Apple Just $14 Billion Away From Eclipsing Entire US Retail Sector

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As Apple gaps open by another 1% at $558, it stands less than $14bn (in market cap) away from being larger than the entire US retail sector. The good news: it still has a ways to go before eclipsing the retail and the semi sectors combined.


Chart: Bloomberg

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Was expecting some from you on this.

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Welcome to the United States of Apple.

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Eclipses the entire retail clothing sector? Difficult to comprehend.

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company has $100B in cash.  WTF u expect?

yes, if you have a company that has $100B in cash, you will be AT LEAST worth $100B in market cap

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Not if the clothing business is low-margin and extremely competitive, while Apple's line of work is high-margin and they have no real peer (yet).

And, yes, there is always "irrational exuberance" to take into account as well.

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Buy gold and come back in 10 years when euro, dollar, franc, yen and others will all be gone in current form. Robert Mish can't be wrong:

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get out and get physical gold on the dip

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Yeah, that's sustainable.

At some point, the cell phone CAN'T get any better, right?  I mean, I really try to upgrade as less as possible....consumers can't be sustained to keep on upgrading, at $300-$600 a piece........unless, of course, a new phone comes with blowjobs.  I might upgrade then.

BTW, nice to see Apple doing well.  Are they hiring here in the U.S (cue snicker)?

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@I am a Man

Niiice. Call center jobs for single moms and nerdy males under 28.

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Brazzers to merge with Apple?

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I am mystified at all of the off base comments on Apple on these boards.  Like it or not, Apple is the best thing this country has going for it.  Maybe that is sad.  Most of you don't like this, not sure exactly why compared to all the other sorry shit going on around the world.  You would think that Apple was the first company to make stuff in China.  

BTW, Apple just hit 560, GOT APPLE??

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Apple is also a symbol of many of the things that are wrong with this country, the following keywords come to mind: centralization, control, offshoring, globalization, elitism, dissassociated reality, bubble, China, slobbering fanboys, etc...

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BTW, Apple just hit 560, GOT APPLE??


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It's bullish when something as simple as a fake rumor about a single company could take down this much market cap, right?

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Israel should help it reach that goal, ohh

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So is this part of that whole "the market is smarter than anyone" mythology that market promoters have told us all these years?

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i find apple very cheap


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Apple is cheap.

All stocks are cheap.

When money on the sideline comes back in......dow 36,000.

Green shoots and happy days are here again.

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I'm looking at SHLD and getting very tempted to buy puts with the vix so low and every last drop of skewed data squeezed out of the bullshit retail sales statistics. How far can the algos push it ?

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all fear etf's are attractive,

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I don't know. I was in the local Sears last weekend and it was a ghost town in there--practically everything is discounted.  A few lookers, no takers.

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Another upgrade.  Everyone that Ownes Aapl keep upgrading their price targets.  Like there are any Shorts that would be forced to cover.

I always see an Upgrade as a Sell signal.  If I wanted to short, at todays level or maybe tomorrow would be where I would enter.

I do not care what they do Steve Jobs is not comming back and once they go thru the Ideas in the pipeling this stock will be sold hard.

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It's pretty sad when we only have one growth story in this country and that is based off of high margins from slave labor.

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That's a great tune. I've been around long enough to see a lot of,at the time, current hits become classics and this is certainly one of them.

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to be fair to Apple, isn't all Chinese labor slave labor? and Foxconn's much heralded suicide rate is actually way below the average chinese suicide rate.

Just sayin'.

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don't forget money laundering.

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and synthetic opiate sales.

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Ummm, hate to burst the bubble, but using slave labor as a means of creating growth and profitability is as old as the USA itself.

Sort of the dark side of "American Exceptionalism" that people don't like to talk about in polite conversation.

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All those loser loons on the left love their iThings, but hate evil corporations. Maybe the Chinese are putting tiny little explosives in these things and will explode every one of their empty hipster heads.

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change the logo to a tulip

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Thanks apple for doing your part in creating a generation of "vidiots" with your version of ividiot ikids. America is going to have to creat  A LOT of data entry jobs for these ikids that can text 300,000 words per second. I really can't see them learning any other usefull skills from this gadgetry ladened distracted world we have created for them. Its going to be all data entry from here on out for America's future. We will take over the world once again with data entry.

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"data entry"???  What, do you use a card reader still???

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You obviously don't have teenagers with cell phones

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I don't have teenagers (yet) but I definitely agree.  All these electronic distractions are idiotic.  Oh wait, I'm postingo on ZH right now!

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Apple is just a large retail company with a technology component.

One has the latest maxiPad, the latest $2500 Prada bag, and $1000 Louboutins. How the hell else would people be able to identify and aspire to your lifestyle.