'Anti-Goldilocks' China Data Not Enough To Move Needle

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A fractional miss of estimates for GDP growth (printing at +7.6% vs expectations of +7.7%) coupled with a just-as-fractional beat in Retail Sales (+13.7% YoY vs expectations of +13.4%) seems to be the perfect remedy for a global-depression-expecting and/or massive-stimulus-hungry market. GDP growth was its slowest since March 2009 but it appears the 'sell the rumor, buy the news crowd' are disappointed. S&P 500 futures popped a few pts and then faded back - remaining around +3pts for now (and EUR rallied into the number, sold off on the print and is now limping back higher). As we noted earlier, this is not the data you have been looking for - instead focus on hot money flows and the property pop, as the Chinese continue to impress with their 'data' showing the first engineered 'soft-landing' in history.

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Of course, the Chinese Communist upper struggle for power will be in this last scene was very impressive and ugly bestiality on its head. Finally, you will find that they are not only some of the hypocrites, bandits, wolves, is an absolute coward.

Oh, yes....fuck off spammer.

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The irony is, that spam was generated out of China using translation software. They must really want to see those Retail Sales numbers go up next quarter. Spamming for dollars.

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In a rigged phony market, we should get a major rally tomorrow. I am all cash as I have quit long ago.

But as it is, in a manipulated casino the news is bad so we should rally.  JPMorgan's and Goldman's Dark Pools profit everyday.  Do YOU ???

If JPMorgan reports bad or negative trends quarter over quarter with or without the whale it should rally too.

The Bankster's Scam continues on. Price is NOT truth. The HFTs, Goldman, JPMorgan Barclays along with other fraudulent banks rig it all.

The Banksters control interest rates, comodity prices and equity prices. It is all rigged and manipulated to be whatever price they want it to be.

Ever notice how short interest gets high and then the markets ramp up while nobody is actually buying anything. Where the hell is the SEC.

They front run all honest trades and then manipulate price to make it a bad trade. It's the worst I've seen in thirty years of trading.


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China's GDP has been LIBOR-ed as well.

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Skynet may be homicidal, but context seems to be an issue.

Turing Test fail.

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CNBC is saying it met expectations.  So it was lower by 1 tenth but they said it was the same, in a sense they are right but they are wrong also.

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Wow. Are you implying that there are people who are actually trading securities in the market? I don't think so.


If we have just 21 Primary Dealers trading with each other world wide and everybody else has withdrawn the money, who actually cares whether the needle moves?

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Its laughable that people are anticipating a china implosion.....ain't gonna happen.....buy yuan.....be happy......

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China just forrowing script according to their prans.

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Dream on.  That's the kind of BS people were saying about Japan and look what happened to them.  Societies that don't do much immigration, have rapidly aging populations and are centrally controlled in theory while trying to operate a capitalist system eventually wind up in deep do do.  China is no different.  It will come faster for them because of the 1 child policy, the environmental disasters that are piliing up and because they are so much bigger and under the surface really out of control.  

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chinas "poor" population are rural dwellers who have saved all their life, have no debt, self sufficient, work hard, aren't feeding from the government teet.....lets compare that to americas poor population, shall we????......

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Sure, there is no arguing these Chinese work very hard. That doesn't mean the economy or political system is sound.

You may want to review what Jim Chanos has to say. Google it.

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It means that a government which isn't drowning in debt while feeding and clothing half of it's households is alot better off than a country that is..............

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Which type of society is not ending up in deep do do?

The ones that allow a lot of immigration and end up with radically different subcultures and perpetual slums?

The ones that don't have rapidly aging populations- Nigeria? India?

Not centrally controlled in theory - US? Spain?

Trying to operate a socialist system - North Korea? Cuba?



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All I saw was HFTs trade the number. China just gave the market it's consensus number of 7.6%, it is a pathetic and embarrassing number fudge.  China has sticky inflation and will continue to leak massive outflows, any inflows will be the goverment trying to play the property card with Yuan settlements.  I would say that China won't just crash, but economically explode...very soon.  They are losing control of reality.

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Yeah, but she just tipped her hand. Remember she was suppose to save the world

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That is utterly frightening to think that the whole market believes that China is a Saviour, when every analyst working in western banks are stress testing for the China apocalyps.

