Apple Cash Hits $110 Billion, Up $12.6 Billion

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If there is anything at all less than superlative that can be said about Apple's consolidated cash hoard, which grew by $12.6 billion in the quarter and double from a year earlier, is that it is a tad less exponentially than before. Still, not bad: the country's cash stash is nearly enough to cover the first Greek bailout (will need to wait 2 more quarter for it to be sufficient to pay for the fifth one).

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One word: Dividend

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Mmmm if AAPL goes to pay a divi, will the Fed buy those treasurys?

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Cant wait to renounce my citizenship for an Apple Passport!


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Nancy pelosi wants to be unleashed. As do most tropes.

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I would really like to know what is the production cost of an iphone.. 60$?

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I think I'd be helpful to see a chart of Apple's cash hoard overlayed with NFLX's cash reserves.

I think I understand why doomer goons hate Apple so much.  Apple is the EXACT opposite of what a doomer goon stands for.  Apple is progressive, and high-tech, and socially popular, and futuristic and incredibly successful.  Doomer goons are reclusive, anti-social Luddites who crave collapse and failure and turning back the dial of time. 

Oil and water, really.  


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Apple - bringing you progressive, futuristic and hi-tech distractions wrought from suicide factories employing children....yes, quite progressive indeed you little bitch ass trick....Progressive, socially popular/responsible companies would never tolerate such inhumane working conditions, would they?

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If you're a libertarian, you should applaud Apple for their labor practices.  Apple (and most corporations) have taken their manufacturing to the corners of the Earth to find producers that can operate without pesky government regulations and intrusive labor laws. A libertarian should APPLAUD all corporations that put balance sheets ahead of the forced ethics that governments try to impose on Mr. Galt. Or did you live in some sort of ideological fantasy land where ethics supercede profits?  Did you think Galt cared about people?

It's purely hypocritical to hear libertarians complain about unfair labor practices in third world countries.  That's where your anti-regulation, anti-government libertarianism flourishes.  


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Just because one is against regulation, doesn't mean one can't criticize private corporations. There is no contradiction there. In fact, because we want governement to stay out, we look for regulation through pressure from the public opinion and press.

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Hey, how about before attempting to enforce the zillion and one regulations the government tries to enforce contracts and basic laws against theft, fraud, and murder?

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tarsubil                    2371930

Hey, how about before attempting to enforce the zillion and one regulations the government tries to enforce contracts and basic laws against theft, fraud, and murder?



Not sure I understand your sentence. Are you suggesting the government enforce contracts (GM bond holders contracts negated by gov), theft (inflation by massive printing by FR and endorsed by gov), fraud (social pyramid schemes put on the populace by gov) and murder (I'll leave this one blank for any one to fill in themselves.)


I hope I am just mistunderstanding your sentence.

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Yes. I am suggesting that the government perhaps should try to enforce basic fucking laws that are common to all of humanity (laws that it itself violates every fucking day of the week including Sundays - so it can start by shooting itself in the head) before adding one more fucking regulation about how raw milk can be handled and sold.

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Riiiiight ..the "Laws" forced on humanity have worked soooooo well haven't they?

Do a simple chart sometime and you will see the rise in laws leads to the rise in anarchy (a small group running riot over society)

Plot the rise of directives in Communist USSR

Plot the increase of rules in both the Ming Dynasty or Communist Party China

Plot the mushroom cloud explosion in Laws in the US and EU

as Law increases freedom and the economy collapses. It's a very simple graph, even a 5 year old could 'get it'

the Law is abuse of freedom, the Law is the exact OPPOSITE of freedom... Doh!

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I'm not up to date with the laws and regulations on fucking. How many fucking days in a week is allowed ATM? This police state...

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ever considered it was the criminals in society that make the Laws?

..maybe that's why they're above the Law which was only designed to suppress the public from the outset

seems pretty bloody obvious, why does nobody get it?!!

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TWSceptic  - you are not a Libetarian

the Law is the exact opposite of freedom dimwit


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"...forced ethics that governments try to impose..."

When you say "ethics" do you mean blowing random limbs off random dark skinned people? Or perhaps you're referring to the sucking of brains out of babies?

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By the way, Apple loves both the government of China and the US. It hates and fears a free market and a free internet and free people. It loves drones like you and drones like you love it.

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You're such a tool Max.

Anti-government libertarianism leads to China (as per the Apple example)? That's idiotic. China has a monumental bureaucracy, one of the world's biggest standing militaries, total state control of the monetary system, state control of the biggest banks, government-enforced monopolies, state police are regularly used to settle private contractual disputes with violence ... need I go on? That has nothing to do with libertarianism or free markets.

