Another Late Session Ramp Up - Here Is The Latest Deus Ex

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We have seen the full Greek pantheon of Deus Ex Machina.

Thank Gods for polytheism!

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When will this finally implode? How long can they drag this out - and really whats the point in doing so? Everyone knows the end game - except CNBC...

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Sixth payment will be delayed, since IMF want to wait for "results" from EU-Summit this weekend.



Results - hahahah!

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And soon the Spartan warriors start crossing the border

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"...after all such a payment is merely passthru funding which Greece hardly sees one sent of..."


Maybe  "cent"....



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I love relentless fraud with my morning coffee.


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...a false flag op is desperately needed...where's a patsy building 7 when you need it?

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...WE ARE SPARTANS!! (spartan, morelike)

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Who cares Gaddafhi is captured...

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Debt collapse > Social unrest > Politicians arguing 

If AD/DC's - Skies On Fire is playing in the background while rolling footage of the above images once would have quite the documentary.

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Lots more earnings today - the fund management community still think corporate earnings are solid, even though some of the smart money is not bullish medium term, they see the bigger risk as not being `in` the market in case earnings are good (i.e they are already discounted as good) and in case a miracle gets pulled out of the hat by the troika.

Dr Copper aint buying it though - further weakness in the European session. FTSE has been thin and jumpy - just following the EURO/$.

Its hard work being short!

The `banks to recapitalise themselves without EFSF` story was a help - but shortlived. I think that the word on that was already out. I know Lloyds and RBS have been making enquiries on the street.   

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I'm am geting this "." close to throwing in the towel on this whole thing.

Im not a perma bear.  I wasn't in the market at 1,350 because I knew the US debt ceiling debate was going to be a disater.  Since, Ive been making $$ (alot actually) buying at 1,100 and selling at 1,200.  The reason for that range is that while I didn't see a double dip recession on the horizion (eg SPX EPS of $75 x 12) I also didn't see GDP growth being more then 1%-2%, so I thought $95 x 12-13 was about fair.

But that was precedented on Greece being allowed to fail, hiarcut by 50% and France and Germany recap their banks!  Looks like thats not going to happen.  So now - Europe in Recession, China slowing, US about to have another disaster via super committee.  I'm about 30% net short via SMDD (@ 22) and FAZ (@ 50) after being 100% long at SPX 1090.  Maybe time to get more short if we are going up today on this BS.

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Everybody and their mamas are short...

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Are you calling my mama short? 

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Yo Mama's so short, you can see her feet on her driver's license.

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The news out of Europe feels like an alternating harmonic series.  Eventually it'll converge some day.

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I would rather short gold than the ES, way more downside

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The farse continues, no surprise there. Greece shut down, in flames, how does "the market" ramp on shit like this??? Another shitty claims number I suspect today, maybe that will gas the markets even higher. How anyone can trade these shitty markets is beyond me, got a better chance at the casino at least there you know where you stand.

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so the ecb buys old spanish bonds so those investors can reload at the auction and all is good - no direct ecb participation in an auction - fraud!

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does it really have to be a ramp up everytime could be normal market behaviour ....up and down in waves

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they keep it afloat at least until derivatives expire maximum in the money

u are right about the ramping, the shape of the up and down movements is not wavy at all, sawtooths and sticksaves is all u get in this fake market

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ok, when are you guys going to just chart the speed lines. also how many days do we finish at the bottom and have higher futures, rather often

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Tyler, this doesn't look right.

" 10-yr yield +2bps to 3.22% vs 3.20% earlier this morning; hit 3.28% yesterday, highest since Aug. 8. 2-yr yield +3bps to 1.38% from 1.29% earlier today. "