Apple Cash Hits $110 Billion, Up $12.6 Billion

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If there is anything at all less than superlative that can be said about Apple's consolidated cash hoard, which grew by $12.6 billion in the quarter and double from a year earlier, is that it is a tad less exponentially than before. Still, not bad: the country's cash stash is nearly enough to cover the first Greek bailout (will need to wait 2 more quarter for it to be sufficient to pay for the fifth one).

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Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You want to see a slave? You don't have to go all the way to China. Just look in the mirror.

Unless of course you're one of the 49% that doesn't pay income taxes.

Wake up, people.



True Buckie....I guess there are blue collar slaves and white collar slaves but all are slaves nontheless. 

Zero Govt's picture

the Sheepfukker is a philosopher too

Zero Govt's picture

the less the better

...whoever wants to keep that shitshow in DC going any longer deserves a pitchfork up their arse

Pure Evil's picture

Did someone mention pitchforks up arses? Just my line of work.

Non-overlappingMagicCereal's picture

Wake up, indeed.  I would love to see you explain your enslavement to an actual slave laborer, just to see the perplexed look on his face as you stammer out your whiny bullshit.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Flush out your headgear, fucknut. Those Foxconn "slaves" stood in line to get their jobs and 99.9% are happy to have them. Poverty is REAL in China.

I, on the other hand, am forced at gunpoint under pain of imprisonment to submit a gigantic fraction of my labor to my masters in DC, all because 51% of the voting electorate in this ignorant Godforsaken country voted that way.

Don't try to tell me who is the slave, you ignorant fuckbag.

Non-overlappingMagicCereal's picture

Who mentioned Foxconn?  I did not.  Care to revise?

Cathartes Aura's picture

@Zero Govt

definition of "slave"

a). applied/volunteered for job  b). forced into forced labour

I'll go for "b) forced into forced labour" - aka forced "internships" -

Apple's factories in China are employing tens of thousands of students, some of them on forced internships, according to campaigners lobbying for better labour conditions at Foxconn plants, which assemble iPhones. Some students could be as young as 16.

Students of nursing, languages, music and art are being corralled into internships of between three and six months, during which 10-hour days and seven-day weeks are not unusual, according to Sacom and a number of Chinese media reports, which claim colleges and universities are acting as employment agencies, sending their pupils to Foxconn not for relevant training, but to bolster the workforce during summer and winter holiday periods.

of course, it's one thing to intern for a position that is in accordance with your chosen field of study, in which you get valuable experience related to your field - it's quite another to be used as slave labour to produce toys for idle amrkns to pose with.

Zero Govt's picture

"campaigners lobbying for better labour conditions at Foxconnplants.."

these are the same damn (destructive) lefties and Unionists that have crippled the competitiveness of Western labour

Here's the News: it's none of their fucking business, these socialist tossers and their ilk have destroyed enough jobs, now we haven't got any

China was ruined twice by over-bearing Govt with truckloads of rules.. they've only just recovered from the Communist bankrupt hell where almost nobody had jobs as the country was in the sewer

leave the private sector alone and if somebody doesn't like their job then walk ...maybe these bleating campaigners can do something productive and find job placement in their dreamy socialist world, try that Union-Democrat managed wonderland in Detroit, 40 years of socialism takes you places (the toilet)

Joe Davola's picture

iAsteroid - they'll get Foxconn to stack a tower of underpaid employees to reach into space and mine gold and silver from asteroids, screw that Musk bozo!

flying dutchmen's picture

housing is probably a better investment then gold and silver. median home prices vs gold previous low was 100 oz.. which is where we are close to today.......  gold and silver are both up 500% more for silver.. its not easy money anymore..

asteroids's picture

Windfall tax time?

CClarity's picture

So Apple is sitting on enough cash for Facebook's hoped for market capitalization following the projected IPO.  That would be an interesting game-changer if Apple tried to acquire FB.  But Zuck will still have control with majority stake.