I think the Citi guy was right, one big massive rally, next few weeks.  Then the end.

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Then Krugman pops a boner and the real QE begins. Then the end.

chump666's picture

haha, yes that would sound about right.

although *shudder* at Krugman with a boner.

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Krugman is a Boner

BTW, where is the little shit?
Sure hasn't been here lately.
And the was it Kernan called him a Unicorn on CNBS?

Gone back to his nasty cubicle at the NYT and sharing cold coffee with Maureen Dowd and Tommie Freidman? 

chump666's picture

"sharing cold coffee with Maureen Dowd and Tommie Freidman?"


I dig the guy at NYT who writes film reviews he is ok.

But Marketwatch are about to get their fat short squeeze

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Vincent Canby? or is he dead?

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Economic data, aggregate earnings strength & the USD alone are not conducive to a big rally. Also, we don't have the sentiment conditions to help move prices too far.

All we really have is the rest of earnings season and Apple (which we all know almost is a certain blowout) to move stocks. With a lot of luck and momentum we get a little above 1400, but with guidance being what it has been, I certainly wouldn't count on it.

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I completely agree. How can anyone believe their numbers or that they are superhuman and can defy the laws of gravity and business cycles.  These guys are heading for a very hard landing.  They cannot possibly control a multi trillion dollar complex adaptive system with 1.2 billion people that are facing demographic disaster to the downside.

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Pop n Lock..Pop n Lock..I never could get that dance move just right, but I had killer robot moves. Time to dire up some old tyme rap!

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Who can / would believe the "Chinese Official Data" print?

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For the real deal, always follow the hot money. When the money goes, so does the growth.

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With the Baltic Dry Index reaching 2008 lows, Mayer Bloomberg has ingeniously thought out a way to curb empty shipping lines 

 Container apartments rent for 8 yuan a day


NYC real estate boom is merely a ground floor opportunity.


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Remind me again, did Goldilocks get eaten by the bears, or did she live happily ever after?

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*SG GDP drop + KR growth f'cast cut + ASEAN outflows sign of rising bearishness


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I know someone from China will probably come on and tell me that I am wrong and everything is ok..blah..blah..blah...but I deal with about 5 -8 factories in China and they are starting to talk crazy and are just a few weeks away from begging me to place more orders. These aren't small factories. One is actually massive. Shit has slowed down and not just for them but for me too. So hard to predict what is gong to happen. Everyone I know including me is just trying to hold off and not spend any money. Which makes the situation worse I'd imagine. Even trucking is starting to slow. This just might be the second shoe dropping.

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The China bitchez need to agree with new WTO demands in order for them to roll out new subsidizes.


hahahahaa. I can’t breathe from laughing so hard.. Hahahahahaha


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Same boat here. China built factories to pump out products for 2003-2007 America. Not a new American depression.

Factories are begging for orders, cutting prices, and paying for shipping. The workers are also wanting increased wages.

I wouldn't want to own a Chinese factory right now.

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"...the Chinese continue to impress with their 'data' showing the first engineered 'soft-landing' in history."

I like the "New, Kinder, Gentler Tyler Durden."

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Who are the assholes bidding up S&P futures tonight?!

Moody's downgraded Italy ahead of the bond auction.

Chinese fake made-up GDP numbers were bad (real numbers are even worse). Shanghai Composite is flat to down after the data.

Singapore GDP contracted 1.1%.

Yet, the assholes (JPM prop fuckers?) are bidding up the futures tonight.




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NY Fed / Goldman / Citadel have been using Aleynikov Algo lately to violently mark down VIX and mark up ES before the close.

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You must be sitting on an open short position. You should close that baby well before Apple announces.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Do you really think I need a market advice from an Apple fanboy?

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futures are back @ highs my vxx is going to get crushed over the next week where is the fear

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Earnings season bro. Apple coming right up.

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yep after apple earnings market will start to look ugly

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The entire world economy is in the tank.


Question:  What happens to stocks when things improve?

Question:  Why is ES trading over 1300 and not crashing towards 800?


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Did RobotTrader just say something true, honest, and accurate?

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Except for the "when things improve" part