Apple Suffers Biggest Two-Week Drop In 39 Months

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Presented with little comment except to give some context for the current weakness in what was the world's largest market cap stock a few days ago. In the last 11 days, Apple has dropped over 12.5% - the largest such drop since January 2009 - as today sees the stock's fall continue to yesterday's lows down over 2.7%. With just a few hours to the event-horizon, options traders are active and stock volume run-rates are high as selling pressure dominates.

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Your fucked bagholders.


Siri, please sell my AAPL stock. 



Oh regional Indian's picture

Hey, did anybody notice?

Siri is a clever play on feminizing Sir. 

I think it's pretty clear who's the boss. Hmmmm....

Apple minus Jobs was always going to be a fight, no? This is all rearguard action, trying to keep the Wood on till FaceFCUK IPO's and then all the combined "winnings" from Linkedin, Gropepon etc. can move into Internet 2.0.

Perhaps Apple does not really belong in the new ecosystem. It only spawned it.



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One day some of the chinese workers making the phones got wind that the phone in their very hands was going to be able to make appointments, autosearch for you, text what you say into it, etc. 

An apple executive was touring one of the production factories when he overheard  two workers having a conversation which went a little something like this.  "ohhh, dose Amelicans is gonna talk everyfing into da phone, dey so sirrrrrry."

The name stuck. 

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Vote here ----  AAPL going (thumbs UP) or (thumbs Down) after earnins report

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You put an iPad or iMac on your lap it will feminize any man.  The 190 deg F heat and radiation kills all the s**rm and sterlizes a man. 

Spastica Rex's picture

Is "sperm" an offensive word?

BlueCollaredOne's picture

Dont be a cunt, of course sp**m is



Freddie's picture

It attracts SkyNet and puts you in their database.

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CollegeHumor skit on Siri is HILLARIOUS! 'Siri, give my wife directions straight to hell please!'

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I have a Samsung galaxy note phone and honestly I love it.    Using both Android and and iPad (because the Mrs. just HAD to have it), I don't really see a huge difference between the AAPL product and the Android. In fact Android has more free games and stuff than Apple does.   In my opinion AAPL products currently don't justify their excessive high price in in the current electronics market. 

blunderdog's picture

That's definitely true for the consumer electronics side of things.  I suspect there's a significant "Apple fanbase" among people who own Macs.

The iPod was a major revolution in portable music players.  The iPhone was (briefly) the slickest smartphone.  The iPad is a mediocre tablet.

Seems to me that whatever "brilliance" may once have been forthcoming from Apple is depleted.  It's now just an ongoing effort to maintain the current market-share. 

That said--the people who prefer Macintosh over Windows for the interface and BSD backend (and who could blame them?) may well be a permanently-captured group, just like small businesses that run MS Exchange are permanently-captured by Microsoft.  The problem is that this is not nearly as large a group as the one MS has ensnared.  On the other hand, Apple has monetized its fans reasonably well with iTunes.

I think it's going to be awhile before the price premium is gone.

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"Apple has monetized its fans reasonably well with iTunes"

It was my understanding that iTunes is not very profitable for Apple.  

They use it to keep the people buying the gadgets, and to keep the Apple cult alive. 

blunderdog's picture

$4B a year in revenue is pretty good in this economy, I think.  Check what's happening with Amazon.  Considering it helps maintain demand for the other products, iStore profit could go negative and still be a net benefit.

Really, though, I suspect they can adjust the "profits" up and down pretty easily depending on what they choose to do with the store during any given year.  It's not a subsidiary.  If hardware sales fall off a cliff, they'd have a lot of flexibility with the digital distribution infrastructure.

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Both the Mrs. and I got stars on ours, but then we found out that some of "those" people down the street got stars on thars too, so we had ours taken off. Later, on TV, I saw how cool stars had become so I got mine back. My wife didn't, and now we don't match, which I think is the worst thing of all.

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Android has caught up pretty well with iOS for smartphones (although many will not update to Android 4), but is way behind with tablets and they have nothing remotely approaching the iPaD 2 for ease of use. I have an excellent  Android smartphone (HTC) but could not find a good android tablet and ended up with an iPaD 2 - very satisfied too.

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In my opinion AAPL products currently don't justify their excessive high price in in the current electronics market.


Hansel's picture

That rug really tied the room together, did it not?

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Oh, i forgot, AT&T attributed their earnings beat this morning to a wait for it.......  wait for it........  wait for it.......

