Another Trump Co Bankruptcy Filing Imminent

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The man who spends 120% of his time between fixing his hair, discussing his presidential chances on CNBC and filing for bankruptcy has done it again.


It sure puts our commentary on the Donald's morning CNBC appearance into perspective.

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whoever invests with this asshole deserves what they get

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I've often wondered how he's still operating considering his speckled past of poor post management on any of his deals.


Can anyone name a project of his that's lasted longer than a year...two years...that hasn't gone broke.  I know he was the "art of the deal" asshole in the 80's with NYC real estate.  What has he honestly done that has created any net benefit for anyone, including himself, in the last 25 years?



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What has he honestly done that has created any net benefit for anyone, including himself, in the last 25 years?


Perhaps he's singlehandedly responsible for men opting for baldness as a fashion style...

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+1 for my old friend Ralph. Who no matter what is not as ugly as donald stump.

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Trump keeps operating because he changed his MO after hitting the wall in the early '90s.  He now has neglible if any of his own equity in the majority of his ventures (e.g.  Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago), preferring to earn management and licensing fees while using OPM to fund development.  With no skin in the game, Trump is happy to roll the dice and lever his investments to absurd levels.  Trump has borrowed gizillions over the years from the public HY market and stiffed investors on numerous occasions.  You would have thought investors would have learned that once bitten, twice shy.

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But, CPL, you could be describing so many corporate "heroes" today, as well as all those flibbertigibbets who dare call themselves economists (at MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale) who have never gotten anything in their lives right or correct!

Feldstein at Harvard?  What a shill.

Ferguson at Harvard, another two-pence shill?

Two clowns from MIT who recently wrote one of those pre-financed Wall Street propagada drivel books, claiming the offshoring of jobs has had no effect on the job market, it's automation that's too blame?

(Evidently, arithmetic isn't their strong suit at MIT, especially judging by those previous clowns like Samuelson and Thurow.)

Peddling junk paper, offshoring jobs, importing foreign scab labor (shades of the historic animus to the Alien Contract Labor Act of long ago), doing leveraged buyout "pump-and-dumps" --- when was the last time you met or heard of an American CEO who knew anything whatsoever about business, production, innovation?  (And yes, Steve Jobs may have been a standout, but look at the lack of any real competition?)

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And if the "investor" just happens to be a TBTF bank, they deserve a bailout.  Fuck you Ben!

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Oceanclub $7K a square meter, boom times in little old Panama..what possibly could go wrong with local banks loaning now a maximum of 1200 a meter.....

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It was doomed from day one. Anyone in Panama City could have told you that, but The Donald prolly skimmed about $20 million off the top.

No wonder he joyfully accepted that little cunt Jared Kushner into his family.

Jew it up Donny!

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I agree with you completely, except I think we should show a lot more respect if not reverence for "cunts".

   Just one mans opinion ....

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you forgot "sleep with call girls"

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...and any one who contracts with this asshole. I personally know several contractors in South Jersey who lost their businesses because of Trump.


Let him try to declare bankruptcy in Dubai, and see what the Arabs do to his ass.

covert's picture

this has always been part of his strategy, but, most people didn't notice it. newyorkers understand it much better.


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Truth. Possibly the biggest con-man/empty suit/promoter/bullshit artist of all time.

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Which makes him the PERFECT Presidential candidate. He's almost over-qualified.

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Make that F****king asshole .....

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Hey, a little respect...  He paid good money for that muskrat.

Next, you'll be complaining about his girlfriend's store bought titties.

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Anyone who invests with this douche deserves to lose their money. How many bankruptcies idoes this make?

CPL's picture

Countless by my memory.

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He's sold more junk bonds on himself than enron.

HD's picture

What is this number five?

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Same number that my sister had husbands. She keeps "getting the House" as well. Perhaps she and the Donald are connected somehow?

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You just can't make this stuff up. And yes, CNBC, get that guy back on.

He's got some 'splainin' to do.

Someone cut this guy off.

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I agree with that scary clown dude....

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Gimme a 'T'

Gimme an 'R'

Gimme a 'U'

Gimme an 'M'

Gimme a 'P'

What's that spell?


Perhaps he was better qualified for modern government than I had originally anticipated.

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Trump missing a coupon payment. Quelle surprise.

disabledvet's picture

But did he get a Groupon payment? He did recommend a bank stock a few weeks back...

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say, could you pass the grey poupon, please?

trump just loves to give bald guys haircuts, too!

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But, but ...  he's a celebrity!

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Ya gotta love this guy. A scammer's scammer.

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Yep, the con man that other con men strive to be.

Chased a gringo last night through a field...


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did u post this just to make us feel better?

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Donald Trump is the poster child for why there should be higher inheritance taxes in the USofA.

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He lost all of that money years ago!

Gotta give him credit for his ability to work all of his ties with unions, governments, mafia, contractors, etc...

He's like the PT Barnum of the high-end real estate world.

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Does this mean he can't be President?  Dang.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Perhaps it is better to look good, than to feel good.

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Good. Trump has the taste of a bedouin whore and the wig of a homeless person. He has pissed all over the city with gold and obsidian kklahhsiness.

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My comment on Zh from three months ago...

The Donald knows how to game the system...the real estate, bankruptcy, B list celebrity system that he operates in. Wearing that roadkill on his head can't shield him from a good old fashioned market drubbing.  Sorry Donald stick to your go-to(runnning businesses into the ground and reality TV, Hey Jim Cramer and Glenn Beck are doing just fine!) 


good to see he's getting back to his bread and butter. 

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Oh no, it's just a "tactical business decision, he meant to miss that payment";

He's never filed for bankruptcy- just ask him.

Dad must be so proud-  Trump turned his silver spoon to tin, brags about it.....

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Guess who's getting fired now fuckface...?

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was this another casino? how the hell do you run a casino into the ground? that shouldn't even be's a casino, the house wins what, 90% of the time on these games? I mean people walk in the door, throwing down large sums of money knowing already that they are most likely going to leave with less than they started.

It's the one place where people go to lose money for the fun of do you mismanage that idea so badly that you have to file chapter 11?

this guy would have been perfect for 2012...

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The bigger question is why did anyone ever buy this mans bullshit? 

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This is a phenominal opportunity to own Panamanian real estate gold.

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This guys finances have had more hits than the Beatles

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He's a member of the too big to fail club.

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Not a big fan of Trump but get your facts straight before posting.  Doubt he even had much of an equity stake.  As for the debt probably not at all.  Pretty much marketing only for Trump on most deals partlcularly out of the US.  This Tyler might want to do a little due dili to confirm Trump is on the note.  

Back to your worthless discussions on gold or oligarchs.