Most of these "sweatshop nations" or "factory nations" like China that are used as outsourced low-margin industrial labor are just straight-out fascist oligarchies. Usually they're also puppets of the Wall Street-City of London empire (US-UK-NATO-Israel), which uses force or the threat of force to keep them as captive markets ready for corporate looting. That's about as far from free markets as you can possibly get. We're at a point in history where government and private-sector finance are essentially part of the same greater entity.

Also ... Apple is high-tech and "doomers" hate it because they're Luddites? Come on. So much of Apple's popularity lies in their products' entertainment value. They're not groundbreaking and they aren't as economically significant as many people make them out to be. Not even close. In my eyes, for many people they're just expensive toys. There is a lot of technology out there that isn't anywhere as socially popular as Apple toys but is a lot more groundbreaking, a lot more economically significant, a lot more critical to our existence. You have a really narrow view of society.

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wasn't the 'journalist' pumping out all this slave labour BS exposed as a complete fraud couple months back??

let not the truth get in the way of the Marxist-socialist dominated media stories ...their jobs are all up for the chop in the years ahead ...good coz their output is non-stop dumbed down garbage and their market share is terminal

..hence the successful Murdoch/Fox network is being nobbled by these failing toerags

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You know, I think Max just might be on to something.

Bay of Pigs's picture

No, he isn't.

He totally misrepresents the issues and leaves out things like honesty, integrity, and responsibililty. 

Non-overlappingMagicCereal's picture

Good point, never want to leave those out!  Honestly Max, show some responsibility and integrify it up a bit next time.

Bay of Pigs's picture

I am talking about his constant misrepresentation of Libertarianism.

He has no clue on it whatsoever.

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Max is (rightly) pointing out Libertarianism allows companies to go where the fuck they want to suit their goals, inclding bottom line.

Max is also (rightly) pointing out companies seeking places with less rules, files of regulations to comply with and warehouses full of other Govt garbage to wade through makes good economic sense

what the fuck has that got to do with integrity or any other principled pile of leftie/unionist bollocks?

they're not theiving scum, like the US Govt, banks and Unionists

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Hey, I resemble that "doomer goon" remark! Who are you addressing, sir? I don't think it's a desire for collapse, it's an expectation. The 1990's were much more fun.

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donsluck                   2371806

Hey, I resemble that "doomer goon" remark! Who are you addressing, sir? I don't think it's a desire for collapse, it's an expectation. The 1990's were much more fun.



You're alright. What Max doesn't get is most "doomer goons" are realist. We know that things are at extremes and will eventually resort the mean. That is what markets do. Max is just trying to be sensational for attention. Just ignore him. The preference has always been for steady growth on sustainable fundamentals backed by sound fiscal and monetary policy. It is ones like Max that can't see that.



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I never deny they have done great things as a company, created several markets and managed their brand fantastically. It's the hypocrisy of these silicon valley companies like apple and google that makes me hate them. They are nothing they claim to stand for, nothing.

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Hey Max,

If you must pull shit out of your ass, do us all the favor of doing it in the bathroom (and refraining from blogging about it while you do so).

Doomers are no more anti-Mac as a whole than any other group of people.  You just focus in on the weirdest bullshit to try to prove whatever the fuck it is that you are trying to prove.  Give it up and get the fuck out.  You and ALL of your other bullshit pseudonyms.

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Listen up Lady...

You're just angry because:

1.  The Comex hasn't imploded like you claimed it would every three months for the past three years.

2.  JPM hasn't gone bust, even though you've bought all those stupid coins.

3.  Paper hasn't decoupled from physical like you said was imminent.

4.  Prices of precious metals actually do matter, even though you've said they don't.

5.  Silver did NOT go to $60 a week after it collapsed (Spring 2011), when you told everyone to "buy with both hands" at $45.

6.  You were exposed as a hypocrite because you live off of government grants, yet you spent the entire 2011 at ZeroHedge pretending to be an anarcho-capitalist.

7.  You spell your name Thom, instead of Tom like you're suppose to.

8.  All the food in your bunker has molded.

9.  Someone stole your removable front porch.

10. You were never able to buy the trailer that you promised your wife if silver got to $50.  (true story - a post of yours from November 2010)



Tsunami Wave's picture

This, coming from Max Fuckface who:

1.) Keeps getting kicked off of Zero Hedge because he's a troll who likes to make fun of other people because he doesn't have a life.

2.) The Comex will default, whether you like reading the numbers or not.

3.) JPM will sadly, probably never go bust, whether it explodes from its shorts or cashes in on the silver/other commodities it holds, and those "stupid coins" will never go to zero or at least will hover around your IQ level.

4.) Paper and physical will "remain irrational longer than you or I can remain solvent", whether price "matters" or "doesn't."

