve than is Spent on “Education”, “Protection”, “Transportation” and “General Government”.. COMBINED!!


The Poor People in America do NOT! Have a Billion Dollar Lobby! LULZ!!!


But! It sounds good.. the Poor People did it! LULZ!! It is ALL! The Poor Peoples Fault! LULZ!!


And then they believed that Wealth would Trickle Down to them as well!


Gotta LOVE the Sheep!


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Can we get JDub a spreadsheet or some shit?

JW n FL's picture



what do you mean.. I just posted the spread sheet and the link too it!

Sourced and Sited FACTS!

Not Feelings!

Thats what women or BITCHEZ! are for.. or maybe sheep drinking the Other KoolAide! LULZ!

there it is again!

try, try as I may.. the numerical facts just keep getting in the way!