Another Defection- Greek Ruling Party "Majority" Down To 151

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Margin of error: zero

  • Greek Ruling Pasok Party Majority Falls to 151, Kerdos Reports - BBG

Intessa Sanpaolo celebrates by being halted down over 14%..... and Banco Popolare.

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Another Leroy... man

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whoa.. one vote away from a possible collapse of the Greek government (as soon as a non confidence bill fails).  That should be bullish for markets. /s 


Greeks shouldn't give a f*ck.  Contagion has spread to Italy.  The EFSF gambit failed.


happiness is a warm gun.



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.....bang bang shoot shoot.....

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dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot (repeat)

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I was thinking more about King Nothing.

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dash-dot-dash-dash  dash-dash-dash  dash-dash-dot  dot-dash-dot  dot   dash-dash-dot-dash  dot-dot-dash  dash-dot-dash-dot dash-dot-dash  dot  dash-dot-dot

solution: dekcuf eruoy

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Soros will be pleased.

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Shouldn't Merkel be issuing another veiled war threat right about now?

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Greeks will never be slaves to the Germans.

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I said it last week: Greece played everyone.


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Waiting for the German press release stating they are returning to the DM.

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I was thinking it was that moment before all hell breaks loose in Germany.  But I would also have to agree with 1932 as well. 

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OK guys...

Who's the wisenheimer that turned off the "Short-Ban" switch?

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Why are gold and silver down? Cover "bad bets"?

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Currency competition. Look at how much the USD has gained. EVERYTHING IS WELL IN THE US NOW................

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Paper is plastic.  Metal is solid.  The difference in properties might just save your life one day.

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Flight to 'safety'

Translation: even a midget is useful when your shoes are getting wet.

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On the 1st of the month LOL... Its almost as if these guys press a button and on the 30th it is rainbows and unicorns and the next day it is like AHHH the WORLD IS ENDING ?  Almost too predictable to not be manipulation ?

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gotta keep the month-end numbers positive.

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Finest fiddle playing since Nero, but it's for the best for Greece, and ultimately, for all of Europe.

Let it burn and rebuild from the ashes.

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The wheels on the bus go round-and-round, until they fall off...

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I can here it now, "ALERT: Mr. Papandreou has gone off the reservation!"

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The stories are coming so fast this morning, I can't keep up.  I'm not logging onto work until I catch up.

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Their website says that they don't need additional capital. In bold.


Since they don't post a real time balance sheet, off balance sheet exposure it's impossible to take them at their word as there have been so many cases of fin inst lying through their teeth.

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This could be an elaborate ruse so Ben can turn on the printing press...

I mean, it is odd timing with the Fed's meeting...


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As mentioned for some time, the bullish USD weekly chart continues to exert it’s influence and according to my analysis this will continue.

DOW chart showing bearish megaphone pattern warned of downtrend resumption.