Are You A Grexican Or A Grexicant? Three Out Of Five Say 'Yes'

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While InTrade has the odds of Grexit by year-end at 40% (off from its 60% highs), when it comes to the professional money, it seems the odds are higher. In Citigroup's client survey of credit professionals, they find 62% of investors sure that Greece would not survive in the Eurozone until the end of next year. With 45% expecting Grexit this year and a further 17% expecting it by the end of next, that leaves a still remarkably hopeful 38% of managers who believe Greece will never leave. Are you a Grexican or a Grexican't?



Source: Citi

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...I'm a Mexican. And I'm working at a Donkey Show, being more productive than a Greek.

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I love how bearish Britons have gone!

Oh regional Indian's picture we love our clever creations.

So Grexit and a synchonistic rhyme...

Corexit to follow?

Greece may be done and dusted but the exit will eb after the Olympics. Perhaps soon after. The Olympic Farce is a huge marker in every sense this year. Turning point.

Us or them, this way or that, my way or NO Way time, up-coming!



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This just verifies how many wishful thinking morons there are in finance.

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All the "portmanteau" , from Tyler lately, keeps me glued to Z.H. .

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Grexican and spic*, too.


*Spain Portugal Italy Can

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grexican is a portmanteau of greek and mexican ...

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Either shortly after their re-elections either because they're unable to form a government or because the troika puts the new government all-in or never because the cost of a Grexit will only go up as it has been for over two years now.

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They will never be allowed to leave - no matter what. The whole point of the Euro was to eventually force the continent into a Federalized government where power could be consolidated.

They will not waste this crisis not achieving their goal.

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Agreed. The only way Greece or any of the other PIIGS will leave the Eurozone is as smouldering, crater infested ruins. They're all subjects of France and Germany and the international criminal banking syndicate now.

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I think I am more of a Germican.

"Leaving the EU" - the only winning move in this game.


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Well, the southern ez says this year, the north says not at all, so 50/50 for ez.

The UK, says the euro is fucked, like, tomorrow, because LLoyd's said so today.

The $?? Doesn't give two shits either way, it's next..


Definitely Grexican.

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gPap sez they can't leave

it would cost the EU too much!

but he's not running, V-man is;  the polls look like anything could happen, including nothing

one side sez leave;  the other sez stay and they're waiting for angela, who may be envious of DSK at this point

nothing new, but here's the link to last week's polls


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They will not leave but not because it´s too costly. Leaving would make confidence in the EU/Euro vanish. Not gonna happen

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I don't think they'll leave. 

Voters don't want it, political parties don't want it. They don't want austerity either, but details can be discussed later. 

The EU will come up with some shitty program/plan that will buy them another six months, then the US will do another round of QA, then China will cut their RR and so on and so forth.  Greece could end up failing to fullfill some Troika program conditions, but the Eurocrats will change the rules so that they stay.  3% of GDP is pocket change to pay for the European dream!

Since 2008 there hasn't been a single thing that happened by itself. Even LB happened because they allowed it to happen. If "they" want Greece to stay in, even a negative GDP will be called fantastic progress. 

Show must go on.

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Can't wait till the Spanxit.

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The Euro is a sugar castle in a rainstorm. The only question is whether Greece is gone before it finally implodes.

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This situation reminds me of the patient in hospital who was telling a fellow patient that six months ago the doctor gave him six months to live. The other patient asked him how he managed to still be alive. He replied that the doctor had come past that morning and asked him to pay his account. When he told him that he had no money to pay, the doctor gave him another six months to live.

That's Greece at the moment.

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Where is the Kick the Can option?

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the 1.25 handle has given way....1.20 cannot be far behind....trying here to find another good entry.......jesus......on one hand, a market entry anywhere could be "smart". On the other, one could get their tit in a short wringer....

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Budgets?  We don't need no stinkin' Budgets!

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"I dial it in and tune the station
They talk about the U.S. inflation
I understand just a little
No comprende, it's a riddle"

"I'm on the Grexican radio"

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A country in the outmost Southeastern part of the EU has grasped the headlines for quite some time. With only 2% of the EU's economy and just 2.5% of its debt it became the "Witch" that is haunted by puritan Northern Europeans. It is claimed as the epicenter of laziness, lust and unproductively for the whole of the Continent, a bad example that pious Northerns should be feared and loath at the same time. 

This country is Greece and it must be punished! But is it really the witch hunt that has started in 2009 the most stupid move ever made in the entire European history? Is it worth to blame Greeks for the lonely dark winters up in the North and for the depression syndrome that cripples the lives of dozens of millions northern Europeans, as if Greece makes the weather?

In reality the Northern Europeans risk of pushing Greece into the broader global community where it is going to be free from investing heavily in its defense of the Eastern gates of Europe and it will bring about the greatest change in the balance of powers that Europe has felt since the collapse of the Berlin war. This time Germany will not be re-united, rather it will has to pay a dear price for its energy security. Netherlands will not become richer; rather it will have to pay from its own pocket in order to save itself from the flood of narcotics and Asian immigrants.

Austria will not be greater, rather it will have to deal with powder-keg named "Balkans" that has markets Vienna's history.


How Northern Europe shoot its leg, in order to satisfy the populist sentiments of an electorate being used to the fairy tales of "bad witches and pious farmers".


Panagiotis Traianou answers to many of the aforementioned questions and gives a proper solution on his article entitled “GREECE RANKS AMONG THE WITCHES OF SALEM”

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Greeks must decide if they want a stable currency (yes...the Euro) or if they want to flounder for years with a squishy drachma. The price for a stable currency is political good behavior...and the Greeks may not have it in them. We here in the USA do not have it in us that's for sure...and we will soon be paying the price for our very Greek-like profligacy. 

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