Anti-Tilson ETF Update: +34% In Four Days And Rising

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And you thought we were kidding: the Anti-Tilson ETF continues to be the best performing asset in the known universe for the past 4 days, up 34% since Friday. Buy GMCR, short NFLX, sit back and retire.

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Does he have any thoughts on Salesforce? I'd like to know what not to do with that one

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I saw Tilson on CNBC saying he is short salesforce.  In his calculation, the stock is 75% overvalued.


I noticed the anti Tilson performance today and I came onto ZH to write about it in one of the comment sections.  Lo and behold, there is a whole post about it.  lol.  Well done!



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I do not know much about the operations of Salesforce.  However, I worked directly with Graham Smith at another company.  He is one of the most ethical CFOs I have ever encountered.  And if he smells a rat, he will investigate and do the right thing.

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I wish Steve Lies-man and Andrew Ross-Dorkin ran a hedge fund too.

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FSLR just turned green.

Bears who are short Euro debt better brace themselves

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Run and hide bears. Run and hide.

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...and the Tyler uberownage of robotbottom continues. no mercy.

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Nice chart Robo, yea 'FSLR is turning 'green'...after dropping 120 points....QUICK add it to your Fantasy Stock League portfolio, its 'turning up' LMAO.

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FSLR on one side, hundreds of state-supported chinese solar manufacturers on the other. Hmmm. Think I'll pass on FSLR for the moment.

Burnsy's picture

FSLR? Are you kidding me? Oversold is no reason to buy that piece of crap. (Btw: Hi Leo. How's that FSLR workin' out for ya?)


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Honorabow Weo having fiuh sale on Chinee Solah!

                                                        Bang Dae Ho

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Brace yourself, bears!!! We're back!!!

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In the short term bears would do well to heed the robo warnings of high short interest in the stock. Especially with momentum improving.

SheepDog-One's picture

Right, because Robo is right SO often and all only in imagination. Anyone who keeps track of his daily calls sees 75% losers minimum, and only in Fantasyland is that a winning trading record.

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OH CvlDobd 'momo is improving'... right I see its 1999 again, uh huh.

CvlDobd's picture

No way my man!

I sometimes post here what I buy, I shorted XLK last week on the Berlusconi resigning pop. You can go look. I posted it. Did it because the risk to reward for shorting was fantastic!

I haven't touched FSLR long or short but you have my word, I'll let you know if I do.

I don't like the stock yet. My comments are based on the fact that the risk to reward profile for shorting FSLR here are terrible. 1999, 2009 1989 I don't care. Momentum as measured by RSI often leads price. I didn't say always. That's it and that's all!

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+1 for RSI

-1 for FSLR, but don't let that stop the scalping.

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FSLR, did you just add that to your Fantasy Stock League protfolio? What did you have to paper trade for it?

fuu's picture

"I never fade the summation index, ever."

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Yes, owning FSLR would have made me 'turn green', as well.  And if those short Euro debt are bracing themselves it is for the HUGE tax bill coming due year-end on all the profits.  Ouch!!

DISCLOSURE:  Short Euro debt, short the Euro, with no plans to cover.

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Watch EURUSD next week with the Super (bullshit) Committee report on 23 Nov.

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I hope he owns GLD, would love to buy that dip.

He's such small beer tho as the big fish go.

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LOL! Hey, don't cry for Whitney...he still has a career as an event coordinator to fall back on post the big wind down.

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I heard that Tllson just was offered a regular role on Squack on the Skweet, go long GE.

SheepDog-One's picture

Isnt that running on CNBC at 12 midnite and named 'Squat on the Streetcorner'? Kind of depressing.

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I've been converted. I think anyone who doesn't have at least 10% of their investable assets in gold or silver bullion is sick in the head. It's painfully obvious to me that the global financial system is seriously on it's last legs, therefore the central planning cartel will do whatever is necessary to devalue the main paper currencies in the world, making the purchasing power of these currencies substantially less than it is right now. Wow, shit is getting real...

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If you really believe that, why aren't you holding at least 50% in precious metals?  At this point I am 95% myself...

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Anyone notice the all-out Wall St/FED media 'lets turn this market up and rally the shit out of this bitch' effort is not exactly working out too well?

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"More accelerator, please."  "Thank you."

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LOL I fucking love this website

fuu's picture

I just keeps getting better.

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Isn't he also short CRM ( ? Maybe that should go into the anti-tilson index.

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Cruel to be kind.

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When can I buy the Direxion 3x Short Tilson ETF??

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Bill Miller of Legg Mason fame just announced his retirement:

Legg Mason's Miller to Exit Main Fund After Trailing Peers

I heard they're going to rent GWB's "Mission Accomplished" banner for his retirement dinner.

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How consistent is Tilson's advice..??

Need to know that if I’m going to bet against it…


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Consistent enough from where I'm sitting. He's like Cramer. What was Cramer's last gem? "Morgan Stanley is fine"? Yeah. That's only down 46% YTD.

If you get enough of these permabull dumbasses together we can probably aggregate the bullshit and make a Momo inverse ETF here at ZH and just list our entry/exit limits on positions quarter over quarter and probably beat the S&P and the dumbasses themselves.

That would be hilarious and awesome at the same time.

Tyler's already got a good thing going on this one. But there's still time before this bitch finally rolls over.