5.) The Silver market, just like nearly all markets, whether you want to drink the Journ-o-list/Think Progress/MSNBC kool-aid or not is heavily manipulated (But hey, who gives a shit, I don't mind buying anything cheap and seeing a nice return on investment)

6.) You were exposed as a troll multiple times on here RED NECK REPUGNICANT/Texas Gunslinger/Libertarians for Prosperity, yet you still come back for more on ZeroHedge, being the shit stain that you are, and you try to harass anyone that thinks differently than your completely asinine, liberal, I'm-so-tolerant-to everyone-and-their-ideas-except-for-those-who-disagree-with-anything-I-say-and-I'm-so-in-love-with-my-liberal-utopian-douchebag brain

7.) No one gives a shit about your life.

8.) You're just a hateful, spiteful troll.

9.) You're large and fragile ego and personality seems to be "decoupling" from reality

10.) Look at you, the loser & failure you are.. GTFO Troll.

TWSceptic's picture

I think you proved here just how simplistic your thinking is. Or it's just trolling of course, which for your sake I hope it is.

CPL's picture

lol...lower...keep going.

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Apple has a gross profit of a little over 50%, and net profit of 24% or so. If they were hiring workers from the U.S., MOST of their Net profit would have to go for higher labor cost.  This is why I say without the Slave concentration labor camp in China, there would be NO AAPL hundreds of billions of profit!

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The irony is that I constantly rip on AAPL from the keyboard of an iMac.


I'm surprised Apple hasn't written any anti-Apple censors into the Lion OSX.


I'm actually in favor of a hologram of Steve Jobs jumping out and lamenting me for my criticisms.

JLee2027's picture

If AAPL would buy Gold and Silver, it would change the world more than the iPad.


Exactly.  But they employ slaves in China so doubt they are really onboard the sound money train. 

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definition of "slave"

a). applied/volunteered for job  b). forced into forced labour

if you answered 'b' you're living up to your name

LowProfile's picture

Work or starve?

Not much of a choice there.

I guess you could kill yourself.

BigJim's picture

Produce or starve has been the lot of humankind since the beginning... that, or enjoy the fruits of someone else's labour, given voluntarily via charity or taken by force (war, or government 'redistribution').

Unless you happen to be born into some tropical paradise where the mangoes just drop into your lap, we need to work - we can't just sit in the sun and photosynthesize.

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True, but it's interesting to note that hunter/gatherers only spend about 15 hours a week making a living. With all our modern marvels one would think we would only need maybe 5 hours. The bankers recognized this hundreds of years ago and came up with their system which drains off the increase in productivity and locks us into a barbaric amount of hours. And then there is over-population.

tmosley's picture

They also had a life expectancy of 19 years (somewhere in the low 30's if you throw out infant mortality), and they ALL died at once if there was a major disaster.

If you want to live like a hunter gatherer, you can do that for free, or very close to it, and live much better than they did.  Just go be a hobo.  Sure, your life expectancy will be something like 45 years, but it sure beats 19.

But that doesn't mean the bankers and governments aren't stealing from us.  I would argue that we would all be able to maintain our current lifestyle on less than 1/4th our income were it not for the theft of capital by governments and bankers which is ongoing.

Z Beeblebrox's picture

[slightly redundant after donsluck's comment above]

With today's technology, there's no excuse for the world not being a mango-filled paradise. Sure, we have to work, but in a society without artificially-induced scarcity, and without legalized plunder, the amount of work required of each person would plumet, and people could concentrate on what they find fulfilling, not what they feel they must do to survive.

Zero Govt's picture

Work or starve? 

I choose work.. whatta bout you?

Work or jump off a roof?

I choose change my job.. whatta bout you?

i see the most expensive and indebted quasi State education has not produced many thinkers... these dorks can't even answer an a) or b) question correctly!!

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  In a recent case (in Illinois) a woman was arrested for not paying on a debt to a creditor.  It was because she was considered in contempt of court, after she had agreed to pay it, and subsequently lost her job.  In this same town, I guess it's frowned upon to have a neighborhood poker game involving money.  A story just ran in their paper about a game where cops got a tip a game was in progress.  They came into the residence with guns drawn, and handcuffed everyone there.  A local doctor among them.  Two of those present were taken to jail.  They were charged for not paying taxes on winnings, and not having a gambling license.  According to the article, $3,000 and two tv's were seized by police.  Big surprise, the cops are seeking forfeiture of what they confiscated, since it was involved in a "crime".  As I read this, it made me sick.  If I left out the fact that cops were involved, it would sound like a shakedown by local gangsters.  Fucking nauseating. 

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It's the Fed and the Chinese central bank that team up to make Chinese workers slaves and the US the masters of the Chinese, not Apple. When the Chinese figure out that they are better off keeping the fruits of their labor instead of working and getting nothing buy pieces of paper in return which are then invested into US Treasuries and can never be redeemed because if they are, the Treasury market would collapse, then the ponzi collapses.