Hansel's picture

That's not cash, those are Treasuries.  Apple is quite successful at funding the U.S. deficit.

edit: a little less than 1/2 of Apple's hoard goes to fund the deficit.

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microsoft facebook and the squid are already in bed together. one nice thing to say about apple and google, they aren't microsoft.

midgetrannyporn's picture

They are my best customers.

catacl1sm's picture

What did they pay in taxes?

EscapeKey's picture

That should be just about enough to buy 7 fully upgraded Mac Pro's.

Zero Govt's picture

Apple up $12.6bn

...Reggie's not going to be a happy puppy (ZH'ers better avoid him all week, he's got a foul temper when Apple out-performs)

kaiten's picture

Now, Apple can fund US government .... for two weeks.

Sudden Debt's picture

And that's the most scarry part of all!
The biggest toymaker in the world is worth 2 months of US deficits... Just to keep the fata morgana going.

UP Forester's picture

Well, you just know we're going to get to that mountain sooner or later....

disabledvet's picture

guess we're gonna need more of those then. Thank God are banking system is lending money like crazy to "get on board the growth train"!

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Great TD, thanks for posting, steady as she grows.  Good looking chart.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Hey TD, can we do an updated, NFLX vs AAPL chart?  The last one posted the other day was soooooo informative, you know, taking 2 completely different companies, overlapping their stock like they are the same, and insinuate that Apple is going to crash just like Netflix.

Fucking priceless.  Do another one, pleeeeaaassee.  BTW, where is RM when you need him?

fuu's picture

Grind that axe, grind it up!

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

I can't help it, this blog has been so negative on Apple, starting with Reggie Middleton and his very poor, no let's use the word shitty, there, shitty analysis.  He throws a bunch of information up, much of it inaccurate and misleading and wrong.  Then TD follows up with scare tactics overlaying NFLX charts and the big bad hedge funds that are going to all exit at the same time when apple misses earnings (this happened in Oct 2011 BTFW and wasn't the end of the world).  It's bad analysis, it should be beneath them, and they never stop.  Apple drops 10% or so and they are like pavlovs fucking dog, Apple was due for a decent pull back, which is totally normal after you move up so fast.  If ZH wants to throw out crap I am going to call them out on it.   This beautiful chart they posted is not crap.

midgetrannyporn's picture

The major reason for these significant differences in spending out of household wealth is doubtless that, while home prices do on occasion decline, large declines are rare; the general experience of homeowners is a modest, but persistent, rise in home values that is perceived to be largely permanent. This experience contrasts markedly from volatile and often-ephemeral gains in stock market wealth...


Alan Greenspan, 1999

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Dude, or Chick, this has absolutelynothingtofuckingdo with what I posted on.  There is a huge fucking difference, I have the time but am not going to explain it to you.  Never mind, subprime criminal activity and fraud and a kick ass company have zero to do with one another.  And if you think that I think that apple is going to be the biggest and baddest on the block forever you would be wrong again.  Alan fucking Greenspan's quote doesn't unilaterally apply to everything.  It definitely applies to the housing market with crooked fucking bankers loaning a shit ton of money to poor people.  Bankers letting people lie about what they make, ninja loans, etc. etc.

buzzsaw99's picture

An AH bounce makes you a genius and ZH a dolt? Are you going to guarantee that crAAPL makes new highs soon? What is your point?

Pure Evil's picture

His point is that he's a ZH hater, and a douche bag.

CvlDobd's picture

And he has been long AAPL while most here have been trying to short it or buying puts so he is a rich douche bag.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

I see nothing wrong with contrary analysis. Everywhere else is mindless cheerleading of apple.

BigJim's picture

Don't you get it? When PMs rise in price, it's because the world is finally coming to its senses; when a company makes vast profits from selling something the world wants, and its share price rises, it's a bubble.

