Apple Is Now Larger Than...

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The Apple comparisons have come thick and fast but today's Bloomberg Chart-of-the-day really highlights the macro fundamental weakness in Europe and the micro-bubble in corporate America's shiny new toy. Apple's market cap is larger than the combined market cap of companies in Spain, Portugal, and Greece.


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"You have owners, they own you!"


George Carlin

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+1 just for using a George Carlin quote.

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Largest toy manufacturer ever.

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Apple will go bust after Best Buy does!


Edible Plant Tours - Bushcraft Classes

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Lt. Dan and Forrest are filthy-fucking rich!


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Is there a sequel? What makes you think they didnt sell when Gil Amelio took over? 

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Because Forrest is the poster-child for buy-and-hold.

Mama always said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Sold?  He probably added to his position.

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At this point in time, Lt. Dan and Forrest are bag-holders.

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First there was the apple, temptation, Good, Evil, Serpant etc.

Then there was the BIG APPLE, NY NY. Talk about the embodiment of Evil. The good was left coughing in the dust.

Then came the 3rd Apple. APPL. 

It's good (So Gooooood), It's Baaaaaaad (So baaaaad), it'll make you deaf, and take you a few levels down to the mineral kingdom.

It's the triple apple whammy for humanity!



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You forgot "Apple" recordings, founded by the Beatles. 

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George Carlin on "Saving the Planet'.

 It's funny because it is true.

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Back in the '70's (or somewhere long ago in a different civil galaxy far, far away) the market cap of NTT (Nippon Tel & Tel) exceeded the market cap of the entire US equity market.  Or something astonishing like that.
So I said to the head of equities "Paired trade of the century; long S&P 500 short NT&T."  He told me that you bond people should stay under your rocks, never say that to a client, etc., etc., etc.
How'd that work out?


Lemme see, the total retuirns of bonds, stocks, gold and NTT over the ensuing drcades has been.....

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Hell I remember that,,,,,and when TEPCO had real market it is a Japanese Treasury Zombie

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Corporate take-over as scheduled. 'View nations fail and the shaking of a snake tail make due...'

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Gee, ya think apple might be a favorite of the banksters who recently got all that funny money....since that's the only "money" in the market, it might follow.  I'm a freakin genius.

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Maybe Apple's 1984 commercial will come to have a different meaning oneday......

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... especially when they expand their data mining operations for the benefit of domestic security. 

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I'm still incredibly pleased with my Newton... The weight of it holds fiat paper on my desktop real well...

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iSpy on you through a camera and microphone that are never off

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BINGO.. I still have 3gs gen 1. I will never change to forward facing camera. Also put a removeable rubber plug over the back cam "just in case".

Also i discovered yesterday that you cannot block anything incomming or out going from these phones. I was able to get a blocking service for kids from AT&T for an additional 5 frn's per month. Trying it out now.

It's nothing but a spy device. I use it as a personal hotspot when im mobile w/ the lapper, but im going back to an air card.

iWeakness: The way i heard about this is why i think it's iWeakness. It's spreading, and talk of i don't need all this shit anymore is becoming more and more prevelant especially with a youth UE rate of 50+%.

Remember CROX..

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iPhone will prevent anyone installing anything on your phone because Apple is closed OS. Apple first has to allow this app before it can be installed. The same can not be said about other OS like Android.

So fail to post this in Apple thread.

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They would have to clean up that pesky virus that has infected roughly 80% of Apple users and stop biting the hands that are trying to repair their mess.

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Olive oil can be preserved longer than apples

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Priced in AAPL, gold dont look too bad.

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Imagine when it gets to 1,000... (rolling my eye)

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...larger than the combined market cap of companies in Spain, Portugal, and Greece.


Hmmm, does that include the tear gas, printing machine, and riot gear manufacturing companies?

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Great comment, whomever junked you is a coward.  Let me balance that out a bit, plus one.

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this is the risk of any negative comment regarding AAPL.  There are rabid appletrolls everywhere.

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Same thing with the French.  Say anything bad about the Forggies, those cheese eating unbathed smelly arm pit braiding surrender monkeys an Viol-fuking-A you're sure to get junked.

Couldn't help myself, maniacal giggling

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If you owned 100% of Apple, the question is would you be willing to trade it for all the companies in Spain, Portugal and Greece?

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Still waiting for Direxion to put together that 3X leveraged AAPL bull/bear ETF. 

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lol- first i laughed, then i thought about it, then i cudn't decide! a brainteaser! so i opt for... c.) trade it for gold

williambanzai7's picture

The sign of the times is that the answer to such a preposterous question is not readily apparent.

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I'd sell both and short the hell out of AAPL.

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I am thinking, I am thinking,


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Of course you would currently rather own Apple, this is a no brainer, especially hind site 20/20.  For the past 10 years this isn't even a worthy discussion, I would love to hear an argument of why anyone would want to own the others.  I think we can all agree to throw Greece out of the equation.  Portugal and Spain are financial disasters as well.  I really don't know why anyone would give this a second thought.  Do you want to own a company that makes mind boggling amounts of money or do you want to own countries that are financial disasters that have no way of paying their bills?  

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Typical insanity...

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A Toy Maker..that is all they are...a toy maker

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Precisely, now let's think for a second, when was the last time a toymaker had so much power and facism was at an all time high...

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The United States of Apple

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My wife used some of her own money to buy an iPad from Best Buy...I had been telling her for months how I despised Apple (as their entire business model relies on their loyal following shelling out big amounts of money to acquire a slight upgrade of products they already own) and how the iPad was literally the EXACT same thing as the iPhone (which she already had), except it was bigger and couldn't make phone calls.

My wife opened the box while exiting the store and powered it on.  After two steps out of Best Buy, she stopped dead in her tracks and started laughing.  She looked at me and said, "Oh my fucking god...I thought you were kidding when you said it was the exact same thing as my iPhone."

My wife turned around and returned it.