A DROP in iPhone sales.. Yes, that is the word drop. (not my word, theirs.) So they didn't have to pay as much as they thought to AAPL for iPhones.

46 minutes.....

disabledvet's picture

what's a "your fucked bagholder"? i no i don't have one.

buzzsaw99's picture

According to CALpers one can never pay too much for some nice crAAPL.

ZeroPower's picture

Straddle's implying a $40 move after the earnings report so this shall be either a ~$510 or $600+ stock after hours today...

gjp's picture

Said drop looks like an ever-so-tiny blip on that chart.

Two ways to look at it I guess: nothing but a mere flesh wound on the way to world domination or this could fall a lot further.

Christoph830's picture

Israel is not going to be happy about this...hope they don't take it out on Iran

SheepDog-One's picture

If Israel really did buy this at around $600 at that time after a 40% 2 month run up, then they really have to be idiots!

The whole story was probably just propaganda, I dont even believe it.

walküre's picture

Considering the source, the players and the proverbial cui bono .. you're very much on the money.

Dr. Engali's picture

The longer term chart sure looks like a blow off top.

Levadiakos's picture

Looks a repeat of NFLX chart. Identical with 1/2 pps.

HarryM's picture

Only to be rescued yet again by the 2:30 Fairy


This is getting soooooo.... old

Exactly who is buying?

InterestingLinker's picture

The apple logo is displayed prominently and uniquely here!

Just click with the mouse once or twice.

rubearish10's picture

AAPL, the best leading market indicator EVER! Get it?

Levadiakos's picture

It is time to put AAPL in the DOW !!! 

BlandJoe24's picture

Unclear until after earnings report this evening, don't you think?

blu's picture

No better time than before earnings to bash AAPL.

My wife loves her iPad. My daughter, her iPhone. Apple last week gave us a free MacBook Pro to replace a really old one that had become buggy, no questions asked.

They make good products that lots of people like, and I've always felt they maintain excellent customer relations. I'm way willing to pay for those two right there. And as such I'd call that winning at the capitalist trough. YMMV.

Now if they would only dump the slave labor thing, I'd be down.

taraxias's picture

Screw you asshole.

I bought a macbook pro that had issues right out of the box and these arrogant bastards wouldn't exchange it, and you come on here spewing bullshit "no questions" asked.

What's your agenda?

blunderdog's picture

Funny to see you junked for that.  People are so focused on share-price they may have forgotten what the whole "Apple" thing is actually ABOUT.

It's a bit like seeing people dissing on Ford 15 years ago because it didn't attempt to convert itself into a finance company with a carmaking subsidiary (like GM).

AustriAnnie's picture

I'll still love my Mac if the Apple stock price is $1,000, but that doesn't mean the stock price is justified.  

If everyone loves their iphone and their ipad at Apple = $5,000?

Apple = 10,000?

Where does it stop, then?  If loving a product justifies any price for the stock?

I'm sick of hearing the argument that "Apple stock will only go up because people like their products."  That's bullshit.  

Secondly, its a matter of time till someone comes out with a product that blows away the iphone, and then they'll be in a whole different place.

Empires fall.  And if Apple doesn't fall on its own, its a matter of time till someone with something to gain uses politics to bring them down.  When a company gets that big, a lot of people stand to gain from its fall.

blunderdog's picture

My point is that there's a completely irrational hatred for "all things Apple" around this place.

Do I think the stock is going to go up in price?  No, but I've been wrong about so many things I could just as reasonably toss a coin.

There's no reason to hate Apple (as a COMPANY) or Apple-users (as PEOPLE) just because the stock is overvalued.

And yet that's exactly what you see here. 

HarryM's picture

Well here's your chance to load up - think of it as a 12% off sale.

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea blu I like my iMac too.....but Im not leg-humpin the thing all day....get a grip!

blu's picture

Gee.. say one nice thing around here and they rip your head off.

Okay fine! Have it your way.


Haiterz gonna hait.

SheepDog-One's picture

Just because someone makes a good product doesnt mean the stock is worth $600 and a $500 billion market cap! Reasonably Id say Apple is worth $150 or so. 

blunderdog's picture

You wouldn't waste your time trying to discuss the weather with a chimp at the zoo, wouldya?

Whiner's picture

He back dated his options and would not acknowledge his own child. For this, the stock is being punished, consigned to everlasting hell. First Confusions 2:3-4.

Taterboy's picture

"Hello Siri, what should I do now?"- Jim Cramer