And when PMs drop 10% it's either an overdue correction or market manipulation; but when AAPL drops it's their comeuppance for hiring AnAnonymous' cousins, instead of more deserving US Citizenism citizens.

Now... if that post doesn't get me junked, I don't know what will :-)

Disclosure: long-time ass-raped PM miner stockholder

CvlDobd's picture

You get it.

I wanna get junked too!

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

No win for PMS but it fun to pretend.

No buyers left, the boat is already overfull.

QE that pumped them geometrically higher is over.

and when shit hits fan guess what is getting liquidated to meet margin calls?

No win, no buyers. Missed the infomercials, gold buying tupperware parties and even the occasional ZH idiot using his CCs to buy PMS? Or just wouldn't know what a mania was given the m a n and i.

BTW I do thoroughly enjoy the world's largest toymaker while the IPAD revolutionizes the workplace.

Great stuff all the way around.

Dave Thomas's picture

Those aren't gold buying tupperwear parties, they're gold selling you retard.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Oh WOW that changes everything!

They are gold buying tupperwear parties.

The host buys the gold.

If can't figure out that the day the housewife became an agent for the PM crowd signifies mania you never will.


tmosley's picture

Yes, it's clearly a bubble when 90% of people are selling to 10% because they are flat broke.  However, when every college fanboy and every hedge fund on the face of the planet owns a single stock, clearly it isn't.

Your name is now Clownshoes.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Um retail participation in the equity markets has been minimal.  Source material has been posted here and elsewhere to that effect numerous times.

Um retail participation in a $600 stock is even less than minimal.

Otherwise excellent points, equity markets actually have future buyers known as the retail investor.

PMs keep dreaming. No buyers, no QE, no fucking nothing but one big fat mania. 90% are selling to 10% really?

They asked if I wanted any gold or silver with my tacos from taco bell drive thru last night.



Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

THe site as a whole has not been right one single, solitary time since I have been patronizing it.

Greatest fade site ever created.  Throw some more crap.

Ask them how they can be for free markets and against HFTs at the same time.

Ask them how they're opposed to fractional reserve currency but whine like little bitches when the CME raises margin REQS.

Could go on for two days here.


tmosley's picture

See what would have happened if you had shorted gold and silver for a contract each the day this blog opened.

Sure.  ZH has never been right.  LOL

How can one be for free markets and against HFT's?  Are you fucking kidding me?  You saying that consumers in a free market don't have a right to complain about any damn thing they want to, especially if it includes preferential treatment by private entities being given to other private entities that cause you to lose money just going about your business?

How can we be opposed to a private bank being granted unlimited power to destroy our economy, while at the same time not liking it when a private company colludes with government and Fed officials to break markets?  Or even that consumers can be mad when their exchanges panic and act like morons and break the markets with their stupid decisions, like hiking margins every other day for a week?

You are incredibly stupid, in addition to being a fascist tool.  But then, I guess that's why your name is Clownshoes.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Go look at the scoreboard again.

Not right once since I have been patronizing the site.

Not once, not a single time.

Need a review:

The Gulf is ruined forever.

Fukashima will melt the world.

Burn money donate to Ron Paul.

Buy silver and gold they didn't really go up with QE like the rest of the asset classes.


The Enterprise will be sunk in the Gulf.

Imminent war is coming if not rioting and looting will be here soon.

If all else fails peak oil will certainly doom everything.

and on and on and on and on some more.

Who's who of overreactive herd like tripe, fiit in perfectly, carry water for the herd like a three time champ.

In fact you one of the best fades around, post some more predictions.

Where'd that post go exclaiming that's the last time AG has seen $40.

Free markets mean free markets they don't mean free except for you choose whom to discriminate against.

and there is little difference between the other two except of course in addition to it being ludicrous,

total fucking idiots like you are amongst the largest beneficiaries of the system.

no fractional reserves no capital for the Tmoselymorons or most of the rest ZH either.

In addition to being a total fucking idiot not one to be bashful prove it every time you log in.